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  • dawnflorish 14w

    A note!

    When you start to see the positive attributes of your surroundings, the more you visualise others as a part of yourself and that is when the relationship of selfless love florish.

    The more you give, the less it is!


    Be the one who approach for goodness and wellbeing of oneself.

  • ms_shayara 21w

    I have this fight inside me
    that shows me each side of you.
    I have a feeling of you in me
    which makes me understanding
    towards you even after all the hurt
    I’ve got from your side.
    I can still feel you inside me,
    traversing with me
    through all the chaos.
    And my heart every second affirms
    me that you still love me.
    That you loved me and always will..

    - Nancy Uppal


  • creative_chanchal 28w

    प्यार किसी से भी हो
    किसी के भी बीच में हो
    अगर वह निस्वार्थ है तो
    वो प्यार खुबसूरत होता है!!

  • bhatshabnum 36w

    Trying to capture the sunset


  • saumyatiwari17 49w

    धरा के प्रेम में बूँद को वाष्प बनकर स्वयं को त्यागना भी स्वीकार है ।


  • aayushi333 51w


    Aaj ek khayal phir aaya
    Kaise khud ko kho kar kise ne khushi ko paya
    Khudgazi k abh ko chor
    Samerpan ki aag mein samaya
    Khud ka dahan kar
    Kyun sab k liye voh rooshni laya
    Apni penchan nahi
    Ek rastrayh ek raajyah ek
    Kul k liye jiyaa
    Taj k hifazat ki nishta mein
    Apne vishram ko tukraya
    Yeh kaisa atmsamerpan hai
    Jisne peedha ko santusti ka bhav banaya
    Ek thandi aah k baad mujhe yeh samjh aaya
    Shayad inne hi sainik
    Aur isse hi narivaad kehte hai
    Jaha suraj ki taapish se wakif ho
    Per usse sama lene wale Chand se nahi
    Jaha log chand ki roshni per tipawni karte hai
    Aur usski Shakti se wakif nahi
    Agar aaj Chand hi na hota
    Toh rath kaisi aur chain kaha
    Sirf suraj ki tapish rehti
    Suraj dhalta kaha
    Aur mere khayal ka jawan
    Mujhe Chand ne saralta se diya

  • anuradhasharma 52w

    अपना आशियां खो , कोई तुमसे जीना सीखें ।
    अपनो को गवां , कोई तुमसे चुप रहना सीखें ।
    अपने चोट को छुपा , कोई तुमसे मुस्कुराना सीखें ।
    अपने बच्चों से दूर , कोई तुमसे गम खाना सीखें ।
    अपनी खुशबू लूटा , कोई तुमसे महकाना सीखें ।
    अपने आसूं ठेहरा , कोई तुमसे बहना सीखें ।
    अपने जलने की फिक्र छोड़ , ठंडक देना सीखें ।
    अपना दर्द छुपा , बेपनाह इश्क़ बाटना सीखें ।
    अपने से जुदा को भी , शामिल करना सीखें ।

  • laconic_words 53w

    I borrowed a handful of sky
    from my last lover.

    I wanted to explore,
    I wanted to fly.
    I wanted to create a whole universe for both of us.
    "A little space" to imply.

    He just wasn't ok with it.
    But I created my universe anyways,
    More of a galaxy myself.
    And I have a new sun too ❤️.

  • mohitkmrjackson 56w


    Ek bar pukarne par samjh jati hai pareshani humari wo maa nahi zindagi hai humari.

  • ions0206 59w

    Happy Mother's Day

    "You filled my days with
    Rainbow lights you are
    The best thing in my life
    Because my life is gift from
    You every word for your
    Appreciation is less your
    Hugs always comfort me
    And i thank you for tender care
    From fairytale stories to life
    Reality check you teach me everything
    With your love the values you
    Taught me is going to stay with
    Us i am what because of
    You and i want to say that
    I Love YOU... "

  • pravin30 61w


    Khud ki jarurrat Puri krne se jyada jarurri,
    kabhi kisi aur ki jarurrat banna hota hai....

  • ru_chaitraa 62w

    गर मेरा बस चले तो तेरे हर दर्द को तुझसे चुरा लूँ,
    तेरे हर अश्क़ को पलकें छूने से पहले सुखा दूँ,
    तेरे अतीत की हर तकलीफ़ देने वाली याद को मिटा दूँ,
    तेरे दर्द-ए-दिल की हर आह को खुशी में तब्दील कर दूँ,
    तेरे हर ज़ख्म का मरहम बन सकूँ,
    पर कम्बख़त तक़दीर का खेल ऐसा है कि,
    चाहे मैं जितनी भी कोशिश करूं,
    तेरे हिस्से के सबक ना अपने नाम कर सकूँ...

  • johniel 63w


    The morning so calm
    I love it but why
    I miss you so much.

    Afternoon so hot
    Gonna get bathed,
    I love it but why
    Im crying so much.

    The evening so dark
    Cause you fade your light,
    I hate it but why
    Again i gave you a chance.

    JohnNiel Nicodemus


  • dollywriteupsss 64w


    Her smile makes my day.
    Her eyes glitter with happiness for everyone,
    Her words comfort the person deep in sorrow.

    Her love gives strength,
    Her care makes people feel worthy.

    Her body only speaks elegance and
    undying love for people close to her.

    But only some get the privilege
    to be in her arms,
    Only some get to taste pure and selfless

    This her; is MOTHER.
    Everyone deserves a mother,



  • anuradhasharma 68w

    कुदरत का , ये कमाल कैसा ।
    ज़ुल्म-ए-इंसानियत , सहने का हुनर ऐसा ।
    बिना , ऊफ़ के कुर्बान हो जाती ।
    ये , रहनुमाई बख्शीश ख़ुदा की ।
    ज़मीन से जुड़े रहे ,
    पूरी फिज़ा को संभाले ।


  • dipti_2022 70w


    Read More

    Lets step back to!

    THose days of happiness
    THose days of satisfaction
    THose days of eternity
    THose days of

    U & Me


  • rumirecites 70w

    Selfless-Love: an oxymoron

    Can love be selfless?
    It may be a cure in the purest form
    It can be sacrifice, when there's no harm
    A devotion, a wait, a temptation, a stake
    But can it be deprived of being reciprocal?
    Even if the beloved is a little less vocal

    Love is meant to be theurapatic
    Enduring the emotions, sudden, erratic
    Harmful, destructive, painful, assumptive
    Not in the least it may turn into a beast
    That disrupts the inner peace and takes away the soulful leaves that nurtured you
    And protected you
    The true self should remain within,
    even if it costs a thousand kin.

  • pari_phrasis 80w

    Home ♥

    Home is where you can take off all your vizard masks, and wear your mess again, where you can dance freely with your imperfection, and yet, you are bestowed with an altruistic adoration.
    It is where you get the utmost comfort and affinity, and yet, you aren't asked to pay a price for it.
    And you know what? For me, loving you has always been like walking into a house,
    I name home.
    Your arms kept me curled up, in every thick and thin, rendering me a belongingness I never had to ask for.
    In you ergo, my love, I found a forever home.


  • lovely_rachana 80w

    The Patrani of Shri Krishna

    I knew he would come to take me but that day my fear overcame my love and trust on him for a moment. I thought had I done something wrong which stopped him from coming. I suddenly for some moments went back to my purpose of coming on earth to be with him on every step. I couldn't imagine how could I be with him forever if he would not come that day. While all these rush of thoughts were going inside my mind I could only find salvation in the temple of my mother. She stood with her smile as always as if she knew everything was going to be fine. I bowed my head in front of her with salutation and all my fears just ran away from my mind I started gaining faith once again to such a level that I knew he would come . Suddenly the sounds of his chariot approaching to the temple ran through my ears. The feeling of being his forever and always soothed my heart. Suddenly my tears of fear converted into tears of lifelong happiness. From that day we tied up in the purest form of love the bond of marriage.

    I started loving him without seeing him. He married me without even knowing me. We had a selfless love for each other. The love for which he came to take me though he knew that would invite new enemies. I never needed my name to be taken with his name I because deep within his name remained my name. I had seen all forms of his love . I had seen life long love for Radha in his eyes, I had seen his responsible love for his wives , I had seen his fatherly love for the people of his kingdom, I had seen his guiding love for the Pandavas I had seen his friendly love for Sudama and I had also seen his brotherly love for Subhadra and Panchali. I always understood whatever ran inside his peaceful and beautiful smile. We both knew the purpose of our birth to this world in this from. He never needed to tell me how much he loved me his actions made me understand. Though I was the one who sat down in his feet to see the world through his eyes and I was the one who took his first darshan everyday I never allowed myself to be proud of it but infact I was filled with gratitude for his love for me. When Sister Satyabhama tried to prove how she could possess Shri Krishna wholly with her wealth he made her understand how could he become someone's not from material wealth but from the riches of the heart. Shri Krishna and my relationship is not something to be explained by means of mere words it's a relationship where we loved each other from the core of our hearts and needn't show the world what we meant for each other because we knew how much each of us meant to the other. This was a love of forever but a different form of love in the Dwapara Yug in the form of Krishna and Rukmini . This time was the time to make the world understand that love was not something where you wanted your name to be attached to the other's name but the souls to be attached forever. Only to make this explain to the world Shri Narayan descended as Shri Krishna and I descended as Rukmini Devi.

  • vaibhav_dakia 86w


    बस यह खयाल आते ही
    "के आज ना सही कल साथ होंगे"
    सुकून मिल जाता है।