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  • ronron269 2d

    When you lead
    I follow

    When you ruled my world
    I obey

    When your not active
    I stay proactive

    When your not N sync
    Im sinking in

    When your voice is'nt heard
    I know you hear me though


  • sk_zikardh 3w


    The rush in me,
    The hands of it,
    Reaching out for me,
    for me to be somewhere, somewhere I can fit...

  • shogazi 12w

    Indulgence (fast life)

    (first paragraph adopted from song RUSH - Bella Shmurda)
    Them say "I'm living in a rush"
    Because I'm movin' fast
    Them say "my matter don cast"
    But me I no reply
    Why dem askin' me why?
    Why always gettin' high?
    'Cause highway, that's my way
    Time (time), chance (chance)
    50, 50, life na dice (dice)

    *heavy breathes
    Damnnn, have i been running ? more like flying at supersonic speed...on autopilot worse still,
    damnn. okay what day is it ? how don't i remember 60% of what happened since the
    past 4 days ?
    wait....is it because i was too indulged to care about the outside world ? hol'up... could it be that its because all days are the same ? eishhh, the past few days have felt so fun, i barely had anytime for any real life productivity and even social interactions with people not in my immediate circle ‍♂️ damn
    i mean, not like im complaining or anything...i wasn't forced into indulging...i mean, i love what i am doing, or what i was doing....eishhh brain!!! stop FvCkin drifting off again! i need you here gaaddamnit!!
    okay okay....lets get off the autopilot
    and back in control
    but wait....do i even want to ? i mean yes, i was or am carried away from real life, almost like separated. feels like I'm in some sort of modern fairy tale, and i play an actually recognizable superfun superstar role. i mean okay.... being intoxicated this frequently and constantly is not good for my health, and erm...maybe not so good for my mind too, but hmmm why do i feel the most alive when I'm in these bubbles of indulgence. i mean i always have my best of friends around me, with similar goals and mindsets (or way of life at least), most times its in these moments of indulgences i find myself getting the maximum pleasure from work both vocational and creatively, like damn....i write more and i feel it more, i am the life of the party more, i entertain so effortlessly, i sing more...dance more, like everything i enjoy in life basically goes on double steroids except academics oh well, somethings we keep trying to figure out right ‍♂️ heck even my finances seem to be fluid in these moments
    i am most positive in the moments, my dreams seem the most vivid, they flash before my
    eyes as clear as the night sky.
    i don't know if you have these moments too, where your days feel like a blur...yes exactly thats the word. it feels like you're on a very fast train drunk AF and this train is headed to an unknown direction. inside the train there's everything pleasurable and you don't ever want to get off...well not until you look out the window and reality hits you. It hits you in the sense that....it serves as a sort of reality check and you understand that....while yes! inside this train is filled with almost all the current pleasures of your life, and yes there's a tempting possibility that riding this train till whatever destination might be the easiest smoothest way to reach all your desires in life, without all the hardship and strategizing.....yes while there's a possibility of that, there's still that little voice in your head, that natural compass we call our gut feeling, yes it goes with us everywhere and it's everly ready to yank us out of this dreamy train, and remind us that.... everything we're thinking is just one part of the spectacle, it reminds us that there's still the part where, the train might actually be on a collision course with chaos and that, those pleasures inside of the train are just distractions to actively try and stop a collosal potential filled entity like myself from really achieving my full real life potentials outside the train, because duhh the train is not real life....its just a perfect escape/comfort zone conjured up in our minds in an act to "protect" us from the real struggles and sacrifices of success that need to be made to actually achieve our goals and desires. because in reality everything is transactional, even success....you want it, you just need to figure out the price to pay to get it, very simple formula.
    so now back to our fantasy train.
    well, you're still inside the train...but at least you're looking outside now, and you're thinking a bit straight amidst all the weed, alcohol, intoxication, sex...baller lifestyle and all that, now you're slowly remembering your core, slowly remembering yin yang... slowly remembering balance and slowly accepting that this can't be right, because in here exists no balance, yes all of these is good, or at least feels good....but the real formula to success requires pain too, disappointments...trial and error, failures.... sobriety, health, exercise, school degrees, tests, discipline, focus and all of that....wowww
    your eyes are open but you're not out of
    the train still.
    welcome to something i call "the overwhelming phase". It's the phase right before you snap back into real life of productivity and all. this is the phase where you start beating yourself up for allowing yourself get indulged so long and also remembering all the real life productivity plans and deadlines you missed.....damn, I'm gonna have to make up for all that now so you begin making your way back to reality, switching off autopilot and all. but just before that there's the last temptation to stay in the train some more....and that's the temptation of self loathing, the one where you feel you've already ruined it all way past repair and that the work outside in the real world is now too much that it'll consume you, so the offer comes again to just stay in the train forever..... after all nothing is certain and this may actually very well be your ticket to the good life. Lol please ban that thought immediately. and snap back into reality. because my friend. the only real assurance of success is not based on luck or chance...but on intentional strategizing, sacrifices, hard work, the right mindset, smart work, constant growth and a lot more.
    and just like that...poof!!
    you're out of the train, drained AF
    practically lost, lol you shake your head and find your way back to the original journey
    you're back, you reminiscence on your time in the train and smile
    its back to the grind for you

  • aditya_jain_07 23w


    Align your 3E's congruously


  • heyoka_warrior 35w

    I just grab a pen and paper or a notebook
    If I wish to write poems, quotes or lyrics
    Or I use my phone's notes and social media
    If I wanted it virtual and modern;
    Then I feel the rush of thoughts
    Going with the flow of emotions,
    Listening to my intuition—Spirit voice,
    And following the rules of the club;
    Reminiscing my experiences,
    Putting creative art in writing—
    Direct, simple yet deep enough
    To capture the heart of the soul
    That is doomed by the shadows of sin,
    Or awaken the dormant thinker
    That is veiled by the hypnotizing covers
    Of this world's scheme of things;
    Besides, little things matter
    Like the present moment's wonders—
    Appreciating and delighting in the senses
    And the outside world from where borne
    My internal motivation to write;
    These are just the tools that I use
    For my soul's relief, learning, and poetry.


  • tithi_b 47w

    Our Psychedelic Town

    In the last rush of my rusted few seconds
    I hope you’ll stay for my hand.
    If it is too small of an excuse ,
    Then maybe a little more than that;
    You can fill the blanks
    With stories you like
    But save the ending,
    Let's let our stars decide.

    In the first light of my blue mooned sky
    Hope you’ll love the sight.
    If not for the lost causes,
    Then maybe for all the rights
    You can build block by block;
    Our psychedelic town,
    But keep the skies constellation-bedazzled
    Before the haze slowly drowns.


  • pranav_k 48w


    This heart beats so fast,
    I can't keep up.
    Just gushing winds in and out,
    like someone let a blower loose.
    Eyes searching
    to grab a hold of.
    No words, no sounds,
    just an infinite race.

  • 2chinmayee 53w

    Thank you @writersnetwork❣️
    #mirakee #rush #pod
    Pic credit goes to the rightfull owner

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  • abhiiiiii 59w


    Life is like what you make..
    If you rush you will definitely fall..
    And if you are slow you will late..
    But as the wise man said ...
    If you didn't fall you didn't learn...
    So keep going on ...
    In your own pace....

  • aditya_jain_07 60w


    Stop squandering your time by holding yourself back for something or someone unworthy.

  • yashvibansal 62w

    #beginnings #intothelight #baby #newborn #feeling #happy #excited #new #bewilder #overwhelming #rush #special #lady #person #cry #emoji #emotionally #emotion #love #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #soul #sprituality #home #tiny #cute #smile #she #he

    Thank you for reposting!��
    Oh my God, I can't believe it. 3 PODs today and mine is the first one?! This is the first time I have got so many likes and the first time for a POD as well, and I am ELATED. I literally jumped for joy when I saw this. Thank you so, so much! Y'all made my day!❤❤❤

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    The feelings of a newborn baby

    It was so comfortable in my dark little home ...what is this blinding light? Who does this quaint little room with white beds belong to? And why is everyone crying and laughing at the same time? Why is everyone looking at me with an emotion I can't place? Whatever it is, it makes me feel all warm inside...I don't understand anyone but somehow they feel familiar...and I feel the same emotion inside me which I see in their eyes...but I really don't know the word for it ... I see a beautiful lady looking over at me. She looks tired, but happy. I suddenly feel an overwhelming rush of emotion for her, and I feel as if she would always be the most special person in the world to me...I feel connected. A tingling feeling is all over me. I cry, both out of bewilderment and excitement.

  • warriorofthenight 65w

    Time travel! Not sure if this us what you had in mind though.
    #time #rush #mundane

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    Time Travel

    We think of time travel
    As a magic for science to unravel
    But reality?
    If we'd think past our mortality
    We'd see there truth-
    We time travel since youth.
    We blink and it's over
    We wait and don't trust that 4-leaf clover
    That we cherished as kids.
    But now a rush for the money
    Rids us of that in-the-moment
    Makes everyone your opponent
    We travel through days
    No happiness stays
    Monochrome lights and coffee mug rings
    We promised as kids we'd never fall to these things.
    I look back- was it years?
    Seems like days, this worsens my fears
    Rat race, beat the pace,
    Someday time will stop racing
    We'll slow down then;
    Too bad we don't know when
    We'll end up in the minute.
    Once you're at a social event
    Next you see you're at work-
    What is this torment?
    It's like a game,
    Blackout minutes and missing hours
    No time, no time to smell the flowers
    Maybe someday science will build a time machine
    But for me, I've already seen
    How fast time can go.


  • james_taumas 66w


    Long travels ending
    Anticipation rumbles
    Momentum slows
    Talk reduces to whispers
    Approaching the heart
    Iron and concrete scenery
    A stumbling stop
    Cacophonic arena
    Tracks lead here
    Rush to get off
    Welcome smile waiting.


  • qaynaat 68w


    "- in the sky, I saw dotted black surf
    returning to the runny mush of straw,
    I saw a truck, at its back- lodged,
    odd brackets of scrap metal
    on its way to the dumpyards

    Whatever is cullable from them,
    shall be culled
    and shiny, new things built
    of home,
    that you and I will buy
    for a home-.
    - I mean together,

    we're that ridiculous-
    that ridiculous, I laughed
    at this autumn evening
    over yards and yards
    of relentless powdery blue

    A book I'd once read said,
    (- and not the mythical one-)
    is not in one thing
    but in the rush of matter
    two tallest forces-

    What tallest forces?- the book didn't say-
    So, holy and evil-
    light and bright-
    and constructive-
    It's that riddled, I mean that simple-
    there's nothing to this

    bedazzling autumn-
    that nothing,-
    mad rain upon
    the fluid hyacinth leaf-
    no bone- surf-
    nucleic-, I laughed.
    Meanwhile laughing, a school
    of bluejays and a mass
    of terrified- looking storks,
    waits in the graveyards
    of dumpyards,
    on a fat, dewy evening-
    bleeding roses,
    from the hearts of which
    bit sickles of ceramic
    archaic suns-

    by their vital nature
    for swiftly catching
    the most silver
    of moons in their eyes,
    shall catch them like
    some cosmic fish,
    blest fruit-
    shall guzzle through them;
    in the deep
    of earnest sleep,
    shall toss, and cease.-"

    "- it's that ridiculous, I mean...-",
    I try to tell you,
    but then you tell me
    how new birds
    new cranes
    will come again
    from nice pink eggs
    as dissociative
    as this autumn in fact,

    from this very
    tactless degeneration in fact,
    "- and it's not the same thing-,",
    I might try to tell you again,
    but you're right too,-
    more right indeed~ for it's nice to get
    to believe
    in an autumnal delight- I'd
    like to-
    I'd like to
    like to try to, I mean, I...?!-

    - autumning~


  • triptisinghyaduvanshi 68w

    जिंदगी एक जोकर

    जिंदगी एक सर्कस है,
    ये दुनिया एक रंगमंच है,
    यहाँ हर इंसान एक जोकर है।
    इस सर्कस का रिंगमास्टर खुद खुदा है,
    उस रब के खेल निराले है,हम उसके इशारों पे खेल दिखते है,हम सब उसके हाँथो की कठपुतली है,
    जो अपने इशारों पे हम इंसानो को नचाता रहता है।

  • winchester_girl 72w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #mind #solace #blank #rush
    There are days when I sit quietly, engrossed into silence with a blank mind. Time flies away like a broken kite, forever lost. As years passed, my hushed soliloquies intensified and the emptiness grew into a giant bottomless crater. My mind is a glacier with deep crevasses that injures me everytime i fall. It avalanches me with memories, cramming me. I am habituated to these emotions that evloved into my new normal !

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    New Normal!


  • aditya_jain_07 74w


    Often be as water,
    But sometimes it's okay to be a stream bed.

  • jamisharifa 78w

    For so long I was in rush to find happiness,
    to attain success,
    to search for love,
    to seek acceptance,
    to learn,
    to be at peace
    And now,
    Without haste,
    I waited for what life has to offer me.

    #haste #life #rush #seek #tranquil #peace #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    For so long I was in rush to find happiness,
    to attain success,
    to search for love,
    to seek acceptance,
    to learn,
    to be at peace

    And now,
    Without haste,
    I waited for what life has to offer me.


  • lioness_sakshigupta_ 83w

    The rush of thoughts
    In our mind
    Is more destroyable
    Then people rush in our life
    Of full of negative energy


  • heyoka_warrior 199w

    Not Ready

    I've been thinking about it.
    The possibilities are endless.
    But I'm not ready.
    I have questions in mind.
    It's not that I'm afraid.
    I just want to make sure.
    Not to settle for less.
    Do I deserve it?
    But I can try.
    No need to rush.
    It'll happen.
    At the right time.