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  • mr_introvert_ 1w

    Stop being too GOOD in this Cruel and selfish world


  • spiderweb 2w

    Is am i selfish?

    Yes....you may think I am selfish but you have to understand that the things I do selfishly always have my confidence things.

  • listentomywords 2w

    We are SELFISH

    People hates the word "SELFISH" and pretends not to be the one.
    But there's no one UNSELFISH in this UNIVERSE . You do things for yourself to be HAPPY, you are your first PRIORITY.
    Accept the FACT...

  • nickpop 2w

    True self care is to take care of self

    Nothing is wrong. Everything is ok and right.
    I cant stop lusting after death night by night. I've been suicidal since I can remember
    Guilted not to by my mother
    What will people think of us she stated
    I've used drugs and alcohol to blur the desire for death
    But now as a mother I know I cant die with out hurting my daughter.
    I lay in bed weeping, crying out for an alternate dimension
    Where I've pushed everyone away far enough that no one will hurt when it's done.
    I cant believe I didn't take this into my own hands before I tied myself to living
    Why do I lust after death so much
    I was born with a tube around my neck
    In the womb I knew this place wasn't for me
    And death has been just out of reach since.
    Suicide is viewed as selfish, how dare she leave us.
    My true self care would be to end myself and its unobtainable now.
    3am weeping in bed at the thought of not being able to take matters in my own hands
    Having to live for someone else. Why did I make her, why did I make life when all I dream about is death?

  • kevynd 3w

    Selfishly loving

    Is it selfish to leave.
    To want to be more than a friend.
    Unable to believe the lies I conceive.
    Is it selfish to love to the end.
    To be hurting inside trying to hide.

    I can't think of her as a friend
    I can't love her as a friend
    I don't want her as just a friend

    I think I'm selfish.
    My love is selfish.
    My thoughts are selfish.
    I am selfish...

  • sharmistha_writes 5w

    Is there anyone in this world who is yours? I think if there is, then she/he will be self-centered ...he/she has become your own for the sake of self-interest.

  • one_little_words 5w

    People will take until you give.
    Once you stop giving they'll find someone new.

  • queershubh 6w


    My honor and my pride has all dissolved;
    Since I have been labelled selfish,
    And been told that I think of none at all.
    It seems like from the beginning I am taking,
    Shamelessly receiving,
    Leeching myself onto…
    Never ever
    Stopping once, to think of giving.

    I am disgustingly self obsessed,
    Nonchalant, heedless, self-serving.
    I wonder why I am still not frozen;
    From all the coldness in my heart.
    Never thawing it warm to cherish the,
    Warmth and joy in devoting.

    I have always been complaining,
    Pondering hideously about my petty form.
    So evil of me for not understanding,
    That this grotesque figure of me;
    It is made for destruction.

    Nothing around me is ever capable of surviving.
    I am from the world of darkness;
    I drink my wine with the devil.
    I tarnish what I touch and I never miss, no.
    The air around me is putrid;
    I smell of rotten flesh,
    Beware! If you ever come around me.

    Sometimes I wonder, why the hell have I;
    Come to this world of sane sentient beings.
    Maybe I would find the arena of the deads,
    More deary and humbling.
    So that I stop being the selfish being I am;
    Get started with devoting my life,
    To charity of the lifeless, unearthly entities.
    Leaving the living alone,
    That I have,
    Since long been selfishly burdening.


  • titanrheia 4w

    Selfishness is a Two-Way Street

    The stigma to mental illness is present and obvious,
    It lies deep within the minds and hearts of those who don't know it,
    Why are so many quick to judge upon those who never wished for an illness forced on them,
    Never given the chance to make a choice,
    Protest what they wish didn't exist,
    This weight given out as if it was some sort of gift,
    They have heard the all clichéd words of advice,
    Confronted by other's vice and ignorance,
    Surprise to actually find that their families are the same,
    One or the other way,
    At a loss for what to say,
    Perhaps they plead for them to stay,
    Although there are the ones who see you as a burden,
    Unconcerned for words said and actions done,
    Either on the side that pushes a them off the edge,
    Or the side that asks them to stay and live on in their anguish,
    A never-ending cycle of living through the same exact torturous days,
    After Day,
    And even the Day after that,
    So tell me now,
    Which is dubbed to be more selfish?
    Those wanting to finally end their suffering...
    And aware there will be nothing more but a memory left of them...
    Allow me to remind those reading,s
    Pain heals overtime and the heartache you have will diminish until their memory is one to look back on and appreciate the memories left behind,
    But when you ask them to stay,
    Think of it like this,
    They're now forced to live everyday for the sake of other's happiness,
    Oblivious to the sorrow and despair of those who wish to please them,
    Other's expectations of them to live a lifetime in a blatant suicidal state,
    So when those who stayed alive and lived everyday for the sake of others,
    Laying on their death-bed,
    Knowing they lived too long of a life they never wanted,
    Burdened by those who asked them to stay and others just oblivious to the reality of their suffering,
    The only words they finally have left to say,
    If only the ending my pain had finally happened sooner.


    So, tell me.
    Who do you find to really be selfish in this case?


  • pruthvi_0107 8w


    No more Distractions
    It's time to be Selfish.


  • vishnuuu_x 8w

    【Selfish People】

    Send someone to fetch water,
    He himself drinks first,
    This is life sir,
    Here everyone lives for himself first.


  • vy_thoughts 8w

    तू बन कभी,

    सपने पूरे होंगे तेरे सभी...।

    By - V¥ "R∆M∆"

  • hafisha98 8w

    There are always two types of people in the world.
    So I wish to be live in the fifth.!

    Lonely is better than breaking own self....


  • _flow_of_words_ 9w

    Does it matter?

    Yes, I remember my first heartbreak. I remember how it felt. I know that it hurt, but how can I forget the promises I made to myself when I decided to move on?

    I made sure that I made everyone happy, but in the journey of making everyone laugh, I lost my smile somewhere in the crowd. How can I forget that I made the promise of never letting someone hurt me? Maybe I am too used to the life lessons I get whenever I fall. Maybe I am used to the pain I get after hurting myself. Maybe my heart is naive enough to realise that I have to be selfish at times, but my heart wishes to spread the kindness that I crave. Maybe someone will find it when I lose something I wanted. Maybe someone out there will be loved when I am crying. Isn't love about the sacrifices? But then I wonder, when will it be my turn?

    Maybe I am all about being happy with whatever my people want. It's about them because they are the reason I am surviving. Because why does it matter if I am unhappy when they are the reason why I am smiling today?

    __ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 19 March 2022 @01:01 hrs IST

  • carlo7 10w

    "He broke us"

    I remember the good memories
    Having going out just the two of us
    Biggest screen I've seen in my young life
    On a seat with warm popcorn and a cool drink
    A place known as a picture palace
    We lived distants apart
    Never getting to know me or taking your time too
    At 18 realized you didn't care
    Found the truth out about you
    Skip to chapter 19 now that's a really sad one
    Our family lost a pillar and the house fell apart
    Spiralling down into further void
    As I tried my best too avoid you
    Staring into the abyss as it stared back
    Depression,anxiety,low self-esteem and
    Insecurities of all kinds came into my mind
    Filled my heart with doubts and problem with trusting in other people which became an issue that mentally pounds me
    Looked at the pills
    Suicide thoughts came and go like a guest to me
    As envy took over I longed for death
    Wondering what it would feel like to be lifeless and cold.

  • mmbftd 10w

    Old Men

    Remember when
    Old Men were wise?
    Now they tremble and shake
    Stutter and postulate
    They squint to hide
    A liar's gaze
    As they glare through
    Smoke bombed pages.
    The books of our lives
    Are burning
    Ashes to ashes
    Dust to dust
    The acrid scent lingers
    As the very pulse of us
    Slows under the stranglehold
    Of death.
    Old Men
    Used to sit on porches
    Looking out over the fields
    That nourished us.
    They would rock in the gentle
    Comfort of well earned
    Rocking chair thrones.
    And as the wood porches
    Splintered around them
    Paint peeled-
    Revealing decades of bright rainbow colors
    chosen by the thoughtful bright eyes, of a loving wife.
    She once shucked peas
    A repeaticious monotony
    Of vibrant green
    Tiny round vegetables
    Spun into an old wooden bowl.
    He hands smelling of garlic
    From meals lovingly prepared
    For hardworking sons
    In the fields with their father.
    Rising with the rooster and
    The yellow sun, later.
    His display; a sheen of red and green, his sound a boisterous
    Crow of waking hour.
    And sons become old men too.
    Picking what lessons to take with them into the world.
    What will serve them and their families?
    Remember when old men were wise? Instead of weighed down by imaginary lines
    Scrawled on imaginary maps
    And lapels full of heavy colored
    Markers of the death tolls they caused or became.
    Those men play a game so sinister, that you and I can perish
    In the blink of eyes that cannot know what is to come.
    These men are not wise.
    They have forgotten their sons, their daughters and their wives.
    They have forgotten the measuring board in the doorway as their children grew up, the pencil long since faded of how tall each year would make their children. They've forgotten the feeling of their children's silky hair as they held them still there, marking above their heads. They've forgotten that angelic baby smell of their kids still nursing. They've forgotten how it felt to fall in love. Such an antiquated thing to remember, with butterflies and the hot rush of blood to cheeks.
    They have forgotten the passion of skin on skin when the world fades away around two, and only they exist.
    And these generals, these oligarchs, these presidents and puppets, these placeholders and people movers and destroyers of time...they draw on maps, where they want. What do they feel they deserve?
    You, me, our family?
    Their entitlement is terrifying.
    Remember once when old men were wise? Telling stories of horrible wars with shaking fingerless hands. With wide eyes still seeing the past? And warning us not to follow their examples?
    I remember.

  • raman_writes 12w


    हम इस मरहले पर है के कुछ समझा नहीं सकते ।

    वो उस मरहले पर है जहाँ हम पहुँच नहीं सकते ।।


  • kp_singh 12w

    मेरे दिल पर क्या गुजरेगी अगर इस बात का ज़रा सा भी उसने ख्याल किया होता,
    तो मुझे इस तरह ना इस्तेमाल किया होता!
    इस तरह ना बेहाल किया होता!
    What would happen to my heart if she had cared about this even a little bit,
    She wouldn't have used me like this!
    Wouldn't have made me upset like this! -Kps©2022

    #kpsshayari #kpspoetry #kpsquotes
    #used #selfish

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    मेरे दिल पर क्या गुजरेगी अगर इस बात का ज़रा सा भी उसने ख्याल किया होता,
    तो मुझे इस तरह ना इस्तेमाल किया होता!
    इस तरह ना बेहाल किया होता!
    What would happen to my heart if she had cared about this even a little bit,
    She wouldn't have used me like this!
    Wouldn't have made me upset like this!

  • convivialwriter2 12w


    How can you be so Selfish and Shameful
    that for one outsider you betrayed your own Parents and your closed once?


  • susann 13w


    Never satisfied
    An endless hunger
    You find reasons to punish
    Too easily
    More than reasons to love
    Too easily
    An excuse each day
    Why you can't be good
    Deeply mortified
    With your greed and ego
    Strangers think you are real
    But we know the truth
    You never love anyone else
    Things never ever changed
    Distance brings clarity
    Just a thin paint coat
    And now it's old
    Your true self shows
    And into the wind you go