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    Shayad ye aakhri tehreer hai Meri

    Yun zamanay ki talkh galyon m aaj bh jab mai tnha nikalti hun/ek hewla sa wqt dr wqt arzoo puchta hai
    –dekha to bahut so k hai, dekha to bahut so ko hai naqabo m qaid/phr najanay kyun us ek shakhs ki kami behijab krdeti hai –Kbhi ye jsm bh thrkta th mojon k daldal mai. Ahhh/Kbhi y dil bh dhrkta th ishq k badal mai –na jantay bujhtay hogyi bhool yun ham se/na fikr rahi khdki na dunya, na apno ki –wo nasheman bh kia chain ki neend sotay hyn/hm s pucho to wqt k payye mai yun kuchlay, bhtkay hyn–or phr wo jo jangayn chlti hyn pusht o pust m/yun chid jatay hyn maikaday banjaro' faqiro se –kia reet k pyalay hyn, kia husn ke dewanay hyn/ishq jo kr betho to bayaban bh gulafshan hyn –phr kyun hm haray hyn? Kia hm wo pyaaday hyn?/jo dhoop m chl ke phr ek war m saman e khaak hojatay hyn–ye mehfil hai shayaro ki, yhn sher o shayri ka chrcha hy/magar hm nazm hr bar y soch k likhty hyn k 'shayad ye aakhri tehreer hai meri' –wo Mir bh kia jo na jan paay maza ghulami ka/phr bh sb puchtay hyn mjh se ye, Sanam! kia chamak hy andhero mai?
    (I'm not gonna translate this cause emotions can't be translated)
    #safhaateghair #fluster

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    Anonymous (flustered routes)

    Today when I skimmed over pages where I left that jocund girl. Now that girl is lover of darkness.

    I'm tired of sewing words that weigh so much to give a backbone pain to my poems :P
    I regret stepping in this pure world
    From childhood to this point a leech is sucking my confidence. But then I question myself is it just me or only me who is going through or has gone through sufferings.

    Still my conscious says
    there is a limit. Don't destroy yourself.
    Day after day I'm afraid of looking at my reflection in mirrors
    I don't want to come face to face with that cruel lass again . She haunts me . She laughs at me .

    I remember
    that dried blood in my bathroom's floor
    those marks which made an abode at my back
    I shiver when I see those belts
    hung at places
    those ceilings and railings or those fucking high rooftops
    which always showed me the flustered routes to death

    Eventually, I burnt my words
    I killed the real me
    Ashes and unshaped black clouds
    are her grave's sun and moon

    At crowded streets that 15 year old me
    is still running away from those vultures
    she is still fighting
    fighting with the whole world
    but she lost
    she lost the battle with herself

    She again is pulling me back in her arms
    she will make me cruel and cold again
    she will take away my innocent soul
    I'll be the pawn of hatred

    I'm scared of her
    these poems are not giving me peace
    my mind is struggling to cope up with my soul
    my breaths are bewildered
    she's trying to take control of me

    She again
    again will
    steal my

    but what an irony
    she is in me . I can never deny her
    I can never deny her !
    |Her flustered absence in unwanted hours smog me out from chimneys of past but her presence stabs the shoreline of time|

  • fromwitchpen 9w

    Phew after a long time #safhaateghair

    This poem is about a person who keep sinning after asking for forgiveness, Pharaoh and Devil are trying to have a clandestine meeting with him and he shows himself as a pure person in front of people.


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    Waqf (وقف)

    Mabhoot kch yun hui hsratyn, andher hi mach gyi
    Rooh o ruwaan, firoun ke raaz m chupay, yun jali

    Samaaeen th ham, samaaeen th ham
    Or thraktay jisam th zauq ke gumbad

    Thapak k dil ko aas di, kch pal or phr maafi
    Wo chaoun jo buni th gunaho s, hai nakaafi

    Phr hwa kch yun, phr kch yun hwa k mabeen
    Zarb padi kal ko, jab bat hui bayan e haal ki

    Wo waqf hogy, anjan na ban saky apny kye s
    Wo waqf hogy, anjan na ban saky apny kye s

    Jab dar gaya dil or sach ki chinghari uthi
    Na bnda rha majazi, na ibless ki chli baazi


    Hankered-ache stunned in a way, everythin' roistered
    Soul and lint, camouflaged in secrets of Pharaoh, smouldered

    Audience we were, audience we were
    And swaying figures were cupolas of ecstasy

    Gave a hope by tapping heart, few seconds and then forgiveness
    The shadow one made by his sins, holds scantiness

    Suddenly it happened, and then something happened, among this all
    Yesterday walloped, when asked about today's statement

    Their steps halted, oblivious of their doings
    Their steps halted, oblivious of their doings

    When heart was afraid and truth flamed
    Nor man remain unreal, neither Devil's bet perennial.

  • fromwitchpen 46w

    Idk what is this xD .

    Zara teher ja ishq ki chadar mai lipat ja
    Ae insan tjh me qeher jo bhara, kho ja

    Khdko tod k jodnay ka mamla krta h wqt dr wqt
    Falak pe chadh ke takabbur ka taj chubho le

    Reza reza tu hojyga matti ka fasana h zindagi
    O bewafa bekhar ja! jhulsa de khdki khushi ko

    Ja doob ja shikwo k saay m nashukra tehra
    Kabhi jo lab shukar ki dawa mangayn, toot ja

    Dunya mai aya h do din maiqaday ka deewana h
    Jam p jam nachaar, moam ki manand pighal ja.

    Translation .
    Stop for a moment and clad yourself within the cloak of love
    That wrath with which you are filled with, lose yourself

    First you fall to pieces and then rise again you do this over and over again
    Swarm upon the ether and transfix your skin with the crown of hubris

    You will be crumpled down into shards, life is a fiction made of dust
    O inconstant being splinter down! Sear your happiness

    Vamoose and drown into the shadow of kvetch, you ungrateful being
    Even for once ask for the panacea of being gratified, splinter out

    You came into this world for two days in love with hostelry
    Drink upon drink, thaw like a molten candle .


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