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  • jyotisharma_10 2w

    Is money Important??

    We are all running after money

    Neglecting our peace of mind

    Think too

  • rooterscooterj 3w

    Silent Motion Run

    What it means to you:

    Breathe in love
    Surrender your breath out

    Repetition goes on with your breath

    Victory runs take you to the sun

    Your heart explores the adventure within your soul

    You are free to explore whatever you desire

    What do you desire?
    Absolutely nothing in this place

    You have become nothing and nothing is beautiful to your soul
    No lack, no want
    Just continuous energy.

    A MARieee

  • thetramp 4w


    I feel I am running out of time and I do not know how much I have left.

  • monali03 7w

    PART 02

    I am Tara Sengupta. Yes, from a typical Bengali family. I don't watch bolly drama, and I love music. Mostly into pop songs and indie. Soft notes can indeed be called a my kind of thing. They help me relax and are so healing. And I really need to heal.
    Okay. So it's been two days since I last had a crumb. Hmm, I've been fasting. And don't ask me why. Because, really, I don't know.
    I don't think I know what's going on. Every thing is so beautiful and yet so complicated . I called it 'beautiful', so most people don't get it, as I also called it difficult. Yes.

    Beautiful things are hard to get, and when you get them, they are difficult to keep.


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    ~Part 02

  • monali03 7w

    PART 01


    This is me.
    Lately, I have been running. Running bizarre.
    I have had a few encounters; been a friend to some, and just an acquaintance to others.
    My chapters are messy. It's a big volume. And this book isn't going to take you anywhere, I think.
    Yet if you want to read, go ahead.

    @mirakeeworld @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

    #stories #wings #writersnetwork #running #nostalgia #book #wn #repost #pod #wod #book #me #love

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    ~Part 01

    Okay, this is just some random stuff I came up with. These are some paragraphs I wrote on my personal Notepad app, which I'm sure, is a place holding the rants of numerous poets and story writers.
    So I thought, why not give a try to this?
    Please let me know if you like this series. Will be posting a few parts.

    With love
    ~ Monali♡


  • claralynne 10w

    Learning to Fy

    Sunsets & dreams; My flock.My kind.
    Darkness surrounds; light gleams thru seams.
    Spread my wings.
    Run no more.


  • raman_writes 12w


    ठहरे पानी से बैर रखा चलते से हाथ मिला लिया ।

    बेचैन हूँ मैं तब से जब से तूने देखकर मुस्कुरा दिया ।।


  • thalassophile07 14w


    Waking up everyday with a desire to be physically and mentally fit
    Not letting the laziness letting you forfeit
    Its going to take long they say,
    Good news is that one can start today,
    The goal is to not only burn the calories, going from fat to thin,
    But to burn the evil,strenghten up the character and the courage within
    It is not about only lifting,running or hustling
    It is also about building perseverance and conviction
    Persistence in it brings you closer to your vision
    Many years down the line,you will thank yourself
    Its not about competing with anyone, but being a better version of the self
    Chipping of a bit of rough edges everyday
    Sculpting yourself a bit, day by day 

  • princess_diary 15w

    Love That Will Never Vanish...

    Time skipping so fast
    Yet i stand still in the past
    It seems empty inside my heart
    Feelings that are binded by love
    Running towards it, still feels far apart
    Sometimes losing the hope....
    But again my love for him
    Gives me courage to run towards it again.....
    Smile and shine of his make my heartbeat skip.....
    I will run and run till i reach you...
    Touching your heart and making you mine...❤️

  • angels_halo_shines 16w

    Constant Running

    They ask,
    Why must you run my dear?
    Whom are you running from?
    We gotta stop you from the constant running.
    It’s not good for you to keep running.

    I replied a simple complexed response.
    The devil, he had me in his reach.
    The devil let me go.
    The devil regrets letting go.
    The devil is right before me.
    The devil is here.
    The devil in human flesh.
    The devil disguised as one of us.
    The devil is among us.

    If I hadn’t of told you, you would never have known.
    Hence the warning.
    Pardon my voice shaky & quiet
    The devil will make his way back.
    Slithering as the most venomous snake would.
    I had to give warning
    If I hadn’t no one would have known

    I hope the answers give clarification as to why the constant run.
    The devil is just behind me.
    I have to stay ahead of him.
    Stay out of his reach.
    Never to be tainted by him again.
    Knowing the short time with his devilish actions did more damage than I will ever know.
    Subconsciously, I know the way this turns out.
    It’s a lifetime of hauntings.
    That’s why I am blinded not to see the outcome.
    Damning myself the whole time.

    See now why I must run?
    Not as foolish as one may think.
    I can guarantee you would do the same.
    If you had my running shoes.
    You would run, run as fast as you could.
    Disgustipated as anyone would be.

  • isidoredelpierro 17w


    When we were little we were taught,
    to think before we spoke,
    and plan before we acted.

    We didn't learn till the day came.
    We were behind enemy lines,
    full of regrets.

    Oh! The monsters we'd woken.
    We couldn't put them back to sleep.
    Could we?

    Oh! The ginnie we'd let out.
    We couldn't put him back in the bottle.
    Could we?

    Oh! The crying baby reaching out for air.
    We couldn't turn her back into a foetus.
    Could we?

    Oh! The words we'd let slide off our flippant lips.
    We couldn't unsay them.
    Could we?

    Oh! The cum we'd jerked off.
    We couldn't put it back into the pipe.
    Could we?

    Oh! The souls we'd slandered with our evil tongue.
    We couldn't un-kill them.
    Could we?

    Plan, learn, let sleeping monsters lie, wish good, teach the children, be kind, think healthy, be truthful.

    You can sink in regret,
    Or just do the next right thing.
    But you won't, will you?

    Or you can try to run away from nemesis.
    Run like you've always done,
    like the little girl you are.

    On your mark! Ready! Go!
    Alright, champion.
    Let's see you run from your shadow.

  • jcksttn 24w

    What do I think about when I run?
    All sorts.
    My head is noisy. Too noisy.
    Especially for the first few kilometres.
    This feels hard - I’ve only just started. Why am I so out of breath?
    My heart rate is a bit high.
    Deep breaths.
    Those clouds look nice - They make me feel small. I should take a picture. I don’t have my phone…
    I think I need to slow down
    The pace feels too quick
    Not sure I am going to be able to keep going like this.
    I remember a time of humiliation
    And moments of regret.
    Moments of pain
    And then moments of sadness.
    I replay scenarios like a bad movie trailer, over and over.
    One foot in front of the other.
    I think about how my decisions may have caused pain to others, even the tiniest amounts.
    I remember the pain that I’ve felt as a consequence
    I ask myself, ‘What if?’ And I play those out like poorly written romantic-comedy-dramas in my mind.
    The nights at festivals
    That time in the train station.
    That time, that moment.
    An elevation change brings me back.
    I’m still running too fast.
    I need to slow down - I’m not running a race.
    As if from nowhere - there is nothing.
    My mind quiets down.
    I settle and a rhythm is formed
    A combination of my feet hitting the ground and the air entering and leaving my chest.
    My thoughts become clear.
    I feel relief and I feel free.
    I seem to connect to something a larger than myself
    A considerable consciousness
    It’s peaceful here - I want to stay.
    I’ll be stopping soon
    I’m exhausted
    I want to carry on
    To carry on chasing that quiet mind
    And leave all the noise behind

  • simpleselfexpression 33w

    Four days in a row
    Twenty one kilometres
    Only three to go


  • heyoka_warrior 35w

    We see in the mirror our face—
    Concrete as we touch it;
    Feel the skin and warmth;
    Blood running through our veins;
    Dusts from the earth that live;
    When bodies decompose,
    Where shall we be?
    What shall we look like?
    For we shall see face to face,
    Spirit to spirit— our true nature exposed;
    To everlasting life we hope and pray;
    To everlasting shame we fear and wish not.


  • ylviia 35w


    Since I was little I didn't have dreams like a normal child
    There were never monsters under my bed or spiders I was afraid of
    My dreams kept appearing again and again
    And as so often I never knew why
    Even till today they still follow me like the picture of my own shadow
    Seldomly but the demons of my childhood keep knocking on my door every once in a while
    Just like my way to handle certain situations
    My dreams reflect on them, showing me my own true hard colours
    I just keep running away
    Like literally speaking
    I tend to ignore things and leave them open
    Instead of actually processing and digesting what I've just experienced
    I like me a good distraction, another second passes, another day went by
    Slowly my memories fade and it gets pushed to the back of my mind
    I just keep running away
    Even in my dreams I'm being followed
    Never did I dare to face the demons who are following me
    I never gave them a chance to explain
    But that's the thing with me
    I'm a runaway
    From my real life problems till my dreams
    I keep running and hidding from the corpse that was long overdue in my closet
    But in my dreams I can't run, even though my legs have never moved that fast
    I still am confronted with my issue and hell if I knew what I was running from
    But I never dared to look behind
    Not now, not ever
    Because I just keep running
    Since I was little

  • simpleselfexpression 36w

    Feet pounding the ground
    Muscles pumped and extending
    Lungs burning with joy


  • madinah_writes 37w

    She was running,
    Running fast.
    She was hunted
    Hunted by her pasts.
    She was fleeing,
    Fleeing from the world.
    She was haunted,
    Haunted by regret.
    She was gone,
    Gone in the sunrise.
    She was destroyed,
    Destroyed by the light of life.
    She was destroyed,
    Yet, she was running.

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    She Was Running

    She was running,
    Running fast.
    She was hunted
    Hunted by her pasts.
    She was fleeing,
    Fleeing from the world.
    She was haunted,
    Haunted by regret.
    She was gone,
    Gone in the sunrise.
    She was destroyed,
    Destroyed by the light of life.
    She was destroyed,
    Yet, she was running.

  • wifey_suicide 38w

    I wanted to do something different, so I wrote a story about a couple who are madly in love, who end up killing people and the only way they get away from their crimes is by leaving the country and telling the press that they're dead.
    Enjoy this short story :)

    #rhyme #poetry #writing #love #murder #crime #running #bonnie #clyde #insane #sick #twisted #dark #different

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    Your Love is Mine

    Who would've thought I've would've met my partner in crime
    Thinking I would just sell her a dime
    Without surprise
    We're burying a body that owes me money
    Without fingerprints left behind
    Oh how lucky am I to call you mine
    The police only know lies
    While the streets stay silent and the family cries
    You smile at me and I smile back
    Let's do another hideous crime

    Now we're lost in time
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Quick to Mexico, let's hide
    They won't find us here
    Let's find some peace inside
    Tell the world that we've died
    Your love is mine

    I do love the smell of fresh baked pies
    Bet they would smell even better if they had the blood of our enemies
    I agree, because your ideas are also mine
    We'll tell the police lies even if we get arrested this time
    Six hour drives, don't seem bad when you're getting away with crimes

    Now we're lost in time
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Quick to Mexico, let's hide
    They won't find us here
    Let's find some peace inside
    Tell the world that we've died
    Your love is mine

    Uh oh, nobody knows were alive
    What do you say?
    Let's kill the president this time
    People won't believe were alive
    Only the psychiatrist knows, but only when he has a stuffy nose
    The news says it's a cold
    While me and my baby are flaunting around our cash
    Since debt cards will lock us up fast
    Police are confused while we laugh
    You might call us insane, but I call it love
    Since love makes you do crazy things
    Otherwise we wouldn't be wearing matching rings
    Your love is mine

  • quinasthepoet 41w

    I'll catch you...
    #hunt #running

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    Why are you running?

    Is my love insufficient?
    Is my embrace inadequate?

    Are my anguished advances agonizing?
    Are my perilous pleads petrifying?

    You never answer my cautious calls-
    Always sprinting away
    Like prey from noxious predators.

    My miniscule bunny…
    My hunt for you will never end.


  • hoorbanu98 42w

    Trust me♥

    If you're running out,
    from the situation
    Then trust me
    You're living life of nothing.