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  • beensn 3w

    Love n care

    Thought, Love and Care are two faces of the same coin,
    But no, we have changed the definition.
    They both have terminated their relation.
    Love has started attaching strings,
    Care is listed as one of the paid services,
    Love and care in their true sense has become bakwas!
    Love you my child, love you dear, love you mom/dad,
    Have become just a formality, it's too bad.
    Though you have them at heart but don't say it aloud, you are old fashioned!
    Love without care is nonsense,
    Care without love is pure business.
    Let's tie them back with firm knots.
    © beensN

  • alonestar1 15w


    कहने को तो सेवा करते,,,
    लेकिन पेट भरता उनका घूस से है ।।


  • inspire_churchill 30w

    Give me thee to receive me

    A masterpiece crafted from the embers to perfection

    Thrust thy Spirit into mine vessel

    All I have is what thou has given me

    A life to lend

    A service to render

    A substitute for a life not mine

    Here in I stand with outstretched arms

    Mine gaze fixed on you

    My all in all

    The essence of mine life is thine life

    The breath of my being

    Thine breath in me

    Oh thou Eternal one thy face I seek

    Draw me into thee

    Wells of living waters gushing out of me

    Thee my source

    The source of all that there is

    Immortal invisible Being

    Help me be one with thee

    #service @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    GiFt Me YoU

  • hawaii 31w

    Live simple. Live to serve.


  • _the_soul_writer 38w

    World Humanitarian Day

    Work done in rhe spirit of service
    is the Highest form of

  • mijoabin 39w

    The nurse stood and faced God.
    Which must always come to pass.
    She hoped her uniform was clean,
    She’d gotten dressed kind of fast.

    "Step forward now, nurse.
    How shall I deal with you?
    Have you always turned the other cheek?
    To my church have you been true?"

    The nurse squared her shoulders and said,
    "No Lord I guess I ain’t,
    cause those of us who wade in blood,
    can’t always be a saint.

    I’ve had to work most Sundays,
    and at times my talk was tough.
    And at times I’ve been violent,
    cause sometimes my patients are awful rough.

    But I never took a penny
    that wasn’t mine to keep…
    although I worked a lot of overtime,
    when the bills got far too steep.

    And I never passed a cry for help,
    though at times I shook with fear.
    And sometimes, God forgive me,
    I wept unmanly tears.

    I know I don’t deserve a place
    among the people here.
    They never wanted me around,
    except to calm their fears.

    If you have a place for me, Lord,
    It needn’t be so grand.
    I never expected or had too much,
    But if you don’t I understand."

    There was silence all around the throne,
    where saints had often trod.
    As there the nurse waited quietly
    for the judgment of her God.

    "Step forward now, nurse.
    You’ve borne your burdens well.
    Walk peacefully on heavens streets.
    You’ve done your time in hell."

    -Author Unknown.

    #god #care #nurse #service

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  • mrspectacular 52w


    Charles sits in his room most of the day, dreaming of how much better his life would be if his feet functioned as properly as they should. Just then, as he is ruminating on the possibility of how beautiful his life should be, his assistant Marcel, a young slender man in his thirties he had employed through the help of an agency strolls into the room, a tastefully furnished thirty meters wide bedroom to ask if he would like to go for a stroll outside for a moment instead of sitting inside all day feeling sorry for himself.
    Marcel expects an outburst as usual. A fit of rage from Charles demanding to be left alone as he flings whatever is around him at that moment at his disturber but to his greatest consternation, Charles obliges his request saying,
    'You know what? I think you are right', he says with a smile that seems very alien to him. 'I'm not dead. I'm just paralyzed that's all. Please let's go.'

    Marcel wheels Charles out of his room into the courtyard and out of the gate as he pushes him around for a little fresh air. He takes Charles through three streets, engaging him in conversations about places as they wheel through, making Charles smile so often as though he is watching his favourite sitcom which he does not have as he never has interest for television, only staring into the sky and watching the birds fly and the clouds move while he calculates his losses in life. Today however he would see life in a different light.
    Getting to a pedestrian bridge linking the lands flanking the River Sparringrow, Charles notices a particular man standing at the railings of the bridge, Charles asks Marcel to push him towards the man and this he does. Getting to him,
    'Hello sir, my name is Charles. It is a really nice weather we are having today, isn't it?', Charles asks trying to start a conversation.
    'Who cares?', the man, Thompson asks rhetorically visibly frustrated at something.
    'Oh I do and as a matter of appreciation, you should too', Charles admonishes with a smile.
    'Listen to me. I don't know you and I can tell you don't know how bad I am feeling right now so if you don't mind, I was about to end it all before your interruption. By the way, I think you should join me too because you look hideous'.
    'You got that right. I look hideous. Damn right, No one would want to be me but look at you sir. You have legs to walk around the place, I have to wait on that young man over there for every move I want to make so don't you think I have every reason to want to 'end it all'?
    'Yes, that is the reason I asked you to come join me'
    'Well, life's too beautiful to take my life and lose the beautiful things it has to offer untimely. Certainly there comes a time a man must die but by the cause of nation. Otherwise he is a coward running from battles he is well equipped for. Again I don't know you but I am pretty sure whatever it is you are going through would clearly not last forever. Whatever it is, I'm sure if you stay strong, you will be more than proud of who you turn out to be as a result of the hard times which are clearly meant to hone you and not own you'.
    'I have lost everything. I lost my job', Thompson begins listing the reasons he feels he should end it.
    'There are billions of jobs out there that would be willing to take a handsome, strong young man like yourself sir but they would not see you if you're dead, would they?' Charles tries to encourage him.
    'I lost my wife...'
    'Again, my good sir. Look at yourself. You can clearly get any lady you so please. Apologies for her death'.
    'No, she did not die. She left along with kids'
    'Well, she was not to be yours or she did not know value. There are lots and lots of ladies out there I am sure who would be more than happy to be the next Mrs. Thompson but would we ever know if you take your life?', Charles asks rhetorically. 'No obviously. C'mon there is a lot to live for out here.'
    He freezes right there on the ledge rethinking his decision to take his own life. He is not certain if going with this paralyzed stranger's advice is the best for him. They just meet for what...like thirty seconds...What could he possibly know about him to advise him on what to do about his issues. He begins dilly-dallying on whether he really wants to go with Charles's advice or go all in with his own. Death, already stimulated to receive him, plays a fast one as he slips and falls off the bridge but grabbing the railing of the bridge, he yells for assistance.
    'Help me...No...I don't want to die anymore', he screams as he begins to imagine the gory face of death staring at him and smiling while pulling him towards itself menacingly. He suddenly stops feeling the breeze from the stream on his body as he battles to hold on to the rail that seems to currently hold his life.
    'Somebody please help him', Charles screams helplessly. Marcel quickly rises to the occasion ,running across from the park bench where he is seated while he imagined someone else would help Thompson out of the mouth of death. Grabbing Thompson by the hand, he attempts to pull him up but fear seems to get the better part of Thompson as he holds to the rail obstinately.
    'Sir, I know you are scared but I cannot help you unless you give me your hand so I can pull you up', Marcel says as he tries to convince Thompson to let go of the rail so he can be rescued.
    'But I will fall and die', Thompson's replies fearfully.
    'I will not let you fall sir. Trust me', Marcel says reassuring Thompson that he is particular about bringing him safely over the rail.
    Seeing he has no choice, Thompson decides to let go of the rail and let Marcel pull him in. Trying hard for two whole minutes, Marcel finally gets Thompson over the rail. Once he is over the rail, Thompson gives Marcel a tight hug thanking him for the save while imagining how he would have drown inside the fast running water or worse still hit his head against some hard surface hidden under the water and died.
    'Thank you friendly angel', Thompson says. 'I owe you my life'.
    'Oh it's okay sir', Marcel says unwilling to be made to look like some hero who had just saved the Earth.
    'And you, worthy sir', he says as he turns to Charles. 'Thank you for the advice. I promise to do as you have advised'.
    'Oh...come off it', Charles responds modestly. 'It's always a pleasure to help. Please try to always see the positive in every situation. Life is certainly sweeter that way'
    'Thank you so much', Thompson says once more as he walks away dropping his card with Marcel.
    'I'm really glad I came out today you know', Charles says to Marcel as he wheels him home. 'We should do this more often'.
    Marcel smiles pleased that Charles feels much better about himself now.

  • alok_sharma 54w

    True Service

    When you work with true service, you definitely get its reward.
    जब आप सच्ची सेवा के साथ काम करते हैं, तो आपको इसका फल जरूर मिलता है।

  • inspire_churchill 57w


    Give me thee to receive me
    A masterpiece crafted from the embers to perfection
    Thrust thy Spirit into thine vessel
    All I have is what thou have given
    A life to lend
    A service to render


  • pranpuri 57w


    I am the person who understands service only and considers Shudra quality is only quality to being human.

  • hawaii 60w

    What is my need? My need is for humanity to prosper.


  • good_soul 64w

    Finding BLISS in SERVICE.

    When there's Love, there's Service.

    One automatically becomes the servant of their Lover.
    It's not a service done for formalities, it's performed out of Love.

    Taking care of the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs of our loved ones becomes an obligatory duty.
    It's a Responsibility for every heart that loves, to Satisfy and Please the one it loves.

    But we see, even after doing everything, loving someone till our last breath, we see that, they are still not satisfied.

    Father is busy serving his family, Man is busy serving his Wife and vice versa, Soldier is busy serving his Nation, Social Workers are busy serving the Society, but their efforts are very much in vain.

    Today, no one will be happy with whatever we do for them. No matter how much you try to please them, their happiness is short termed.

    After sacrificing and losing so much, working day and night for everyone, with all our blood, sweat and tears, at last they say, “What have you done for us?”

    And that's when we come to know that even our own happiness was temporary. It doesn't matter if our love was pure and unconditional, it won't be valued in this world. Our hearts will certainly shatter.

    Only and only God knows the true value of your love, your tears and your affection.

    Krishna is the epitome of Love.
    Devotional Service rendered to Him out of pure love is just for pleasing and satisfying Him.

    And when Krishna is satisfied, then everyone is satisfied.

    Just like if the Father, the head of the family, is satisfied and happy, the whole family, old - young, wife - daughter - son, everyone will be happy.

    Krishna is our Father.
    He is satisfied even by a single leaf, a drop of water, a small fruit or a little flower offered to Him, requisite that it is done with love. (This He confirms Himself in the Bhagvad Gita 9.26)

    And when we serve Him in this way, we would automatically become Happy and attain the state of Pure Bliss.
    This is the only way to attain the much needed Spiritual Bliss that all our souls are craving for.

    When we feel Bliss, we will feel Love.
    When we feel Love, we will automatically feel Bliss.

    This is the only way to become Happy in this world.

    To get free from problems and anxiety, we all have to take shelter to Hari.

    This is the only way to please everyone, to satisfy everyone.

    So, to make the world happy, satisfied and peaceful, we must do our best to please the Lord.

    May the blessings of Govinda be upon everyone who reads this.

    Hare Krishna.

    #bliss #service #krsna #krishna #devotion #god #serving #love #devotionalservice #servingothers

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    Emotional BLISS


    Devotional SERVICE.


  • shrihari_nandini 84w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #ramaa #padma #shri #lakshmi #vishnu #haripriya #vishnupatni #narayani #love #pure #pious #madhavi #devotion #of #daughter #service #seeking #your #love #oh #my #mother #sweet #artquill

    Fairy of Shri
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh ShriLakshmi, am your little fairy
    Oh my Padma, hence I'll serve you daily!
    Oh lotus coiffeured, you are my lady, my princess!
    And I stick to you as your personal assistant!
    Oh one who blessed the lands of Vidarbha
    And appeared in the fields of King Janaka!
    Let me bring the fresh lotus flowers,
    And dress your tresses, in perfect charms!!!
    You enchant Our Swamy, who is known as Mukunda
    You are the Lady Royal of the great Achyuta!!!
    Let me bring for you the perfect outfits,
    Which shine by your brilliance, and your own grace!
    My princess who won the Heart of my Father,
    Let me arrange your locks, in a magnificent manner!
    You are my Queen, my dear Mother,
    I am your little girl, let me perch on your shoulder!!
    Your complexion shines like that of molten gold,
    May my heart stay with you as if sold!
    My Mother, may I shower you with lotus fragrance,
    Which is rather less than you, it's you who'll enhance!
    Let me bring in your jingling preferred jewels,
    Which match with the Lord who is studded with gems!
    My Queen, I am your own little one,
    Don't forget me ever, I am your tiny servant,
    Here this winged creature's life is yours,
    Make me a fish in the ocean of your mercy with no shores,
    Let me forever hence do this service,
    May Oh Mother, you always be my only Mistress!!!

    When I was a child, I used to watch Barbie movies. One of those was 'Barbie and the Princess Charm School'. Also, I had a special attraction to Rosetta, one of Tinker Bell Series Fairies and wanted to become such a fairy.
    In the movie of Charm School, each Princess was assisted by a personal Fairy Assistant, who follows her and serves her. She arranges her make up, hair etc. I have attached a little image of the main Princess with her Fairy Assistant.
    I wish to be such a fairy for my Lakshmi Ma!!! Hence, I made a little drawing depicting this dream, I am the fairy in Ma Lakshmi's hand! (I know am not good at drawing but I had to draw this��)❤❤❤��
    Well why, would I child prefer to be a Doctor/Engineer/Lawyer, when she can be the Fairy of her Mother!!!

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: My own drawing and edit, Barbie picture I borrowed from a YouTube video (screenshot)
    ���� ������ ��������������: Lakshmi Ma and me as Fairy in her hand ❤

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    Fairy of Shri

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • imhsar 91w


    Confluence of body,
    Mind and wealth,
    Whatever you get,
    With donations,
    Hymns and service,
    Be ready to shake hands,
    To cleanse the body,
    Bring clean service sense in the heart,
    The grace of both the hands connected in prayers,
    Makes the wind even more,
    If we extend only one hand to save a drowning organism .
    By doing good deeds,
    The divine quality of the feeling of happiness is born in misery automatically.
    Service is the formless of the universe,
    Service is an extension of cosmopolitan,
    Service is the essence of devotion.

  • ppghose 97w

    My mind flutters excessively to people who are on a different path ,I compare myself with them and feel hurt,then I tell myself ,hey your path is different, focus there alone,So I focus.....#excellence #motivation #love #success #inspiration #design #leadership #education #passion #business #instagood #beauty #growth #fitness #community #quality #creative #luxury #integrity #realestate #happy #service #fashion #style #covid #entrepreneur #goals #learning #lifestyle #bhfyp #godisgood #daddysgirl #love #passion #dontgiveup #enterpreneur101

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    The Same Boat

    Always get inspired by people,
    Who are on the same path ahead of you.
    Always look around to people ,
    Who are in the same boat as you.
    Always walk with people,
    Who feel the same as you.
    Always talk to people,
    Who respect your emotions.
    Always relate to people,
    Who know, how to keep secrets
    Always Love everybody,
    But never entrust your self to anyone.
    For all people have weakness,
    And no one except God, can save everyone.

  • drunksquirrel 98w

    Warrior's Due

    To the soldiers who defends the borders
    To the healthcare workers who are healer's incarnate
    To the sanitation workers who epitomize service
    To the teachers who shapes the nation's ethos
    To the farmers who sweat-labour and tables the food
    To the tribesmen who guards nature's prestine forest and wealth
    To the activists who raise their voices for the voiceless
    To the journalists who still speaks truth to power
    To the police who still protects the people
    To the court that still deliver justice
    To the mother's who nurses her children
    And all others who barely received due praise and recognition
    We give our gratitude and reverence
    For your service to all beings
    Yesterday, today and tomorrow


  • krishna20 105w

    Challenging life...

    A rich man named 'Alfrando' had two sons. He was very fond of his property. His sons grew with everything, all available to them whenever they desired. However, his wife was a lady who grew in a spiritual family. She would always give her sons spiritual knowledge. She would teach them the value of having everthing in life, whether it's money, power, rewards or even grief and failures. So the sons grew rich in a rich family with rich moral.

    While the elder son was about 8 years old, Alfrando died. The whole family was shattered, from a family which had everything to come their home as it arrived in market to a family sharing share chapattis just to fill the stomatch. But the mother did not break. She believed in God and his divinity. She had a strong will that everything will be normal soon. The elder son completed his schooling with money his father had earned and started earning for the family. But one ill day while driving back home, he met an accident and died. Again a big thunder hit the family. This cheerful family of four was now a family of two. Everyone pittied on the lady and her son for having bad fortune. However, the mother did not break neither did she cursed God for being ruthless to her.

    After the funeral was over, she and her 14 year old son were standing in their brenda under the black sky but bright stars. The mother said to her child," Son can you see there are uncountable stars in the sky. They always appear whether it's our good night or a gloomy one. Do you know why they do so? So that when the life is good we can admire them and thank them for what we have. And when the time is bad, we can still thank them for what we had."

    She added," Never think you are alone my son, your dad and you brother have become angel now. They are with you all the time. And you can call them for anything and everything, they'll help you."
    The son listened her words carefully but did not uttered a word.

    Days passed, both of them worked hard believing in God. Life was somewhat normal in 3 years, when the boy met a monk in his high school. He was captivated by them and desired to learn from them, to find the answers of his unasked questions.
    He was doing graduation and alongside he started reading spiritual books. Once, he met a sadhuji. He asked him some of the questions which were disturbing him since childhood. Sadhuji said," Son the answers are all within you. Go search them from your within." The boy got even more confused. He then heard about meditation from one of his friends who went to attend art of living sessions. He started searching about them and was so desperate and had never giving up spirit. He participated in an article writing contest, the topic was "Nature"... He wrote spiritual contents and ended with the words his mother had said. He won the competition, but the winning was not all. His article was selected to be published in a magazine. It got popular to extreme extent. He then was asked by another magazine to write another such article for them. This was the turning point of his life.

    Now 12 years have passed since he wrote that article. The son has become one of best selling author, an activist, an spiritual speaker and motivator, and a novelist. His novel named "Alfrando and family" in which he delicately described his whole life story and was sold in billions also was translated in several different languages. He also donated good amount to charities. His mother was a member of an NGO to help people who have suffered big losses in their lives.

    MORAL: Life is difficult to live. If you've come to this
    world you will encounter problem. But it is
    upto you how you want to live.
    (Mother and the son would have got devastated. But they saw life as challenging putting faith in God, devoted what they had in service. They are respected and will be adored for ages for their great work.)


    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli #story #moral #challenginglife #miracle #service #spirituality

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    Chapter 1

    Challenging life...

  • ajaysehgal 105w


    कुदरत के सिखाने के तरीके भी गजब है साहब,
    आजकल इन्सान को मोहब्बत व खिदमत सिखा रही है

  • shubhamjoshi 107w

    ज्ञान ना बाटों

    कभी किसी अकेले के साथ अकेले बैठे हो ?
    कभी किसी के मन की बात मन से सुनी है ?
    एक भी आँसू किसी का अपने हाथ से पोंछा है जीवन में ?
    नहीं ?
    कभी किसी मुफ्त की वस्तु का मूल्य चुकाया है,
    जैसे सुनसान सड़क पर खुली प्याऊ के पानी का

    तो यहां ज्ञान ना बाटों

    कभी बिना दुनिया को दिखाए कोई दान किया है
    कभी किसी रोते हुए अनजान बच्चे को हंसाया है
    एक भी लड़की का विवाह कराया है जीवन में
    नही ?
    कभी किसी छोटे से काम की बड़ी कीमत दी है,
    जैसे भरी गर्मी में पिघलते टायर का पंचर बनाते लड़के को

    तो यहाँ ज्ञान ना बाटों

    कभी भूखे रहके दूसरे को खाना खिलाया है ?
    कभी किसी बेटिकट यात्री का टिकट बनवाया है?
    एक भी पेड़ लगाया जीवन में?
    नहीं ?
    कभी किसी छोटे होटल में बड़ी टिप दी है,
    जैसे 5 रुपये की चाय पे 500 रुपये की टिप ।

    तो यहां ज्ञान ना बांटो ।

  • vakilankita 107w

    Yeh Dosti...

    Woh bhindi aur woh dal,
    jab karti thi tu mera facial or mere baal,
    yaad aatein woh baar bar.

    Teri woh subah ki chai aur uske saath itni saari hello haaye,
    nahi bhul payungi kabhi woh chehre chaar.

    Thode jagde thodi shararat,
    yaad aayengi hum sabko woh flat ki ahahat.

    Kya din the woh jab karte the itni saari masti lekin kuch bhi kaho, kya khub khub rahi hai ab tak hum dono ki yeh jodi.