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  • taetae_ 8w

    - alentine -
    pink beauty bones,
    dreamy hazel eyes
    hex codes for sanctity.

    - ris -
    thistle sky holds
    cute ball of sunshine.
    her womb, a catacomb for
    words laced in crisps of honeycomb.

    subtle conspiracy of the universe
    to make me fall into love
    through sweet verses lapped in
    cozy music from strings of guitar

    -lossy grape -
    ochre roads of heart
    alveoli bearing lavenders
    bones warm like lilacs
    crystals of tears were yet grey

    -ellowish purple -
    fushcia melting over
    strolling past welkin
    harmony of cacophony
    rests by sunset

    - ld lavender -
    purple zuchettos
    crossing paths,
    bid farewells to
    labile kids in love

    - ebecca -
    solemn pride of faith
    flowing like ink in her veins
    cascade of life clamours
    as her casket full of memories die.