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  • suhanibansal 1w


    Waves were landing in and out,
    maybe for the vast sea they were proud,
    Or maybe jealous that they have to come and go,
    Sometimes fast, sometimes slow,
    and finally the sea will carry them,
    for a moment both will befriend,
    narrates the seashore everytime,
    memories in the brain's seashore all the while,
    both when lonely and when not.

  • shailja33 27w

    Every piece of this little heart
    craves for the enormous joy
    which it once had
    when I first met you
    and now it longs for more
    than ever before .
    The vigour it exhibits
    to get you back
    is unalloyed
    and will remain unreserved
    till you don't come back
    and hold it for one more time,
    this time please hold it
    with rejoiced heart
    with radiant smile
    even if it's for a while
    not forever .
    Keep it subtle and quiet
    for one last time
    if you think of coming back ever

    To the lonely me
    standing here in the shore of the sea
    staring at the horizons
    meeting somewhere
    in between .
    My eyes are stuck
    staring at the
    epipelagic zone
    as it glitters with the sunshine
    reflecting on it
    bright in the daylight
    and the fishes
    jumps out to see
    the other galaxy,
    the other world than their sea .
    The warm breeze
    I feel is still colder than
    the flame burning inside me.
    The number of water bottles
    got wasted as I peed
    them out .

    No water could satisfy
    my thirst this time ,
    the flame still burn
    with no ease at all
    All our memories
    Our meetings
    Our kisses
    Our long night fights
    Our ends and
    are blurred in your mind,
    Adieu, my dear Darling
    I bid you farewell,
    you will remain
    a history just like any other
    passerby lover.
    I shover,
    You and your flummery
    away from this scene
    you could never trace me.

    ******// My peace is lost somewhere in the pieces I lost while joining the broken pieces of you and your heart.
    If you can't come back after we departed, just make sure , your heart is fine and don't need a mender to mend it again . As this time the mender is lost himself and need to mend it's own heart//*****

    @miraquill @writersbay

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    Every piece of this little heart
    craves for the enormous joy
    which it once had
    when I first met you
    and now it longs for more
    than ever before .
    The vigour it exhibits
    to get you back
    is unalloyed
    and will remain unreserved
    till you don't come back
    and hold it for one more time,
    this time please hold it
    with rejoiced heart
    with radiant smile
    even if it's for a while
    not forever .
    Keep it subtle and quiet
    for one last time

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 32w


    That night was the most scenic blushing with an auroral glow,
    Darkness was embroidered with multi-hued artistry, the moonbow,
    Moist petals of the vagrant clouds drizzled with warmth and affection,
    Tranquilizing the breath (zephyr) of cradling waves of ocean.

    The velour of the sky was being knitted by the angels,
    They embellished with glinting beads, in divine apparels,
    A crescent diamond was engraved to blow a scintillating kiss,
    A tinge of a moonbow elevated the quantum of bliss.

    It was the first time she was with him all alone,
    In the night time, in the middle of a beach, where starlight shone,
    He cloistered her soul within his arms, she rested her head on his chest,
    his heartbeats matched the tone of the waves escaping shore's arrest.

    The collision of souls in sheer silence, helped them find solace,
    Amalgamation of their solitude, glided in with grace,
    Gazing at the skies, they felt as if heavens nodded in acceptance,
    Showered their Union with the stardust, the most glorious, in pleasance.

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  • unsaid 33w

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    At times, we see the rift between two people as boundless as the distance between earth and the sky. And we suppose, there are no evidences to affirm this bond. "Bala aise kab hua hai ki zaameen aasman se mili ho. !!!".
    Yet with a positive gear, we try to compare it with the space in between, the elements like O2/N, as happiness and pollutants like CO , NO2 , SO2 as concern. We also observe it's layers viz; tropo, strato, meso , etc. as limits.. & when we try to cross those, we fullfill it with consciousness and required caution.
    And we add... "Although this earth and the sky seem to be apart, they custody each other. We have indications; One , without being poignant, the Sky hosts the sun to nourish earth , warms it , beautifies it with different seasons & greenish plants with colourful flowers.
    And then, notice the earth & its reaction, it spins & revolves (say dances), blooms in colours, turns the seasons , and switches the conduct of its residents during days and nights. The earth thus, manifests the sky ...that i am alive, vigorous and extremely happy , only because of you.
    The sky responds too in various fashions & moods.... changing its color from grey / black to blue , decorates itself with clouds, thunders the anger, and when missing the earth, it rains and ends with a smile in rainbow . So does the earth. It floods...when it rains heavily... creates storms to depict its anger...."

    The story goes a long way...but in sum, it doesn't matter they are apart , they care.


    Unsaid ka Dimag : Ye Geography padte padte b koi shayir banta hai kya !!!.��

    Unsaid : Geography bi to ek shayiri hi hai, jo samaj aaye na aaye...pasand sabko aati hai.��

    Bg: Visit a sea end and you ll realise : doesn't matter, there are distances and differences in between, somewhere the sky & the earth are together.

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    Somewhere, there is a seashore.


    Duriyan sakht hoti nahi, banayi jati hai.
    Fasle b kam hote ni, mitaye jate hain.

    Hasi , khushi, ye sab to nazrana hai.
    Asal mei ek dusre ke gam bhulaye jate hain.


  • shrutipanjwani 34w

    The miles we have walked were truly incredible,
    But the solitude I am going to live is indeed credible.
    We may have a long journey to go,
    But this time let me dive deep and you shall stay at the sea-shore.

  • white_14 38w


    Waves, Dear waves
    So stunning;
    Saw you on the seashore,
    Sometimes patient,
    Sometimes raging.
    Blue from the mighty
    sky's reflection.
    Splashing water on
    the tiny toddlers, near you.
    Your gentle voice makes
    me calm.
    Waves, Dear waves
    You glisten by the
    seashore, from the
    Sun's rays...
    Riden by the great Poseidon.

  • aishaabdulkarim 38w

    Dearest waves

    Dearest waves,
    I often wonder if you crave autonomy as i do. Do you feel the confinement? Do you hate the boundary i provide? Does my very existence provoke you to anger? When you are calm, is it because you are truly at peace? or are you just biding your time before your next attempt at escape? Well, i understand your diIemma, for i too wish we were not so intertwined, so dependent on each other, but in the grand scheme of nature, we are nothing without each other.
    From your permanent companion
    The shore


  • akshay_vasu 39w

    Speaking with her always felt like sitting on a seashore. Hearing the waves and feeling them crashing into my feet. While gazing at the setting sun and the way he colored the whole sky. I never got tired of it.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • flatbrush 47w

    Time for fun

    One two remove your shoe.
    Three four leave them ashore.
    Five six show your kicks.
    Seven eight it's getting late.
    Nine ten a big red sun!


  • ekjaamzindagi 73w

    तो हूं...

    दिन को रोशनी देनेवाला सुरज नहीं मैं बेशक,
    रातों में साथ रहनेवाला एक तारा तो हूं।

    जीवन को पानी देनेवाला समंदर नहीं मैं बेशक,
    सुकून से साथ बैठनेवाला एक किनारा तो हूं।।

    ©प्रांजुल मिश्रा

  • inirah 76w

    "The darkness begins to occupy every nook and corner, the wind blows faster to make those gentle waves into Wilder! The birds are flapping their wings in the sky. May be, they are going to back their nests or migrating to somewhere else. But how do these birds are flying in this darkness only with this moon light�� Whatever, but it brings me the most colourful memories of my childhood! Do you know what it is? Its the v shaped birds in my drawing books! Those were the best days of my life! I love to draw and I thought of becoming an artist at that time. I couldn't hear the sounds of birds bcoz of the people's around me. Some of them were playing with the waves and somewhere resting on the sand to admire those beautiful views! Life is full of Mysterious and sometimes magical too! Now I belive in those words more stronger than before. You have sowed many seeds in my garden a year ago! Now they have all grown up, gathered courage and walking all alone in this different city with a new peace and happiness. I won't say that I haven't never felt like this before! I had felt this before but it doesn't stayed this longer. Those 20 20 20 minutes are the most mellifluous which makes thousands of smile without a reason! You're the most motivating and lovable chapter of my book. I also wish that you will be in the upcoming chapters of my life too. But I have to go now, the waves are asking me to play with them." To be continued... #writer #beststart #yqrestzone #yqaesthethicthoughts #life #love #feeling #seashore #writinglove #passion #night #thoughts @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writing_is_my_life @mirakee_post

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    while waking in the seashore with a bare foot (Read the Caption)

  • jyothsna_amarendra 79w

    #Word_prompt #oneliner #seashore #writeup

    Write a 6 word short tale on Seaside

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    What to collect memories or seashells?

  • jay_upa 81w

    Everything was just so perfectly Settled -
    The Clouds, The Boats, and The Water; but not my Mind!! ❤️
    - Jay Upa
    #calmatthesea #warinmymind #thousandthoughts #whattodo #howtodo #whentodo #darkclouds #darkthoughts #darkmind #dusk #seashore #JayuWrites #juwrites #humlikhteyhai

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    Calm at Sea and War in my Mind

  • tezpallabdas 83w

    Le Sable

    A gale sweeping seashore ,
    Witness to the Sibyl's utterings
    Contains the sable unharmed
    With each passing jiffy .

    Chandelier is mirroring moonlight,
    Through the sable's surface serene
    The sole inhabitant of the lone coast
    Not that nights are lonely with the moon.

    Crestfallen creatures , are unknown
    Of the sable's loneliness ,
    The sole survivor of the tsunamis
    And the only surface to the beaches.

    One mantelpiece surrounding the fire
    Of envy and the insecurities ,
    Betraying the smoke it clamps down
    To feel the warmth , while burning inside.

    The sundown , being an excuse
    To it's existence while it rests
    It's fate on the facade of a million facets,
    Dying while life insists to stay.

    1.Le Sable - sand in French.
    2.Sibyl - a woman in ancient times who was thought to utter the prophecies of a god.
    3.Jiffy - a moment.
    4.Chandelier - a large, decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles
    5.Crestfallen - sad and disappointed
    6.Mantlepiece - a structure of wood, marble, or stone above and around a fireplace.
    7.Facade - a deceptive outward appearance.
    8.Facet - one side of something many-sided.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

    #lesable #sibyl #seashore #moonlight #serene #moon #envy #insecurities #survivor #fate #facade
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

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    Le Sable

    One mantelpiece surrounding the fire
    Of envy and insecurities ,
    Betraying the smoke it clamps down
    To feel the warmth , while burning inside...

  • ramsundar_prasanna 85w


    Watching endless scenery in the way of standing in the seashore makes me feel jealous of her gorgeous beauty...

  • divyasrivm 91w

    At your heels

    He struggled like,the waves
    Falling and rolling over himself,
    Gushing and hustling like,it's the hardest race!
    Restless,of the untrodden paths he had to trace
    To attain eternity at her feet.
    Kissing her soft toes,
    Reaching the shore,
    Feeling like,a lost billionaire
    Over her soft soles.

    With joy,receding in and pouring out.
    Danced the waves,out of immense delight
    Everytime,it reached the seashore.
    Perhaps,the only Inseparable pair.

    Fairytales are no fantasy
    But,You are the real ecstasy.

  • quite_quill 92w

    The beauty of the seashore is seen by coming tides with a flowing breeze and beautiful twilight, which can melt any frustration. A beautiful poem on it.
    #poem #writer #writeup #quote #baby #time #game #lost #love # nature #rulesoflife #creative #orignal #create #creation #quill #quite #quite_quill #poetry #poet #today #nostalgia #thoughts #like #sea #seashore #shore #beach #sunlight #twilight #ship

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    Sea Shore

    the water was half-around
    flowing-blowing thought the ground
    a sweet breeze is turning out
    with the formation of tidal brout
    where white foam spreads out the shore
    on the sand, on the floor
    we laid under the sky with pride
    under golden-sky with dim sun-light
    staring ship passing orange lobe
    proffers it's a perfect twilight

  • drkousi 93w

    I was busy picking shells off the shore, while the sea itself was just a glance away.

  • mriganka_bhattacharjee_ 95w

    Her memories

    Her debilitated memories
    Drifted along the sea shore.
    Confiscating itself the feelings
    That she always desired to last more.
    Never she attained the tears for long,
    It disgorged away with the shouting shore.
    A girl was she of lone surviving
    Where even her past abundant her own,
    Agony, dissolved her forbidden heart.
    Not a spark ever felt nor any wind ever blown.
    That could shimmer her moaning heart--
    And return back,
    Her debilitated memories.


  • freedomwriteswm 83w

    Gone with the wind

    Once in a while I dream of you
    Sitting on an empty seashore
    Listening to the music as the waves wash my feet
    And the wind lifts my spirit
    I see you smile and run back to me
    Only to disappear like ashes my palms
    Like dust the winds lift you up
    Higher and higher
    Till I can reach you no more