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  • kashyapraj3010 7w

    Being a lady, Isn’t a crime,
    It is not your fault,
    If you’re out after nine.

    R is not for revenge,
    A is not for advantage,
    P is not for punishment,
    E is not for enemy.

    Nirbhaya & Priyanka,
    Brave daughters of India,
    They would’ve gone
    Unnoticed, if it weren’t
    For the media.

    Those invisible scars,
    Isn’t her sign of weakness,
    But a harsh result of,
    Society dogs bleakness.

    Short clothes/open hairs,
    is a sign of bold personality,
    As you’re all grown up,
    But not one’s mentality.

    Those silent deadly,
    Screams still torturing her,
    All of her desires and
    Aim seems pretty blur.

    An angel to her parents,
    When she was little,
    But now!!! How she shivers,
    To a sound of whistle.

    Please don’t force her,
    Else she’ll fight bravely,
    “Bastard, move back you foe”,
    No, Still means No!!!

    She still wanna grow,
    She still wanna fly,
    Want all her dreams true,
    & touch that blue sky.

    Sex Education isn’t a
    Taboo, but need of society,
    To teach young minds,
    A lesson of serenity.

    Candle marches isn’t a
    Solution anymore,
    All we need is justice!!!
    Find by mutual trust.

    It is the right time,
    To take the string back &
    Stop being their puppets,
    And hang these culprits.

    - By Raj Kashyap…

    #WritersNetwork #Saynotorape #Adult #Society

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    No, Still Means No!!!!


  • dosbambi 28w

    The effect of rape goes on and on, especially when it is not well dealt with through help from family and loved ones.

    Perpetrators of rape are wicked and selfish people who don't consider how impactful their evil action will be on the victims before going on.

    Rape is a long lasting effects on victims, some victims never get to overcome the impact, so they suffer all through life.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #rape #rapevictims #rapeawareness #rapefreesociety #saynotorape #lifeissues #violence #sex #force

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    It was a one time thing, didn't last twenty minutes,
    yet she relives the experience till this day,
    it happened many years ago, she was only a teenager,
    feels like yesterday, she's no longer a teenager.
    He poured his pleasure on her, without her permission,
    his selfish and wicked self didn't care about her.
    She deals with the odour of his pleasure everyday,
    making her see life with a blurred vision,
    a wounded heart unable to move pass what he did to her,
    anxiety has long taken a hold of her,
    what was meant to be a pleasure has become a terror,
    her life is on the edge, everyone in trouser is a suspect,
    she's convinced, she deserves no good thing,
    and her life is for everyone to toil with as they please.
    Beautiful sweet girl with the world in her hand to take,
    but unable to, for she has a damage inner self
    that has continued to keep her in the mud of despair.
    After many years, she's still trap, her scent hasn't return.

  • dosbambi 28w

    Rape cases often leave victims in a state that is cumbersome to comprehend and explain.

    Most victims never really get over the event, especially those whose family and friends didn't help them heal, they grow up to become a shadow of who they should have been. They go around with all kinds of issue, plus they most time, find it extremely difficult to build a good loving relationship.

    By all means, plz say NO! to rape!!!

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #rape #rapevictim #rapestory #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #lifeissues #saynotorape #notorape #stoprape

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    Like a log of wood, she lay there on the floor,
    unable to fathom what just happened to her,
    she couldn't believe it happened to her,
    felt like a nightmare, she woke up from.
    She was there, in the company of silence
    gazing into everything, but nothing,
    totally lost in her thoughts...
    Too many questions flooding her head,
    begging for answers, answers she knew not where to find.
    ...his sense was right where it should be,
    yet, he took over her body for his rapture,
    like a white master abusing a black slave for pleasure,
    her pleas, her hot tears, all fell on deaf ears,
    he went on and on, until he was full and couldn't go on,
    it was the end of a rush of adrenaline for him.
    But the beginning of an inexplicable trauma to her!
    ...when she managed to sit, she laid her head on her knees
    and kept asking, "who am I, what am I...?".

  • vibx_poetry 42w


    Empty clangs the loudest
    Busy beckons on busy.
    Tittle tattle without interactions
    Undue shallow interpretations
    In the noise, I'm a disturbing quiet
    Within, a silent violence.

    I beckon with a cold little whisper
    Every wound tells the story
    Of a weightless sigh.
    Look into a soul's eye
    No tears, just a silent whimper.
    Your assumptions fume my fury

    Empty rooms echo no answer
    So my fears and doubt, I drank
    In the chalice of pretense
    I walked away into my shell again.
    Picking piece of myself by piece.
    An iteration, it winded to be

    We are objects of compare
    We are laid, ambushed by deceit and violence
    We don't ever meet your expectations,
    We are subject of your scorn
    We became slaves to your reasons,
    Our vitality became sapless.

    One decision you left on my platter
    Was to be born again, a way I know not
    My mind a carousel, with a sad laughter
    I stared at the bottle. It unknots
    In a glance
    Twas over and good riddance!


  • muskiiiii 45w

    (A conversation between Nirbhiya and God

    Plz don't like it without reading it.....
    Plz read it carefully )

    #respectgirls #saynotorape

    *Nirbhiya:- आज दो मिनट बैठ कर आपसे बात करनी है हर शिकायत आज करनी है

    *God: मैं जानता हूं क्या शिकायत हे तेरी मगर सच कहूं तो कोई गलती नही थी मेरी

    *Nirbhiya: सारी गलती आपकी है जो ये दुनियां बनाई
    हर इंसान ने अब इस दुनियां में इंसानियत है गवाई

    *God: सच बताऊं तो मालूम न था
    की ये इंसान इतना गिर जायेगा
    मैंने तो सबको अपना माना था
    सबको अपने बच्चो की तरह पाला था

    *Nirbhiya: बहुत ही राक्षस भरे है इंसानों के वेश में
    अब लड़कियों को न भेजना इस देश में
    उस रात मैं न बच पाई
    तभी तो आज आपके पास आई

    *God: भरोसा था मुझे की तुझे कोई न कोई बचा लेगा
    मगर मालूम न था सब उस हेवन जैसा ही होगा

    *Nirbhiya: बहुत चुप रह चुकी हूं मगर अब नहीं अपनी इज्जत लुटती हुई देख ली
    मगर इन मासूम बच्चियों को देखू इतनी मुझमें हिम्मत नहीं

    *God: तू चिंता मत कर एक दिन सबका हिसाब होता है
    जो गलत करता है वो एक दिन जरूर रोता है

    *Nirbhiya:लोग कहते है सारी गलती हमारी पहनावे की है तो उस पांच साल की बच्ची ने ऐसा क्या पहना था जो उसे इतनी बुरी तरह नूचा गया
    पूरी दुनिया के सामने दबोचा गया

    *God:- माफ कर दे मुझे अभी बेजुबान हूं तेरे सामने
    क्योंकि शायद गलती तो हो गई थी मुझेसे ये दुनियां बनाने में

    Aj ye bhagwaan bhi chup h or ye samaj bhi
    Magr har ladki ki izzat luti ja rahi andar bhi bhar bhi��


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  • poeticsolace__ 55w

    She closed her eyes gently,
    So calm
    You would think she wasn't not in pain,
    She wasn't not broken
    She wasn't not depressed
    She wasn't violated and abused
    Like her pride wasn't cruelly taken away from her,
    Like her dignity wasn't smashed into atomic pieces
    But she knew,
    She could feel,
    She was all of these and beyond

  • uniqueeunice 64w

    Steathily from behind
    he grabbed me
    just like a predator pin down its prey
    he pounce on me
    his hand groping my body
    the other covering my mouth
    not a cry i can make
    In muffled tones
    I pleaded
    on his deaf ears
    my pleas fell

    He ripped my clothing
    closing his eyes
    to feel my youthful body
    in oblivion to the pains
    he is inflicting on me
    smiling victoriously
    He tore off the last barrier between us
    i felt broken
    as his eyes travelled over my body

    Lying helplessly
    under this monster
    watching as he devalued me
    new feeling of hatred
    Surges through me
    He dominated me
    He overpowered me
    He took away my pride
    He punctured my dignity
    murderous thoughts
    filled my mind

    Recounting his exciting tale
    to his devilish buddies
    i live to tell the gory part
    Freely i thread not
    without the watchful eyes of the people
    yet my oppressor walks
    Like the lord of the land
    I felt BROKEN
    I felt CHEATED
    I felt USELESS
    I felt UNLOVED
    I felt CRUSHED

    He overpowered me
    If i break his head
    will i be prosecuted?
    He shattered my dreams
    if i stab him
    will the world point fingers at me?
    He punctured my dignity
    If i kill the monster
    will i be labelled a MURDERER?
    #modelswhoarepoet #saynotorape #rapist #rape

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    Watching as he devalued me
    New feeling of hatred
    Surges through me
    murderous thoughts
    filled my mind

    He overpowered me
    If i break his head
    will i be prosecuted?
    He shattered my dreams
    if i stab him
    will the world point fingers at me?
    He punctured my dignity
    If i kill the monster
    Will i be labelled a MURDERER??

  • goldenthoughts 70w

    I wonder why this gender wouldn't be allowed to go as far as contesting for public offices. And yet wouldn't be able to walk freely without the fear of been devoured. The society is not nice to the female gender in all manners.


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    I see them

    I heard them shut her up even when their discussion had no bearings. But I popped
    Into my mouth the pop corn I was holding
    That made me cared less.

    I saw them making fun of her while she walks
    Lonely on the street, she is the homeless stripper. But I looked away, adjusted my foot wear, and walked as fast as my legs could.

    I read them burying her alive after been defied.
    But for her screams, but for her wails only
    Was she rescued from the hands of the devourer.

    Now, I couldn't pretend any more for my silent tears flow hotter than the boiling noon sun
    And my comfort is already vandalized. Now I speak, I speak for the girl child, for the lady
    I speak for the woman, and for the widow, I speak for the genres of all females and I speak for me.

    I have pretended not to hear then as I am
    no less your image of dormant in your
    throne of dominance.
    I lost my eyes at the scene of laughter
    As I am no less your subject of mockery.
    But now I am gonna talk, I am gonna shout
    I am gonna shout to the world, here I am
    I am no more afraid, enough of the shame
    We have been fed because of our image.


  • em_riter 71w

    In Multiples Of Men.

    With aching limbs and a broken heart she crawled from the clutches of death.
    With torn skin and flawed sight she made her way to the far away light.
    From a distance I stood, watching her...
    I saw as only ugliness surrounded her.
    She didn't always look like this.
    Broken and torn.
    No, not at all.
    Once she had been a pretty girl.
    With flawless skin and perfect sight and with a light the came from deep within her soul.
    Those men had taken it all.
    Those five men.
    Each pair of hands a multiple of her pain.
    They tore at her till she bruised.
    Scratched till they drew blood.
    Gripped till there were permanent imprints on her skin.
    Ripped her apart like she was worth nothing.
    They left her for dead.
    Laying in a pool of her dignity and self, she was dead.
    Nothing in her alive again.
    She got up that day.
    With aching limbs and a broken heart.
    She's still crawling towards that far away light.
    I stand again in the corner, like I did all those years ago.
    I see her determination.
    By God I hope she makes it.

  • _radhika1709 79w

    इंसान जानवर में समझते ये फ़र्क नहीं,
    मिटती इनके दिमाग से ‌हवस नहीं।
    इज़्ज़त न करें किसी की, और लबों पर राम का नाम हैं।
    हर एक पर डालते बुरी नज़र, मन में केवल काम है।
    ऐसे हवसी भेड़ीयो की वजह से संपूर्ण मर्द जाति बदनाम है।
    होती हैं हवस सबको, बस सब मचलने नहीं देते मन को।
    समझते नहीं ये किसी की इज्जत की अहमियत,
    सिखाई ही नहीं गईं हैं इन्हें इंसानियत।
    बस चले इनका तो कर ले हवस के खुले आम धंधे,
    ये ऐसे हैं दरिंदे, जिन्हें रोक सकते है सिर्फ फांसी के फंदे..
    क्या हुआ मोमबत्तियां जलाकर?
    क्या बचाई है कभी किसी की इज्जत जाकर?
    अखबार में पढ़ कर समाचार, किया है कभी विचार?

  • deshpriyanka1987 86w


    Vultures! Vultures are they!
    In search of new prey.
    Eyes filled with lust,
    and tounge dripping that greed.
    Who they think we are?
    Just a tissue paper or commodity,
    to use and throw us when done.
    How dare they look at us,
    as if we belong to them?
    Is flesh the only requirement of man from a woman?
    What a shameless thinking!!!
    Are they really humans to think like that?
    Do they deserve the right to live?
    They live as they wish,
    they act recklessly,
    and we humans,
    just helpless creatures sometimes.
    But till when??
    Till when we have to suffer?
    Till when the offenders will hide and innocent will die?
    Enough! Enough now!!
    Come let us stand together and join hands.
    Let us pledge that,
    henceforth,no woman will be disrespected,
    henceforth,no woman will be eveteased,
    henceforth,no woman will be joked off,
    henceforth,no woman will be called slut.
    Let us take care that,
    henceforth woman will be treated properly,
    not only at home but also at work and other places.
    Let us give them back ,
    who will look or touch woman with bad intentions.
    Let us pledge that,
    henceforth,no girl will be raped ,
    as it's a silent death.
    Let us wish,
    the rapist too will die brutal death ,
    and no one will be excused in front of law considering juvenile.
    Let us protect a girl not only in womb,
    But also outside the womb.

  • kvn_26 86w

    Rape is a crime

    Rape is NOT a joke
    Men who rape are as equally responsible as that of the man's family because those who encourage rape are no less than rapists!!!

    Instead of teaching girls and women to be more careful and to dress and act in a certain way, teach boys and men to respect women and always stand for their safety at all times.
    Teach men to be responsible enough!!

  • cnviktor 86w

    Another broke piece

    Five comments and I would drop this by 8pm.


  • themessedink 86w

    Again a daughter of the nation was raped... Has humanity really died?

    #savegirls #saynotorape #respectwomen #diary #inspiration #life #poetry #thoughts

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    Sayings of a girls heart

    We both are humans, then why, when he is born sweets are distributed.

    And when I am born, curses are gifted?...

    We both have dreams, then why, only his are supported and rejoiced.

    And mine, before building are destroyed?...

    We both love you, then why, only his love is cherished.

    And mine is breached?...

    We both are your kids, then why, is he your beloved Son.

    And I considered just a burden?...

    We both have decisions, then why, his are appreciated and obeyed.

    And mine, are before hearing suppressed?...

    We both want to enjoy, then why, he is out their without a care of being "PROPER".

    And I am told my dignity will be in danger?...
    We both want to find love, then why, he is allowed to choose and be brash.

    And I am thrown away, like trash?...

    Let me live too,
    Let me love too,
    Let me dream too...
    Yeah I am a girl, so what?
    Let me breath freely without cursing my gender too.


  • untold_soul 97w

    Women in India is no longer safe. Here men are thirsty for a woman's body!! They don't love the soul of a lady, but they fulfill their lust!! Every day around 100 rapes are effectuate in our so called MOTHERLAND!!! Are we all safe in our society?? Ahh! Just a second our preamble says that our Indian society is made of certain qualities. What are they? Aren't they Sovereign Democratic society, Justice to all, provides Liberty, Equality, Fraternity? Am I right? Do all these qualities equally apply to every member of country?? Let's talk about all of these one by one:
    1. Sovereignty- the quality of being independent. But here in this country women can't even try to think to be independent. Because as soon as they take a step forward to be independent, the male dominance party try to show each and every female minority party that YOU CAN'T LIVE ON YOUR OWN, IF YOU TRY THIS BABY YOU WILL BE RAPED BY SOMEONE!!! Let's give a big round of applause to the male dominance party!!!
    2. Justice- the quality of providing every one with fair judgment. Ohkay!! Then where that fair judgement go when it comes to solve a rape case?? Yeahh!! Offcourse you guys might have been given goose?? Lol!! Will you take that bribe also at the time when it will be a rape case of your lady?? Achha you will not! Cause she is your and other lady's, they are not a part of your family and so you will let them go and die!! Slow claps for you too!!
    3. Liberty and Equality- the quality of providing freedom to every one without any partiality. Ohhkk!! So according to you, a son of a well known personality is allowed to do every bullshit out, but a girl on the other side is not allowed to roam with male friends because they are considered characterless! Achha achha, so if your sister goes out with you, she is characterless!! Woww!! You are also a male na?? Hey audience a slow claps for them too!!!
    4. Fraternity- the quality of brotherhood. But, just a second bruh!! In our society do backbiting means brotherhood?? Because every third person out of five does the same shit!! In our society being in brotherhood we can harrass a women, rape her, abuse her, or torcher her, haina? Achhaaaaa, means you do the same deed with your wife or girlfriend or friend or sister or mother? Do you? If with them then, who are those unknown women of yours walking on the road? They are no one yours and you can surely do any fucking act with them!! Slow claps you morons!!!
    I being an open minded girl, who is INDEPENDENT, who is bold enough, challenge all other girls and females to join me for a week, do tell me about your experiences and will surely now harrass their mentality!!
    #stopcrimesagainstwomen #saynotorape

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  • _dark_tales_saurabh_ 99w


    "Happy Father's Day.✨
    Fathers are the purest form of love",someone said.

    "Not for everyone",a 6 year old rape victim sobbed.


  • suhani05 99w

    I have not just written a poem..i had written my frustration..!! Really guyzz..day by day the cases of rapes..acid attacks..etc. r increasing too much..!! The person who had been raped feels helpless ..hopeless..worthless..lifeless..so just stop doing this all guyzz...��..now it's too much..
    N specially ..during this lockdown..i had heard many rape cases..nd in most of the cases..father..brother..or any other male of the family raped the girls of their home..!! After listening this type of news... really i have no words..these ppl r just the shit of our society.. nothing else..
    Apart frm the rapist..if we talk abt the government..then they r salable..��..2 paiso me bikne vala sarkaar h h hmra..nd we expect justice frm them..no guyzz..the government will surely not take action agnst these things ever..We should take action..for ourselves..❤️
    Every morning ..i waked up..open the newspaper ..n i read the same news daily..a father raped his daughter..some neighbours kidnapped a little 6 year old girl..i really don't know wtt is going on...wtt these type of ppl want..!! I just want to say plzz stop doing this all..��..
    Nd ..if uh r seeing these things happening in ur surrounding then plz take action towards it..even if uh don't know the person also ..bcuz may b later your daughter or sister will be at that place..or the girl with whom this all is happening is also a daughter of someone..is also a sister of someone..So plzz help girls ..n be active..n say no to rape..��
    Thnkyou ��

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    वाह रे मानव..!!

    वाह रे मानव..!वाह रे मानव..!!
    तेरे कर्म के अनुसार..तू कहलाना चाहिए एक दानव..!
    कभी एसिड फेंक कर..तो कभी छेड़कर..
    कभी बीच बाजार जलील कर..तो कभी बलात्कार कर..!
    बतला जाते हो तुम परिभाषा हैवानियत की..
    बतला जाते हो तुम समाज में नहीं बची है जगह इंसानियत की..!!
    इंसानियत तो छोड़िए जनाब..
    जो बेटी अपने पिता के गोद में खेलने के देखती थी ख्वाब.. वो उसके शरीर से ही खेल खेलकर उसे दे दिया जवाब..
    कि अपनी भूख मिटाने के लिए ये कितना गिरेंगे इसका है ही नहीं हिसाब..!!
    यारो जिस पर बीतती है..उससे पूछो...!
    तुम्हारी मां बहन को बिना पूछे को छुए..तुम सिर्फ इतना ही सोचकर देखो..!!
    तुम्हें लगता है हम औरतों में सहने की हिम्मत नहीं..
    तो सुनो औरत का दर्द समझना तुम्हारी किस्मत में नहीं..!!
    जितना खून तुम हैवान में होता नहीं..
    उतना तो एक लड़की 5 दिन में बहा देती..
    पर बात सहने की नहीं है..
    बात कहने की है..!
    पर एक औरत कहे भी तो किससे..?
    वो तो चंद पैसों में बिक चुका है..
    इंसाफ दिलाना था जिसे..!!
    पर मेरी एक बात गौर से सुनना हैवानों..
    ये औरतें ही लाएंगी एक दिन इतना कहर..
    इंसाफ तुम ही इन्हें दिलादोगे पीकर जहर..!!
    एक सवाल समाज से..
    ये रेपिस्ट जब अपनी सीमा लांग रहें..
    तो तुम क्यों नहीं सीधा-सीधा इन्हें सूली पर टांग रहे..?
    एक सवाल मां बाप से..
    क्या आपके मुंह पर लगे हैं ताले..?
    आप यही सोच रहें ना..क्या मेरी बेटी को मिलेंगे ससुराल वाले..!!
    और तुम सब बना दोगे इन सब का सिर्फ एक किस्सा..
    सलाखों के पीछे होता हर एक रेपिस्ट..
    अगर इंसाफ दिलाने में तुमने भी लिया होता हिस्सा..!!
    तुमसब दो दिन मोमबत्तियां जलाओगे..
    2 दिन बाद सब कुछ भूल जाओगे..!!
    ऐ हैवान..!! तुम्हें नहीं पता कितना एक औरत सह लेती..
    पर जरा सोच..कतार में तो खड़ी है तेरी भी बहू बेटी...!!
    सच कहते हैं लोग..नहीं तुम्हारा दिल बिल्कुल नरम..
    हो भी कैसे..! बेच आए हो तुम जो अपनी शर्म..!!
    जो मर जाए..उसके लिए प्रोटेस्ट में बाजी लगाने को हो जाओगे राजी..!!
    सोशल मीडिया पर प्रोटेक्ट गर्ल्स वाला स्टेटस दो तुम डाल..
    पर तुम खुद वही हो..जो सड़क पर लड़कियों को देख कहता है माल..!!
    सुन ऐ हैवान..अब तो बंजा इंसान..!
    वरना तुझ जैसे हैवान के लिए बैठा है ऊपर भगवान..!!

  • _griffin_ 101w



    When she felt her back aching and her soul fading did you let her go?
    When she begged for mercy with her eyes all teary asking for you to stop it did you leave her alone?
    It's funny how now on your knees you beg for clemency....
    Your eyes were of rage and now they scream mercy
    Your lips in a grin now they're upside down...
    When you spread her apart and you went straight to town
    Question....do you think of her now?

    You felt like a man destroying her life...
    That drug in that drink...
    That threat from that knife...
    You took it away didn't take her for a wife
    But you felt alright abusing her that night....
    You hurt her physically now she's traumatized...
    Even with her reflection now there's no eye to eye...
    She's not blind but you are I didn't save her so so am I
    Why didn't you mind you own business you just had to end a life....
    You raped her...you didn't hesitate to take her you were all for it...
    And now you have to pay for it....

  • rahmanlawal 102w


  • ga_bree_lla 103w

    My body my power

    No one was there to save me that day,
    Not my father ,not my mother
    Not my sister nor my brother
    Not even the man who would become my husband years later,
    Everyone felt far away

    It's strange how few seconds can turn your life to a new direction,
    It changes how you think or act and even see your reflection.
    The dark memory still haunts my brain,
    And I feel I'm the one to blame

    I took it all in saying it's my fault,
    My fault for every stroke, for every assault.
    Every night I'm awake,
    Wondering how much of this pain I can take.
    If only he listened to my cries and pleads,
    Maybe I won't be this weak
    Maybe I won't hate myself and feel disgusted

    But then it stung to me,
    Enough us enough,
    I am tough,
    No one has the right to pull down my wings ,
    Because I'm brave and beautiful,
    I'm strong and I'll be successful.
    I'll love my body and praise it,
    I'll praise my eyes because of the tears that fell that night,
    My hands because of the fight.
    I will take away all negative thoughts and bloom like a flower ,
    Because my body is my power.