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  • ishikaaggarwal 2w

    #pod #miraquill #hiatusover #melancholia #self_love
    Thank you so much to all those who waited for me with so much love and anticipation �� I won't ever be able to repay any of you for your constant support and love❤
    Here's a new piece I wrote �� I tried a bit of a different style this time, so I hope you guys like it!
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    GLOSSARY in comments��

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    Wrinkled melancholia swamped
    In the sorrys of yesterdays
    Protruded viciously from the 
    Dark ripples of happiness,

    Tying her heart into ephemeral knots
    Of hypophrenia, 
    Reveries void of vorfreude,
    Pistanthrophobia enveloping her habromania;

    Giggling away the bruises
    Tampering her numb heartbeats
    Into blue-black thumps
    Fracturing her will to subsist;

    Knackered and friable,
    She held the horizon’s tears 
    For the oceans,
    For it too’d turned grey with plastic apologies;

    Her weeping words mellifluously mumbled
    As to why one is under the dilemma 
    That a mere ‘sorry’ everwhen afloat
    On one’s heart could dry another’s eyes;

    “Nevertheless, atrabilious beings must be effaced,”
    The ocean’s evanescent waves susurrated,
    Laconically kindling her 
    To treasure herself unconditionally and endlessly.


  • nirvanabharga0 8w

    **Not just endure to end the suffering/pain
    but embrace it as if empathizing a soul in self-love.

    Happy reading❤

    // Câlin de compassion

    What is to end?
    The shadow perorations of yore
    we are dreading about,
    or our pretence of suffering that is dwelling
    in our nucleus vitalizing as a pain body
    in between the warmth spaces of our breaths,
    or our endurance to the habituation
    of melancholia as a habitation.

    But why is to end aught striving to exist
    as in we are thriving through life,
    when we certitude that
    everything innate is energy
    that can neither be depicted nor devastated.

    rather to exhaust in trying to
    end the inherence of its subsistence
    we can metamorphose its means
    to the quotient of our gusto;
    not just by enduring the suffering
    of pain or vain or of any anon
    but by embracing its sentinent of quidit
    as if we are empathizing a soul
    in 'amour-propre'.


    #end #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #mirakee #shewrites #truth #poetry #self_love

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  • sparkles09_ 8w

    " Delicate touch of pure souls, and unholy touch of evil hearts"

    || Once,
    when a little flower, with soft petals
    Feels the delicate touch, of pure hopeful souls
    It blooms with happiness and joy
    Spreading his petals wide, and
    emitting the fragrance of self love
    And feels one's beauty, within one's self ||

    || Meanwhile
    When the same flower, with elegant petals
    Feels the unholy touch, of evil hearts
    It slowly withers, losing all the essence
    Of happiness and joy, hiding one's petals
    And crumbling into dust , losing
    one's scent of self love , feeling pathetic,
    loathing one's self ||

    || But what if
    The crumbled pieces of that flower
    are reincarnated ? turning him into
    a more stronger plant. With a different yet
    a powerful essence of happiness and joy.
    With new leaves, and a mesmerising glow
    Radiating beauty in waves, while his tears
    make his leaves sparkles like metaphors...
    Making it love one's self, no self loathing
    But knowing one's worth, and with it's strong unbreakable roots digging into the depths of the earth inside the ground, such that
    No one could push him around, because now he's not weak, he's powerful than he ever was before ||


    The flower has learned that his tears are important, they are shiny pearls that are only shed on important people, even if he's molested and abused , he'll not waste them on (his abusers and molesters) but he'll shower them on his loved ones .

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~

  • sparkles09_ 9w

    A boy with a rainbow heart

    A boy
    Born with the heart
    Of colourful rainbows

    He trusted everyone
    And allowed them
    To take his heart

    Hoping that
    they would treat it with care
    And cherish it with love

    But the people didn't liked it
    They said his heart was too pure
    Too beautiful for this world

    So they stabbed it
    repeatedly with their words, hoping that
    the colours of the rainbow could fade

    It was now covered in Bruises
    So the people thought that they succeeded
    In making it all dark, just perfect for this world

    But little did they know, they were wrong.
    The boy, scared of getting hurt again
    hid the colours under his scars

    Now the scars are fading
    Making the colours pop out again
    But this time, something has changed

    The boy, instead of hating his colours
    Has now accepted them, embracing them
    And he's never afraid of showing them

    He has learnt to fight, for his heart
    And now, he has learnt to play his part
    He's himself now, with no masks

    And now, he is his first priority
    And now, his dreams are his and only his
    And now, his life is his again..

  • maryamfarooq 12w

    Then she suddenly thought, I need to heal myself first. But how does it work, she questioned, can one heal while still hurting?

  • pallavi4 17w


    From a grubby kid who on her anger couldn’t put a lid
    And would try and win every single verbal fight
    I am glad to say that at this present day
    I only fight with all my might for what I feel is right

    Being an oddball with different opinions
    Always made me stand out in a crowd
    I was introverted and shy and would let people lie
    And get their way simply by being loud

    It wasn’t easy nor had I a life so breezy
    It was tough being me, and at times things were rough
    I learnt to fight others off of me, sometimes too blind to see
    That I was alright and that I was enough

    Being the black sheep in an intellectual heap
    I had a hard time convincing myself of my worth
    Accepting my oddity and being a rare commodity
    Has come to define me and my growth

    I choose my battles now wisely and precisely
    Working harder to accept myself with more ardor
    I try my best to not be defined by the opinions of the rest
    And of my feelings I attempt not be a constant guarder

    No longer prone to outbursts, I’m emotionally stable
    Able to dole out good advice and achieve my own goals
    Who would’ve thought that the ideologies I was taught
    Would help develop a personality and a kind soul ?

    A long way I am still to tread to be more
    Responsible, extroverted, fun and take more pride
    In being me rather than waiting for others to see
    How I live my life happier feeling satisfied


    22nd of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #wod #growth #personal_poems #self_love #acceptance #black_sheep @writersnetwork #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • riya_thakur 18w


    She was lost, finding love
    In the eyes of, impending death
    Forgot bleeding ink,
    For other's faith
    The canvas she got,
    Still awaits....!
    She is absorbed,
    Satisfying rest
    Explored her eyes,
    The burning desires,
    Banging her head
    Lesser, she knew
    She was, dying instead...!
    Solace in self-love,
    Peace in poetry,
    Serenity spurted from the paints
    Wake her up,
    Ask her, to breathe again..!


  • prachi_das 18w

    #poem #be_strong #healing #self_love
    Have been into writing since few months.. I try to connect with people fighting with emotions with my words. It is My first blog,I hope you like it.❤️❤️

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    Deep within thoughts ,
    Tired eyes stuck to the ceiling.
    Trying hard to let it shut.
    Soul drenched with pain,
    Pillow beneath her head,
    Damp wet with the tears
    of sorrow that she shed.
    Slowly did she finally sleep.
    In her dreams she heard a
    sobbing girl,
    A midnight call that changed her world.
    Answered it with terrified voice,
    Little did she know of the gift,
    She was to receive was of her choice.
    Suddenly the sobbing girl rose up to her devine self,
    Watching her face she got numb and stiff,
    It was the reflection of her own indeed,
    Amazed was her to see herself finally freed.
    This was the midnight call from destiny itself,
    For her to know what her
    fate has held.
    All this suffering was to put her for test,
    Not giving up ever was her successful protest.
    A midnight call changed her
    The exhausted and broken girl was all set to
    fly to the height flapping her
    wings freely.
    Tears you get for being so kind,
    Is a test of God for a perfect
    soul he needs to find.
    Don't give up,
    There's a lot for you ahead.
    While you try to end it all,
    Help yourself stay alive instead.


  • pallavi4 20w


    I was left lost and abandoned
    Abandoned like a boat rocking in the stormy ocean
    Ocean had no one left to call my own
    Own understanding I lacked of my emotions
    Emotions when you found me I was
    Was wilted and near death , barely alive
    Alive as your comforting touch was a relief from the pain
    Pain it helped cure, helped me survive
    Survive I did and clung to you like a drowning man
    Man you were the only one in sight
    Sight you became the essence of my soul
    Soul(‘s) saviour in the dark and desolate night
    Night was when I fell in love with you even before I knew
    Knew what I was really getting into
    Into the sky you were the rainbow
    Rainbow that I was drawn to like glue
    Glued, mended my broken self and calmed
    Calmed my tattered and shattered soul
    Soul I trusted in your hands
    Hands healing me was seemingly my only goal
    Goal was lost with a crack here and a jolt there
    There you used my unbreakable trust in you
    You turned it around to bruise me now and then
    Then you became someone I never knew
    Knew that I was a monster, a plague
    Plague where the fault always lay within me
    Me thought you were the angel who could do no wrong
    Wrong I was and I needed to set you free
    Free I wasn’t but emotionally broken and scarred I left
    Left only to find loneliness and despair again
    Again it would be a decade before I would heal
    Heal and my life’s reed fully regain
    Regain myself I needed to love me completely
    Completely it was me I needed to learn to like
    Like I was slow to heal because myself
    Myself I’d grown to hate and dislike
    Dislike causes a daily struggle to love myself
    Myself I’m still slow while trusting others
    Others falter so we should learn to trust ourselves
    Ourselves remake till us it no longer bothers


    28th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • guptasmile31 22w


    हज़ारों गम भी मेरी फितरत नहीं बदल सकते ...

    क्या करूं मुझे आदत जो है हर वक्त मुस्कुराने की ...


  • pnnnkssnishu 24w

    Did you think of yourself? #love #self_love

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    Think of 3 persons you love.

  • passion_pearl 24w

    Having a damn human support in life
    Can make the journey more beautiful ..

    #pod #writer #miraquill #wod #life #journey #deal #love #soulmate #admire #self_love @miraquill @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    Am learning to deal with troubles all alone,
    And am Sure, I'll heal too
    But, Isn't It grateful tho
    To have a Human brace
    Yeah, It isn't the Necessity
    But Isn't It the opulence
    And I think, It's OKAY to have that desire,
    Like Who Doesn't?

  • haya_baloch 25w

    #Khamoshi bewajah Nahin Hoti , Yeh wajah ki wajah sai Hoti hai ... ��:)"
    #Self_love ��
    Haya -writes ... ✍️♥️

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    " "

    "Alfaaz Bhi Routai Hain ! "

    ✍️Jub kuch khamoshi sai toot Jai bina awaz k tub , "Alfaaz Routai Hain "!

    Jub kisi sai ki talash main panah na milai
    tub, "Alfaaz Routai Hain"!

    Jub koi chultai chulnai sai inkar kur dai tub , "Alfaaz Routai Hain"!

    Jub bhurai badlon sai baarish na bursai tub, "Alfaaz Routai Hain "!

    Jub dil ki juri zanjeer jornai wala tor dai tub, "Alfaaz Routai Hain "!

    Jub khamoshi main shour ho tub, "Alfaaz Routai Hain "!

    Kaan sai nahin "DIL" sai suno yeh alfaaz fakut alfaaz nahin hotai yeh , "Alfaaz Bhi Routai Hain " Han Routai Hain....✍️

  • pallavi4 27w

    Allow me to introduce myself

    A paradox, a contradiction, a mystery
    I am a riddle, a complex maze
    Lost in my own world I live
    In a creative and unpredictable haze
    Indifferent to others opinions
    Efficient and eclectic, I never cease to amaze
    Others who try and bring me on track
    Hoping that one day I’ll mend my ways
    Valuing freedom above all else, many eyebrows I mange to raise
    I have fondness for all things broken and a special place in my heart for strays


    14th of July, 2021

    “Allow me to introduce myself” taken from “Hello” by Eminem

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #wod #introduction #self_love @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • labib_h_srabon 31w

    Title : 3 am

    Lonely at midnight we think about ourself
    Did we really done anything for anyone else
    Or was we just selfish and thought about us
    Then why they just left us alone in the dust?

    Decision of midnight aren’t charming at all
    This is the time when we all together fall
    The face inside of us gives decision he make
    3 am, at this time whatever we are, are not fake

    Helpline! Or a friend, hope this could work on us
    Those all works, when we are self-conscious
    But what is conscious when blade is on our hand
    We try to cut our vain but sunlight help us to disband

    Another day starts we feel normal again
    We think sun light has taken all our pain
    Actually the true pain comes along with the moon
    Not when you're with your fake friends in lovely afternoon

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #3am #self_love #hatred #lonely #alone #midnight #midnight_though

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    3 am


  • nadanparinda 32w

    आस्तिक भी हूँ,
    नास्तिक भी,
    पर जो भी हूँ,
    वास्तविक हूँ॥

  • nitika_patra 35w

    खिड़की से झांकता वो चांद,
    बना है गवाह बहते अक्षों का,
    जिन्हें छुपा रही थी मैं शब्दों के तले।
    कुछ किसी से कह वो सकेगा नहीं,
    कसम दी है उसे चांदनी रात में छिपे राज़ की।

  • nitika_patra 35w

    To the darkest of night,
    She recited the story
    Of the demons that had no fight,
    But were chased to attain glory.
    Weird it was,
    To every star that hides a scar,
    To the moon that doped out the cause,
    That own thoughts are dancing in the bar.

  • maryamfarooq 96w

    Destroy self-doubt
    it destroys you!


  • maryamfarooq 34w

    When trust is broken

    What happens when your trust is broken by someone very close to you?
    Well, it hurts a bit... Ok! Who am I kidding? It hurts like hell! You start to feel everything is a lie... You may even begin to questions your mere existence...It feels as if you have been living a lie... But then, it's not all that bad either... If you look at it in a different light, you begin to come closer to yourself...You begin to feel that the only person worthy of your trust is you... the only person who will always be there for you is you...A new ray of self love starts to chase away the darkness of heart break... Self love starts to make you strong... You learn a very important lesson that trusting somebody is like giving them the power of hurting you... In future, either you will trust people with difficulty or you won't trust them at all... But believe me, you will always believe in yourself...