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  • bloominwrite 89w

    Manusia #01

    Ia tidak memiliki kuasa untuk memiliki apapun yg ia mau tetapi memiliki kuasa untuk tidak mengingini apa yang dia belum miliki & dengan gembira memaksimalkan apa yang ia terima.

    (Seneca- Letters from Stoic)

  • godforall 93w


    “You are mortal in everything you fear and immortal in everything you desire”

    — Seneca

  • jeitendra_sharma 102w

    I am "...."

    I am Socrates
    walking dead
    I am Kafka
    and his metamorphosis
    I am Chris McCandless
    heading towards Alaska
    eating blueberries
    I am will, cleaning floors
    learning infinities
    I am Boltzmann, talking with entropies
    I am Copernicus, a rebel
    I am Zarathustra, I preach 'Superman'
    I am Buddha, I seek pure knowledge
    I am Tartini, I talk with the devil
    and I am Bhagat Singh, I see the permanent struggle
    I am Trotsky, a lone survivor
    I am Lenin, I want a revolution
    I am Marx, I want alternatives
    I am Che, I want emancipation
    I am Birsa Munda, I will rebel
    I am tribal, I will protect the forest
    I am the stars, burning out
    I am the sky, blue
    I am Grigori Perelman, I want isolation
    I am Chenab, I witnessed the love
    I am verse of Ghalib, beautiful
    I am Van Gogh, I see starry nights
    I want freedom, the liberty, I am Franch revolution
    I am an Idea, I am V
    Your bullets can't kill me,


  • jeitendra_sharma 104w

    tale of humans

    It all started with fire
    burn that healed humanity
    practices arise
    out of blind-faith and belives
    to rule masses
    one needed the authority
    and God was build to rule all
    mass production reached to surplus
    now the economics born out of barter,
    Homosacer, BIOS, and ZOE
    Roman knew the value of political life
    the Journey of great Hannibal
    from hunting-gathering to pastoral and agricultural,

    curiosity to know the truth
    elements that made the universe
    earth wasn't at the center
    and Copernicus life was doomed
    so the galileo for his assertions
    Kanada who talked about atoms
    a few who were different
    great philosophers
    speaking the truth
    Socrates critical to democracy
    Plato pure reasons
    and Aristotle's classical mechanics
    Stoicism, Zeno of Citium
    Epictetus, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius
    great names that would outlive us,

    Modern Philosophers
    age of enlightenment
    rationalism and critical thinkings
    birth of human tragedy
    great writers and thinkers
    An existential crisis in a midway
    before it was the renaissance
    creativity, innovation
    art and beauty
    trade industrialism
    slavery, the bane of human
    fight for territory
    blood had no value
    great emperor
    first right for human
    and Magna Carta followed it
    great ship battles
    cannon, gun powders
    monarchs were thrown out
    democracy had traveled centuries
    crusades to kill other's faith
    dictators and brutality
    loss of millions of lives
    but earned the gold and silvers,

    quest for liberty freedom and fraternity
    a revolution that fueled the human needs
    soul-awakening events
    trial of kings
    and justice to people
    marginalized sections were hopeful
    once again betrayed in arms of Politicians
    millions died of hunger
    and millions with the heat of the atomic bomb
    who should be blamed?
    a man
    or the crowd
    that trade powers
    from the strata of ruins of society
    to the luxuries that bring disparity,


  • seekingeternity 145w

    The Stoic Life

    Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life - Seneca

  • dazedfazed 170w

    We suffer more in imagination than in reality.