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    On a winter morning soothing rays of sun kissing the mien of mountains with zephyr of zeal whispering the haikus of hope, birds chirping love sonnets anticipating for pleasant primrose to blossom. The lake smothered with hyacinths with whiteness of swans adorning the scenic beauty of nature enchanting the earthlings. After almost a week, glimpse of sun could be observed. Everyone was eager to preserve this charm of mother nature so it was crowded near the lake. Houses were abandoned for some hours providing them some moments of silence. There was one sitting on the window still attempting to engulp all the sentiments his sight and brain could decipher at the moment. He brought his diary and pen along with the hot cup of tea. He didn't write diaries daily but whenever he could find time he liked to scribble his heart on the plain sheets. He kept his diary aside and gazed through the window while finishing his tea. He could see people in groups: children playing football, a group of teens cracking jokes and laughing, a bunch of elders with their newspapers which was just for the namesake instead they were seemed to discuss their views on some topic. Switching his sights, eventually he descried a girl standing near the yellow painted railings of the lake. He could barely see her face from here but still could feel that even in the cacophony of the crowd she was only listening to whisper of wind and observing it to ripple the water like the thoughts were rippling emotions in her heart. He could feel that there was something disturbing her. He was an introvert it was most difficult for him to interact with the strangers but don't know why he put his mug aside unfinished and just walked downstairs towards there. As he approached at the lake, he tried to say 'Hi' but couldn't utter. He lacked the courage to even say a 'Hiii'. In a moment she returned to the present, and saw a guy standing beside her, he understood he wants to initiate the conversation but was failed due to nervousness. She smiled, he also smiled and now he said 'Hiii'. She replied in 'hello' and they started conversating about their introduction and then about the morning. It's difficult to believe but introvert and the lost girl both were laughing after 10 minutes. In the mean time he saw a hawker selling blackberries in the winters, they awwed over this, getting a fruit of monsoon in winters that too here on the hills. She was fond of blackberries, so they bought some and ate together cracking jokes. The whole day had passed standing there at the lake. He told his home pointing towards and she told she lived down the hill side and sometimes used to come to perceive nature's bewitching beauty. He offered to walk with her towards her home but she said ' it's ok. It's not too late' and they bid goodbye for the day.



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    The First Meeting...

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    Strange Place

    When I sit back and let the emotions eat me away. They become a big black cloud
    Building up as I try to breathe to
    Get them away.
    They create a tunnel and swirl all around me.They lift me up and take me to a place that doesn’t feel familiar.
    I see
    I’m not from here where am I? I’m not in my land of love and care it’s a scary movie and nobody SHARES! I tumble down a dark hall. I see a pregnant woman, I slow down to see her face to see if I see the same pain. I do and then she pushes me away and I wake up in another strange place.

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    The fault or Default

    What if love has found itself in me from her,
    another intentional error for examples fantasies, imaginations and wanderings
    no one is perfect, i could hang myself for her one very imperfection
    let go, tolerate,adjust,ignore or suffer?
    her face is like a scar in my heart,
    and I am like the seasons to her,
    beautifully she reminds me of what love felt like
    sadly i remind her what it means for someone to change and leave
    letting go has been the only restore factory settings

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    The blue skies blends with the white clouds
    The cool breeze smothers the damp clothes
    The ever bright, radiant and energetic Sun refuses to scorch today
    The trees gently flaunting and shaking their leaves
    Dancing to the tunes of the silence
    The tick tack of the clock
    The dripping of the water from the tap
    The heat of the fire from the gas
    All tell of,
    Nothing but the setting of today.


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    Sunday morning

    The Verdant morning awakes with chirping and the smell of Purity in the air. Sunbeams of gold and shadows of Night interchange until finally the last hues of Twilight dissipate. I touch the morning's Dew and Savor the taste.

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    the place which comforts me in many ways
    the place brings stability of consciousness
    the place with aromatic atmosphere.
    the place which give vibes of love
    my only eden - his arms


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    Eden-his arms


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    The Storyteller's Gift

    With a few idle moments  
    Mountain ranges will climb 
    Strangers, will stride full circle 
    And another long season of shadows
    Will surrender the truth

    © William Wright, Jr. 2017