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  • dosbambi 7w

    She is well in touch with her weapon, she doesn't waste time before bringing it forth...

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #sensual #body #girlpower #weapon #knowledge #power

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    Her body has that destructive
    super figure-eight curve
    She knows her figure eight
    has a spell on them
    regardless she flaunts it like
    a peacock before them
    and walk around like
    a tiger going after his meal
    Her body gets the light's attention
    the lights are always on her
    all eyes on her
    she lives for the attention
    it's her world
    Her body is the star


  • a_hopeful_heart 10w


    My eyes set out on a
    Never-ending seach
    Only to rest when they land upon you

    My ears gone deaf
    For a period unknown
    Only to listen you calling out my name

    My nose gone numb
    In cold that stays
    Only to rejuvenate when my body smells like you

    Lies a void between my lips..
    Only to be filled with the tender suck of your lips

    Lingers empty spaces
    Between my fingers
    Only to be filled by hold of your hands

    Here dwells a choking sense
    On my throat
    Only to be revived by your breath on my neck

    I miss the touch of your tongue
    Making me tremble all over
    My love, run if you may
    Make it Spring all over again!


  • the_mystical_maiden 13w

    My sole intention is
    To be your lover
    To be your safe cover
    When you need a place
    To usher your fervors


  • soulful_sayings 14w

    The moment of love

    When my shadow is yours and yours mine,
    That's the moment of love and we shine,

    Light fades in the moment of darkness,
    When love takes place in all our madness,

    In silence we get drunk, crazy we are in stillness,
    Still is everything, but instilling us with loving wetness,

    Creating motion in us, and causing us to lose,
    That's the moment of love and intimate groove,

    For us there's no two, just an interplay of one in two,
    Eyes can't see, that Intuned they are in me and you,

    Let's close our eyes, and feel the tune,
    lay over me, or let me on you,

    Oh I feel you, i love this tuning and this way of grooving,
    Now, this is what I call the moment of love and blooming,

    Your fingers are gentle and your teeth are wild,
    Your look is intense, your breaths are mild,

    What are you doing, just keep moving,
    i love the music you're playing,

    Where does it come from, are you the player,
    Doesn't matter, just be the instrument and do the favour,

    I see your tongue dancing on me, slipping and rolling,
    I love the way it dance, as all the parts of me it's exploring,

    This is an act of unfolding of you and me,
    Why hold back anything, just let things be,

    Come even closer and let's lose what we're holding within,
    What a moment this is, which i call the moment of love and living.

  • sidh_ru 15w

    Perfection has no boundaries. It changes with your desires. If this is not called bragging , I defined myself here.

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    My sinful thoughts !

    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    In my rollercoaster of a day
    A lass caught me off gaurds
    You let my mouth to whisper profanities
    At the glimpse of a sinfully beautifulness.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    She is not a girl defined in those poems,
    But she still makes my heart whimper.
    She is the subject my mind,
    Keep reading through this day.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    Her locks are not a delicate silk;
    She does have a messy bundle of hair,
    That just tempt me to take a tuft
    And pull it in the grip of my hand.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    Those orbs are not ocean blue,
    But that make me so lost;
    Keep scrutinizing through her small eyes
    Which can even bring a stone to life.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    Even though she doesn't own a pointed nose,
    It is painted in the colour of rose.
    Her skin is not so fair
    But that seems to be weaven by angels.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    Perfect and well carved lips are not hers,
    Hers are plumpy enough and curved downwards
    And tingling with pinkish glow,
    Keep those lips parted she gives me a attack.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    Her cheeks are not skinny,
    Those are not alike petals,
    With some pimples and holes
    Her chubby cheeks glittered in sunlight.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    Next to her double chin;
    Her neck is like a bottle of aged wine.
    Holding her head high,
    Her neck portrayed an artistic vase.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    With a glance at her collarbone,
    My mind wandered to a well arched bow.
    Even in the v neck she has,
    There is no showcase of her valley.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    Those peaks are not perfectly round and high,
    They are so slaggy and repelled
    Yet I can't take my eyes off
    I said " Oh god ! Please help me. "
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    With some of her joys deposited in sideways,
    Her physique owns the curves of divinity.
    Just for swaying to the music,
    Her bowy hips are built so perfect.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    Those models described as beauties,
    Own slender and long leg like poles.
    But hers are short enough to be folded
    And blown enough to be stuffed in her jeans.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    She doesn't wear a dress of designer,
    Her shoes are not from Dior,
    Strawberry is not her flavour,
    But the thing that knock me to floor is her demeanor.
    Oh my sinful thoughts !
    Though she is not so perfect
    She is the one makes my mind corrupt.
    I know you already create a scene
    Of her with every ounce of my desire
    Just to make her mind only to think of me
    With every muscle of her body
    And to leave her there breathless
    To realize what just happened.
    My mind is urging to have those moments
    Which will feel as dreamy as heaven.

  • agjproverbs 19w

    Restore my soul,
    make me whole.
    Love me hard...
    churn my butter to lard.

    Take me to the moon,
    be my bigger spoon.
    Make my body swoon and swill...
    touch that spot and give me chills.

    Echo chambers of time,
    carry over the finish line.
    You're becoming one with me,
    connecting on a deeper level of we.

  • aghoriamli 26w

    शाम संगीत और चुम्बन।
    यह है जीवन का अद्भुत संगम
    कशमकशो कठिनाइयों को दूर करता
    दो दिलों की तरंगो का मधुर बंधन
    समाज के चूतियापो का करता खंडन
    तूफानी लहरे बहकता मन और तुम्हारा साथ
    इस तिलस्मी दुनिया मे कयामत की रात
    रूह जिस्म और भीगे भीगे अल्फाज
    करे सदाबहार इश्क का आगाज
    अघोरी अमली लिखे हजारों अफसाने
    नाचे गाए मौज मनाए आशिक दीवाने
    शाम संगीत और चुम्बन
    यह है जीवन का अद्भुत संगम

    -अघोरी अमली

  • spirit_13 31w

    To you

    As the wind of love gleans
    over the skins of being,
    I become what I could never
    imagine in my greatest dreams

    The trinkets that are
    your sweet musings for me,
    Amaze my soul,
    deep in a miraculous sensual breeze.

  • lostthoughts73 34w


    Random costumes Dancing ballrooms
    All these memories made we forget
    Lace your arm you Palm to palm you
    Lock my fingers cuff me to the bed

    A kiss in the night I've found you
    Close off the blinds No one around you
    Wake me inside I'm chasing
    I've come up to breathe
    Your touch becomes my Greed

    Dwelling sighs Peace inside
    Empty rooms full of regret
    Was it a part A broken start
    What could I amend?

    A kiss in the night I've found you
    Close off the blinds No one around you
    Wake me inside I'm waiting
    I'm begging on my knees
    Your touch becomes my Greed


  • mishti__ 41w

    This kinda sensualhearts;️
    This defines my view for Crimson red #colour #color.
    #erotic #sensual

    ( also would like to write a short message for @lovenotes_from_carolyn on her birthday)

    I know I'm late, but it's not too late. Happy birthday dear Carolyn. You've been so much supportive in this writing journey of mine. You appreciate everything I write and also correct me when I am wrong! I am so grateful for you dear. Happy Birthday, hope all your wishes come true!!

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    We lay naked,
    Me on you,
    My head on your bare chest.
    On the silk sheets,
    Our love dripping;
    While we sweat.
    The fragrance of;
    Our connection,
    Fill up the room.
    All the miseries vanished;
    Stress revealed,
    We lay naked.
    The tension and temptation;
    Meet up mixing,
    Leaving me crimsoned.
    The rose petals around us;
    Excited to tell a,
    Different tale.
    The dahlias in the corner;
    Smile at us,
    Knowing what we;
    mean to one other.
    We lay naked.
    The strawberry shade of my;
    Plump lips,
    Scattered all around you.
    You look like an artist,
    Who studied me well.
    Analyzing every inch.
    All I see is you now;
    Filled up with,
    Life, health, vigor,
    War, courage, anger and
    My sensual love.
    I see you bleeding my love,
    Like the finest;
    poetry of all the time while;
    We lay naked.

  • yoganksingh 42w


    मेरे बाजुओं जो उत्साह है,
    तुम्हे बाहों में भरने के लिए,
    कितना तड़पता है ये दिल,
    तुम्हारे पास से गुजरने के लिए।

    मेरे मुख पर लालिमा है,
    बस यह सोचकर,
    मैं क्या क्या करूंगा,
    तुम्हारा हो कर।

    वो जो "हाय" निकलती है,
    तुम्हे जब मैं देखता हूं,
    मैं ही जानता हूं,
    की खुद को कैसे रोकता हूं।

  • thehealer10 42w

    Niamh's Gaze

    In the dark of night searching for your light.

    My mind wonders what could of been.
    Instantly thoughts of a simpler time rush to the
    Surface of my wandering mind, like a bee
    Sting, your essence still lingers and I'm stuck.

    Yearning for our plans to come to Fruition
    Oblivious to your machinations, I prepare for a
    Union of voluptuous Dionysian adventures


  • tonie222 43w


    Layer by layer
    My clothing shall fall
    You will look at me in awe
    Adoring imperfections
    Loving sensual
    Your fingers touch my skin
    Tongue caressing ever
    Part of my body
    A blank canvas
    For your design
    Unfolding my body
    Just as you did my heart years ago

  • tonie222 43w

    This Counter

    You have given me great comfort

    Holding my makeup





    Yes, me is that so surprising

  • the_mystical_maiden 43w

    Unravel my mystery
    With your lustful lips
    Create a new history
    With your passionate tricks


  • lunarwolf 46w

    Just another random write. Its sensual with slight eroticism.

    This night encircles us
    as you twinkle only for us
    these black egyptian sheets become your skies
    so you're the only star that's in my constellation
    while I burn from the touch of your presence
    your essence mixes with my passions
    tonight you'll be my star
    while I dwell in your galaxy

    Twinkle and shine your brightest
    let me cover you with my eclipse of love for all to see
    while you dwell beyond space and time alongside of me
    let the skies of these sheets cover us
    as we tour through the heavens like a comet
    no one will utter dismay at our show
    for we dwell beyond the reaches of the well known

    Sensual pleasures sparkle
    yet they fail to compare to the fire of you
    the desire quells my staring
    for tonight the moon compared to you is lacking
    so shine your brightest for me
    as I sing your name tickling poetry's ear
    by letting it be known your shine is for only me
    while I gift you with love without fear

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #star #love #sensual

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    My Seductive Star

    You lay upon the darkness with such beauty that I wish upon you with all my body and heart

  • zaarun 46w


    "Her gaze does the half work;
    her touch does the other half. "

  • truevibes 47w

    Werewolves on a full moon night

    Welcome, desire, haunt me as much as you need,
    Caress the tissues inside with your hungry rage,
    Fasten my rickety palms in yours,
    Squeeze them aggressively until they melt.

    Kiss the dark inside me,
    Turn it into a blinding light.
    Let my hands slide over your velvety epidermis,
    And ignite a fire that relumes my soul.

    Maroon the insecurities you carry on those tender shoulders,
    License your heartbeat to dance with mine,
    Swim naked in my closed eyes,
    I'll do the same and drown in yours.

    Feel alive, feed my life!
    I'll gag your moans with my lips,
    Dip my tongue in your sweat,
    Quench my thirst for a bit;
    That which rejuvenates,
    Everytime your curves and edges slash against me.

    Together, shall we commit a crime?
    A divine sin,
    In the grasslands of pleasure.
    Shall we walk together in those ethereal meadows?
    Hand-in-hand, entwined.
    Shall we be two werewolves making love on a full moon night?

    It doesn't matter if we cannot stay forever,
    Let us not depart like clouds after sharing the rain,
    For the night is young,
    And so could we,
    In each other's arms,
    In the silence of our minds,
    Before we bid our imminent goodbyes.


  • mrguilty 51w


    Envisioning that fruitful destination
    Syncing her beats to each seconds
    Yearning for a scented authority's presence
    Losing herself into a euphoric voltage
    Pandemonium of such motives
    Were always there..Always will be
    She knows them. She longs for them
    Every single time. Every single night..

    Surreal substances start to charge up
    Making such explosions ready
    Playing with an amorous fire, already
    Expanding. Flaring. Urging. Settling
    Surreal shade transforms
    Into a crashing truculence
    Calling that raw paradise of an ecstasy’s cage
    Spreading between such lusciousness
    Contemplating that dash of her lustrous rage
    Shushing herself, oh so quietly She awaits..

  • mrguilty 51w