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    Happiest Vijaya Dashami to everyone!!! ShriSeethaRaam bless everyone infinitely and forever! ��❤��

    #Shri_Lakshmi_Charit 9

    In this last part, of ShriLakshmi Charit, I have described the Kripa (Mercy) of Devi Lakshmi, and the opulences she can provide. She being the Supreme Mother, there is absolutely nothing impossible for her. Therefore, she provides to one the blessings of wealth (Dhan), crops(Dhaanya), progeny (Santaan), Victory (Vijay), Dhairya (Patience), Boons (Vardaan), devotion to her and Narayana (Bhakti) and lastly the most important goal of human life, Liberation (Mukti).
    She is the one who guides the path of sages, she is the one who provides one the supreme knowledge to attain Moksha and service to ShriLakshmiNarayana. She destroys all inauspiciousness and gives rise to all kinds of auspiciousness for us and her devotees, Sharnagatas!
    She is the Goddess of My Heart ❤
    Hence I pray to her to provide endless mercy to that person who recites this hymn 'ShriLakshmi Charit' daily or routinely.

    श्रीलक्ष्मी चरित ९
    -भव्या गोगिया

    मुनिगन मार्ग दर्शिनी लक्ष्मी
    गुरु सम विद्या दायिनी लक्ष्मी
    धन धान्य आदि महालक्ष्मी
    संतान सुख प्रदायिनी लक्ष्मी
    विजय धैर्य वर दायिनी लक्ष्मी
    वैकुंठ वासी वंदित लक्ष्मी
    सागर कन्या किशोरी लक्ष्मी
    जय जय जय श्रीदेवी लक्ष्मी |१२|

    सकल पाप विनाशिनी लक्ष्मी
    भव सागर तारिणी श्रीलक्ष्मी
    सर्व मंगल जननी लक्ष्मी
    सर्व अमंगल नाशिनी लक्ष्मी
    मम-हृदय देवी जय जय लक्ष्मी
    भक्ति मुक्ति प्रदायिनी लक्ष्मी
    अनंत कृपा वर्षिनी लक्ष्मी
    पाठ करे जो नित्य लक्ष्मी
    सागर कन्या किशोरी लक्ष्मी
    जय जय जय श्रीदेवी लक्ष्मी |१३|


    The one who is the guide of the path followed by Munis is Lakshmi
    The one provides knowledge like a preceptor is Lakshmi
    The one who provides wealth and cereals(food) as Dhan Lakshmi and Dhaanya Lakshmi is the great (Maha) Lakshmi
    The one who provides the bliss of progeny is Lakshmi
    The one who provides Victory (Vijaya), Patience (Dhairya) and boons and blessings (Var) as Vijaya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi and Var Lakshmi is Lakshmi
    The one worshipped by the residents of Vaikuntha (Nityas and Muktas) is Lakshmi
    The daughter of the Ocean is the youthful Lakshmi
    Victory Victory & Victory be to Shridevi Lakshmi |12|

    The one who destroys all sins is Lakshmi
    The one who makes us cross the ocean of Miseries (Bhav Saagar) is Lakshmi
    The one who gives rise to all auspiciousness is Lakshmi
    The one who terminates all inauspiciousness is Lakshmi
    The one who is the Goddess of My Heart, Victory & Victory to such Lakshmi
    The one who provides devotion and liberation is Lakshmi
    The one who shall shower endless mercy is Lakshmi
    I pray, on the one who recites/reads this daily/routinely, Oh Lakshmi!
    The daughter of the Ocean is the youthful Lakshmi
    Victory Victory & Victory be to Shridevi Lakshmi |13|

    ✿ �������� ������������������������������! �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������!✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: Shri Maha Lakshmi ❤❤❤

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    श्रीलक्ष्मी चरित ९
    -श्रीहरि नंदिनी

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    #ma #pitaji #seetha #sita #navami #shriraam #ram #govind #hari #shrihari #mahalakshmi #narayana #victory #janaki #shiva #bow #thick #hair #beauty #goddess #feet #moon #like #nails #forever #ceesreposts #devotion

    Victory to ShriSeetha
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Lady with thick hair
    Which resemble the forests of heaven,
    Oh Lady of ShriRaghuRaam
    Victory forever and ever to you!
    Oh One who held Shiva's bow
    Like a blade of grass
    Oh darling daughter of Janak
    Victory forever and ever to you!
    Oh Sweetest eternal Nectar
    Residing in the Heart of Raam
    Oh one with a slender body
    Victory forever and ever to you!
    Oh Goddess, with red lips
    Defeating the setting sun
    Oh one with lotus like cheeks
    Victory forever and ever to you!
    Oh Mother bless me forever
    With devotion to thy feet,
    With nails resembling rows of Moons
    Victory forever and ever to you!

    Today is ShriSeetha Navami, the birthday of ShriSeetha Mayya ��❤�� The divine daughter of Janak, the lovely Queen of ShriRaam and the excellent mother of Lav and Kush, she has been the best example of an ideal wife.
    She is the incarnation of Ma ShriLakshmi, when ShriHari incarnated as ShriRaam ☺ She was the reason behind every leela (Divine play) of Bhagwan ShriRaam❤
    Today let's wish her 'Happiest Birthday'����

    Pic credit: To the original owner, edit by me

    Jai ShriSaketeshwari! Jai Ma ShriSeetha! Jai ShriJanakNandini!
    Jai ShriRaamPriya! Jai Jai SiyaRaam!!! ☺������

    Jai ShriHari! Jai ShrimanNarayana! ����

    @drinderjeet @shashiinderjeet @ally_18 @mayank_02 @aarsha_s

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    Victory to ShriSeetha

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #shriraam #shriseetha #sita #ma #pita #shrihari #atiuttam #gundhaam #hks #narayana #mahalakshmi #shriraghuvar #ram #govind #hari #mylordvishnu #abode #of #virtues #love

    - भव्या गोगिया

    हे अतियुत्तम बदन श्याम
    हे सीतावल्लभ श्रीपति राम
    कोमल हस्ता मुख अभिराम
    जय रघुकुल श्रेष्ठ, जितक्रोधकाम!

    जय अयोध्या स्वामी, श्रीरघुवीरा
    दशमुख हारी, हरो भव पीरा
    जनक सुता धन कोश हीरा
    जय पवन सुत वंदये बलवीरा!

    कोदंड प्रिये जय दीन सहाये
    लोहित अधर कमल सम सुहाय
    सर्व शारान्ये, भक्त मन भाये
    भक्ति दान दो हे अति सुख दाये!

    शिव शेष तुलसी नुत स्वामी
    जिसकी महिमा न जाए बाखानी
    भक्त जन पालन, जय चक्रपाणी
    परमात्मा जय परम सुख धानी!

    मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम परमेश्वर
    मायापति जय सकल सुरेश्वर
    गो द्विज धर्मादि जग हितकर
    जय जय जय सियाप्रिये श्रीरघुवर!

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh one with an excellent Shyam(black) body,
    Oh Seetha's (Shri's) beloved Husband,
    Oh one with Soft hands and beautiful, lovely,delightful Face,
    Victory to you Oh Best One of Raghukul, who has won over Anger(Krodh) and Kaam(Pleasure)!

    Victory to you Oh Lord of ShriAyodhya, ShriRaghuVeer
    Oh Lord who killed the demon with Ten heads(Raavan), kindly vanquish my wordly sorrow
    Oh Lord who is A Diamond in the treasury of the daughter of Janak(Ma ShriSeetha)
    And Oh Strong and Brave Lord who is worshipped the by the Son of Wind God(Shri Hanuman ji)!

    Victory to the helper of the Poor, and who loves his Kodanda Bow
    And the one whose red lips are splendid like a lotus
    Oh Lord who is the REFUGE FOR ALL, and who is very dear to the mind of Devotees
    Benevolently give me Devotion to you, Oh Giver of Happiness!

    Oh Lord praised by Shiv ji, SheshNaag ji and Tulsidaas ji
    Whose Glories can never be sung completely, are unlimited
    Who looks after his Devotees like a mother, Victory to Such Weilder of Chakra(ShriSudarshan Discus)
    And Oh Supersoul, Who is the mine of Eternal Bliss!

    Oh Best Among Men full of Modesty, And of Supreme God
    Who is the Lord of Even Maya(Illusion) and the (Devata)God of all the Devatas
    Who is the well wisher of Cows, Sages, Duties etc. and also of the Whole World
    Victory Victory And Victory be to Such ShriRaghuvar who is very dear to Ma ShriSeetha!

    @drinderjeet @aarsha_ns @setusrivatsa @snigdha_pihu @odysseus

    Jay ShriRaam! Jay SeethaRaam!

    Pic credit: Pinterest (ShriRaam Darbar, ShriRaam-Ma Seetha-ShriLakshman with ShriHanuman Ji)

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    - श्रीहरि नंदिनी

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    #shrihari #mylordvishnu #shriraam #seetharaam #janki #sita #ram #govind #hari #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #victory #obeisances #diadem #complexion #Raaghav #Hanuman #parmatma #ShriRam_Navami #ram #navami #hks #NamoShriRaghav

    नमो श्रीराघव
    - भव्या गोगिया

    नमो राघव, श्रीसीतारमना
    श्याम तन सुंदर, सर्व दुख हरणा
    कोदंड हस्ता, अतुलित हैं छवि
    जय जय जय श्रीजानकीपति
    मुकुट विराजे शीश पर रवि सा
    वक्ष श्रीवत्स अतुलित भूषण सा
    करुणा के स्वामी राघव हैं
    सर्वगुण आल्य सुख सागर हैं
    नाम की महिमा सब जग जाने
    सब ज्ञानी जो गाते सुनाते
    हनुमान सेवित श्रीरामा
    वज्रदेह स्वामी परमात्मा
    अयोध्या पुरी के स्वामी हे,
    मन बसो सो मेरी विनय
    सीता जी संग हृदय पधारों
    करों कृपा, भव सागर तारों

    Obeisances to ShriRaaghav (Scion of Raghu)

    Obeisances to Raaghav, the Husband of ShriSeetha
    One who has Shyaam(black) complexion and who vanquishes all sorrows
    One whose hands hold Kodand Bow, and whose appearance is unparalleled
    All Victory to Such Husband of ShriJanki
    The diadem on his head looks like Moon itself,
    And on his chest is Srivatsa, which looks like a matchless jewel,
    Raaghav is the Lord of Mercy
    He is the abode of all good virtues and the Ocean of Bliss,
    The Glories of His Name is known World-Wide
    Which is sung and recited by all the Wise!
    ShriRaam is served by Shri Hanuman
    He the Super Soul is the Lord of One whose body is as strong as a Vajra (Hanuman ji)
    Oh Lord of Shri Ayodhya Puri,
    Reside in my mind, such is my prayer!
    Come to my heart with ShriSeetha Ma!
    Show your Mercy and compassion, and make me cross the Ocean of World!

    @drinderjeet @snigdha_pihu @setusrivatsa @aarsha_ns @odysseus

    Happiest ShriRaam Navami!
    Pic credit: Sketch of ShriSeethaRaam by me! ��❤

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    नमो श्रीराघव

    - श्रीहरि नंदिनी