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  • gousia_tasleem 25w

    When I say my beautiful motherland
    I talk of grief and pain coming from her every corner.

    My mother land is land of martyrs,
    Every morning my motherland loses her sons.

    When I say my colourful motherland
    I talk of blood only, that is oozing out from my fellow citizens.

    In my motherland, our hands are handcuffed
    Pellets and bullets are our jewellery.

    My motherland was once called Heaven on earth
    Woe! My motherland is drowning in the bloodstream of its martyrs


  • gousia_tasleem 26w

    Every morning starts with mourning
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

    I am plagued with bloodshed every moment
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

    In my Dal, Jehlum and wular blood waves are everywhere
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

    My Chinar leaves are dripping blood
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

    My people are banished from their homeland
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

    I am suppressed by guns and bullets
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

    My lips are sealed, I am deprived of speaking
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

    I am enshrouded with thorns
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

    I am burried on mountains
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

    My land is deserted and I am frozen
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

    My impeccable men are slaughtered
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

    I am sighing in grief
    I am Kashmir, the Heaven on earth.

  • gousia_tasleem 26w

    آج پھر لَہُو لُہان کیا گھر بہ گھر
    آج پھر اک‌ بستی اجاڑ کے رکھ‌ دی

    کون سنتا ہے یہ چیخ و پکار
    کون ہے درد دل اس جنت کا

    یہاں صدیوں سے چلتا آرہا ہے ظالمِ اَظلم
    کون بنے گا شریک اس درد کا

    آج پھر خون کی ندیاں بہنے لگی
    آج پھر ان ندیوں میں کچھ بے خطاؤں کو نہلایا گیا

  • aleebahwrites 66w

    All they need is
    their hopes restored
    And lives saved.

    No more slaves should be generated
    in Kashmir!

    -Aleebah Shahzad.

  • snow_musings 120w

    Perhaps it was for the good. Perhaps internet involving social media was overwhelming and we needed a break from it. We do feel more connected now. Real people are sort from the got-notified-about-your-birthday-and-hence-wished-you-at-midnight. People who call you and you are exuberant to receive their calls. Kids got more time to actually plan their studies and surely their grades have improved. Everything feels calm.
    Good thoughts. So convincing. So comforting especially when the mind races back to the same question: Who gave them the right? Why do we feel in fetters even though they fake our normalcy to the world? And when the restoration of our digital connectivity is prosecuted they rebuke us with the allegation that we indulge in no moral good with our hands on the most basic mordern tools-the internet.
    God knows, they have ennervated us to having go through these questions all in vain. Why? Justifying ourselves in the light of supposed good that's coming out of these restrictions is completely pretentious and hypocrite to clandestine their partiality, hindering our growth and creating prejudiced and alienated.
    Sincerely every kashmiri.
    #savekashmir #jammuandkashmir #freedomofspeech #internetrestoration #digitalera #helpus

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  • hazoo9 132w

    No Eid

    They kill
    Our men - armed and unarmed
    Our women - young and old,
    Our children - born and unborn,
    They come, once a week at least
    And thrash our soot-smeared windows
    Until they start shrieking in pain,
    They continue stabbing
    Our bleary-eyed pomegranate trees
    Until they start shedding tears,
    For what crime
    Are our windows wounded
    And pomegranates mutilated?
    They don't spare
    Even our insects,
    They trample upon
    Snails and silverfish alike,
    Sadness fastens
    Onto our eyelashes,
    We don't do house cleaning
    Ahead of Eid anymore,
    We sell dreams and hopes
    What else can we do?
    We put on robes of fake optimism,
    But deep inside
    We are in unmitigated despair,
    There is no god
    In this city anymore,
    We have burnt
    Our holy scripture,
    We don't pray now
    Nor have we tongues
    To speak our dead alphabets,
    Our breaths smell of decay
    And our hands are like
    Dysfunctional, rusty rifles,
    Ours is not a happy nation,
    Our nation has become
    A capital of pain now,
    Who says there is Eid?
    There is no Eid
    For an occupied nation,
    Declare me a nasty nuisance ,
    Break my brittle bones,
    Nail me to the cross,
    Or drive me to exile,
    I will keep it saying:
    There is no Eid
    For an occupied nation,
    There is no Eid
    For an occupied nation!

  • hazoo9 132w

    Burning Home

    They hunt for the voice of grief
    In every lane, they are after us.

    We lay shoulder to shoulder in the corner
    Of our house -- only listen to the radio
    It's a long day, and they have barged in the neighborhood
    Kashmir is more than just curfewed now

    When the article 370 was gutted
    I had two kids of the neighborhood by the side of me
    They somberly started weeping, I was aghast, and I caught myself between smile and awe and desperation
    Our goals were different

    Kashmir was once sold cheaply
    So cheaply was it sold (6 lac rupees)

    The burning fire has now crept through
    The maze and it has thrown everyone in Kashmir along the corner
    And when the house burns, the family jumps
    No one doses the fire, when they are caught

    It's plumes of smoke
    And caught people
    In it.

    Where does one go from here?

  • hmz456 138w


    कैसे में मान लूँ कि यह वतन आब के लिए रो रहा है

    यहाँ तो मैने खून पीने वालो की भीड़ दिखे है


  • hmz456 138w

    जन्नत जल रहे है

    सियासती भेड़ये के खिल में,
    इंसानियत मर रहे है,
    बच्चा लो,
    जन्नत जल रहे है....


  • hmz456 138w

    भूकंप नहिं आया ..

    भूकंप नहिं आया
    कश्मीरी माँ बहेनों की पुकार पर
    जमीन कांप उठी हे।


  • hmz456 138w


    कश्मीर पर हर किसी ने बोल लिया,

    लेकिन कश्मीरियों की किसने सुनी?

    एक वाक्य 'कश्मीर में सब ठीक है'
    सबने बोला,
    सरकारी मौलाना,
    लेकिन कश्मीरियों से किसी ने नहीं पूछा कि,
    'कश्मीर में सब ठीक है?'

    53 दिन हो गए, उनकी भी सुन लिजिए एक बार।



  • hmz456 138w


    खुद के दर्द पे तो जानवर भी बिलबिलाता हे..
    इन्सान तो वो है जो दूसरों के दर्द पे भी चीख पड़े


  • hmz456 138w


    सियासी भेड़ियों थोड़ी बहुत ग़ैरत ज़रूरी है,
    तवायफ़ भी किसी मौक़े पर घुँघरू तोड़ देती है !

  • hmz456 138w


    बहुत रोज से पहरे में है कुछ जिंदा जिस्म,
    हुकमरानों के हुक्म पर नुमाइश लगी है

  • hmz456 138w


    यह मसला दिल का है हल कर दे इसे मौला,

    यह कश्मीर भी कहीं फ़िलिस्तीन न बन जाए

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  • draconianknight 141w

    Darkness in a ray of fake light

    If we talk about jewellery of Asia
    So ya it is

    If we talk about peace of Paradise
    So ya there is

    If we talk about majesty of Peoples
    So ya that is

    If we talk about genocide of Muslims
    So ya that piece of land Denote as a


    -Draconian knight (Arsh khan)

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  • salmanaziz 145w

    “Keeping silence doesn’t show the weakness! It shows the patience to forgive.”
    – Salman Aziz


  • khanzadi_ 178w

    #SaveKashmir #Humanity #CriminalSilence
    Jo khamosh Hai wo Bhi Mujrim hain

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    You asked
    Why I am silent?
    Just because my dear!
    Your silence!!!!