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  • brittania_mccollum 1w

    A grey shroud of Shame settles in my heart.
    It thumps + trips,
    crashes + courses;
    A loud symphony in a minor key.
    Discordant + desperate for resolution.

    The song a storm that screeches in my ears.
    It is sung in the strangely sensual song of a siren
    luring me to my death so slowly.
    So many movements and choruses
    composing a dark + depressed Requiem
    Echoing into eternity.

    I sink into the cold comfort of Shames' song
    Though silent + stoic to the world
    I suffer loudly inside
    And wait for the song to end
    so I might find abandon + absolution
    In the calm quiet of death's lullaby.


  • todd_towers 2w

    Fragile Cages

    The days are spent
    Peering through glass.
    Clear, solid, thick

    Monsters inside
    Call me sweet friend
    Pull, push, against

    I look outside
    Longing after
    Monster hidden

    Clear but distorted
    Outside beckons
    Trapped no more
    By demonic slur;
    They weigh us down,
    Draw the veil thick,

    But truth is never beaten.
    And He calls ever out

  • devil_girl_28 4w

    Meri pe voh Is kadar Khra Utra
    Maine jitna Use Gira hua Socha
    voh utna hi Gira hua Nikla


  • beensn 4w

    All these days, I was trying my best,
    To know what makes a human, a beast.
    And found, the answer simple and short,
    It is just the absence of fear and shame throughout !!!!!!!!
    © beensN

  • loftydreams101 6w

    Sharpened Slurs and Vicious Laughter

    Ridicule’s ghostly laughter
    Burrows into the soul
    Resurrected from silence
    From the cold ground's embrace
    Its shadows stalk through daydreams
    Breathing ancient slurs
    As a casual sigh
    Slicing from the inside
    With a deep breath
    We stagger back to humanity’s wrath
    Returned to the journey
    Upwards and through the white stars
    Until the mad laughter wanes
    To a pitiful death cry
    Uttered long ago
    Under palaces of sand

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • cameronm 8w

    The Meaning of Forgiveness

    I have dreams of being held;
    Being wanted.
    Cataclysmic overtones being vaunted
    By the man who sets the stage,
    Being haunted,
    Not by you, but
    By himself.

    In the night, her scars don't fade,
    They get sharper.
    Blurry nights and foggy days
    A little longer.
    Wounds that deepen 'neath the fray
    Hidden quickly,
    Hide the truth and walk the path that's
    Getting darker.

    As his grief blends in with shame,
    Someone's calling,
    Muffled, weary, wracked with pain,
    Almost falling,
    Somehow, standing; somehow stronger, she finds belonging.
    Stronger than I ever was or could have been.

    Those dreams and memories will fade,
    At least, I hope so.
    Every night, I sail a sea ruled by Calypso.
    I feel her wrath and vengeance from the corners of my mind to the oceans in between,
    I know her;

    I know her laugh, I know her sheen, I know her pain.
    I know her.

    What was love has turned to gray
    And all that's left are memories of countless nights and finite days
    Of the past he laid to waste and tried to raze.
    The god forbidden, toxic haze;
    The darkest shadows pierced by hope's almighty blaze.
    I say to you:

    Do you know what forgiveness means?


  • ananias 10w

    [Lumbering Automaton]

    I'm some sort of a creature or golem
    That's why they think 'I won't call him'

    Someone filled my head, I am not to blame
    For my inappropriate wrath or my tepid, insipid shame
    I am not responsible for my wretched, stretching name
    Blame someone else for where I went and whence I came


  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 11w

    Messed Up

    That day when you asked me to leave with you. I was 16. You were moms husband, my stepfather. I believe you were 43. People wonder why I am so messed up. No one believed me, so you are in the clear. I live with it. If only that overdose would have taken effect. That's messed up.

  • loftydreams101 11w

    Burned in Infamy

    The colors of this spacious dream

    All melt into one

    Running down through the haze

    Of a slumbering unknown


    The interweaving thread

    Of our encircling illusion

    Is plucked and frayed  

    By the  toll of our clock


    The fragments of our spell

    Are swept aside in the night

    By a fire-tinged breeze

    A new Goliath’s rising  


    Footfalls in the attic

    Will send this whole house crashing

    Down through the cellar

    Into infamy’s flames

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • loftydreams101 12w

    A Warm Day's Deception

    Idle, in a stream of thoughts

    I float away with their deceptions

    Drained after roaming

    Through a reverie of ashes  


    Among scattered green barges

    Beneath the boastful trees

    Without a word

    I let the murmuring day sail by


    Clearing space in my mind

    For a fevered dream’s bloom   

    As the years war cries

    Rise and fall

    To the east


    Far away from home

    From this blank state of mind

    Where I turn away in silence

    Fearful yet free 

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • barbad 14w

    Freedom of speech
    is just a text of rich
    You can't sing in crowd
    But You can cry in proud
    Busking is illegal
    where killing is free
    Freedom of speech
    is just a text of rich

  • inlovewithlife 15w


    You know that the objectification of women is at its height.. When you find children... Just 11 years old.. Passing lewd comments on you... Or a 15 year old watching you with lustful eyes.... Like...

    What will all these kids " grow up to?


  • theetranquilpearl 15w

    Sunday Blues

    I had dreams and hopes too
    I wanted to soar like an eagle
    Built with wings on my back
    The only thing on my back
    Are scars
    I don't mean to hurt you
    I just do

  • lenahbee 21w

    Debt Paid, But Yet!

    I refuse to accept that he is irredeemable
    I refuse to believe one can be inherently bad.
    I refuse to listen to tales surrounding his inadequacies
    'Cos I've seen the beauty of his strength, and he isn't all bad.

    Over the past few days, I sought insight
    Into the fabrics that wove him
    And into the failings of his social conditioning.
    I have come to realize that if I were to disdain him
    I wouldn't be fair. That wouldn't be totally right.

    You see, we all, in our goody two shoes, are worthy of blame.
    We make ourselves judge and jury, we point fingers relentlessly without looking inwards.
    Yes, he flunked out, but damn, did he pay his debt!
    He deserves a chance to show just how much he's learned.

    I blame you all for the way you stand charged, ready to rebuke.
    You cast the shadow of people's pasts, far and fast
    Just like a curse they can't undo, your tongues follow them wherever they go.
    You spread damning facts and ruin every little bricks laid in redemption.

    I get it... somehow, that we all have the duty to nudge others forward.
    At least, to be better than they would otherwise be.
    But our lack of social forgiveness stand in their way
    And hinders every opportunity towards healing.

    I saw him the other time, and my heart broke into tiny little pieces
    He hasn't yet found a way to put his life back on track.
    Submerged in the humiliation of his mistakes and imperfections.
    He ended it last night! Because we all failed to let yesterday remain in the past.

    Bukola Helen Olusolade Oba

  • sujmamchat 26w


    Once upon a time, I had a silver pen
    With it I wrote many verses in vain
    I never thought these poesies would ever
    Be engraved in the papyrus of pain.

    I would scribble furiously on diaries
    I would pour my troubles in the blue ink
    I would always read and re-read them
    Until my hands were sore and pink.

    My vocabulary would be replenished
    Penning paragraphs that pricked like a thorn
    Oh I wrote sometimes with a fierce fire
    When I cursed the day that I was born.

    I was born with a dark sallow skin
    My family would turn away their faces
    My nose was flat, eyes small, and lips thick
    My teeth were uneven on braces.

    I was small in height like a pygmy
    No proper shape, curves or pose
    Moreover I was an unlucky girl child
    Each one turned away their nose.

    I had no right to luxuries or delicacies
    I was detested and despised by friends
    I was banished to a cold dark dingy room
    The intense dislike and hatred had no ends.

    Soon I grew up with the loathing
    I retreated in a disarray and shame
    But my pen was a sword in disguise
    Which carried on its nib my name.

    The fiery words that I penned down
    Soon found it's way to the print
    I wrote under a pen name whom nobody knew
    Nobody had any clue or hint.

    Her name was popular within friends
    My family compared me to her.
    I then forgave everyone for their sins
    Its divine to forget who did err.

    @ Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

  • hamallaxmi 26w

    It was no less of a shame to be in the limelight of the falsity
    Yet to act like the pure innocence that have carved out of the truth.
    Well marking the 730th day I hope you not remember the bloodshed evening of apocalypse.
    Turning the human into behemoth.


  • dr_amyne 28w

    بس اسمع منى ، معايا قصة حديثة ،

    قصة اجمد مدرسة،

    مدرسة الجامعة الحديثة ،

    يجي الطلبة من اى حتة حتى

    كل سنة الناس بتقدم لاولادها

    تسمع الناس بره بتقول بصوت عالي عشان خاطري افتحوا البوابه

    مكتب القبول يرد " اذهب خذ ابنك لجامعه تانيه يا بابا"

    يقولو " لا يا هندسة ، هنا بس نقدر ندفع فلوس قليله ونحصل علي احسن دراسه "
    Bas asma al kisa de, kisat agmad madrisa

    Madrisa hiya gamiat Hadisa

    Fiha dalaba, min bilad alam, minhum Raniya

    Raniya min Sharkiyya

    Hiya mish bas Gameela, hiya bardu Zakiyya

    لما شوفتها، كنت مصدوم ب جميله

    بس دلوقتي انا مبهور اكتر بذكاءها
    ، بعد ما عرفها

    بس يا رانيا انتي الوحيده الذكية والجميلة

    Bas esma hiya bita ul eh

    ردت عليا " احنا كلنا اذكياء في الجامعة الحديثه"

    و خدتنى لقاعة المحاضرات وسألت مين فيكو يقدر يجاوب الاسئلة العويصة

    وبعدين شوفت كل الطلبة رافعين ايديهم

    كنت بجد مبهور بجمال الطلبة ، بس دلوقتي انا مبهور اكتر بذكاءهم

    هنا الدكاترة مجتهدين جدا ، ويعملون ايضا حتى يوم الجمعة

    هما الطف واطيب دكاترة مقارنة باى جامعة

    ديه القصة الحديثة

    قصة احسن مدرسة

    الجامعه الحديثة

  • loftydreams101 32w

    The Nocturnal Hymn

    Swallowed by senseless pain
    A melody erupts
    Into swirling black notes
    Like swarms of bats
    Time is eaten alive in their rush
    For the full moon’s yellowish glare
    Through the spare autumn trees
    The lonely caverns bleed black
    Into an ocean of shadows
    Their endless hymn is unknown
    So far from home
    Only the moon and the stars
    Gleam tearfully above
    While old friends turn away
    In the coils of sleep   

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • dr_amyne 32w

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Where lie the problems and the solutions?

    The educated and the enlightened who keep quiet while silently watching the predicaments like frightened Owls?

    Or the hungry leaders who keep prowling and looting the resources meant for the proles ?

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    On mental health issues and mental toughness

    All they care about are the mortal human bodies

    That will one day decay and get lost in the cosmos

    Neglecting the most important, the immortal human souls

    No one care about your mental health, they just feed you carbohydrates

    Not knowing there is big fire burning inside the minds of the big guys and girls

    You fought all the internal demons that are trying to bring you to your knees

    If one day you let your tears out, and cry ones, twice, or thrice before you continue the unending internal battles

    They say " Come on big guy/girl ! Don't embarrass yourself and the big guys/girls, only the weak minded cries

    They don't know : “People cry, not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long", not sometimes but all the times

    So you suppresses your emotions away from them, because those emotions have no values in their eyes

    They have no idea that your emotions and your tears came from strength and from the warrior mentality that you posseses

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Had we known any better

    We would have been greater

    And take care of our brothers and sisters more smarter

    But Mama Africa when I want to move out of town to explore greatness, your sons and daughters say " So you are neglecting your family? Otherwise, stay closer"

    "It's too dangerous outside, better safe in your own little town in that shelter"

    But in the shelter it's size is smaller , and it's raining and leaking, I am catching fever

    And no growth in comfort zone whatsoever

    " Don't go to those gardens,
    we were told by our ancestors their fruits taste bitter "

    Some rules are meant to be broken, so I explore the gardens, I became an explorer

    My God! I found out those bitter fruits taste better

    And other many fruits taste more sweeter

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    I wanted to marry, they said "Yeah but only in our little Town, no any place safer"

    I grew up in that little town, not knowing the greatness of people like Alexander

    The way of life, traditions and mentality of my town were all I ever knew, nothing newer

    Until He came to my rescue, and sent me further

    He say " Travel and see for yourself the nations and civilizations that were former "

    Because traveling widens your horizons and makes you a good observer

    Nothing much can you see if all your life you are an insider

    Get out and tell me what it's like to look at your town from perspective of an outsider

    "Is your judgment the same?", No my judgement is more objective, because now I am more of an observer

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Would you forgive me for not knowing any better?

    I have this autistic sister

    Spending every penny of our earnings out of love for her to get better

    Taken to gazillion of times to traditional healer and Islamic Center

    Bombarding her with herbal remedies lacking medical trials and license whatsoever

    She has been said to be possessed by the evil spirit, Jin, so said the insider

    I began to believe what they said, until when I saw similar situation approached in different accurate ways by outsider

    The outsider said to me " all her activities, symptoms and signs are busy telling you ' Look I am not possessed but Autistic female, so I am your Autistic Sister"

    " That's why you are missing the prevention, diagnosis,and management of such cases, now what you gonna do that you know better?"

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Yes my son, now what would you do about your sister's situation? , Answer the damn question"

    I would study the case, and refer her to right medical institution

    And pay more attention in the society for early diagnosis, management of similar or entirely different cases with their prevention

    " Son, Is that all you learnt from the outsider, after all the given information?"

    Mama, the outsider built special schools for people struggling with mental disorders for special intervention

    They built homes for them, and say " Look beautiful come over here it's more safer in this accommodation"

    Protecting them from the society that always attack them due to it's ignorance of clear picture of their condition

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Ok now tell me what about your other brother who couldn't talk fluently like you, didn't you get inpatient waiting, thinking he was taking centuries, for him to express himself and his situation?"

    " Wanting him to think, act and speak like he has no limitation"

    " Tell me what the outsider said about his condition"

    Oh the outsider said " Your brother has what we call 'Apaxia' for decades" , everything has level, stop calling anything you don't understand 'evil spirit'. Mama, you see Apaxia and Autism I never heard about them where I grew up. What a tribulation

    The outsider further said : "Look, these beautiful humans, one has Autism, one has Apaxia, this is how to better their condition to avoid any further complication"

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Glad to hear that, but what about woman, her freedom and liberty in this society ?"

    " So many troubles she carries on her shoulders, what a tragedy"

    " For years she has been married, but no sons, and daughters of her own, she is not lucky"

    " The society put the blame on her saying she is infitile, that the husband should marry more women more fertile, that she shouldn't be shown any mercy"

    But the outsider found out that the problem of infertility is not only arising from the woman, man's sperm count in many of the cases is the one faulty

    Mama, I couldn't imagine the sadness and weight on your shoulder, hold on little more we are working to fix the predicament even though slowly. It's so bulky

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " My beloved Amin, my faith is being restored, I am proud of you, now I can rest in peace knowing freedom, justice, liberty, mercy and equality would be served in this society"

  • mar9iech 70w

    Shame, the shackles
    heavy on the ankles
    Guilt, the gasoline
    fuelin' in between

    It's a race you're losing
    for time's forever a foe
    who stops for nothing
    No rewind or pause

    You, alone, must flee
    non baggage-free
    You run until you're numb
    from the person you've become

    It's a one-way adventure
    caught in a motion
    Deep seas and desert land
    Will one ever understand:
    that grief is an anchor
    and tears are an ocean?