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  • anamika_ghatak 73w


    मकान की कीमत ईंट पत्थरों से नहीं
    गर पड़ोसियों को देखकर लगाया जाय
    शहर की शान ये जो महलनुमा घर
    वो कौड़ियों के दाम बिक जाय

  • seharnaama 166w

    ��""Toot kar pyar kary dil jo
    Bekhaar jata hai..
    Ishq tu samne ankhon ky
    Mukar jata hai…
    Bhoj hai dil pe muhbat ka
    Utaro kasy..
    Kahky do bol ye ek umer
    Guzaro kasy..""��

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  • dard_badnaam 176w


    Mai to zinda rha hijr-e-jana k baad..
    Mere andar magar mai mar chuka tha kahin..!

  • a_tawaf_khan 181w

    Mera Desh

    Mera Desh
    Insaniyat batata h

    Har Deshwasi
    Apna farj nibata h

    Mahaan h hamara Desh
    Ye Tirange ki shan dikhata h

    Bhai-charo ka h ye Desh

    Yaha hath ek ko lagaye
    Or Gussa dusre ko aajata h

  • modernmiya 184w

    Mai to tumhe sanwarna chahti hu,
    Tum to mujhe samhjte bhi nahi ho.

    Maine kaha hai sab se tumhe apan,
    Tum to mujhe apna banate bhi nahi ho.

    Aur kya karu tumhare liye mai ab,
    Ke mai tumse thodi tawajjo chahti hun.

    Ehmiyat dur bhut dur ki baat hai
    Mai to bas thodi si izzat chahti hun.

    Maine apne ghar me ek deewar ka naam tumhare naam par rakha hai,
    Ke mai iss dewaar se mohabbat chahti hun.

    Mai hi bata dun tumne dekha nahi hoga, Mere chahere pe mai paheli si raunak chahti hu.

    Chup se aur chup aur khamosh hoti gayi, Ke mai tumse phir apni baat manwana chahti hun.

  • a_tawaf_khan 187w

    Jo karke bhul jaye
    Wo shan

    Jo karke jataye
    Wo eshan

    Jo Kar ke jataye,bataye
    Wo insan

  • pallavi141193 187w

    Meri beti

    Uske hone se mere
    Chere pe muskan he.
    Uske hone se mere
    Jine me shan he.
    Wo koi or nahi; meri beti
    Meri nanhi jaan he.

  • skullianira 191w


    He goes off whenever he wants, not knowing why.
    I'll be left hanging thinking it's over.
    He comes back whenever he needs me, like nothing happened.
    I'll be too compassionate not to let him in.
    He walks away whenever he feels like, leaving no words.
    And I'll be alone again, wondering.

  • skullianira 191w

    Don't tell me HOW I've changed, ask yourself WHY I've changed.


  • skullianira 191w

    Empty Words

    You said, age doesn't matter to you. I opposed. Still you insist.
    It isn't, but immaturity does.
    You said, distance will never be a problem. It isn't, but communication sucks.
    You said, I have your time. I do, but your watch is broken.
    You said, I'm your priority. I was, but it didn't last.
    You said, I will be your future. I was, but I vanished in your present.
    You said, you'll love me forever. You do, but forever doesn't exist.

  • skullianira 192w


    I love him, I really do. I love him even if I still can't figure out why. I love him to that point that I will do anything for him. Anything that will make him happy. Anything that pleases him. Even if it's hard for me. Even if it's impossible.

    I still continue to love him even if I have a lot of reasons not to.

    I continue because I don't wanna lose him. I hope for the things we've talked about. A life with him. I hold on to every words that he said.

    It's hard. Indeed. It's painful to wait for the time that you've been longing for but you don't even know when will it come or will it really come?!

    I know I can bear the pain as long as he's mine. As long as we're okay. I can!

    "I" who will always have to do things to prove my love for him. Always assuring him that I am all for him and that no one will come close to me. I who will stay up very late just so I could have the chance to have a quality time with him. Wait for hours or days for him on when will he be available for a little chitchat.

    Making sacrifices, I thought to myself. What is love if we don't make sacrifices and it needs patience, too.

    I also continue convincing myself that everything will be okay. I'll do everything just to work things out. Convince myself that I can bear pain till the right time come that we could really be together. Hoped for our happy ending.

    Fooling myself that there's nothing wrong with us. That there's nothing wrong with me. Ignoring the fact that, I'm no longer happy. That all I can feel whenever we're talking is the pain. That I can't really see any effort, care or even appreciation on him.

    I' ve tried to be blunt with him. Say what's on my mind. Say whatever I am feeling. So yeah, maybe I am just overthinking. Just like what he would always say. That I just need to trust him. Believe in him.

    But why do I always end up questioning myself's worth? Why do I always feel that I am not good enough? Why do I feel that I'm always begging for his attention? Why are my insecurities growing bigger and bigger? Why am I the one to blame whenever I brought things up? Issues like this?!

    I'm losing my confidence. I feel so dumb. I'm losing everything. I'm losing myself.

    I lose myself loving him.

  • skullianira 192w

    Boyfriend From The Other Side

    It's weird to fall to someone whom you haven't met in person. Someone you don't know personally.

    My friends doubted me that I have. Maybe because they never saw anyone or anything that will give them a hint that I really do have one. Others think that it's crazy and it's impossible to have one from afar. And maybe they're expecting to see someone courting me before hand. Well, I don't really mind. I don't believe in courtship anyway. I guess that won't work on me.

    But this situation isn't really easy. It's hard to tell if he really loves me or I'm just his past time. If I'm really important to him or not. Does he really considered me as his girlfriend? A lot of questions run into my mind. It's driving me nuts and also hurting me.

    I keep on asking myself. Why him? Why do I even love that person? I could have chosen someone who could actually be by my side. Someone that could give time. Someone who could let me feel how important I am.

    There's a man who shows his concern. He who would ask me how my day went. He who has a busy day yet find ways to say hi or ask if I'm doing okay. He who would listen to all my crazy story and bears with my mood swing. He who even introduce me to his family. Someone who listen and understand everything I said. Someone who cares and learn to know me well.

    It's a funny situation. A girl would easily fall for him. It would have been me but, no. It wasn't me, it would never happened because I am in love with someone else. And that someone is my boyfriend.

    I've tried to stay up and wait just so I wouldn't miss a chance of having a conversation with him. How I would love to listen to his story or know how his day went. How I would like to always make sure he's doing fine. Ask him tons of question so that I could know him more even if it'll annoy him. If only I could always hug and kiss him. Let him know how much I love him.

    I say how I feel towards him. Tried to be as open to him as possible. Be honest and faithful. I don't have any interest talking to other guys because I know I belong to him. I am already taken by him. No one can get close to me except him.

    My friends would tell me, if you're just hurting and already at the edge of giving up maybe it's about time to let go and find someone better. There's someone out there that you deserve. But I just smile at them. 'I love him, I won't easily let go.'

    I will go on even if there's no assurance when we will ever see each other. No matter how many liters of tears fall. Even if everything is against us. I will still hope and wait for our perfect time. I will hold on for as long as I can, even if it hurt.

    I hold on to every word he said. I believe in him. I love him for no damn reason. I love him and that's enough for me to keep going. It's enough for me to hope that one day we could be together. That we could be happy just by having each other.

    You can call me crazy or stupid. It doesn't matter. I will love him for as long as I can. For as long as we hold on to each other. As long as he won't let go of me.

  • skullianira 193w


    How can you not see what you've been doing to me?
    How can you not notice the anguish that I'm into?
    How can you not bother even if I'm cryin' in despair?
    How can you not care about me?
    How can you act like you didn't do me wrong?
    How can you pretend that there's nothing wrong with us?

  • chandalfaz 197w

    पगड़ी पर चाहे जितना भी कलफ़ लगा कर पहन लो,
    अगर मन मैला है,तो शान नही बढ़ सकती।।।

  • shann93 199w

    Stop feeling like a grown up...do all crazy thing in ur life...Never lose a kid in u...

  • shann93 199w


    Have faith in u that vil never fails u

  • shann93 199w


    ☕️ Insert coffee to begin

  • shann93 199w


    When we become crazy ...I got it... when we have a companionwith same mindset

  • shann93 199w


    SmilEeeee say Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • shann93 199w

    Our life is just like a gift box ..you never know what you're gonna get.
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