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    Ending my #septemberspesh with this.

    I am sorry. Wrote this in a hurry. Thank you for all the love and support. Without you all, I would have been nothing. Love you. All of you.♥️

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    And I felt the cracks of my night sky,
    Brimming with the stars from your soul

    While I painted your daylight
    With strokes of gratitude from my heart.

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    The blank pages in my diary kept us apart,
    As I saw my rhymes from me dart.
    Caressed my verses naming it an art
    Stitched metaphors along with my broken heart.
    Fumbling along the parched streets of the mart,
    I keep wondering if I could endure another start.

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    I stole colours from my tears,
    And painted a smile for you.

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    Amidst the fluffy cracks of the clouds, the sky peeped in. As I take a seat over the slippery, mist-filled grass, I breathe the fantasy accumulating in that particular night. And I knew, the night which lives, today will dance among my extant and his memories.

    The new moon glistened, cradling serenity and solace in the arms. Its curve reminded me of his smile. The smile, still warming up my heart. The smile I once called, mine. His smile introduced me to his world of ecstasy. World filled with his daydreams, drifting bubbles bursting when they collide within our touch, where delicacy crowned its epitome. He wasn't the ideal boy for the world. Had his own weaknesses, when he would grasp onto my hand; had his own fears, when he would let his tears flow; had his own lunacy, when he would weave me amidst his fancies. He was different, in every different way, stealing my possessions to gift me my happiness.

    The stars ordained themselves, flickering the whole time for me to notice them. They reminded me of his roguish eyes, which would stop by me. His agile fingers, running bonkers until they found my clasp over theirs. While his ardent eyes would compel me to drown in the depth they reflect, his fingers would find their way to the chords of my heart.

    The dark, turquoise sky refurbished with the glowing new moon and the scintillating stars, reminds me of the never-ending tunes every lover sings today. It reminds me of, how the echoes become your abode once you lose the voice you owned. Of, how the estuary still carries the drops, which was once the part of the chasmic ocean. Of, how a single person can paint the entire cosmos on the blank canvas your abandoned lips.

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    //If I could,
    I would be the prism for your beam of light,
    Scattering the essence of your love
    With the prismatic shades of my poetry.//

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    • My sixth collab with the most talented @asphodel_

    "I hate you, you know that right?" My eyes strangled beholding the geriatric couple on the other bench.
    "I hate you too my love," said the old man to her lady, with their lips cuddling the soft cotton candy and eyes rolling over the smiles concealed in their verses. I turned my back, maybe because I don't want to see 'us' in them.

    Years back, it was me and him cherishing the grin marked on each other's face, under the same sky, on the same bench inside this park. Today I see dozens of teenage dyads around myself, but my heart lures those old aged like an insect does to nectar. They made it so long together, with the same love and even more. Love isn't bound with the time you walked with each other but how tightly you hold that heart. The feeble string that tied him close to me, detached when I was young. Should I call it the same as 'teenage love' ? Maybe yes, cuz I knew little to get hold of the purity and responsibility of it, in us. He is long gone but I could see him in that old man, caressing his soulmate. That bench still recites our name but scoffingly, we're no more 'us'.

    //Maybe, not everybody is lucky enough to walk miles together until the hair gets grey. Not all golden years are booked for souls with dark hue.//


    The way he smirks when he says my name; how when he is near me, I forget to breathe sometimes. I don't want ro ruin his touch, with my mundane motions. Even the slightest gesture of my ribs would scotch our perfect moment, I thought. And I would just lie there, staring at his lips curving towards the stars, enhancing their charm, for me. He never promised to bring me the moon, neither did I craved for it. The brightest star would gleam in the night sky, and I would still be adoring his smile.
    "What happened?" He would ask with a smile.
    "Maybe you know." I shrug and continue glaring.
    His presence felt warmer than my entire woollen wardrobe. And the moment his agile fingers found the gaps betwixt mine; I could sense the void in my soul dwindling along the shore, waving me goodbyes.

    //Maybe forever is a myth, but his contemporary extant beside me, would be enough to weave memories I could cherish forever. Maybe we won't get to grasp our wrinkled, trembling hands but my eyes could still recall our intricate souvenirs for my heart to rejoice in my deathbed.//


    #daadisbae #wn #pod #septemberspesh #eyes #bookc #readthisJ
    "The way he smirks when he says my name; how when he's near me, I forget to breathe sometimes." ~ From P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Hans.

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    And while I was busy lacing the cityscapes from my balcony,
    His eyes unveiled the galaxies he painted on me with his stare.

  • daphnae 62w

    I thought forever was a myth,

    And then he took me to his brook of poetries.

  • daphnae 62w


    • My heartbeat: I didn't know I loved my throbbing heart until it evinced my existence in those dead, lonely nights.

    • My undone stiches: I didn't know I loved the undone stitches in my heart, until it bleeded myriads of metaphors into the rhymes of my poems.

    • My abridged hopes: I didn't know I loved my unfulfilled hopes, until I could reveal another dawn in the dark sky of reality.

    • My goosebumps: I didn't know I loved the goosebumps on my skin until the day I felt every bump holding the evidence of my valiant heart.

    • The soil after rain: I didn't know I loved the rain-kissed earth, until I stepped on it to find the soil caressing my feel with their eternal love.

    • That coconut tree: I didn't know I loved that huge coconut tree standing beside my window, until the day I felt its absence in the sunlight warming up my skin.

    • The stars in the cosmos: I didn't know I loved the twinkling stars of the nightsky until I could espy them etching poetries amidst the voids which detach them.

    • Their eyes: I didn't know I loved reading the eyes of the people, until I figured out every vibrant story being painted out on their stare.


    @barefoot You can't imagine how this prompt helped me.
    @veloc1ty_ Thank you for tagging me in that beauty.

    #thingsididntknowiloved #mirakee #wn #pod #septemberspesh #kimo #eyes

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    //The love searched resides in the midget things
    We endure rather than the
    Scintillating yonder//

    //The rainbows painted in the azure sky,
    Reflected my spectrum of
    My extant among them//

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    //Wherever you go, whatever you do,
    I will be right here waiting for you.
    Whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks,
    I will be right here waiting for you.//

    Today, once again, I visited my heart I have been ignoring for the last one week. Once again, I reached the murky corridor carrying your essence in every corner of the walls. The same corridor, where I let myself slip amidst your compelling laurels. I slipped and watched myself sink, everytime your lips smirked with ny name betwixt. And I felt you grasping my soul with the fear of losing me, forever. The fear in your eyes, somehow, clinched the solace your arms rendered to mine. Watching you stitch the wounds of my soul with your fabricated love and smiles, my rhymes started searching for the metaphors of love, to rest within. You enticed my verses to flow along the waves of the chasmic ocean, residing in your eyes. And I could feel love pouring down through every pore of my skin.

    Today, my skin still gets drenched, as the pores shed tears of hope my eyes forgot to. I still espy myself slipping away into the unending burrow of our memories, I digged. The thought of your return still grabs me up, draping me with the most fragile threads of hope. My wounds, getting deeper and harrowing by the end of the day, still waits for your stitches and smiles. My rhymes still collect the tiniest bit of 'you' in the metaphors I dip inside melancholy.

    I still long for your existence, beside me. I still wait for your fingers to replace the void betwixt my fingers. I still wish to carve poetries of love encasing 'us' together. I stand here, along with the broken fragments of my incomplete poetries, waiting for you to weave them together.


    (If you know this song, I love you. And if you don't, please listen to it.)

    #songc #mirakee #wn #pod #septemberspesh #fiction #readthisJ #eyes

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    And if someone asks where I am, tell them I am here, in the pallid corridor, which once bore the eternal songs of our proximity.

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    And when you would be bleeding in your poetries of melancholy, writing about how I forgot you; I would be adding the ninety-ninth song in the album of our 'unsung romance'.

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    You said I was your moon,
    Then why my dear
    did you waver to behold my scars?

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    8 one-liners cuz tears for me can't be expressed in just one line.

    I don't know about others, but
    Tears have helped me when no one did.
    Tears have been my ultimate strength and companion when my soul gave up.
    Tears have been the only connection my mind could hold to.

    #tears #mirakee #wn #pod #septemberspesh #me

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    Tears have donned the pain, my heart couldn't cradle anymore.

    Tears have braced me solace, when no one could fill the gaps betwixt my fingers.

    Tears have carried the message, my lips were afraid to decipher.

    Tears have known me better than any of the bosom buddies I claim.

    Tears have weaved me when, people spurned to even touch me.

    Tears have brimmed my thirst with the taste of concord and serenity.

    Tears have rendered my the strength to hold on a little more to the excruciating ropes.

    Tears have been my ultimate companion from the day I was born to the day I would be buried.


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    A mere rant. Bear with this. And anyone can use these lines if they like. Maybe a prompt you take.�� (Tag me okay��)

    #mirakee #wn #pod #readthisJ #septemberspesh (#rantspecial)

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    He stitched the void, you left in my heart.
    He kissed my forehead, you filled with frowns.
    He grabbed down the shooting stars for me, from the sky you painted with darkness.
    He crumbled the letters of guilt, you scribbled in my heart.
    He embraced my flaws, you spurned on my face.
    He connected the dots of my existence, you scattered over.
    He grasped my soul, you shoved off the shore.

    And today, finally, I choose him over you.

  • daphnae 63w

    Here, 'you' refers to ~ My poems.

    There was a tinge of sadness in her voice, as she narrated her tale to the audience:

    //And today, I am ready to fill the voids betwixt the stars shining with my rhymes brimming with euphoria. The cosmos, which I would paint around the mystical conundrums would offer smiles to unfurl the answers buried with them. I would sketch a paradise for us, where we shall live till eternity. Recalling the days when I made you a part of me, and now, you never feel like someone else. We are one, and will be forever. Pain would just be a myth, as we read about it in those storybooks.

    The gloom would dwindle along with the stars at dawn. And along with the sun, would be there a moppet holding our fingers. Cradling it in our arms, we would name it 'Hope'. And as the fireflies drape us along their twinkling entity, the singing birds would embrace us with their mellifluous songs of solace. The sun would be warm against our skin, but the zephyr carrying sonnets of love would make 'hope' giggle. And, you and me would just smile along the way. The soft drizzle of metaphors would drench you with love. And you would look more and more beautiful with every drop you absorbed within.

    On the way, we would find an orchard bearing plums of gratitude. I took one secretly, and could whisper the only thing my heart echoed, "Thank you." Your eyes could reflect every light of love. And we went on, hand in hand, furbishing the voids of my loneliness and etching a smile on their faces.... With 'hope' in my life, I started carving you down in papers but more in my heart. I could feel my future smiling, watching us together, holding 'Hope' in our hands.

    People fear darkness in their lives, but then, how will your stars shimmer in the day?//

    And the sadness in her voice turned out to be her strength in the entire journey of her blissful poetries.

    #sadness #mirakee #wn #pod #septemberspesh #ffossil (zephyr and moppet, orchards and smiles) #prompt_a_day (hope) #eyes #zephyr

    @fleeing_fossil @whiskey_whispers

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    Don't wait for the sun to decipher your sparkle.
    Glisten among the moon and the stars, waiting for you in the dark.

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    I picked up the dull grey T-shirt today. Resembling the other days, it still carried the essence of the day our proximity touched its apogee. The first time you lighted my cigarette. Your roguish giggle when I ended up coughing still renders me the warmth I felt, when you kissed me that night. The same night, since the cigarette started smelling like you.

    Disrobing me, with every drop of delicacy you had, until I brimmed with the eccentric ecstasy. Breathing against my collarbones and filling my skin with your elixir, you took me to the surreal carousel of love and euphoria. And your fingers fondled my body like the strings of the ethereal ukulele, far from the reach of mankind. My cascading tears when I felt you inside me, was the proof of my soul surrendering into yours, of the laces we entwined and adorned with each other. I could sense my thirst imploding while inhaling amidst your fragile cadence. It was the night I could hear my name in every beat of your heart, it was the night I drowned in my favourite poesy: you.

    //And now, while your eyes reflected euphoria everytime we met, your lips voiced a cage of our apocalypse within our abode. Your eyes breathed clearly, love and affection, but your words led me to the labyrinth of guilt without any door to egress. And I lay here, trapped inside the maze of your words, still hoping to converse with your eyes someday.//


    (My first try at erotica. And I seriously need your suggestions and remarks @wild_aish )

    #mirakee #wn #pod #septemberspesh #erotica #labyrinthc

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    They say I carve love in my poetries like no one does. Shall I prove them wrong by unveiling your eyes?

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    And among those chaos and conflicts, I forgot that all I was fighting for was, love.

  • daphnae 63w

    Does Love exist or is it just a desire brought about by the feeling of want?
    //Love exists, betwixt every relationship you failed to understand. It's not a desire, it's the exact reason behind your existence.//
    Is Love a feeling or just an illusion that comes to life and then comes to a scant?
    //Love is a feeling which is ineffable. Maybe that's why we are messing up love with some dictionaries of the earthly languages. Love is never an illusion, the idea of love which we have been taking with us, is.//
    Are we subjects to love for the chemistry that comes to form a bond that may burst?
    //Our bond never bursts, and being in love is never about chemistry. It's about how important the person is for you, even after years of distance.//
    And is Love a part of the story in the future books of history as a past?
    //Love is a story, which lives forever. It's a story which could never be put into a book because tales of love never end.//
    Is Love a spell that was to be part of the beings upon which are cast?
    //Love is not a spell that can be cast over someone. It's the most unexpected feeling you will ever endure.//
    Does Love really exist?
    //Yes, love exists behind everything you do. Behind every broken soul and every happy face. Love exists and will exist forever.//

    Yes I was left torn into pieces
    With whom i thought I was at peace,
    Being afraid of a new dawn
    'Coz as u left it let me down. 
    But I'm glad it was so as it is
    I told you I'd move on,
    Its too late I've moved on.

    The moments we shared had passed 
    Well, now all is burried with the past.
    As I was afraid down to cast
    Suddenly all is gone at last.
    Hard as I tried to grasp
    All in vain was left to gasp.
    I told you I'd move on
    Its too late I've moved on. 

    The thought of it being a blessing
    To you all this seeming like a setting.
    For it to change by the moment
    Well, for u it worked so potent,
    But for you its too late. 
    I told you I'd move on
    Its too late I've moved on.

    //And maybe I too failed in love. Maybe love is so rare to find, you would eventually give up the search. Maybe love, sometimes, can hide so deep inside you, you forget that it ever was a part of you. Maybe, love was never a thing we could ever imagine, because love is beyond imagination. And sometimes love can include heartbreaks and pain too, just as it included the bliss and utopia.//
    ©Animation and ©saya__

    The lines between the double slashes are mine.
    @pj_animation holds the other part.

    #mirakee #pod #wn #septemberspesh #collab #love #heartbreaks

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    Love and heartbreaks

  • daphnae 63w

    Tantalizing me from the door, the fireflies left me longing for them. To grasp them in my soft hands, until they fornicate amongst themselves to engender a new beginning to their petite progeny. I craved to touch the green paddy, to see them burgeoning beauty in the eyes of the jostling sightseers. I wait to engulf the sky in my eyes, just to embellish them with the stars I have fabricated out of love that never fades. I wish to hold the hearts of the nomads, just to direct them to the abode of their beauty, silently residing along their heart. I want them to believe, in their hidden elegance, just like I breathe for the part of my soul belonging to Aphrodite.

    The closed door, I would stare with my gleaming eyes. Engraving patterns of conflicts amidst my cramped mind, just like the patterns etched on its body. The conflicts of witnessing the nature bloom and wither from its panel or cross the boundaries to finally endure the touch: conflicts of fear that everything looks beautiful from miles yonder and the jeopardy encasing itself in its intimacy. Conflicts of desire to live today with eccentric joy in quietus, or concoct for the unseen future waiting ashore. And everytime the conflicts rest in the conclusion, my mind finds my soul creating an Athena, embracing every sonder in a way more elucidating from the prior.

    And today, as I watch the closed door, I could see the vivid Athena smiling over the locks: always prudent enough for the reality to confront. And as soon as I open my door, I find Aphrodite waiting for me, to take me to my dreams of desires, letting me caress my beauty with pride.


    (Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare. And Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty and Desires. And I can feel both of them inside my soul.)

    @writersbay Unexpected. Tons and tons of love.

    #furniture #mirakee #wn #pod #septemberspesh #greekc #daadisbae (leo)

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    The door to my eternity

  • daphnae 63w

    I remember the first time our eyes met. It felt as if your burgeoning tides clashed the mountains of my heart. It was the first time, the rain meant something more than just the water drops pouring, the first time I understood the birds singing, the first time I could listen to my throbbing heart. It was the first time, I felt new leaves sprouting up from my heart. Even the chilly wintertides induced every kind if electric warmth.

    Your eyes always used to take me on different journeys. Journeys, eccentric and soothing. Journeys which I never wanted to end. Journeys, taking me to the depth of the blue ocean and the vast meadows glowing with pristine green. And when your voice mingles along with the sweet petrichor, I started to feel recently, I would feel like a cradled baby amidst your soft lullabies. The lullabies promising another morning, with a greater radiance. The lullabies, your ears would echo and never stop: and every time, the essence would grow stronger and stronger.

    I have heard people explaining heartbreaks. I have heard them screaming silently over the spaces in their poetries. The fear of heartbreaks, kept me from unbolting the window to my heart. But I never knew when my soul escaped and caged itself inside yours. Maybe, it was that day, when our eyes spoke everything our lips failed to voice; when our thoughts, hiding behind the words, were naked enough to be seen clearly; when my eyes captured your soul before I looked at your shoes. Maybe it was that day, when I peeked inside your eyes to find the colourful cosmos, ignoring those black circles beneath.

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    And everytime they ask me about my favourite book, "His eyes" is my reply.

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    A poem begins as a callus to the wounded soul, we have been stitching with our craving rhymes.