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  • madalasa 3d


    You will be living in the present moment

    when you are immensely grateful for

    receiving Blessings, Energy and Love

    from divine Grace of Almighty!!!


  • denchisss 4d


    I'd love to watch the rain with you alone
    Sippin' with coffee
    Talking about random things
    Like I forgotten;
    that I have a heavy baggage to carry with

    You know rain was not symbolic term for grief
    Rain shouldn't never be the fault
    Like a human emotions -----
    You just need someone to sit beside you
    and just listen without judgments

    But at least learn how to be happy with the rain;
    alone with or without a person ----
    Because rain wasn't wrong to pour himself out
    Same as you are.


  • maple_inks 4d

    We can't expect anyone to stay us life long...

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    It's true that Shadows
    Travels with you lifelong..,
    But it's also a fact that
    Shadows too disappears often..,
    In the end it's you
    And only you will be there...

  • maple_inks 4d

    Thanks for making me express my feel through words @miraquill

    Thanks for my fellow writers @writersnetwork for your support

    Visit and follow my page @maple_inks

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    Why do it feels
    Too dark even though
    I'm in midst of
    Twinkling lights...,

    Why do my Eyes
    keep searching you
    Even after knowing
    You are not here...!

    Why do this love
    Is cruel to me..!!?

  • maple_inks 1w

    Thanks for making me express my feel through words @miraquill

    Thanks for my fellow writers @writersnetwork for your support

    Visit and follow my page @maple_inks

    #mirakee #motivation
    #selfhelp #quote

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    Goblet of fire

    Instead searching someone
    As your path light..,
    Turn yourself as a
    Fire goblet to create your way...!

  • stronggirlaj 2w


    We cry for things that went wrong
    We don't realise that how it made us strong.
    Accepting the reality is braveness.
    When you stop craving for connections, that are meaningless.

    You want to stop overthinking
    You want your thoughts to be twinkling.
    You don't wanna talk about past and future.
    You only care about how you beautifully nurture.

    Now, you are accepting what's actually happening.
    Now you've stopped thinking of imaginary living.
    Now you're dealing confidently with tormented mind.
    Now you're firmly determined
    Now you take challenges and opportunities
    To make your life colorful which was earlier blind.
    Now you'll not stop no matter how life would be maligned.


  • stronggirlaj 3w


    I've been through a lot
    Traumas are sheltered in mind's slot.
    Eyes bleed, emotions gets clot.
    Thats how life has built this awful plot

    Things are disturbed and alienated
    Everything seems disrupted and complicated.
    Don't know how long I've to bear
    Now it's difficult to ignore the fear.

    But, I know that I'll rise again
    I'll surely remove my miseries and pain.
    If there's dusk there'll be dawn.
    My tragicality will definitely be gone.


  • shinyindeed 4w

    Help Yourself..

    Do the due.. Don't undo the understood.. Find the friend.. Don't feign the fence..

  • genejo 5w

    Peace and love

    The Word of God. the perfect place for peace and stability of a mind that was once filled with chaos from the world I use to search and find answers from. My self-help book.

  • ____k____ 6w

    A headless chicken knows only to run in circles.

    Don't lead others to the same loop of pain you're a prisoner of..

    #Morning #diary #selfhelp #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Allow yourself to heal before you choose to heal others.


  • alexa_rockcell 8w

    Maybe screen shot it and put in your home screen/ lock screen .
    Or write in down on a note and stick on your desk.

    While ,

    I'll try to tatoo it in my mind. ��

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    You are strong enough to make it through.
    You are capable enough to build again from scratch.
    You are worth enough to be celebrated for being yourself.

  • vasubandhu 9w

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    बिखरी तमन्नाओं को वक्त के धागे में, बांध रखा है हौसले की गांठ से।
    खुशबू निखर रही है हौले से, जिंदगी के इस हार से।
    सब्र की मजबूती सहज लगती है, बेहिसाब ताकत जिसकी,
    मिल्कीयत पर ही दिखती है।
    तमन्नाओं के जोहरी तुम हो, ज़ेवर से पहले हुनर बनता है।
    जो तुम कभी थक जाओ, अपनी तमन्नाओं के बोझ से।
    तो ध्यान रखना के जोहरी ज़ेवर को, अपने फन से तराशता है,
    खयाल मे पहले फिर पत्थरों पर ढालता है।

  • stansteel63rd 12w


    We only find strength, honestly... When people start to recognze, or vocalize how much we've strived and thrived, with the same energy they vilified,

    All the encouragement that's positive can do, is soften a heart and mind, of all the craziness that made one not respect wrong from right,

    So stop thinking it's only about you given a bit of your time, it's about support, dedication and love that makes a troubled soul see through the darkest tunnels and begin to focus on the light,

    Then all the anger and tears that one cried, can begin to subside, and the traumas that's so deeply embedded into they soul and spirit will dim slowly in due time,

    It'll have no place to resided, nor any power to demoralize, or capsize, a severe broken life,

    It'll be up to the person, to be honest with themselves and take responsibility for their actions, no more blaming, or living in past, just working hard to be a better person, until the day they die,

    Because, honestly speaking.... You know where it all started, Today!!!!!
    You shouldn't be alive, Because your walk was fueled by anger until something opened your eyes,

    It wasn't the tears running down your face, cause I know it was mines,

    So only you know what made you pump your brakes and slow your breathing down to a even sigh,

    When your ready tell us why, Me?? I no longer minimize, or glorify my sins or rise in this world that's criminalized, Instead, I explain it, and don't deny, or at least I work hard to try, I'm far from shy,

    And I'll say this to all my Sister's and Brother's, that grew up in the streets and the system,
    that's( Shelters,Fosterhomes, Groups, Camps, Juvy to doing Adult Time),
    Head and Chin Up, always and forever with pride,
    Never be ashamed of what happened to you or what you did to survive,

    Don't pay attention, or listening to the judgemental people, but listen and pay attention to those who walk what they talk and who will, for you make a sacrifice,

    And don't forget to kneel every night to Christ, and as u pray, ask for forgiveness, and explain to the Most High, that living on earth has made you blind to what's wrong, or right, lose the fear, the ego, the false insight, be humble, be the child that respects their parent and ask for patience sister's and brother's, plus guidance to be better every day you lay and then rise...
    On G.O.D

  • stronggirlaj 12w

    Its Life Dude

    You can't be happy always
    You'll not feel crappy always.
    You'll surely come out of odds.
    You'll definitely overcome the trauma of frauds.
    If there's darkness in the ways.
    You'll definitely bring the sunrays.
    You can be what you want
    You can easily ignore the cruel taunt.
    It's life dude
    You just need a positive attitude.
    You never know that people who are rude.
    Actually have been trapped in an interlude.
    Life will never be lamed.
    If today it's bad, tomorrow the happiness will be reclaimed.


  • akshay_vasu 13w

    His chariot was stuck in a hole and wasn't moving any further. He sat on it and waited for someone to come and push it. When none did that, he got down and began pushing it by himself. Soon, a few people arrived around him and began pushing his chariot with him. Among them, one was the god himself.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • stronggirlaj 13w

    Oh PLEASE!

    Oh Please!
    I don't need your advise
    I also know how to rise
    I'm here to convey my emotions
    Get lost, if you have narrow notions.
    Not interested in my life story??
    Okay, I still know how to covert miseries into glory.
    I don't need lectures
    I want someone who'll help me in repairing my unhealable fractures.
    Just go dude, I don't need anyone
    I don't have time to deal a moron.
    Better, just free me from your false concern.
    I'm smart enough to know who's genuine and who consider me a burden.
    I'm happy being alone
    Atleast there's nobody who'll destroy my peaceful zone.


  • stronggirlaj 13w


    Sometimes, I just too wanna escape.
    Sometimes, I too wanna stop behaving like a brave.
    I too feel numb and shattered
    Yet, I too want sadness to be altered.
    Sometimes, I too wanna shout
    Then I think what's the solution of all this about.
    Nobody gonna hold me.
    I always have to fold me.
    I'm too tired and exhausted.
    Waiting for sunlight to make the bruises defrosted.
    I'm lacking my existence.
    I don't even know if I'm someone's essence.
    I'm dealing all alone
    Yes, miseries have enclosed me with their awful zone.
    These are about sometimes feeling.
    My most of time is about focusing on healing.
    Give up is easy.
    Better, live life with full ecstasy.


  • stronggirlaj 15w

    I Too Feel Bad

    Yes, I too feel bad
    Sometimes, somethings make me mad.
    Though, i always seek for minimal happiness and glad.
    But, I too feel that I'm just dead.
    When I'm enclosed into emotions.
    I feel like trapped into unstoppable motions.
    Time is flying and going ahead.
    I too sometimes feel bad.
    Usually, I can hide, I can bear every pain.
    But, the bruises leave a mark that became a stain.
    I smile, coz i wanna always see me as a warrior.
    Who's just ready to break every barrier.
    My patience also gets impatient.
    My tears also lose their secrecy of being latent.
    For the betterment, I'll have to modify the things
    For the enchantment, I'll have to simplify the process of attaining lever lost springs.


  • himashree08 17w

    Don't wait Or waste
    Time is precious

  • _ame_30 18w

    If you yourself don't then who else will do it for you.
    #selfmotivation #selfhelp

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    Prepare yourself in light,
    To shine in dark.