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  • yoyoshatalkswalksnrocks_ 7w

    I have lost it,
    The sweet scent of a blossoming immature bud.
    I have lost it,
    The soft warmth of my sunshine's rub.
    I have lost it,
    The exciting shiver of a cold shower.
    I have lost it,
    The pulchritude of the fallen bewildered blood-red leaves.
    I have lost it,
    My sheltered cozy drapings in an outgoing iniquitous winter.

    All I have now are the lost seasons.

    •iniquitous: grossly unfair and morally wrong.

    @writersnetwork @miraquil
    #writersnetwork #miraquil
    #abuse #assualt #awareness #sexualabuse #sexualassault #seasons

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    The Lost Seasons

    (A poem on Sexual Assualt and Abuse Awareness)

  • midnight_fairy 10w

    This is not a poem nor any type of writing, this is just a reminder to my fellow friends who have been sexually or physically abused. I've been there myself, and it's not good to keep it to yourself and to just keep writing about it. SPEAK UP!!! THAT IS WHY WE HAVE A VOICE!! let the people who truly care about you protect you and give karma to whoever is abusing you. If you need a shoulder to lean on I'm here, but the voice starts from you, not me.

    #found #sexualabuse #phycisalabuse #abuse #speakup

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    If you don't make a SOUND, then you can never be FOUND


  • jennau 11w

    Your done!

    I'm glad your gone
    A fake all along
    Clearly I fell for your charms
    Used to wrap me in your arms
    2am Answering that door was an error
    Dont you remember when I looked to you In terror
    Then I distanced myself within the house
    Snatching a hoodie to cover my blouse
    "Never answer that door for him again please"
    That night my trembling you put at ease
    To you I spoke my darkest secrets
    Handed you my heart to hold to keep it
    Things I had never allowed to leave my lips
    Things I still to this day haven't come to grips
    But now I know you were part of that threat
    There is no way you could forget
    When I found you entertaining him
    We met eyes and your slimy grin went dim
    Your part in my story has come to an end
    When it comes to you I will always reprehend

  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 16w

    Messed Up

    That day when you asked me to leave with you. I was 16. You were moms husband, my stepfather. I believe you were 43. People wonder why I am so messed up. No one believed me, so you are in the clear. I live with it. If only that overdose would have taken effect. That's messed up.

  • shamay 37w

    Maan mai na soi uss raat,
    Dekh k tujhe darr gyi thi bachpan meinn badappan seekh gyi thi
    Hasin mazaak mein duniya aasan kiya tune.
    Kale havas ko bhi gar tu bata deti,
    Aadmiyo k kisson ko tu bhi gar na hawa detii!!
    Tu ma main na roi hoti uss raat.
    Maan main soyi na thi uss raat.

    Chacha ghar ko aate the muskura kar sehlate the.
    Khel bhi hum ne bht khele the unke saath.
    Ma par main royi thi uss raat.

    School ka Project banwana tha.
    Akele main thi tu gar chod na gyi hoti hum jo the sath
    Toh maa main roi na hoti uss raat.

    Khandaan hi parivar bani.
    Dost bane the maa baap.
    Avval aana hi kissa tha shayad wahi maqsad aur jeevan ka hissa tha.
    Waqt mein na jeena aur shayad khushi ko talaashna hi reh gyi thi meri zaat.
    Sun maa main soi nhi thi uss raat.

    Ungli se jo meri lahoo k boond bahe,
    Uss aath baras mein usne hoton ko seelna sikha diya,
    Kaha ki aspataal mein dr. Yahi krte hai.
    Ye mujhe sikha diya.

    Uss bachi ko wo gannd lagi thi,
    Chipana hi bahaduri badi thi.
    Seh jane ko smjha tha sahi baat.
    Maa par main na soi thi uss raat

    Jaanwar behtar abb lagne lage hai,
    Pyaar behtar unse karne lage hai.
    Kyuki havas ko hava dun toh ishq ki kya gava dun!
    Jism k bazar mein bik bachpan gyi thi us din
    Tanhaai kya thi wo bass smjh na payii,
    Bhed mein chipna wahi main bas kar payi.
    Aaj bhi use dekh kar khun khaul uthta hai.
    Salaam krne ko kaha abb jee krta hai.
    Izzat uski hai hii kaha.
    Ghinn aati hai uski muskurahat bhari shakl se.
    Ghinn aati hai uske hevaaniyat jese akl se

    Jo tu na jaati maa uss Baar,
    Na main khoyi hoti uss baar,

    Khadi abb akele hun tanha nahin.
    Bujdil nhi hun abb garv hai.
    Shayad tune sahi kiya tha duur jana..
    Abb Maine seekh liya hai darr par jeet jaana.
    Par maa main soyi nhi thi uss raat.

  • _rakhi 51w

    Being a girl, i want to share this because it has happened with me. So, there are some girl's who are already having long term relationship or sexual relationship without marriage, don't share your assault, harassment story with them, they will not give you suitable or as per your situation guidance because if they do, they will think of their own, they will judge theirself that is why they don't give you right guidance. Explore it.

  • rachanarithu 57w

    Demons of Pandemic and beyond.

    Will I ever get to see the people I love, one more time ?

    TW: Sexual Abuse, Covid, Mental Health Conditions, Death

    I remember the last time I asked this question to myself.  It was 4 years ago in a far away land where I was forcefully confined to a house during an abusive relationship. Getting physically and mentally abused by someone you trusted is an excruciating pain and to wake up the next day, to prepare food for the same person and pretend like nothing happened until it happens all over again the same evening, is just every description of hell in reality.

    Every single day the torture only increased and over the days, the question turned to a belief that, "I will not get to see anyone else, ever again". Infact if not for a universal intervention and my sister, I wouldn't have been alive to tell the tale.

    I got a second chance at life then in the form of my sister who helped me escape, get help and restart from scratch.  Yet, that incident left  long lasting impact in the form of multiple severe mental health conditions, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and mild OCD.

    After changing multiple jobs, places and medications, things were finally  taking a positive turn when I landed a job that I really liked, a super supportive team, psychotherapy and also found alternate effective cure for my condition in Ayurveda. I tried to convince myself that may be just maybe, things might change. While medications and psychotherapy helped, I was supposed to stay away from triggers that would set off panic / anxiety attacks, which if gets worse could end up in me collapsing completely.  While there were many minor triggers, few major ones were good enough to start off major panic attacks, like being  in confined spaces, bound to home for prolonged periods without physically interacting with others, sounds of nadaswaram (musical instruments used in the south Indian weddings), sudden power cuts in the night and so on. I tried my best to stay away from triggers and things were actually getting better.

    Then Covid happened, I was confined to my home in the city, isolated into one of my worst triggers.  With the help of some  very  generous friends, I survived last lockdown, where I had multiple panic attacks and hospitalizations since I lost consciousness as a consequence. 

    This year lockdown is even worse, cases are rising like hell and people  I know or people in general are dying on a daily basis.  Amidst all this asking friends to come over for even emergency makes me feel guilty, can't visit hospitals as they are over occupied already with Covid cases and so on.

    Nights and darkness come along with horrible memories of the past, nightmares brings back vivid details of the trauma that happened, time crawls by in the night, where I stay awake counting seconds till the morning rays strike through my window, assuring some level of safety and may be just may be few minutes of uninterrupted sleep.

    Along with all that,  I haven't seen my mother or grandparents since February 2020, my sister or my brother since before that and by the way things are going on, I don't know if we will ever get to see each other in person anymore. I live in constant anxiety of something happening to my mother who is yet waiting to getting to get her slot for vaccination, my grandparents who can't be vaccinated due to co-morbidities,  because of which, me travelling all the way to them without getting vaccinated can be risky too. I have no freaking clue what will happen if I go down with Covid despite every possible precautions taken.

    The anxiety of all these uncertainties and constant triggers are literally disabling, physically and mentally.

    Everyday I hope that all of us sail through this and live to tell the tale but as the days pass by, the hopes are hammered and lights at the end of the tunnel seems like a mirage. Each day getting out of bed, doing things that a normal person could do without actually even thinking is a battle for me within myself.

    Yet I try my best to breathe through, one second to another, determined to fight back as far as I can. 

    I acknowledge the privilege I have of having a home to sleep, or not being currently in an abusive household,  and am grateful for all that. I am writing this to just let out that despite the privileges, the outward appearances, the shield of projections, many people hold onto, they might be fighting unimaginably deadly demons.

    If you are one who is fighting these battles for whatsoever reasons, your pain is valid as much as all the  collective grief around. Do not feel guilty for feeling pain.

    Breathe. Hold On. One second to another.

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about"


  • kri_k_sni 59w

    #rape #sexualabuse #mirakee #kri_k_sni
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    We always think that when a person dominates over the body of opposite gender , harass sexually and destroy the body of victim then that it is a rape ..
    Have you ever heard about the "sight rape or sight rapist" "verbally rape or verbal rapist.
    which people do this and how it's done ..


    When a man looks at a woman, it would be more better to say scaring the woman, analysing her body parts with vulgarity. Everyone has sexual organs but
    depends on mentality how someone deals .Even after having Mother, sister, wife and daughter. they look at females even at little girls in an inappropriate
    manner.They observe deeply their body shape and all. Exactly vise versa when a woman thinks such about man.

    Note : The sight which create the feeling of insecurity of the body or life is just called
    Sight Rape..

    This is one of the most common type of rape done by almost every male right ? Then what precautions should we take.?

    I know dressing doesn't matter for women but still we should take safe sight infront of men
    Don't wear such clothes which expose your body or attain the shape of your body.
    Sometimes girls says that .why should we leave our choices ? u want wear shorts that's ur choice but people out there they don't understand ..

    Your choice is a snake bite to yourself ! Alright you want to wear shorts so that's your wish but dear girls have you ever thought that outside your home you are providing a tasty chance you are giving them
    authority , your permission to relax their venomous eyes you should fulfil your wishes at your home, but don't give chance to me to look at you with their thirsty eyes.

    Stop being sight rape victims.
    we can't stop Rapists but we reduce
    the opportunity for them


    ohhhh, what is that ? who can rape verbally. ?
    When those abusing words are used they define rape then its just called a vervbal rape and speaker is rapist. This rape is not done externally on the body but its done internal, it doesn't mean murder physically but it completely makes the soul, bleed internally.
    It happens, most times in a day at least once through out the life mostly it happens .A sorrowful think is that we all are the victims ,again 95% female are
    affected rest 5% male are verbally raped .

    All the places on this earth where male dominant societies , There all the woman are verbally raped this is the bitter and sorrowful truth, and the deadly
    painful thing is that those female are targeted by their own man , their own family members, father brother, husband and Son..
    Only these 4 relations with a man destroys an innocent woman's life as they give untreatable wounds to the 4 innocent woman i.e. Mother, Sister, Wife and daughter.

    They abuse them verbally,
    They use words defining rape for their woman ,
    even the daughters when father get angryor when he is drunk then he verbally abuses their
    daughters mostly it is the wife who is abused and but she is also helpless in male dominant society Wifes are treated as animals
    Husband keep her on the tip of there shoes. They shout , abuse for every single mistake . They abuse the mother of the wife by saying that she is an illegitimate offspring of her parents.

    Yeah, it's unbelievable but it happens . The husband never thinks about her only what he thinks is "I have the right to beat her "women suffer alot with physical and mental torture.

    In such societies an unmarried girl is a responsibility to her parents but a divorced girl is a burden .
    That's why a most women are afraid of divorcing There are so many reasons as to why they fear divorcing
    Firstly respect of parents and then her children.
    Due to such situations men just end up using there weaknesses .
    When another girl grows up in such family situations
    She also gets afraid like her mother who is mistreated we know "mountains can move but
    behaviour can't change "Daughter also
    become victims of verbal abuse and such type of man are so proud of themselves

    There are such people in the society for whom nobody matters neither wife nor daughter, they only matter to themselves .

    Girls / boys remember nobody can reduce your
    Food and life except God .Just put / bow your head
    Infront of him not such people .

    Sry for such a long post ...
    I know there are several mistakes in the post if u find one while reading do comment i shall recorrect it ...

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    Rape !

    ( Caption )

  • _rakhi 73w

    'Pushpa V. Ganediwala' Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court Lagta Hai Madam Porn Site Jada Dekhti hai.....Isliye Aisa Judgment De Baithi(Madam Dabwane Me Expect Hai) Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court.

  • strongest_girl 78w

    When you started playing with my body when i was just eight,
    My body,
    It never felt like mine again.

  • sanju13 79w

    A little girl asked the god
    I want to live in a world where people won't rape anyone.
    God replied okay I will change just for 12 hrs.

    The little girl has seen the men and woman are behaving like brothers and sisters as we pledge every day in the school all people are my brother and sisters.

    Where lovers, married couples have started loving each other by heart rather than for bedtime.
    Same-gender people are having sex without hesitation.
    Girls are happily roaming in shorts even at night time.
    No one is giving weird looks or slut stares for the girls or girls body.

    No one is objectifying anyone, for others personality.
    Everything seems like half the problem in this world has just vanished.

    And she was seeing this from heaven.
    God told 12 hrs are over.
    She asked why can't you make it forever.
    I don't want anyone to get raped & die like me.

    @nyxwrites @mirakee
    #rape #rap #rapeculture #rapevictim #ayahuasca #metoo #xamanismo #feminism #sexualassault #rapesurvivor #india #women #womenempowerment #haux #abuse #kuripe #feminist #hauxhaux #justice #sexualabuse #domesticviolence #survivor #medicinadafloresta #o #consent #sexualviolence #love #tepi #stoprape #bhfyp #love

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    A world without rape cases


  • kousan_raj 84w

    Justice for the goddesses

    A real man lost that the roaring grin as that i am a man,
    hope for equivalence in civilization,
    the belief of humanity in human beings,
    to say that some more due to distrust of the current practice faith in the judiciary and the legislation In times of failure while pleading for the justice goddesses who deserve endless admiration from birth have been hurt by acts of sexual violence.

  • angels_halo_shines 91w

    Bravest of Souls

    I help to inspire the wounded,
    The broken souls,
    The battered souls,
    The lost souls,
    The abused,
    To tell their story.
    To let it out.

    I am not sure how I do this.
    I just have a calling to bring peace to others.
    By doing so, brings peace to me.

    They are brave, the bravest of souls.
    I have had the pleasure of crossing their path.
    And in doing so, brings me hope.
    Hope for anyone in pain.
    For the pain makes us who we are.
    It's within us.
    It is us.
    The broken souls turned into mended souls.
    As hope intertwines, within us.
    We can finally find peace within.

    To each one of you,
    Brave enough to fight,
    A constant battle.
    Don't let it consume you anymore.
    Let it out.
    Let it go.

  • unheard_notes20 91w

    Blooming bud...

    I don't wanna live anymore,
    This miserable life that I can't even speak of,
    I'm tired of suffering everyday,
    It's a problem that I can't even share,
    It's difficult for me to now believe,
    Because my own family members broke it when I was thirteen,
    They made me swear not to tell anyone,
    As they told me it is going to be a lot of fun,
    They said I'm going to meet new people,
    I'm going to become rich and more sweeter,
    Didn't knew what was the job I had to do,
    Silly me, side I'll be happy to join you,
    Then one day a man came looking like a gentleman,
    They said I had to go with him,
    He'll bring lots of toys and ice creams,
    I was so happy to finally play with my favourite toys,
    As my family always been a Lower class to even buy,
    Once I reached to the building,
    It gave me a chill as I saw many other filming,
    They told me to go wear this dress,
    As I turned I felt something poked through my skin,
    It felt weird to me as I started losing my speech,
    In a minute of time I fainted on the bed sheets,
    The next I remember was waking up in pain,
    All the cameras and people watching me with a weird stare,
    That gentlemen was lying undressed in my bed,
    As felt like throwing up but the pain was still there,
    I tried to run away but couldn't,
    Because the drug they gave me was still present,
    I just layed there crying my heart out
    As I couldn't do a single thing for me to help out,
    Again I felt something poking on my skin,
    Next I remember I was at my home with my kitten,
    I started crying so hard,
    Called my parents and asked,
    Where did you actually sent me to be ripped apart,
    They just stood there looking at my scares,
    Now that I remember this horrific memory of my past,
    I understand that my parents sold me one night,
    Just to get their hands on the prize,
    I never really talked to them after that night,
    As they were the only one who crushed a blooming bud that time,
    Still I managed to live a quite life,
    But it's difficult to erase this scariest part of my life,
    I always felt like dying everyday,
    Now I've found a path to stay.


  • mercynitya 93w

    Sexual abuse is not a joke. No matter the gender, abuse is abuse. Educate people around you about consent. Her clothes, his personality do not ask for it. It is not okay to sexually abuse a man and tell him to shut up about it. It is not okay to show a finger on a man who wants to complain about sexual abuse he went through. It doesn't make him any less of a 'man'.

    #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #sexualabuse #rape #consent #gender

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    I wait
    With my voice numb
    Trembling hands
    Panting hard

    I look
    With feared eyes
    Sweaty forehead
    Looking for a hope

    I scream
    With a dead soul
    And torn clothes
    Holding on for life


  • angels_halo_shines 94w

    Oh Me

    Oh me,
    I am thinking, and thinking more.
    Back to a time, when I was pure.

    Oh me,
    That back in the day was carefree.
    A creek, a lake, a bar I could see.

    Oh me,
    If you wonder about the bar,
    It was my place of sanctuary afar.

    Oh me,
    The lake was always peaceful.
    Leaving me free and graceful.

    Oh me,
    If I had seen it all coming.
    And I did, I was in such denial.

    Oh me,
    Why? Jessie, it's all in your mind.
    Now, how is it all in my mind?

    Oh me,
    My mind it's scarred.
    My body is in some safe mode.

    Oh me,
    Why can't I go back?
    To make me pure again?

    Oh me,
    Back to the days, running creeks.
    Running the field's, catching crawdads?

    Oh me,
    To do it all over again,
    I would take heed to the warning.

    Oh me,
    Please have mercy on me.
    Please just have mercy.

  • sanju13 104w

    Sexual Abuse

    The words seem to a small problem to everyone but please understand the mental stress that she is faced with.
    We hate to wear a dress we don't like but you expect us to accept the touch of every man.
    It's not okay to say a word against her or to call her a slut or bitch, even she has a soul.
    Don't say it's easy to come out from being a victim of sexual abuse it's killing the
    peace of her.
    Don't insult her to that you're overreacting you will not understand until you face it.
    It's not easy to move on from that movement just that thought to kill herself or hate everyone.
    It's not easy to be happy as before it's a phase where she has a smile on a face but her soul is murdered. Her trust and respect for everyone.


  • egnolnuges 112w

    It's the season of hunger
    Dogs now eat their own
    At 10 and one
    Pinned under a beast
    She lost my innocence
    Uncle Uncle she screamed
    But his blood shot eyes only see a fresh land
    to plough and plunder
    Dogs now eat their own

    The goat did not let the maize grow
    yet the weed thrives
    All her life she toiled to become the woman she is
    Brilliantly she came top; best
    But Oga recruiter is blind to that
    His eyes are glued to her breast
    If he will let him dine on them, the position is hers
    Her protest is met with a list
    "Shalewa did it, Bridget did it...
    so who are you?
    And so maize walked out and weed thrives


  • sunofyah913 116w



    #Abuse #Life #Dark #Poetry #SexualAbuse

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  • kingwordss 184w


    If I knew what you did was going to eat out of my life,
    I would have killed myself and rather would have died,
    I was eight and you were about thirty-five,
    You had a degree in accounting and maths was my strife.

    My mom brought me to you to teach me how to times,
    And how to divide numbers in two, even numbers that were prime,
    For the first five weeks or so you got me learning my tables,
    And then in about two weeks later you had me on your table.

    You whispered "it'll be fun" as your hand roamed my body,
    If I knew the meaning of what you did, I would have turned things bloody,
    I had learnt maths enough and my mom thoughts so too,
    But I started faking dumb cause now I wanted you.

    You thought it well to create a band,
    So when you were done with me, your friend took the next round,
    I became compliant, I guess that's what came next,
    It wasn't rape anymore but had turned into sex.

    I grew up trying to get out of the mess,
    You played mind games with me, to you I was chess,
    I'm trying to pick my pieces and bind them with tape,
    I may not be precious anymore but I'm a survivor of rape.