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    I have also posted the first part...you can check if you want....
    Corrections are welcomed here��
    #horror #mirakee #mystery #shortstory

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    Newcomer (chapter 2)

    ....Lucy took the painting and went downstairs and showed to her mom. Mrs. Lodge was also very happy after looking at the painting.

    [Lucy to her mom]
    There's one thing I don't understand...
    [Mrs. Lodge]   What honey!
    [Lucy]  this shadow...!!
    Do you know who's that?? Is it her new friend. she's gonna leave me isn't she?

    [Mrs. lodge]  o..o...ohh... Noo. Ofcourse not. why don't you ask your sister yourself. I'm sure she'd never let the thought of leaving you touch her head.

    [Lucy] okay if you say so. Guess I have no choice.

    (Lucy went to the backyard to find Eddy)

    There you are. I had to ask something from you.

    (Lucy showed the painting pointing towards the Black slender man..)
    Who is this guy with you. I can't recognise him.

    [Eddy stumbled]
    Oh.. it's...just...tt..I don't know.

    I know you stumble when you lie so come on speak the truth.

    [Eddy hesitated]
    There's actually something I wanna tell you. Promise me you won't tell anyone okay?

    Don't worry as long as you keep treating me donuts, your secrets are safe with me. Now tell me please.

    I think I can see people who are dead.

    [Lucy shouted]
    Wait..what?? You mean you can see ghosts? Like in real??

    Sshhhh...I'm not sure okay. I remember when I was 5 years old... my dad had died... I went to the hospital to see him for the last time and there I saw him coming out of his body and then vanishing in the mist. Nobody believed me even my mom didn't.

    ...who would believe such fantasies. Are you kidding me. you saw his soul coming out of his body and then he vanished?? (Lucy laughed)

    I'm serious okay? I can even see mrs. Jocylen sitting in her balcony right now.

    [Lucy stumbled with terror]
    B..bb..but..she died two days ago and we also went to her funeral right??

    Yes but I can see her.

    But what about that slender man? Who is he?

    I don't know. I only remember that he was always with me. Since my childhood I have sensed his presence around me.

    Is he still here?

    Yes, behind you!!

    ~ story + written by Mee

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    #shortstory #stories #lost #love #author #aesthetic #hindi #forget #regrets #remembrance #lily #flowers #offering

    Paheli ek Barsaat ki!

    "Is asmaan ki lakeer bhi lambi hai, Humari zindagiya Khatam Hogayi napte Lekin Tumhe abtak yakeen nahi hai!"

    Tumhara reshamsa dupatta Halki madham dhup me leharata hua jhoom raha tha, mene usee pakadna Chaha par Tumse thokar kha gaya, pata chala ki tum hi anchal bangaye.
    Usne Apni ucchi awaz me sunaya : "Oye saamne dekhar chalo! Kaha dekh rahe ho?"
    Mere shabd bhi Mujhse dhokebaaji Karne lage, अ ब क ki gintiyan bulwane lage, yaad aaya me abhi bhi Uske bigde hue gusse ke aas-pass hu.
    Par jab aaj uss Tasveer ko Dekhta hu toh lagta hai jaise pehli Baarish ki mithi khushbu thi woh!
    Haaa usdin pehli Barsaat huii, shayad usee Nahi pata ki uss din me bheegne se bachna Chaha!
    Par bheegkar bhi Uske rang nahi dho paya mere Sharir se, shayad Yehi kehne woh ayi thi.
    Us sham me ghumta raha khudko paane me, bheegi huii Chhat thi, yaad aaya ki abhi toh woh mere pass thi.
    Fir dhuaa sa asmaan uski Muskan bangaya aur mene bhi muskuraya uss roothe badal ko.

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    At the end of the day,
    Only love can conquer, endure,
    Transform, illuminate and transcend all


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    In a universe where you can be anything
    You wanna be with me


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    No risk, no story
    No history, no glory
    No victory...

    ~ take that risk

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    He sets me on fire
    He electrifies my heart
    He sparks my soul
    But most of all
    He feels like home

    ~ June, 16th, 2021

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    There are some things that tattoed without ink
    Like my name to your heart
    My love in your vein
    And my memories on your mind
    Your soul will always be stitched to mine
    And my heart's forever glued to yours


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    Don't you know that rain is the tears of sky?
    He cries so the rainbow comes to wipe it out

    ~ tears of sky

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    It's wintery morning. A heavy blanket of fog has covered the surroundings. The birds are chirping as they are singing their happiness. It's 9o' clock in the morning and I just reached my work place. The name of the place where I work is Banabashi. The name Banabashi is followed by a famous temple name 'Maa Banabashi Than' located in District Goalpara, Assam.

    It's Tuesday and the temple is crowded by devotees and is shining with diyas and fragranced by incense sticks. It's just created a heavenly and pleasant environment.

    It's a market day in every Tuesday in Banabashi. So it can be imagined that the place is absolutely snowed under with vendors and devotees. There are cabbages, culliflowers, broccolis, beans, peas etc. But the Brinjal in white colour caught my eye. Yes it's look like White in colour. Well, I would like to confess that I am bit colour blind. But it seems like white in colour. I just wanted to buy it though I am allergic to brinjal. For me it was like as right as rain for my evening dinner. At the same time I was afraid to buy lot as I am allergic to it. So I decided to buy just one white brinjal. I started bargaining with the green grocer and finally he was ready to sell one white brinjal for ten rupees. I was on cloud nine for my evening dinner.

    I rushed to school. The white brinjal caught everyone's attention. My colleagues were laughing to see just one brinjal. But I was having my head in the clouds as I only knew about my health problem. So I didn't complain about it; but just then the chowkidar pulled my leg by saying that 'this white brinjal will be so delicious for today's Mid Day Meal'. Again I preferred to say nothing.

    My duty was over, and I was on the way to my sweet home. But, at the same time I was bit angry and uncomfortable by thinking those comments passed by my colleagues and chowkidar. I got on the bus; it takes one and half hour to reach my hometown. Like everyday I was listening to my favourite songs on wynk app through earphone. But I was chased by those irritating comments. Even when I shut my eyes I could see the chowkidar's face with that wicked smile.

    Finally, the bus conductor shouted Mirza, Mirza. Mirza is my hometown surrounded by Maliata hill. I rose up from all those evil and wicked reflection. I got off the bus and finally I reached home. I took a hot bath and took a nap for 2 hours.

    Now it's 7o' clock in the evening and I am so glad and excited to prepare my evening dinner. I opened my bag to take out the white brinjal. But to my surprise it wasn't there. I searched for it carefully but no I just couldn't find it. I looked for it everywhere in my room but it wasn't there. I paused for a while and deeply thought about it. Ok I got it , I mean not the brinjal but the moment when I got on the bus and placed it just beside my seat and I forgot to take it back. I got angry; this happened all because of my colleagues and the chowkidar but at the same time I felt pity for my situation. I laughed out loud at myself as the delicious white brinjal gave birth all the evil thoughts in my head. But finally I realized how greedy I was and how wrong my thinking was! Well, better late than never!!

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #shortstory

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    The Brinjal

    It's wintery morning.
    A heavy blanket of fog
    has covered the surroundings.
    The birds are chirping as
    they are singing their happiness.

    It's Tuesday and the temple
    is crowded by devotees
    and is shining with diyas
    and fragranced by incense sticks.
    It's just created a heavenly
    and pleasant environment.

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    I love you so bad it hurts
    I'm obsessed with you it's unhealthy
    Sweetheart, cherry pie, my whore
    I adore you to the core it's gore

    ~ brutally possessed by you

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    It turns out
    It's not that easy to love
    Like you've never been hurt
    For once again

    ~ heal and restart your heart

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    The Unlucky Writer

    The Unlucky Writer

    Vinay was busy writing one of his stories for his blog. Being a writer by profession and the author of several bestsellers, synthesizing small articles was a piece of cake for him. He was carelessly sipping his coffee and typing words in the keypad. His phone kept buzzing at every incoming notification but he ignored them and kept writing.
    Tired and finally irritated by the constant disturbances, he decided to check his messages. Among several usual messages, there were about twenty messages from an unknown number.
    Opening the chat, his eyes widened in amazement, "Thanks for creating me father. Although, I need to ask, why did you get me killed by poisoning in the first chapter ? I was a good man, religious and honest. I deserved to live till the end!"
    He was shocked. He hadn't published the novel yet. Nobody knew the story. Who was this guy?
    He decided to reply. "Who are you?"
    The message was delivered but not read.Vinay shook his head and closed his eyes, relaxed on his chair and faded to sleep.

    Few moments later he opened his eyes, picked up his second phone and opened his message. There was a message from this author guy who had fabricated him. He read the message out loud, "Who are you?"

    He smiled. Who are you ? He doesn't even know me ? "I am Rahul, Mr. Vinay." He wrote. "You generated my character in your upcoming Novel. How great of you to create and forget me in month. Wow! You really are a great guy! Anyhow, you will remember me. I am the one who poisoned your coffee today." He inserted a smiling emojii at the end.
    He looked up at the sky and started laughing with a sly, devilish and victorious smile on his face.

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    And just like a lone wolf
    Whose then howl to the full moon at night
    I will follow you into the dark

    ~ Schatzi

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    She entered into his bubble
    With conditions such that would burst it
    She just wanted Love , and she cared less about how she herself won't give it though
    She wanted the world to revolve around her
    Forgetting she is just a part of it

    She fights and fights
    Till the time she losses hope
    Time asks her one last try
    But this time should be the other way

    Exhausted she surrenders
    The damage was done
    But now she clings to hope
    Hoping she is still stronger enough than the situation she is now
    Where she happened to drag, shatter, hurt, and broke all the ones who loved her once

    She started with forgiving herself
    And seeking out for forgiveness
    She fell in Love with the instant peace to her soul
    She let go of her hurt and filled her heart with unconditional Love
    This is where she again started to grow
    With peace
    She filled herself and everyone she touched with Love
    She now lives with gratitude

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    I don't mind forever imprisoned in your heart
    As long as you feed my soul love 24/7/365

    ~ spellbound

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    She may not the girl of your dream
    She's just a pussy cat looking for her slave for nine lives

    ~ puddy tat

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    Suicide attempt.

    The night sky with its its-filled jewellery looking down at me probably pitying me.

    With a bottle in my hand and my head laid back on the muddy ground. I close my eyes, to see her shadow coming down at me from the moon. I can feel her fingertips touch my hairy face with such delicacy.

    'Come with me ' she whispered.

    And I followed her to the edge of the cliff.
    I can see her clearly at the bottom.
    It should have been me down there...I'll fix that now.
    As I was about to step to my doom I felt someone hugging me from behind.
    It was real this time. Who the fuck dared to stop me from getting what I deserve ?.

  • soulfulpebble 2w

    The Rich Boy

    Ayush was lying down comfortably on his warm bed on one winter's night. Thick, soft and velvety quilts covered him. The room heater was emitting mild heat which felt like a warm hand on his already relaxed forehead. A soft smile adorned his face. He was relaxing after spending numerous hours in office ending with a successfully signed up business deal.
    He took a deep breath and exhaled peacefully. He felt thirsty. He got up and tried to reach his water bottle sitting at an arm's length from his bed. He couldn't find the water. It was supposed to be there. "Such irresponsibility ?!"he sighed. "Ramesh? Ramesh?". He shouted. "Fetch me my water."
    "Shut up you pathetic psycho," said the guard outside cell 144. "This one thinks he is a frigging millionaire."he told the new guy on duty and slipped a glass of water from the small window.
    Ayush drank the water with a sweet smile and returned to sleep on a cold and shabby metal framed bed shivering under the thin, worn and unwashed blanket.
    "Thank you God for all the blessings,"he said and went to sleep.
    © Tuhinanshu Mishra

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    The voice of a real man.

    When I first heard his voice. I saw in my mind a strong man, radiating power and dominance. harsh yet somehow soft enough not to be scared by his presence but reassured. because he is a truthful man no maliciousness radiated from him. just a warm ray of justice that somehow made my face go red and my heart wild.

    He sure is cool I thought.


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    Are you really worth of my precious time?
    Are you really worth of my true love?
    Are you really worth of my pure heart?
    Are you really worth of my loyalty and sincerity?
    Are you really worth of my solemn oath?
    Or are you just another fake-being with no values that unworthy?

    ~ wifeable only for my future hubby