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  • dragongoose 139w

    Hip-hop is the culture of my people.

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    | Thug Life & Tektite |

    As long as the block be hot
    Stop me not
    I got dreams to jot
    Higher I rise
    Like the steam from pot
    Impish gremlins feel the need to tease a lot
    I learned at a young age
    It seems they never cease to plot
    I couldn't find the humor to provide
    I found unavailability in room for amusement
    Moody twinkles move emotion
    In zodiacal formation
    Not quite fast enough for the corpse waiting
    Digging for treasure to be the boss
    Sodium sitting in my cut
    I bleed it off
    The sultan of my sunday
    Keep your cherry and leave it off
    I'm leaving off where I left right
    See me off
    Where I won't get lost
    But my breath might
    In search of good spirits
    While I hold my head high
    No ego intended
    I'm humbled by the struggle to get by
    Well-acquainted with silent suffering
    So I won't talk much
    But a check might
    No heroics
    My fam got my back
    My shooter might grip the TEC tight
    Like a geologist
    I told him no need
    Just secure the bag
    The universe within is where our sponsor is
    God-like with pocket change
    How the profit sits
    Accumulating fortune
    Got the wallet thick
    Perihelic Passion
    Like Mars opposite
    My future brightening
    Stars got it lit
    A sign for me to keep going
    And stay on top of this

    | By Dean Gary |



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    Thug Life & Tektite

  • beautifully_broken_sara 149w

    secure the bag

    sucker game strong
    scamming so venemous
    perfect opportunity
    a victim with benefits

    barrage him with selfies
    a convincing brag
    masquerade your ugly
    to secure the bag

    a constant quest
    to get rich quick
    a survivor's struggle
    turned perennial trick