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  • pallavi4 6w


    I rub my icy cold hands together
    Trying to absorb the heat from the fireplace
    Pulling the blanket around me I huddle closer
    Wearing a sad smile of nostalgia on my face

    The Christmas tree is alight and decorated
    And the house adorned with fairy lights,
    Little shiny bells and ornaments —
    All part of sharing the festive delights

    Every one I know is happy and making snowmen
    Before the advent of the snowstorm
    In a crowd of delighted faces I look lost
    My heart is desolate and forlorn

    It is my first Christmas without you
    In a state of saudade I lie moping
    Forcibly trying to keep myself occupied
    While to you my thoughts keep roaming

    You are celebrating too without me this year
    I wonder if at all my remembrance haunts you
    I stand outside punishing myself, in the freezing winds
    Knowing I’ve been replaced by someone new

    Is love meant to be fleeting and fragile?
    Last for one while the other moves on?
    What do I tell the silence that occupies my cottage
    Now that all but your memories are gone?

    When I cross your street and see your house
    Delightfully decked up with twinkling lights
    I know in my broken heart that you no longer
    Are the missing piece in my barren life


    6th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Picture credited to its rightful owner- Todor Jovanovski

    Thank you for EC @miraquill !

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  • pallavi4 8w


    A falling leaf knows no comfort
    No earthly love, no pain
    Only the feeling of falling
    Never to rise again

    A hapless feeling of distraction
    Of discomfort and disarray
    Like being locked in a room
    With no keyhole to let in a ray

    A sinking feeling of being alone
    Of being desperate and destitute
    Like an icicle melting into aqua
    Never again to be a cube

    Distracting thoughts that plague the mind
    Slowly taking shape of inherent fear
    The dreadful angst of evaporation
    Of never being able to reappear

    When tear drops pool together
    Slowly begin to form a stream
    Lie down, close your eyes and sleep
    Forget the pain like a far away dream


    18th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 13w

    Broken Crayon

    He looked at her with lust filled, round beady eyes
    He’d lured her with a bunch of sweet sounding empty words - all lies
    Her youthfulness to him was a great allure
    Their secret this would be he had insured
    While she sat innocently looking outside the window
    Time seemed to go into a state of limbo
    He fussed about the room several things arranging
    Only his fervour remaining unchanging
    She looked at him with her naive large eyes
    Never once suspecting him of creating a disguise
    To entice her into a deceitful web so brilliantly woven
    That she couldn’t have escaped even if she’d chosen
    As she waited for him to tell her what to do
    Watching him on a beetle leaf slowly chew
    He’d arranged the sheets on the nearby bed
    The bed sheet was printed with big flowers in red
    She walked towards her table and sat down
    His hawk like gaze turned into a frown
    Wondering if she would resist if he hurled himself at her
    He wondered if it would better on the floor lined with a carpet in fur
    While he contemplated this complex riddle in his mind
    She started searching in hopes to find
    A box of broken crayons in her bag she’d left on her study table before
    While he moved quietly to lock the door
    And came to stand behind her watching her sing and draw
    Her house, her parents and him - her uncle she regularly saw
    He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her in his arms
    His familiarity in her mind raised no alarms
    She was placed on the brightly coloured bed
    He came to realise this would be easier than what he had read
    Her five year old self would never remain the same
    He’d convinced her this was all a game
    In the name of family he was about to break all bounds
    Simply by being the uncle who constantly lurked around
    Trust is a simple thread that transforms into a complex knot
    She should’ve been better than this taught
    For her parents negligence she paid a heavy price that day
    When it was all over he stubbed his cigarette in an ashtray
    As he left he waved at her playfully and said
    “Don’t tell mommy anything or I’ll lose my cred”
    Although she was confused by the strange game
    She decided to stay mum rather than repeat the same
    She wondered how she’d get better at it like he had assured her
    And bit into the chocolate he’d given while the afternoon turned into a blur


    13th of October, 2021

    Used “words” and “empty” from set A
    Used “broken crayons in my bag” from set B

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 20w

    Abandoned Art

    A layer of grime and dust has gathered
    And mingled in the crevices of my brush strokes
    The once bright colours have faded terribly
    That used to strong emotions once invoke

    Abandoned and forgotten I lie in a corner
    Of a forsaken and desolate house
    No longer am I the painter’s pride
    I’m dirty and filthy- my biggest grouse

    For companions I have spiders
    And dormice that keep squeaking away
    Dried and wilted flowers are kept rotting
    On a nearby rusted iron tray

    The moulding furniture that surrounds me
    Upholstered in golden baroque style
    Lies torn and in shambles just like I do
    Looking unfriendly, dark and hostile

    There was a time when my being was admired
    And celebrated and revered by all
    My deep burnished red and brown colours
    Were representative of the beautiful fall

    With the death of my owner came the abandonment
    Of the palatial house in which I resided
    A will that was unacceptable saw to it
    That my fate was already decided

    Away from the adoring public and guests
    Who would stand and stare at the adorned walls
    My life has come a full circle now that I’m
    No longer the centre of dances and balls

    What is the life of an jilted artwork like me
    We are the forgotten pages of a neglected book
    What we wouldn’t do to been seen or noticed
    Or simply to be given another look


    27th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Staircase” by Suzanne Moxhay , James Freeman Gallery

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  • pallavi4 23w


    The ending that came all too soon
    Was like a book that was shut abruptly
    Without warning, without pretext
    Appearing out of nowhere, suddenly

    I broke down like a smashed teacup
    Into thousands of unmendable pieces
    Got lost in a moving crowd made up of
    A thousand indifferent faces

    The feeling of being hollow inside never left me
    Of being a tunnel without an end
    No matter how hard I tried, I lost myself
    In a vortex without any hope of being mend

    Spiralling downwards I was like Alice
    Falling down a seemingly unending rabbit hole
    And then one day I hit rock bottom, just when I
    Thought there could be no hope for my soul

    Could there be any restitution for one whose spirit
    Had been shattered, splintered, subdued?
    Whose insides had been scared by the glass like
    Broken trust, trust that had been abused

    Climbing out of that complexly bizarre state
    Where you’d left me obscure, without any illumination
    Every day, every step was excruciating
    Like being on a path of damnation

    Covered in grime and muck- I dug my way out
    In the hope of finding myself eventually again
    Not only did I find my way out of all the turbulence
    I stopped hurting or feeling any pain

    Like a new leaf that sprouts in the spring-
    Without any protection it chooses to bloom
    Gradually as the sun came out, I found a way
    To not be defined by my gloom

    The moon shines all the while bearing scars
    I chose to wear mine with pride yet plough ahead
    I hope I find a new direction, a new goal
    A new beginning for me to tread


    5th of August, 2021

    Repost from 5th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Identity Christ by Joseph Lee

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  • pallavi4 25w


    A touch, a song, a smile, a laugh, a moment
    Sometimes take me back to you somehow
    It doesn’t feel unpleasant but like nostalgia
    It’s like a dull ache in my bones now
    It hurts to remember what I once felt for you
    It’s pains me that I don’t recall you well anymore
    No longer do I wish you would set out on a course
    And someday sail towards my shore .
    That savage wanting does not exist anymore
    I don’t need you now like I need air
    That need to be possessed by you has simpered
    And I’ve come to accept you’ll never be there
    Loving someone you cannot have is a pain
    A tiny tear that slowly rips you apart
    The boiling obsession simmers down to a bubble
    Leaving you with a torn and broken heart


    27th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 25w


    Admist the chaos that was us
    I lost you
    To the mayhem reaching the caelum
    Betwixt the noise filtering from the outside
    That slowly tore me from what I thought was true.
    I lost you to the pandemonium
    That arose from my turbulent kataomoi —
    Shattered dreams and broken hopes that
    Stole the peace from inside my heart,
    Tore my wings just before my flight
    To better shores, a sanctuary where
    I could could sojourn to mend and
    From you stay apart


    26th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Consumed by chaos” by Jen Duran

    Thank you for the repost @writersbay !

    Repost from 8th of April, 2021

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  • pallavi4 26w


    He sat alone on the bench in the park
    And wiped away a tear slowly
    He was tired of being made to feel
    Outcast, unwanted and lowly

    The other children would pick at him
    Call him names and poke fun
    “You are the child of a whore
    Stop pretending your mother’s a nun”

    His mother was a gentle creature
    Who loved him very dearly
    But was unable to bring herself to tell him
    Who towards him was meant to be fatherly

    He’s always assumed that his dad had died
    Maybe he had left when he was born
    Maybe that’s why when he asked about
    His whereabouts his mother would look forlorn

    He never told her how he was teased
    What the other kids said about her
    Whatever she was, he loved her profoundly
    All the while being treated by others like a cur

    He ambled home staring at the floor
    Unlocked the door and announced he was home
    His mother happily walked towards him
    Other than dog they were all alone

    “Did someone beat you son” she asked
    Examining his black and blue left eye
    “Why don’t you tell me what is wrong”
    Looking teary waited for his reply

    “Why can’t you tell me who he was?
    Why is he no where to be seen ?
    Am I to spend a lifetime wondering who
    My father must have been ?”

    “He was a wanderer, a philosopher
    He was the love and light of my life
    The only reason I’ve never told you about him
    Is because I was never his wife”.

    “Our love was strong but never meant to be
    A bridge that we could cross together
    He came, he stayed and then he left
    Like the restless unpredictable weather”

    “So I am exactly who they say I am
    I am a bastard, I am a fatherless child
    I am destined to be forever condemned
    Just because you let yourself be defiled”

    She slapped him hard across the face
    Then sat down and began to weep
    She could not turn the wheels of fate
    Both their wounds were far too deep

    He, ashamed of the way he had behaved
    Apologised and embraced her tight
    He vowed he would not be like his father
    No matter what he would protect her with all his might .


    16th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 26w


    He moved quietly around the old furniture
    Through the silent sleeping house
    The moonlight shone in and lit his way
    Other than him there was no movement, no sound

    Stumbling up the stairs he went
    Cryptic silence filled the home
    He wondered if what he was looking for
    Was with company or all alone

    He clicked open the door and entered the room
    Creeping in like a seasoned thief
    She didn't lock it today he thought to himself
    In strange mild disbelief

    Often he stumbled home late
    In a drunken disheveled state
    Today he found the bed empty
    The bed alone but neatly made

    "I free you today from bounds and promise
    From the shackles of being sane
    I will be long gone before you read this
    Away from you and the pain"

    He read the note in a state of shock
    Then slumped onto the bed
    Grateful he had enough booze in him
    To numb the pain and stupor he felt

    Come the morning, sun rays seeped in
    She was ,like she said , long gone
    Him, death found in his drunken sleep
    For him there was no dawn

    Tragic was the twist of fate and luck
    The breaking point for both the same
    She chose to flee to end the suffering
    He chose to die to forget the pain


    15th of July , 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 28w

    Letter to the Wind

    The Wind,

    I was born on a day in spring
    When the petrichor from the sweet smelling grass infused you and my lair
    I was a chartreuse little bud who found
    Great comfort in knowing I was one of
    Leaves growing on a tree previously bare

    It seemed my responsibility to become
    Big, green and strong
    It wasn’t long before me and my brothers covered the entirety of the tree
    And started caring for the young that came along

    Together we made up the tree
    Like the tree had once us made
    There was life all around us as birds chirped
    Bugs and bees teemed in every green blade

    In the summer we lazed in the morning sun
    And danced to the tunes that you blew
    Everyday I awoke to a day of fun
    There was always something new to do

    The rains brought with them sustenance
    And quenched the thirst of the big ol’ tree
    Significantly larger I became
    None was glossier or as enthusiastic as me

    As autumn approached things quietened down
    Golden robes we now adorned
    The tree seemed fatigued and tired of carrying us
    The thought of perishing had me in pieces, torn

    One by one my friends fell to the ground
    You, the wind that had once played with us
    Now sternly blew them away
    Some to far away distant lands
    Some to form a golden pathway and stay

    With winter fast approaching I know
    Although I’m still attached to my beloved tree
    My time is almost done
    From being a vibrant and energetic leaf
    A wrinkled surface my glossy being has become

    I know I will soon fall to my death
    Like the others my tree too will become bare
    All around me is misery and mourning
    I try, reminisce and focus instead on all the fun I had there

    Once we are all gone and the snow arrives
    Laden my tree will be with so much more
    It will still sway in the direction you blow
    We will instead become the had beens in folklore

    Just another Leaf


    2nd of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Diana Lange

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  • pallavi4 29w

    Love Story

    He climbed up the cliff till he could
    See the meeting of sea and skies blue
    Heaving and huffing he sat down at the edge
    There was pain in every breath he drew

    As the breeze from the sea touched his face
    And tears welled up in his weary eyes
    He couldn’t understand why it needed to be this way
    Why was there so much hurt in goodbyes?

    She was my other, my half, my mirror
    My love, my friend, keeping me sane
    With her gone, there shall never be another
    Happiness now can only be feigned

    She was a part of my soul, my life
    We were one beneath the blue sky
    My heart in pain is a heart ripped apart
    I no longer wish to be tied to life

    Without her I can see no rain, no clouds
    Life has lost its tune, it’s reed
    Without her I am all but lost
    Never again to be free

    With that he got up and stood
    With his back to the cliff face’s edge
    Jump he did refusing to live without love
    In the end keeping his pledge

    Some love stories are long epics
    Some a tale like Juliet and her Romeo
    Theirs was a love story like no other
    For they were one in happiness and in woe


    29th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Talisker Bay on the Isle of Sky by Jack Anstey

    Thank you for EC @miraquill 🥰

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  • pallavi4 29w


    Caught unknowingly and entrapped
    In an intricate web of your concocted lies
    I left no stone unturned to become
    More acceptable in your eyes

    Every moment making an effort to become
    Someone in whom you could take pride
    Breathing in a false affection everyday without
    Feeling cautioned about the thorn in my side

    You played me like a harp,
    Like a puppet with strings disguised
    While I displayed you to the world like a trophy
    Like the winnings of a lottery - a prize

    Unable to break free from the tangled mess
    Very late I came to realise
    That I’d long back lost my very essence
    And now lacked the ability to rise

    So I stayed put till you finally wove around me
    A net, a web of such a monstrous size
    While I came to live in the shadowed trenches
    To live life like a boat in a storm capsized


    25th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 29w


    There is a shallow pail of wishes somewhere inside me
    Filled with your thoughts and memories
    No matter how much I begrudge them and as incredulous as it may sound
    There are moments when I wish you were still around

    It is the warmth of your embrace that I miss so much
    The sound of your mellow voice, the gentleness of your touch
    Buried deep inside is still a longing that I never knew
    I miss the person I was when I was with you

    It’s a wonder to me even now, how we fell apart
    Why we couldn’t put more trust in each other’s hearts
    I was left blindsided by your betrayal only to find
    I was with unfulfilled aspirations left alone and left behind

    It feels I’ve spent eons without you and without us
    Been an empty house without walls and a truss
    A lifetime ago, when we were both together
    Will probably remain the only time I felt this was my forever

    They say each one of us has been given a fixed amount of strifes,
    And precious moments that we are allowed in our lives
    What if my invaluable instances have been already spent trying to be
    Someone that you could love, instead of being free ?

    Love, that elusive bird of freedom, of dependence and of trust
    Seems to be eluding me while about it I keep making a small fuss
    Sometimes when I pine for you I begin to think
    Instants of pain stay forever while those of love fly by in a blink


    24th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 30w


    It’s been so long since we last met
    So long since we last were together
    I feel incomplete without you
    We were halves of a whole for each other

    Your peach like smooth olive skin
    Your beatific smile that would light up my day
    You seem to have vanished in a crowd
    Like the cold does during the spring in May

    Those amber coloured doe shaped eyes
    That could bore into my soul
    You had such a charming manner that
    I was proud to call you my own

    It was your heart of gold that drew me to you
    To all you were gracious, kind and joyful
    Your jovial manner was addictive
    To have you in my life I was so grateful

    Yet discount you did my feelings for you
    Played with me like the strings of a puppet
    Thanks to your manipulations and tricks
    My value in your eyes did only plummet

    Torch we did that bridge between us
    That winding road that connected us we broke
    Instead of becoming one we became people who
    Couldn’t breathe under water and hence choked

    I wish I could traverse the distance that lies in between
    Fill crevices that have in the enamel of our love appeared
    Maybe we were only meant to be one for a moment
    But then like clouds on a sunny day disappear


    21st of June, 2021

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner

    #wod #character #road #writersbay @writersbay #sad_poems @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • pallavi4 32w


    The day you left I became incomplete again
    Because you forever took away a part of me
    I was blindsided by the excruciating pain
    That left me ruptured for an eternity

    You were the air in my lungs
    You were the love of my life
    You slowly encompassed all of me
    And became a thorn in my side

    I killed the very essence of me
    While trying to become someone you wanted
    You lauded every drop that I lost of me
    Took advantage of my trust and me for granted

    In changing into someone completely different
    From who I really was inside
    The will to get up everyday slowly faded
    The lust for life I had , died

    Everyday you cut me up in pieces
    With your tongue, a razor sharp knife
    With cruel words that you never minced
    Changed the course of my life

    I stopped looking at the mirror to see myself
    I now saw myself only through your eyes
    I was weak like a helpless plant and when
    I protested there was no one to hear my cries

    Lacerated by the gashes you made
    Stripped me slowly of my soul
    I lost track of who I was in the woods of mistrust
    Strayed far away from my aims and goals

    I was unable to object while you stood proudly
    Glad that a wreck I had become
    I was left with no friends to call my own
    I was now a stranger to everyone

    My emotional dependence on you hurt me
    Just like my broken spirit that I brushed aside
    You went on with your life like nothing was wrong
    Weaving a complex web of lies

    The day I got rid of you
    You made me feel shame and guilt alike
    At least now I no longer feel like the rose you cut up
    Just so you could feel good inside


    8th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Writersbay

    #leftc #torn #left #sad_poems #love_gone_sour #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • pallavi4 32w


    She waited patiently for him to
    Return home from the war
    And lived facing difficulties alone
    While he wrote to her from afar
    Her love was true she knew
    He would never her forsake
    She knew he would return to her
    To together a life make
    After five long years he appeared
    Troubled and forlorn
    The man she had loved for so long
    Was far from gone
    She tried to help him return home in totality
    His broken spirit she tried to rebuild
    All the while wearing wings of iron
    Living in a cage made of gild
    He tried hard to adjust to life, tired of
    Only being the soldier that he was
    The bitterness he felt inside put his
    Better nature on pause
    While she cooked and cleaned for him
    Never once stopping to rest
    He kept watching, sometimes spying on her
    His mind frazzled like a bird’s nest
    Every time she spoke to another man
    He felt threatened and insecure
    The seed of betrayal had taken root
    And for that there could be no cure
    The first time he lifted a hand at her
    She was hurt and truly shocked
    As time went by the beating became a part
    Of a routine while by him being mocked
    She tried her best to save herself
    From the lavender bruises and outpour of his anger
    She vowed to run away from him
    Her life was in peril and in mortal danger
    The day she’d planned to run away
    He caught her trying to flee
    He beat her to within an inch of her life
    Saying, “you thought you could get rid of me?”
    She lay helplessly in a pool of her blood
    Knowing fully well that the end was near
    It was better to die than to live with a man
    She had once loved but now had come to fear
    Love died that day and hate won outright
    With her, his anger died too
    All his life he would remember her last words
    “In this life I only loved you”.


    7th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #lavenderc #lavender #domestic_abuse #abuse #sad_poems #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • pallavi4 33w


    She limped back home slowly by herself
    In a torn, disheveled state she was found
    I couldn’t image who would’ve done this to her
    Grief painted on her face knew no bounds

    After a lot of cajoling she finally
    Broke down but in between her tears
    And sobs she couldn’t manage to tell me
    How he had made real all her fears

    While she was all alone in the garden
    Watering her beloved plants in the eve
    He saw the rest of the family make their way
    To the market and watched them leave

    He tried to make small talk with her
    She didn’t think much of it somehow
    He was after all her father’s understudy
    They were firm friends by now

    He lurched at her when her back was turned
    And while she struggled he pinned her down
    She tried to scratch him once the shock subsided
    He dealt with her with deftness and a frown

    She was raped by this friend she trusted
    Once it was over he simply let her go
    She lay on the lawn, in the mud
    Where the dahlias were planted in a row

    She slowly stood up and put herself together
    Shivering from the sudden assault
    She wondered what her father would do
    Would for his crime his understudy be absolved ?

    Shaking like a leaf she made her way into the house
    Stood in the kitchen with a glass of water
    It was then that I ventured back into home
    And demanded she tell me the matter

    She stared at her soiled canvas shoes
    But couldn’t find the words to say
    Only one word escaped her lips- “Robbie”
    Before she fainted and her world turned grey

    I rushed towards her and splashed water
    To revive her so that she could tell me the rest
    She awoke and asked for more water
    I took her to her room at her behest

    She took off her muddy shoes
    And lay on her bed stiff like a board
    I sat down beside her and wondered if I
    Should wait for to speak or begin to goad

    She simply stared at the ceiling and fan
    Did not speak another word for hours
    I knew in that instant she would never be the same
    Nor would this family of ours


    1st of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 33w


    He clutched his coat tight around him
    Breathing in the jasmines growing alongside
    He walked briskly from the parking lot of the house
    Marvelling silently at the fragrant night

    He pushed the unlocked door open
    Placing his wet umbrella in the stand by the door
    Once again in admiration he looked at the
    Sweet smelling grass emitting petrichor

    The door clicked shut and immediately he was hit
    By the scent of candles in cinnamon and vanilla
    Quietly he pocketed his keys and fidgeted
    With the pale yellow envelope in manila

    He was met by a man dressed in a black suit
    Who had an air of confidence about him
    He led him inside the house quietly
    The mood in it was very solemn and grim

    As he entered the next room he was struck
    By the heavily perfumed interiors
    The plush seating arrangements were elegant
    In the centre sat a table that looked superior

    He sat at the table and unfolded the envelope
    The pictures from it were infused with nostalgia
    He chose the picture he wanted displayed
    And the bouquet made of salvia

    He’d held on tight to his emotions till now
    On seeing the black teak coffin he broke down
    His mind had been filled with the stench of dread
    His sorrowful wrinkled brow wore a frown

    His wife was dead and left him with memories
    That came alive with the aroma of rose oil
    He approved the papers while being consoled
    Refusing to let her impending service be foiled

    They shook hands after walking out of the funeral home
    He was glad he’d chosen what she’d have wanted
    A small service with a whiff of lots of roses
    And people who refused to take her for granted


    26th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 36w


    Caught in your web of lies
    I wove beautiful imaginary patterns
    Now I feel cheated and weird inside
    Like a cheap violated slattern

    It is best if I slither back in the hole and hide
    Hibernate until the next warm season
    Maybe by then I’ll have recovered my pride
    And to live again found a reason

    So to the den where I can lick my wounds
    And come to gradually accept your betrayal
    Pacify my rage and my swinging moods
    While you continue your false portrayals

    Torn to bits by your deceit and humiliation
    I doubt even summer will help rebind
    The bloody gashes and lacerations
    I doubt my life I’ll ever be able to rewind

    It is cold, dreary and wet outside
    I feel it sluggishly creeping into my bones
    An internal part of me seems to have died
    Every breath feels like a hefty loan

    I retreat into the safety of my shell to recuperate
    Save my energy by slowing down my breathing
    While fuelling feelings of shame and hate
    From festering cuts stopping the incessant bleeding

    I lie low and close my weary eyes
    Shutting you out along with the insurmountable pain
    Come the warm weather I will rise
    With a mended heart maybe ready to love again


    9th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Dark cave in Phong Nha , Vietnam

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  • pallavi4 36w


    He arrived in the middle of the night
    One day long after everyone was fast asleep
    He was here to swallow all hope and light
    Into every crevice he wanted to seep

    He had been created to tarnish the world
    To hinder all happiness and joy
    While the populous lay deeply concerned
    All his negativity he planned to employ

    To swallow all who were weak and frail
    Who would succumb to his contagious self
    He would devour the population like a flame
    Rejuvenating and revamping himself

    They underestimated what he could do
    The havoc he could unleash upon them
    His aggressive rage latched on like glue
    They writhed plagued with fever and phlegm

    He made it difficult for them to breathe
    Broke their spirit till it was in shreds
    Carved out a niche all the while they grieved
    The lack of infrastructure and hospital beds

    From to another he leapt and progressed
    Wiping out a whole generation in the process
    He badly infected their lungs and chests
    Till they all cowered down feeling oppressed

    He wrapped himself around the earth
    Gradually tightening the cord around its neck
    This strangulation slowly caused a dearth
    Of people till they were left the size of a fleck

    They wheezed and sneezed till they died
    The virus wiped whole families away
    They couldn’t get rid of him no matter how they tried
    He massacred anyone who stood in his way

    They came to accept his rule over them
    Of someone’s murderous craze he was a testament
    To their ghastly fates they were condemned
    While his catching self remained pestilent


    8th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Bob Lambiase

    “Contagion” title taken from a 2011 movie with the same name

    #contagiousc #contagious #virus #covid #covid19 #corona #sad_poems #stories_in_poems #personification_poems #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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