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  • directioner_05 24w

    " Delicate touch of pure souls, and unholy touch of evil hearts"

    || Once,
    when a little flower, with soft petals
    Feels the delicate touch, of pure hopeful souls
    It blooms with happiness and joy
    Spreading his petals wide, and
    emitting the fragrance of self love
    And feels one's beauty, within one's self ||

    || Meanwhile
    When the same flower, with elegant petals
    Feels the unholy touch, of evil hearts
    It slowly withers, losing all the essence
    Of happiness and joy, hiding one's petals
    And crumbling into dust , losing
    one's scent of self love , feeling pathetic,
    loathing one's self ||

    || But what if
    The crumbled pieces of that flower
    are reincarnated ? turning him into
    a more stronger plant. With a different yet
    a powerful essence of happiness and joy.
    With new leaves, and a mesmerising glow
    Radiating beauty in waves, while his tears
    make his leaves sparkles like metaphors...
    Making it love one's self, no self loathing
    But knowing one's worth, and with it's strong unbreakable roots digging into the depths of the earth inside the ground, such that
    No one could push him around, because now he's not weak, he's powerful than he ever was before ||


    The flower has learned that his tears are important, they are shiny pearls that are only shed on important people, even if he's molested and abused , he'll not waste them on (his abusers and molesters) but he'll shower them on his loved ones .

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~

  • pallavi4 55w


    She lay deadly still
    Trying to reason why she was still alive
    Why she had been left untarnished
    Tears pooled in her seemingly lifeless eyes

    He’d been someone she’d trusted
    And known for several years
    Yet he chose to violate her inspite of
    On her face seeing the fear

    Caught unawares and all alone
    She, in the knowledge that he was safe
    Had gone against her natural instinct
    Thinking that he would always behave

    He lurched at her several minutes after
    They were left all alone
    Expecting her to supposedly reciprocate
    So voracious his illicit lust had grown

    Too tiny as compared to him she couldn’t
    Move a muscle while she was pinned beneath him
    She knew once the shock wore off that
    Chances of her escaping were slim

    She pushed against him with all her might
    His back she did try to beat
    He continued to try and touch her
    While with one hand he shielded her shriek

    Disgusted, distraught and disoriented
    She gave up the minute she understood
    He was way too heavy and she wouldn’t
    Be able to slither out even if she could

    This is tougher than I thought this would be
    He thought, unable to find the right way
    To get her wretched clothes off of her
    Unafraid for a second that she would slither away

    Her concealed zippers he couldn’t find
    And so couldn’t get the clothes off her
    He touched what he could and then
    Reluctantly slid away like a defeated cur

    On hearing the click of the door she knew
    She was finally alone in the flat
    Left to her own devices to recover and go
    Shockingly having been left intact

    It was several moments later that she
    Was able to collect herself and gather
    The will to get up and leave the place
    Fearing another round of being smothered

    Her broken spirit left in shattered pieces
    Her trust left completely broken
    He was a friend who had done the unthinkable
    Leaving invisible welts on her as a token

    Slowly she collected herself and dragged
    Herself out of that abysmal place for good
    Wondering if life would ever be the same
    Given the abuse she had withstood

    Bound by tradition and family ties
    She never said a word about it a soul
    Inwardly cringed every time he vaulted to help
    Where she could do things on her own

    She never recovered inspite of the therapy
    For her, her soul had been forever marred
    She lived her life with eyes a little less bright
    Internally torn, emotionally defected and scarred

    Broken trust is like a smashed mirror
    Even when joint never the lustre does it regain
    Each fragment remains jagged and sharp forever
    Once splintered never to be whole ever again


    24th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • adyasha11 170w


    My parents went for shopping
    Leaving me in your care
    You asked me to play a game
    Your intentions, I wasn't aware

    "it'll be fun, dear"
    You took off my dress
    I'm sure you had your 'fun'
    Leaving me in pain and distress

    You said,"Don't cry.
    You'll like it after sometime."
    I know you felt so good
    Leaving the scars of your crime

    These scars do not heal
    They will never fade
    I don't dare to show anyone
    The cuts and seizures you made

    My skin was bleeding
    That pain I couldn't bear
    You killed my innocence
    Replacing it by fear

    You didn't just invade my body
    My dreams, my confidence, my soul you rape
    I still think of that dreadful night
    Nightmares, that I can never escape

    I should have done something
    Atleast, I should have said
    For which, Such a price,
    I would not have paid...


  • ishasharma13 247w


    Her husband loves her.
    He keeps her happy.
    Each night he returns home tenderly holds her in his arm.
    She forgets all her qualms..
    She prepares his favourite meal. Adoration and love filled in her eyes.
    Her dear husband looked in her eyes.
    "I love you" he murmured lustfully..
    His hands grazed her waist and pulled her closer...
    "Not today love",she said in pain..
    She was on her periods. It hurted her inside.
    "I dont care" he said and pushed her to bed.
    She kept on thinking how her husband has changed... But still held on to the believe that her loved her till today..
    That night she was RAPED..
    And many nights after that...