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  • tanya_oberoi27 11w

    This is my true story which took place a month ago
    #betrayal #love #shock #writersnetwork #miraquill

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    He left me in shock
    broke for loving relationship
    at once.

    As his mother wants
    maid in the form of
    her daughter in law.

    He only obey to her
    mother and left me
    as I can't do house hold work.


  • honeysuckles 35w

    The moment it struck
    My time stopped
    I stare into the space
    And watched it replayed
    Over and over again
    Until it got stuck in my head

    My motion regained
    But all my senses fade
    Electric shocks fires
    All over my nerves rapidly
    My body's a hell ground
    My heart felt numb

    I want to stay in this moment
    Where the dull ache can not penetrate
    The valves of emotion 
    To uncover a crying face
    Snippets of the moments
    I can not avoid

    I wished to stay right there
    At that moment where
    My feelings and emotions are dettached
    And I'm just left in shock.

  • mystical_moon 39w

    Have you felt this way before? #betrayal #shock #anxiety #deep #poem

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    Have you ever felt that shock?
    The one that grabs ahold of your heart,
    keeping it in place just to increase your adrenaline?
    The type that sends electricity through your muscles, stunning them?
    The shock that likes to create a void for your thoughts?
    It causes my face to become numb from the lack of ease.
    Such feelings are produced by this type of shock.
    Like as if an explosion happened inside of me, shaking my bones…
    and I couldn’t process the noise.
    As if eating a sweet, cold treat, without feeling its cool temperature, and smooth texture.

  • bleeding__words 72w

    A girl in her teens too naive to understand his malice intentions agreed on travelling back from home with her friend. That day at that place noone would've imagined, this horrendous act to take place..
    After that day she would refer him as the demon she should never have trusted.

    It was 9'o clock in the night they had yet to book the bus they were going to board.He stressed to buy the tickets on his own, maybe this is when she should have taken the hint.As they got on the bus she started looking for her seat number anxiously. It turned out he had booked no seats but a slipper instead.

    Suspicious about how things were turning, she pleaded him not to do anything.She tried to make him realise how wrong it would be to break somebody's trust.Could she have ran away or screamed and gathered people? Yes, but she sat there with a blank face still hoping he will understand since they have known each other from long.He assured her nothing will go wrong that he won't do anything stupid,it's just this was the last bus otherwise we would've got stuck .

    Surfing on their individual phones, it seemed the night is going to pass with calm.As she fell asleep,something came up on her and held her with force.She screamed and writhed in agony, people heard her screaming but didn't bother to help.Many times she panned the door yet noone cared to ask. She was crying with pain while he had tied her mouth with the drape. He deboarded the bus leaving her there all alone..Finding it hard to walk down she called her best friend for some help.

    As soon as she reached home with immense pain, she began sobbing uncontrollably. She was in complete shock how a delightful disguise can so spontaneously change into aggression.In state of despair, she missed on so much she could have done to save herself from this horrendous act.Initially it was all pain, then it turned into grief..

    After a while it became clear he had no idea the repercussions his actions had made on her.She began to hear stories he had passed to his roommates.He had described her in the most flighty manner.Often his roommates would sit and joke about what would she charge them. Her rape had became a reminiscence for them.They would often say, " it is not a rape in a typical sense" But isn't a NO enough to show the disagreement.

    He might have moved on to hurt some other girl but she somewhere misunderstood that intimacy for love.I tell her everyday it was her fault There was no need to be nice, then trust and then not taking stand for herself.He completely misinterpreted the whole situation and might have taken all this as some signals.

    After so many failed attempts to end her life, she changed into a completely different person..Someone who would prefer to push you away instead of telling you mean so much to her. She continues to live her life with self-blame,guilt and disguise.

    #rape #horrificrapestory #rapehorrorstory #haunting memories #letherspeak #horrific #guilt #nomeansno #disguise #self blame #pain #agony #horrendousact #shock #grief #disheartening #shewrites #rapestories #emotion#sad#sadstories #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Rape Horror Story

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  • dancingbarefoot1971 81w


    it’s not always bloody.
    it’s not always bruises.

    it’s not always a crash.
    it’s not always a scream.

    it’s not always
    I have experienced the most
    violent of acts.

    the ones that caused the most harm were the ones cloaked in
    deceitful and dangerous,
    abrupt and unexpected

    words and actions.

    Body Blocking and Abduction. .

    illegal court reporting


  • wordsofoleander 82w


    I had a mother, I never knew.
    Dear yet distant stood she unclear
    To her only daughter, she ever had.
    Neither touched nor caressed
    The little one unless asked for.
    Stood that code meaningless,
    Binding them to a chaotic tale.
    History again was finding its way,
    To draw their strokes anew,
    Yet apart embracing them.

    Different in her face and smile,
    Resembled her voice coarse,
    Like the roaring echoes of dad.
    Control and command oozed out
    Erasing the strands of love
    forever and ever. Never could she,
    Understand the pain, doubts
    And queries. She was him.
    Gone they far from hearts much,
    Creating an unbeatable distance.

    I had a mother, I never knew.
    She was more a wife to husband,
    Than a mother to a daughter.


  • dancingbarefoot1971 84w

    Shocking Jolts of Thunder

    "I'm with the Los Angeles Coroner's office.
    Paul Casey died today; you are his next of kin. Please come pick up his belongings."

    "I don't believe you!" I reply. "Am I being punked?"

    "No, ma'am. He was killed in a motorcycle accident. His wallet and cell phone are here for you to pick up."

    I look up at my son. I cannot think.

    I cannot think.
    I cannot think.

    I cannot breathe.

  • vithyasri 96w

    In the World of Billions,
    only your loved one will
    wait for you!


  • diksha_singh 96w


    Even a small faded disagreement can make someone want to scream.

    Because those lips were numb in shock while the deepest wounds were being carved.


  • scribbler_shree 98w


    Home is a boon to my creativity

    It flows and flows and flows

    In this flashy world of 

    Cash and cash and cash

    Home is a peaceful tune

    My legs moves & 

    Smile as the glowing moon

    And wake my creative artist 

    With an electrical shock

    Different ideas popping

    I can work onto them freely

    Nobody to judge here

    It just me and my muse, baby !


  • srikys 101w

    If u want some one in life sometimes u need to plan ��
    ( Criminal Wala) .So that u can get them forever in life.

    This story is like she wants him so she does it .....♥️��
    It's like
    Tu Chahiye Tu Chahiye
    Shaam O Subah Tu Chahiye
    Tu Chahiye.. Tu Chahiye..
    Har Martaba Tu Chahiye…

    Agar ladki ziddi ho tho relationship pakki rahegi ...
    Am I ryt?
    If u like my short stories plz leave �� with ur comments
    #mirakee #shortstory #love #ziddi #ladki #shock @poornimagowda @rani_shri @rozella @keentiwari @farheen_dreams

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    He : Met u accidentally & now you are my everything ♥️
    She : (laughing at him)It wasn't accidental, it's my plan to get u in my life
    He : Shocked and was smiling like mad....


  • curiouskavi 103w

    When it hits hard, you feel numb and then it subsides to give way to the pain....

    It happens with both physical and emotional breakdown


  • pige0n 103w

    Shock de impulso de supervivencia

    Tengo que sacarlo mientras me quema
    para que no se incendie la casa
    para que no se incendie mi sistema

    Ya mañana, cuando despierte, podré odiarme
    ya mañana, despierta, podré reñirme

    Sí es que escribo dormida, lo que siento
    porque dormida solo no veto tu cara y mis sentires
    abro los ojos y no existes
    abro los ojos y estás muerto

    pero te veo en la calle y el corazón se me hace plástico

    como el plastiquè cuando se caliente,
    no existe corte de cintura
    y no existe corte de cocción
    ni de tortura


  • exclamations 111w

    Don't ruin surprises by expecting everything.


  • manju_murugesan 125w


    Miracles do happen
    When your sweet brother wakes up earlier than you and plead you too to get up
    When your little brother helps you with your hair-do
    When your smart brother advises you to be intellectual
    And when he teaches you to be a teacher
    Miracles do happen...,

  • jeitendra_sharma 134w

    Hecatomb, Virgin blood

    Fullmoon, awaking animal
    blood mixed in the air
    roaring hellfire, burning inside
    hovering above the ground
    streamlined hairs floating in chaos
    circling anti-clockwise
    virgin blood! Yes, master!
    sacrifice gift, master!
    the black-creatures in-circle
    Oracle talking to Gods
    stars aligned to form a sword
    God has approved! Oracle shouts!
    now You must sacrifice
    wolves are out near the lake
    howling to the moon, looking at the reflection
    dead walking out from the lake
    entering into soulless black-creatures
    Now, they can see virgin blood
    desperate steps towards to taste
    ravens looking from above
    waiting in queue to pluck
    compulsive craving to touch
    four-columns of fire burning with desire
    virgin blood inhaling the smokes
    rising above losing resistance
    spellbound-consent to proceed
    diamond stone shining in the moonlight
    mirrors reflecting lights
    virgin blood shining as silver
    shivering drops of sweats
    moving slowly on those curves
    trembling legs tied with ropes
    a small cut on the neck
    floating red fluid in the air
    soul coming out of the body
    extremely painful crying
    tearing skin apart, sloughing
    a slave for eternity
    hyenas hoot-laughing
    bone-chilling sounds from woods
    death sitting next to her
    a brief moment when senses come back
    a horrifying terror shock
    heart stops!


  • aboyshenevernoticed 137w

    Made me a bit lifeless.
    Shock to be separated from you.


  • vithyasri 138w

    Love is like "electric shock"
    Those who experienced it can feel..!


  • _poetry_queen_ 139w


    I thought everything was okay
    But now my mind is captured inside of a hurricane
    Kisses..memories...are all tourturing me on replay
    For my heart was taken and released in the eyes of a game

    Water washed away the stream of my tears
    But the mark of pain and sorrow are still visible there
    You were the creater of my envitable fears
    Now i cant see him ...the person i knew before the coldless stares

    Flesh and blood reveal from cutting
    The knife went too deep but im immune...so i feel nothing
    I wanted a huge slice of what seemed to be my prince charming
    But i was greedy ....now.. i have a long...lonely life in hell...starving.