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    Journey of sacrifices

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    Does it matter?

    Yes, I remember my first heartbreak. I remember how it felt. I know that it hurt, but how can I forget the promises I made to myself when I decided to move on?

    I made sure that I made everyone happy, but in the journey of making everyone laugh, I lost my smile somewhere in the crowd. How can I forget that I made the promise of never letting someone hurt me? Maybe I am too used to the life lessons I get whenever I fall. Maybe I am used to the pain I get after hurting myself. Maybe my heart is naive enough to realise that I have to be selfish at times, but my heart wishes to spread the kindness that I crave. Maybe someone will find it when I lose something I wanted. Maybe someone out there will be loved when I am crying. Isn't love about the sacrifices? But then I wonder, when will it be my turn?

    Maybe I am all about being happy with whatever my people want. It's about them because they are the reason I am surviving. Because why does it matter if I am unhappy when they are the reason why I am smiling today?

    __ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 19 March 2022 @01:01 hrs IST

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    Sacrifices are required to move ahead...

  • kuwarsingh 19w

    find a person who knows your struggles ,
    sacrifices and worth.


  • mysterioustalks 28w

    Sacrifices are never told,

    And those what are told, are not sacrifices.


  • drbisma 36w

    What would be the best answer
    To even risk your life for our forever togetherness
    Or to sacrifice our love for your life ....

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    Make Sacrifices

    You're crying in silence caused by his hurtful words,
    questioning fate why it has to be him out of many shining and good stars?
    Is the ache enough to let go,
    or does the sting teach you to hold more?
    You exactly denying it but within yourself, he's your unalterable gift.

    It is now your time to make sacrifices,
    he has already proven himself and you secretly admit his success,
    let yourself be reminded to change for the better,
    for he is right when he stated about the pain is there.

    Choose your man every day and not just when the two of you are okay,
    be clear from his image when torture happens repetitively to your only one,
    he genuinely loves you,
    so it's your chance to show that you cherish him too.

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    The game was left to us.
    We had kept the kings before escaping
    I wish you didn't show your hand
    I didn’t want to see
    Now my hands are bleeding, dirty
    As a winner of an unfair defeat:

    It was your biggest move;
    A simple, kind treat.


  • sumita_panigrahi 46w

    Today, 75 years ago, India, a majestic country got independence. This was special to the whole population who were dying to fly.
    The heros behind our freedom, were those freedom fighters and soldiers who sacrificed their everything to give us this Independence.
    We should never forget their sacrifices and valour. They are the reason, our tricolour flag is hoisted so high...
    No matter, where you are, always be proud to be "Indian". There is no beautiful feeling more than being Indian...
    Happy lndependence day everyone ������������
    #independence #country #beautiful #freedom #tricolour #sacrifices #love #75years #soldiers #freedomfighters #India #Indian
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    A country which has seen numerous blood and stain,
    The stain which can no longer be washed away,
    The pain which is eternal till date,
    The love which grows everyday a little more,
    The beauty which can be seen everywhere,
    What a beautiful country with beautiful people,
    Who have made it a heaven to live...

  • rohitsayyed 46w

    Independence day

    जिसे जकड़ा था जालिमो ने ज़नजीरो में कभी,
    वो देश मेरा आज़ाद हुआ है बलिदान से उन वीरो के सभी,
    इसकी मिट्टी भी महकती है उन शहीदों की कहानी से,
    ये तीरंगा शान से लहराता है उन जांबाज़ों की कुर्बानी से,
    हमे गर्व है अभीमान है उन वीरो के बलिदानी पे।।।
    हमे गर्व है अभीमान है उन वीरो के बलिदानी पे।।।


  • bhavesh07 49w

    For someone
    to be happy,
    they need to
    make sacrifices.
    I know it will
    break you;
    it will hurt you.
    But you need
    to make one !


  • 13_prerna 52w

    The untold sacrifices remains untold forever.

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    तलाश है अगर सवेरे की तो रातों से गुज़रना होगा,
    ख्वाहिस है अगर गुलाब की तो काटों से गुज़रना होगा;
    मुझे मालूम है की इस रस्ते की मंज़िल उसका दिल है,
    पर उसके दिल तक पोहोचने के लिए उसकी आँखों से गुज़रना होगा।
    –Avinash Mishra❤

  • backstorypoetry 54w

    We all have the tendency to make promises and we are thought this story about promises, never break promises, you will lose the people whom you made the promise to. That's true. We will lose them, when we break it out of the misery that we have faced being binded with the promise we made.
    Remember making a promise also takes away certain freedom and makes you unhappy eventually with the time and as the time goes on, you lose yourself.
    Don't make a promise at the cost of losing your own identity.
    Is it all worth it?

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    #promises #loveissacrifice #writersofbackstory #faith #love #friendship #friends #feelings #relationship #dreams #hatred #hate #anger #believeintheprocess #brokenheart #true #pain #painful #loss #bound #miseries #mistakes #loveyourself #happiness #happy #sacrifices #sacrificewithoutregret #deserve #walkaway #time #deservebetter #wishes #freedom

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    Don't make promises that make you a prisoner and bind you with the law of not breaking promises.

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    "Sacrifices" सभी के लिए इस शब्द का अर्थ अलग-अलग है!
    कोई रम पीकर कहता है कि जीवन बड़े sacrifice किये है!
    कोई बड़े ताज की होटल में कॉफ़ी पीते हुए कहता है कि
    जीवन में बड़े sacrifices किये है!
    क़ोई चाय की थडी पर खड़े-खड़े कहता है
    यार बड़े sacrifices किये है!
    और किसी का पूरा जीवन sacrifices करने में ही निकल रहा है
    फिर भी वह कभी नहीं कहता हैं कि जीवन sacrifices पर ही चल रहा है।
    हाँ, कुछ ऐसा ही है......सभी की अपनी-अपनी कहानी हैं!

    पर पूछों उन्हें जिन्होने जीवनभर मेहनत की,
    जीवनभर कमाया और कुछ अपनें ही कहने वाले
    उस कमाई को लूट ले गयें!
    पूछों उन्हे जिन्होंने भूखा रहकर अपनें बच्चो को शिक्षित किया!
    पूछों उन्हे जिन्होंने अपना घर चलाने के लिए न जाने कितनी राते सडकों पर गुज़ारी!
    पूछों उन्हे जिन्होंने अपने बच्चों की ख्वाहिशो को पूरा करने के लिए, अपनें सपनों को त्याग दिया!
    पूछों उन्हें जिन्होने अपना सुख त्यागकर बच्चो की खुशी का ध्यान रखा!
    पूछों उन्हे जिन्होंने नंगे बदन रहकर अपनें बच्चो का ख्याल रखा!
    पूछों उन्हे जिन्होंने सबका कहा-सुना सुनकर भी
    अपने बच्चो को आगे बढ़ाया!
    पूछों उन्हे जिन्होंने अपनी रातों की नींद त्याग कर दिन-रात मेहनत में लगें रहे!
    और भी कहानी यहीं खत्म नहीं होती है.....पर अभी के लिए बस इतना ही!!
    सोचो....अगर सारे sacrifices कोई एक ही व्यक्ति कर रहा है, तो Real sacrifices करनें वाला कौन है?

    "हम तो अन्दाजा भी नहीं लगा सकतें है Sacrifices को लेकर पर Real Sacrifices तो हमारे Parents करतें है!!
    क्यों ठीक कहा मैंने.....?

    मेरे लिये sacrifices का कुछ अलग मिनिंग है, जो शायद शब्दों में भी सांझा नहीं किया जा सकता है!!

  • mohit09 55w


    बड़ी सिद्धत से करने लगें ,
    हम अपने सपने हलके- हलके बुननें लगें थे,
    अइस्था अइस्था सपने जो पूरे करने लगें थे।
    खुशियों का तो ठिकाना ही ना था ,
    क्युकि हमारे सपने पूरे सच हो रहे थे ,
    मालूम ना था की एक पल ऐसा भी आएगा ,
    सपनो को छोड़ हकीकत की दुनिया मे फिर लौट आना होगा ,
    छोड़ सारे सपनो को... रास्ते से ही घर लौट आना होगा।


  • drishty_das 59w

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    #she #pod #writerstolli #sacrifices #nothing #everything #love #shade #shield #sympathy #kind #toy #sorrows #used #notears #unedited

    The very first poem I wrote almost 7 years back. It was pleasant surprise to me back then. Posting it here unedited.

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    She (is/was)

    She cures with love, her love is medicine.
    She is a shield, she is the shade.
    She steps down to let him rise.
    She lives the pain in no noise.
    She is sacrifice.
    She is everything.

    She is sympathy with big heart.
    She is firm as a tall tower.
    She cries his tears, his worries she bears.
    Blank page is her character with not a drop of ink.
    She is kind.
    She is everything.

    she used to be his shadow.
    used and killed and thrown by him so often like a mere toy.
    She has cried all her tears for him.
    Now she is left with none of it.
    She is in pain.
    She was everything.

    Respect is now not her jewell.
    She lives in corner and dies in corner.
    She is engulfed in the darkness of his greed.
    She is sad but her sorrows are not his.
    She was love.
    She was everything.

    She is a play now, mere entertainment.
    A candle about to be blown.
    No one knows her, no one praises her.
    Her page torn in tiny bits.
    Her sacrifice isn't worth a penny.
    Her smile is a blue moon.
    She used to be everything but now


  • abi_rites 60w


    Had to dance
    To pay her bills
    She betrayed me
    And also frustrated me
    I forgave her
    Like I always had
    Now she's a better wife
    To another Man
    She has a better life
    I'm happy for her
    Though in the grave yard
    Yes I still dance
    With joy in my heart
    It's a matter of time
    She'll be out back
    Though I do not pray it happens fast
    A time we shall both say,
    "You're mine now"
    Though in the ground
    It's happy ever
    Ever after
    What shall we call these now?
    A letter from the grave yard
    Of a happy man...
    A letter from the happy graveyard
    A Skeleton now
    But! Happy ever after



  • _shambhabi_ 67w

    It's not about being the 'perfect us'. It's about living happily with each others flaws and imperfection.