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  • moonbow_quotes 11w


    He used to give me a rose,everyday!
    One day,I didn't get any,..

    At his last day,I was there with a rose,and some broken dreams,not one,,but many!

  • manshigupta 25w

    Short Tale

    Flipping pages, skipping chapters, re-reading old stuff, imagining a better ending and yet my life is a mess. Down the memory lane fought and taught, drowning in the same water over ages and still not shocked, I felt my depletion, I've known my pain. A little here, a little there I'll live or call it survive. I'm doing it today, I might do it tomorrow as well. Just know I won't be doing it further once I've know...my heartaches. I choose me over you and yes...if you ever ask me "do you still love me?" I know it's never again.

  • thehiddenpearls 34w

    You deserve someone who is proud of having you.. who knows your worth, who accepts your flaws and loves your scars too.. Someone you can laugh your heart out.. who understands what you've never said.. who can never let any other girl/boy makes you jealous..

    And Yess! that's when you will feel you are actually living a fairy tale..��❤️

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    You deserve someone..

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  • tinynovatales 36w

    "It's going to be a rollercoaster ride.
    Hold tight" said life.

  • writers_ink_ 37w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Solitary

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    Lonely single individual isolated from others

  • ishuri 40w


    It was two in the morning or three
    A call from an unknown number hit me up in the middle of the hour...with a blurry eyes I swiped my fingers through the green flash, answered the call saying
    "Hello, who's this?" . I couldn't hear anyone replying back. A strange silence prevailed..my harmones developed a feeling so unusual..like what if the night was drunk and the stars were intoxicated.
    I soon sensed it was him. I could hear him breathe...but what if it's someone else. I was dying for him to utter his first word.
    "Mia" he said ..in a soft masculine voice.
    Rubbing my hands against my cheeks, I lifted my head up. My stomach dropped. The temperature around me sharply fell and all the hairs in my hand started to stand on end.
    His voice was my weakness
    I've always loved that
    Those were hypnotic.
    Today I heard that sound again
    After 5 long months
    Like a crack on the frozen lake
    A crack that's gonna let the water flow
    My lost love was lost in love again?
    Only if he could read it through my eyes
    What my lips could not say
    He would know what it felt like
    When I heard his voice
    The voice that follows my heart like a flame
    I couldn't post a reply
    I couldn't think
    I couldn't breathe
    Hand's shivering..
    mind going numb..
    Anxiety,happiness,ease,pain, agony
    Oh how all these emotions crumbled my heart
    I remember talking to your pictures
    Reading our old conversations
    Which would never be the same like before
    Lost through my senses
    Something called me back to my reality. Yeah it's his hypnotic voice again.
    "Mia ,you there?"
    My body was momentarily revived with a rush of adrenaline. Heart beat rising, Mind flooded with curiosity, wanting to know why he turned up suddenly today ?
    Opened my mouth to reply but then my temporary happy heart froze again realising that the call hung up. Suspended in stillness that existed outside of the physical reality I was waiting for a mystery to dissolve this into nothingness just like anyother dream. But looking at the call log I knew it was real.
    An answered..no conversation phone call made me to lose the little strength I gained. Feared me to go to the starting point. Yet
    I wanted to call him back.
    I wanted to tell him that I'm still in love with him..that I cherish his every piece of joy and beauty.
    Piercing my heart and burning my soul into ashes
    I too had a dream to conquer a space in your heart but you decided to flee.
    There was one thing..
    That kept ringing on my mind..
    I lost myself again?
    Or I have gained you.
    Either way I'm not gonna let this eat me for one more time.

  • aradhana1308 44w

    Won or Lost?

    They see your happy face
    But don't see the sorrow,
    You went through
    They see you smiling
    But don't see the tears
    You shed alone
    They see you winning
    But don't see, what
    You have lost

    Why there were none
    When we were
    looking for someone
    Why there were none
    When we wanted a,
    shoulder to cry upon
    Why there were none
    When we were searching,
    someone to hang up on

    Now there are plenty of them
    But we have lost our
    Ability to trust
    Courage to love
    Chances to open up
    Vibe with them
    But we are winning
    Over us again and again

  • my_blind_thoughts 54w


    Peace doesn't makes comfortable: should outburst from the heart


  • shivu14 54w


    This morning, I got up early. Usually in winter mornings I have a tendency to sleep until the sun is up in the sky. I went for a walk and on my way I saw trees moist with dewdrops.

    A drop from a leaf fall on my hand and I trembled. No, it was not cold but last night I slept crying on my floor. And instead this dewdrop there were teardrops on the same hand.

    There was a beautiful difference. The teardrop- Flowing endlessly and falling on my hand and floor and staying there until dried away. And the dewdrop- Hanging on those leaves as a part of fresh morning.

    When the first sunlight hit, it shined brighter telling me, " Don't worry its going to be a better day than last one." I played with those leaves until I felt okay and I had the best morning of all.


  • aswathyashi 57w

    Word Prompt :

    Write a 10 word microtale on Melody.

    #melody #shorttale @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Dear lover,

    Your words are always a melody to me.


  • thesarcasticexpressor 60w


    कि मैं लिपटा रहा हूं हर पल तुझसे,
    कभी छोटा तो कभी बड़ा हो जाता हूँ,
    तू जरा सा भी सहमति है जब जब,
    मैं भी तेरे संग सहम जाता हूँ,
    मैं हर भाव में मौजूद हूं तुझमे,
    कभी हवा से तो कभी ख्याल से उभर आता हूं,
    कभी बुलाने पर भी नहीं, कभी बिन बुलाए आजाता हूं,
    लोगों के बीच रोंगटे के नाम से पहचाना जाता हूँ ।

    -प्रगति अग्रवाल

  • shalini_guha 62w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Expectation

    What do I do? What do u say?
    When all you did was be taciturn?
    You made me voiceless too. Because your eyes expressed but you neglected, betraying all the expectations and desires. Was it wrong to ask for a cup of coffee with a little conversation when your eyes and hands were touching the core of me?
    Be gone, for all you have is you that I do not want....
    And what I want is the Respect, you are incapable of........

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    For what was left,
    You left us unsaid

  • ilovedeadpoets 64w

    Hide and Seek

    Lift the veil
    that hides
    your true self.

  • springblossoms 65w

    It's not necessary you can bring smile by expensive gifts. Be with your loved ones in each phase of life. In everyone's life there is definitely a person whose just presence becomes enough to put a smile amidst all tough problems going in the life. So at least give them a bit of your time. They love you unconditionally❤️

    #love #moment #life #shorttale #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    She asked him to give the best of this world to her.
    He didn't move an inch but he gently placed
    His hands on her and looked at her.
    She smiled and asked, "where is the best?"
    He said, "Sweetheart don't look at me. I know I'm not the best. But yes, your pleasant smile is!"

  • aradhana1308 67w

    "What! Are you going to wear this?" mt best friend yelled after having a look on my newly bought shirt and dark blue jeans. "Dude it's a date not a corporate meeting" opposingly she said. She was more excited than me or she was only excited for me, I was nervous because it had been 3 years after my first and last breakup since I approached any boy or let them approach me. But now life was stable and kinda boring too so I thought what would be more adventurous than bringing someone into life. People always come with a pack of surprises and shocks. So I got a match on tinder a day back and we decided to go on date. The venue i will disclose late right now i need to finalise my outfit. Having a great F in dressing sense i left this decision to my best friend and asked her to suggest whatever she likes. Finally she came up with one of her sea green floral print knee length one piece, picked out a diamond shaped stone earrings from my box and a white high heel to go with the dress.
    The next evening after coming back from office, I got ready and headed into the cab.
    "Location kya hai madam" cab driver asked.
    "Starbucks Cafe, City Centre Mall" i replied. Yes, we decided to meet at Starbucks cafe. I was never fan of Starbucks or CCD, neither I thought he would be but he suggested it and I couldn't disagree. For me a cup of adrak wali chai made by me had always been my favourite.
    Soon i was out of city centre mall, i stepped out of the cab, it was 6:30, sun was setting down behind the clouds, it seemed it will rain today. A guy of 5'7 in white hooded shirt with a Mickey mouse print in the front, styled with a pair of faded blue jeans, those colours on him were giving more glow to his wheatish skin complexion. He ruffled his hair with one hand and offered me the other for handshake. He was my match, "You look pretty" he complimented. "Thank you."You also look amazing." I replied. We went inside the café. It was giant, full furnished floors with wodden chairs and table along side the walls leaving enough space in the centre for a marble statue, and fancy light in the ceiling. He ordered two cappuccino after i told whatever he wish he can order and we sat. "Do you often come here?" He asked. "Yes" i lied because the rule no1 given to me by my best friend was to say things which will look like we both have same choices. And as he was the one who suggested this venue I concluded he might been coming to this place often. It was really awkward sitting their silently, i didn't know what to talk or how to start the conversation. "Is it your first date? Or you had got matched before also" i broke the ice and asked. "No it's not. I have matched with girls earlier also but it never lasted more than a one day date." He laughed and I giggled too. "What about you?" He asked. "Yes it is my first tinder date." Our cappuccino arrived, as I took a sip of it I thought what's on the earth is making Starbucks so good (no offense to Starbucks lover, it's fictional). "It's good no" he said. Again I nodded and told yeah it's my favourite. We talked a little and after an hour we decided to take leave. As we came out, the weather was already being dark and the sound of thunder was loud. "It's gonna rain" he said while giving irritated expression. "You don't like rain? I asked. "No not much." He said. We bid farewell.
    I decided to walk a little, soon it started raining, I took shelter under a tea stall, and ordered a cup of tea. A hot cup of tea adds more beauty to the rainy weather. The old owner of the stall who was in his late 60s handed me tea in a paper cup. While I was sipping my tea, my eyes gazed over a guy at some distance enjoying the rain, standing at the side of road and getting wet. I realised it was him my tinder match. I moved a little closer to him and shoutey "Hey! What you doing here." He looked back with a hesitated expression trying not to make eye contact. "What are you doing here with this?" He asked pointing toward cup of tea. "Umm first you answer you told you don't like rain, then what is this?" I asked again. "I thought you don't like rain so I said so." He replied. "But I never said that" I said."Now you answer me first, you told cappuccino is your favourite and you don't like tea." He enquired."I was just trying to do what my best friend directed to me, being an amateur in tinder and dating she suggested me just to pretend we both have same choices and we could just vibe with but i guessed that didn't work." I said with my head bowed down.
    He burst in laughter, I looked at him confusingly. Finally he said "Even I was doing the same,this means you don't go to starbucks often." "No, and it means you like rain not cappuccino" I asked.
    "Yes." He said we both laughed and enjoyed the rain under the tea stall. He took my tea and sipped out of it. I blushed. "Do you have a pen uncle". He asked the tea stall owner. Old uncle handed him one and he wrote our name on the cup just like we did in starbucks the only difference was there it was on two different cups here we were on one, and our choices were really one this time.
    -Aradhana Ojha

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  • spoiledwifeslifediary 69w


    जिसमें पहले सावन सी महक है
    तो रिमझिम से रिश्ते की मिठास है
    इक पल घनघोर सी घटा छायी है
    तो दूजे पल मंद मंद सी वर्षा आज बरसी है
    मोहब्बत वो बारिश है
    कभी गरजी तो कभी सहेज है

  • _alchemist_shiva_ 70w

    He is just like her fav novel fantasy boy she wished
    & she is just like his imagination girl he wished..


  • eiyashou 70w

    Thsnk you @smriti_koul for the repost!! ♡
    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Pride
    #wordprompt #10word #shorttale #quotes

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    Be prideful in your accomplishments; not your devillish misdeeds.

  • eiyashou 70w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Household
    #wordprompt #10word #shorttale #arguing

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    "You must live up to the name of the household!"

  • aradhana1308 72w

    Jhumka - A short tale

    She was eagerly waiting for him. She was more excited because he was going to gift her something. She had always been very fond of gifts and she was equally fond of him too. She didn't slept last night guessing what will he bring for her.
    He came to the café where she was eagerly waiting for him. His eyes traced her from a distance sitting impatiently on the chair dressed in a beautiful knee length dress with her hair open. He hurriedly went to her planted a kiss on her forehead and said 'Happy Birthday My love'.
    She was delighted to see him. She blushed and her cheeks were red as if someone just applied rose on them. She saw him, he was looking equally handsome in his shirt and jeans with a clean haricut and trimmed beard. She thanked him for the wish and looked at him with the curiosity to know what he had brought for her.
    He took out a small gift box from her pocket and handed it to her. She looked at it and said "This looks so cute, I don't want to open it."
    "Hey common go ahead, open it and look what's waiting for you inside". He said
    She opened the box gently and found a pair of shiny glittering jhumka inside it. Her face lightened up the moment she hold them in her hand. It was the smile he expected to be on her face while he bought that pretty jhumkas for her.
    "Thank you so much, they are so pretty'. She said
    "Not more than you." He winked.
    "I think this time I know the reason why you gifted me this." She said. He had habit of gifting her anything which possessed a meaning to them, which was very unlikely to be guessed by her but this time she got it.
    "How can we forget this jhumka." He said
    "It's the jhumkas that brought us together for the first-time and that's why you are gifting me another one. Am I right?" She asked.
    "Yes you are my love. I still remember the first time i saw you, in that ethnic dress with your jhumkas on. It was the tinkering of your jhumkas that made me look at you and fall for you. It was your jhumka which fell down while you were busy in tightening your sandals. It was your jhumka that gave me a reason to search you with a reason to return them to you and who knew that along with the jhumkas I will also be not able to return from there, return from your heart." He said with love.
    Her eyes filled with tears. She held his hand in her and kissed it and said thanks for this jhumkas and that one too which you came to return otherwise I would never be able to find Someone like you.