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  • funmi_ 82w


    Miles away from you and in my bed
    I can still hear your voice in my head
    Telling me that I was nothing
    That I am and will be nothing
    I can still feel your strokes on my skin
    As I knelt before you and bruised my shin
    I can still see the blood running down my arm
    When you lashed too deep and caused me harm
    I can still taste the fear I felt
    When you struck my face and reached for the belt
    You are long gone now
    And I shouldn't frown
    But in my head
    It does not end
    For I am still quivering in that corner
    Hoping you would stop if I called you Mother

  • adepejufadayomi 107w

    We are fighting,
    Not just because,
    We are passionate,
    but because,
    We are survivors.

  • adepejufadayomi 116w

    Every touch looks like an abuse.

    Every talk seems like a way to hurt you.

    Every deed doesn't seem right.


  • zainabmohammed 259w

    I wrote this as an untold story of a molested child. I hope this helps someone to #breakthatsilence #saynotochildabuse

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    I was six.He called me to come get a twix
    Clueless, I stood by the door in anticipation for some sweets
    Instead, I got a cold feet
    At the sight of an old meat
    With the heart of a beast
    Unknown to me, I was about to be his feast
    Screaming at the top of my lungs
    The blaring radio kept playing songs
    I wept and wept
    Like an old woman in debt
    This did not stop him
    To feel like he was going for the win
    As the hours went by
    I thought to myself 'why'
    The answers were not forthcoming
    I imagined myself running
    To a place with no humansA safe heaven for a woman
    Done with the dastardly act
    He frowned like he had just been sacked
    Pulling me up from the bed
    I saw his bloody eyes turn red