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  • debangana_gogoi 2w

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    A half baked love story especially for you!

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    Half Baked Love

    I entered a Great Insititution
    Laurels of glory on her Shoulders
    She stands proudly on the grounds
    With no deeps scars around

    2 years under her shelter
    2 teen years
    But all I have for her,
    Is half baked love
    Like half baked cookies
    Like a half baked cake
    Insipid & Tasteless
    Without any desire.

    Why half baked ?
    I asked myself.
    Because I never bloomed
    Under her
    I lack my space,
    A void exists
    Under my name
    In her shelter.

    Half baked love you are
    But still mine.


  • varunasopa_ 5w

    Shelter ❣️

    Her long silky hairs are comfortable , restful and pleasurable than millions of shelters around the globe

  • ssunayana 9w


    It's so much more than four walls and a roof.
    Despite the distance and the storms,
    And all that you've been through,
    It's that one corner in the whole world,
    That always stays true to you.

    It's a shelter for all that's yours, for all that's you,
    You may find it in a place, in a person,
    Or anything that you do,
    And home, through it all, belongs to you.

    I hope, dear heart.
    May you always find your way towards it.
    May you always find the courage to walk towards it.

  • kajalpawar2911 29w

    "The house is crumbled to grounds, most precious antiques broken and shattered. The shelter is damaged forever. The first thing a human laments is yet always the broken family photo frame."

  • james_taumas 32w


    Dark cloak descends
    Nature unleashes its dam
    High calibre liquid salvo
    Everyone seeks shelter
    Waters rises
    Lakes into oceans
    Houses torn from foundations
    People swallowed by currents
    When rivers recede
    Muck and mud remain
    Clean up begins.


  • ade_ha 37w


    If you ask Me "Do you need someone to motivate you?" My answer will be "No"
    I am enough for motivating myself,there is sufficient motivation everywhere.
    But i need someone who can stand by my side and tell "Its okay to fail, even if you fail and cant prove yourself as a successful person , I will still be by your side."
    I need a human shelter where I can go back after a day's tiresome failures.
    And thats what Neha and Adi does for each other.

  • arya_ballal 47w

    When humans slumber during a solemn night,
    We hunt for our hunger with all our might,
    If only their greed wouldn't have invaded our shelter,
    Our families would be alive, instead of suffering under swelter


  • the_speccy_outsider 48w

    The frame on the wall speaks to me, in a language lost in memories of her. It was as though looking into a mirror, except that there wasn't one. She loathed them for they highlighted her flaws. She felt that the mirrors laughed at her, calling her a chimerical creature. Hence, she loved midnight when everything was dark and pointing out one' flaws was a difficult task.

    It was madness though, for the flakes of winter were announcing their arrival. It was the end of November. The chilly weather worked like a seed for our soulful proximity. It wasn't physical, just plain platonic.

    Never in my wildest dreams I thought that the most romantic thing in this world would be walking down the road under moonlight with cold winds covering us like a cosy blanket. A subtle yet dignified way of expressing admiration. Although, it is nothing but pure madness that makes one do certain things that seem frivolous at first but start to make sense once a revelatory realisation occurs. Of nothing but a feeling, a deep and pure feeling.

    Love is always depicted as a flight of stairs. One goes upwards when a certain chronology is followed. That is how they do it these days, a pre-planned chronological procedure. Gone are those days when one could feel the heat from a distance. When actual fireworks used to take place, bestowing one with the feeling of satisfaction which can be mirrored when November descends into December. Transcending into a world that is astray whilst in the company of tranquility.

    //Like a native shelter it protects us with appease of bewitchingly dignified intimacy//


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    Like the blooming of
    Yellow rose that signifies
    The Platonic Love

  • keithallencovell 52w

    Sliding Them Into View

    The dutiful ideas float around in my head
    Seeing them come, they care fully
    Seeing them come across
    Sliding them into view
    Tilting upwards, out


  • dil_k_ahsaas 53w

    Soul is invisible but still trapped inside a cage made up of bones and flesh.
    It's a temporary but Powerful shelter. Soul, soul is getting pulled here and there in the game of tug of war between life and death. One end in life's hand and another in death's hand.
    Shadows of merciless death empowers and engulfs the life. And finally life loose the game and death wins.
    Death becomes a savior and open the doors of the cage made up of bones and flesh. Finally Soul gets the freedom and fly away.

    Rekha Khanna

  • nandhini_gupta 56w

    I am clenching for my ownself when I am less of me ,
    Is it the people or my thoughts which are taking me away from me?

    #12amthoughts #shelter #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    It's a rainy night tonight,
    I wanted to listen to some music but my earphones are lost,
    Now all I can hear is the screams coming from within,
    Of guilty, of sorrow
    Of the yesterday and of the morrow.
    I can hear my wounds crying,
    In pain of not healing but dying,
    The wrath taking away all my glee,
    The bruises of trauma everywhere I see,
    I am not the one I am supposed to be,
    More of a less human , dangerous maybe!
    I am just the croaking voice , the cacophony,
    Wanting back to be the enchanting voice of the holy ,
    I can feel the soul drowning,
    Not in any sea but within me,
    I needed a shelter to find the lost in me,
    All I could find is a shelter where I could be lost for free!


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  • diplim 56w


    You often question to yourself
    If not an social animal
    You might be the solitude lover
    But when the solitude takes the shape of
    Grotesque loneliness and chases us to bite
    And aftermath of a rendezvous often leaves you
    missing things more
    We often wonder who is the one loyal self
    With whom you would constantly hold on to
    And spend whole life on the basis of that
    Another strange scary question
    Another directionless mingling of mind.
    And another boundless hopelessness another scar in the mind.


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  • santor_674 56w

    // The dawn was an enclosed shelter, for they had shifted to a paradise of warmth between those unuttered verses of love in the pounding heart of the winter snowfall//

    As the snowfall melts their dreamy eyes, their hands grasp hold of each other, galloping the chilly breeze was her curls that brushes her cheeks in sleek..

    With the leaves that wither in bleach, which soothens with a subtle stroke over their coupled hands. Red turned their cheeks; resting over his shoulders, they linger past the warm moments in the cold wintry dawn..

    Snowflakes incessantly singing a melody between the two, as it melts, they hum and whisper their favoured tune, listening since their childhood together..

    //As their eyes cuddle ; they render themselves to their soul , whose incandescence spreads an enlightened shelter to rest forever//

    The last dawn of the year settles deep down their hearts , sheltering themselves within it, melts away the moment as a snowflake, withering off the year was the jingle of the Christmas Eve!


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    The last dawn! (Of the year)

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  • aindrila_ 56w

    As your lips touch mine,
    and the salty warm breaths deepen,
    a winter's chill runs down my spine
    But Ends halfway between us
    Where our words have all melted and fallen
    Into the valley of silence and loud heartbeats,
    Where emptiness reigns supreme
    And the winter is darker
    Than the demons under our skins.

    We hold eachother
    yet our eyes
    don't say all we wish to,
    a little afraid to do the talking.
    Do we trust? Do we care?

    Do we still feel the way we felt?

    The questions are orphaned -
    wishing for a mother's touch,
    a father's love and a shelter. A home.

    You say
    it's better to keep things unsaid
    and that
    I should get used to this,
    the winter is real
    and warmth is just
    An illusion. Non-existent.

    I have always been scared of this winter.
    I find my dissent struggling for a voice.

    I wait for you
    to stop resisting yourself
    and give in to everything
    We want,
    but I find your fears hidden in the depths of your skin that is insensitive to the warmth.
    Hidden. Unwilling to be uncovered yet.

    I want to say that i love you
    But I don't.
    You want to say something
    And you don't.
    We stare at eachother for a few long seconds.
    We don't look away.



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    @khola_hawa @allbymyself @galvanizedthoughts @lady_midnight

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    "The heart can get really cold if all you've known is winter"

    Benjamin Sáenz,
    Last night I sang to the monster

  • itika_bajpai 56w

    Fair warning: I swear bullets and my trigger point is love.

    #shelter #mirakee

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    you wanted to be my shelter
    my refuge,
    when the world battered me down
    you took it on yourself,
    to cushion my fall,

    But you see love,
    my heart stoned the hard way,
    Before my knees
    befriended the concrete

    I no longer have a wall around me,
    It's a fucking castle
    that does not entertain intruders.


  • carrie09 56w

    I lend you my shoulder to carry
    along your heavy stuffed baggage
    packed with your crumbling (troubling)life
    as you seek shelter
    in my lonely hut(heart)
    I thought, maybe
    you would stay in my shelter forever
    but, no.... I was wronged
    One day you flew away ,
    and left me alone in broken hut (heart)

  • tessapoetessa 56w


    Helter Skelter
    Gimme shelter
    Heat swelters
    Midnigt smelter
    Coming together
    Regardless whether
    There is bad weather
    Lace and leather
    Tickling feathers
    With soapy lather
    Or would you rather
    Sit quietly and gather
    Your thoughts.


  • artemiswrites 56w


    Twigs disowned by trees, and
    reeds swept aside by the wind,
    had glorious parts to play when
    the sparrow married them
    in a beautiful
    architectural ceremony.

    These weak Twigs disowned by trees, and
    fragile reeds swept aside by the wind,
    would have never known that one day,
    they would shelter a family of gentle
    beings caught in a storm.

  • writingsouls_22 56w

    He thought he found a heart but
    Little did he knew he found for a shelter to find eternal bliss.