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  • nocturnal_enigma 32w

    * 23.12.2021; 9.26 A.M (Malaysia)

    #seasonaldec @writersbay

    * Chanson = French song

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    -son ~

    I think, I'm like the cold winter season.
    My heart freeze. Broken is the reason.
    Been betrayed. Bad acts of treason.
    Snow tears. Crying sound. Chanson.
    Embarassed. My face turns crimson.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • mimmywrites 32w


    The skies are saturated
    Thunder rumbling from a distance
    Lightning flashing in all four cardinal directions
    As the nimbus clouds wage war
    Deeper in the midst
    Butterflies contract their bodies making a slanted figure eight pattern with their wings
    Trees and flowers are reproducing
    All the colours of the rainbow are found within
    A ribbon-like body of water flowing downhill from the force of gravity
    That spring was me, is me and will forever be

  • hallucination 32w

    I am the fall's music in winters silence
    Sear leaves in tarnished credence

    And I'll read in the bleak mid-winter too
    The stories of the birds who flew

    But how far do you think these birds fly?
    Switch countries or return as their children cry?

  • puchka 32w

    To exude warmth
    in the wintry cold
    takes a lot.

  • wilmaneels1 32w

    I am like a typical Cape Town day
    Four seasons in one day
    Adapting, absorbing
    Anything and everything
    I will laugh with those who are happy
    Shed a tear and encourage those who are sad

    Does that make me Winter or Summer
    Or am I the seasons in between?

    Lets go with four seasons in a day
    Just like the City I was born in

  • daunting_phoenix 33w

    #seasonaldec this prompt revived my diary entries of an alien xD

    @anirockz7 @sumiinked may I have ur opinions on this, please?


    @/writersbay Thanks a ton for the repost! ��

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    Pretend to be a season

    Dear diary,

    I used to have fun pretending to be someone else when I was young. A chef, a teacher, a superhero were my first and only choice then. It's a very amusing memory really. Cooking in air, teaching invisible pupils and acting brave and heroic in imagination which seemed really foolish in reality are the embarrassing moments I hold dear to my heart. 
    Fast forward to the present and that want to pretend still resonates in me. 

    Fitting in was never my choice, it was a necessity. Maybe that's what made me pick up my game of pretending years after I left it, which I thought was for good. I didn't realise it though, until recently. 

    What pulled me back to the surface was a simple question, "which season do you think you are?" 

    While the replies were piling up, I was left deep in my thoughts. It made me think about myself, about my likes and dislikes which I ignored till yesteryears blatantly. For that little moment, I felt as if I had been living a dream and was just shaken to wake up. I realised, quite uneventfully, that I did not know myself at all. 

    All the days I have been up and about, I have tried to mold myself as the people around me desired. I was like the summer, happy and bright. Always smiling and had an aura around which made me approachable. People said I was warm. They said I reminded them of the sun. 
    The sun burns itself to give out light to us. I believe I can safely say, the definition fits me perfectly, for I am not likable, I just act like it. 

    I never abhorred anything like I abhor conflicts. They make me frightened and confused. Once a fight starts for me, it never ends. And professing stirred up a conflict in me unknowingly. Ironic, isn't it?

    To not get into fights, I avoided them at all costs. I was summer, right? I spread my warmth to everyone I could, smiled at them like I had no worries in the world and made them happy for summer is a time of joy. 
    I thought it was the right thing and deceived myself long enough to forget the definition of 'me'. 

    Summer is just a facade. It makes you warm, but not enough to get you through the fatal winter that follows.

    Ever wondered that summer could be dying inside while it smiled?

    You know, it killed me inside when I found out I was the person I never wanted to be. Well, you never choose to be like someone...you just are what you are. Only thing you could do was refine. I refined the me which pretended to be myself. 

    Under the layer of summer everyone adored, there was a place...just an existence of something cold and dark. The days were short and the nights long. The breeze cool and trees bereft of words like I was. Snow stretched upto every corner I could see and ice sparkled like sea. I could safely say, I fell in love with that place at the first sight. 

    Underlying the early sunrises of summer was the late sunset of winter, waiting for dusk to come. 

    I can answer the question now, after thinking about it for weeks. Don't worry, my personality didn't flip 180° overnight. I am changing, little by little. 

    I pretended to be June when I was December and now, I am slowly walking towards who I actually was. I'm sorry for being an imposter of you, June. But let me confess, it was fun to be you, but only at first. Later on, it became chaos which I can't write now. 

    So I was winter, pretending to be summer. And speaking of summer, my plants are parched and calling me for water. Talk to you later, diary!



  • mundanimia 33w

    I Am Autumn

    My yellowing,
    My shedding,
    Define my aging,
    My parting,
    With colours
    like of a summer.
    like that of rains.
    And someday,
    I may bloom
    like a wonderful spring
    But Now,
    I am that golden-
    Of the dried leaves,
    The calm-
    Before thunder
    The warm before-
    A bitter Winter
    I am the Sun
    To darkness, to dull
    I am Autumn.

  • aleesa 33w

    beneath this tanned autumn skin of mine
    resides a summer soul drenched in sunshine
    and a heart, full of April blossoms
    preparing to shed love and forgiveness
    on days when I won't be able to love myself enough


  • pallavi4 33w

    Graceful Autumn

    Adorned with a halo of fallen leaves
    Mellow as the autumn sunshine
    I am as fickle as the shedding trees
    Layered like a well aged wine

    A perfectionist like the fall is
    Unsatisfied till everything turns golden
    With a chilly exterior like late evenings
    To no one am I beholden

    With open arms and an open heart
    Warm like hot cocoa by the fireplace
    I’d like to think I have autumn’s
    Elegance, poise and grace


    21st of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Picture credited to its rightful owner- Sergei Toutounov

    #seasonaldec #dec21_by_pallavi #writersbay @writersbay #autumn #season @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • _gk_07 33w

    Reverent silence with cold breeze,
    knocks on frost stained glass windows.
    Who is walking in dandelion fields on road?
    Whose warmth can make my heartbeat to get slowed?

    White tainted feather like bed of snow,
    looks precious crystal like in faded daylight with mist and fog.
    How do you whisper cosy secrets to frost?
    What if in these snow globes ever I get lost?

    Heavy scented mistletoe and gingerbread memories,
    warbles a lullaby in chilly winds.
    What does your frozen kiss on my forehead engraves?
    Where can I find you in curling sunshine with poetic waves?

    #moment #rhymingdec #sunshinedec #seasonaldec

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    Of all the seasons I've loved,
    the moments of your love in the seasons,
    or the seasonal loving moments with you,
    makes me smile wide?


  • childauthor_345 33w

    Nothing's enough to be adorned , but , an exception is the #moment spent and the hope to relive them

    Futile marks , fragile mists and following me
    Peeking to the windows , waiting for a winter
    Leaves leave me lone , alarming branches fade glee
    Ain't I identical to your ice ,being splitted as splinter

    You're a rain , I'm the autumn
    Occuring always to let you glow my pale floor

    #seasonaldec is a quote , and it's perennial attachment is a poetry.

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    You're affluent with awesome emotions .

    Adamantine is
    alluring apricity
    For aspiring art

    ~ a droplet rising by the womb of
    marine's mother to be a part of rainbow ,
    telling nothing goes in ruin .

  • ersheeen 33w

    I am that summer,
    who is hidden behind the icy leaves.
    Who is no more hot,
    but not like the snowy ice flakes.

  • shadowofthoughts_ 33w

    Green like spring,
    Falling like autumn,
    I'm cold winter inside
    mistaken for summer tendrils.


  • soulfulstirrings 33w

    I am fall wrapped in feuillemorte hues
    sometimes a sombre earthy tone
    and sometimes fiery auburn tints
    glazing my ephemeral being
    i am a saga of ebb and flow
    with hope resting in my heart
    as I wade through life
    like an autumnal leaf
    falling only to rise


  • strxberry_ 33w

    Winter breeze effuses
    in my vein, teasing me with love;
    When love carousels around
    with liquid sun playing
    in subnivean snow,
    My heart desires for the
    maddening song of cuckoo
    swinging in the boughs
    of mango grove beside
    the bubbling brook.

  • kefi_kat 33w

    The little cold girl
    Don't be mistaken by her
    She's a winteress,
    With an icy demeanour
    And a warm soul within.

    Like a snowy escape,.
    Glimmering fields of
    Soft white magical snow that lays,
    Apracity of the shining golden rays,
    Beaming from within
    It's magical how they co-exist.


    #seasonaldec #writersbay #miraquill #writersnetwork #writerstolli #wod #pod #winter #seasons

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    The little cold girl


  • _diyapatel_ 33w


    I am that spring
    Which blooms with hues
    With breeze that blues
    And blue of sea touches
    The infinite green leaves
    That spring which hears
    The joy of cheers
    And the commencement of rise .

  • autumn_fairy 33w

    Which season am I ?
    Can I define myself in one...
    Cause I'm a rainbow of seasons bounded together

    Sitting on the boughs of the winding willow trees
    A deep dark compressed diary on my delicate hands
    Whispering secrets of dark thorns
    Into my ebony haired gardens
    As my delicate fingers
    Opened the pages
    Of unsolved mysetries
    As the first page cried out

    'Telepoetess , among the night skies
    Remind yourself about the
    Deepest and happiest moments in your life'
    Showcasing crimson laughters
    I remembered
    The day that a person
    Called me beautiful
    And gave his time, value and priority
    To my heart
    And that's when
    My heart whispered
    My season of spring blossoms
    Into my dear heart...

    I turned the pages
    With a crimson blush
    As the page cried out

    'Telepoetess among the walking sun dials
    Remind yourself about the
    Deepest and withered moments of your life'
    And that's when I remembered
    The day I lost my interest
    In inking poetries
    Like a withered butterfly
    Laying across the thorns of crying utterances
    I became a dead poetess
    As my heart whispered
    The seasons of autumns
    Making me an autumn leaf
    Flying by..

    i turned the pages
    With autumn lips
    As the page cried out

    "Telepoetess among the lushy greens
    Remind yourself about the
    Darkest and deepest moments
    Where you felt that
    You are living in a light
    And I remembered
    The day that someone embraced my pain
    And kissed me hard pouring out the love
    And that's when my heart whispered
    The seasons of summers
    Into my gardens...

    I turned the pages
    With Summer dreams of love
    As the page cried out

    'Telepoetess among the rising icicles
    Remind yourself about
    The darkest and deepest moments
    Where you felt your heart froze
    Into an icicle of bitter hopes'
    And I remembered
    The day my true love
    Tried to leave me
    As my heart whispered
    The seasons of winters
    Into my gardens

    And that's how
    Dear writersbay
    I found the season of who I am
    I'm a season of
    Summertumuned( summer+autumns) Sprinters (Spring+winters)

    Waiting in your backyard
    With hopes of embracing
    My self
    A G A I N..

  • woodsorrels 33w

    In the climbing cold of
    December I unearthed a
    Spring of Asters and Violets
    Thriving inside the pockets
    Of my heart and head
    The wind of April and
    The little things around
    Wielding my collar
    To the dampness of new
    Grass and the new air
    First seasonal rain under the
    Barberry blossoms
    The freshly cut cakes
    For an evening chit-chat
    The whiff of raw crops
    And lemons
    Whistles of the tractors
    And farmers from fields
    Sky coordinating
    Your outfit in pretty nudes
    The smell of an afternoon
    Laundry and the
    The burble of nearby streams
    Sparkle of tulips on
    The foyer table and the early
    Season flowers breaking
    Out of pavements, sunlight kissing
    My face and the meoldy
    Of tweeting birds
    Smiling at the green branches
    Outside the window and
    Seeing the rain in the
    Face of sunshine
    Cleaning up the planting
    Pots and dirt on doorway steps,
    I finally learnt that there is a
    Baby spring breathing in me
    In the freezing hours of winter
    There lies an invincible and
    Impregnable spring
    Within me


    #skiesofdec #seasonaldec #writersnetwork #writerbay

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    December Tales-ll

    Dear December sky,
    It's the 19th winter
    I am blowing off hiemal degrees
    While rubbernecking at you
    You look like one aged movie
    On whitish-grey screens
    I would never be bored
    Of watching over and again
    I see clouds and birds
    Playing yo-yo with the wind
    The chemtrails creating
    Craft on your empty blank slate
    And the surprising sleet
    Making echoes to the ground
    The overcast skylines draw sunsets
    Like flowers fogging eyes
    The uber-cool evening breath
    Scrapes early stars against
    The patchwork of moon and pines
    You look like one fascinating poem
    I will never compose but store
    In an old school closet
    I love the way you keep attempting
    Between the blue and white
    And the pebble and porpoise
    Tutoring us in a language of colours
    I love how you retain on dividing days
    For the sun and the snow
    Pinning lessons on heat and cold
    I honour your forbearance
    With the cold-headed December

    Yours lovingly,
    A snow-topped buttercup