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    A Surprise
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Ahaa I smile,
    As if with pride
    I am finallydone,
    With what I begun
    A Lovely tiara
    For my sweetest Ma
    I just completed
    And thence retreated
    I came back home
    After hours long
    My surprise is Ready
    For my Mother Janaki
    'But Oh' I thought
    'I totally forgot,
    How shall she astound,
    When I will crown?'
    I am too small,
    And she's quite tall
    How will my hands extend,
    To Her crown?' I reflect
    'What's the matter?' someone enunciates
    I move around, it's Father ahead
    I apprise my Plight,
    And he smiles bright!
    'Come' he beckons
    And he takes me in his arms
    I smile as we move,
    Towards Ma's room
    Without making a sound
    We plan to astound,
    And as we stand
    Behind her as planned
    I crown her the blossom!
    And she turns with Wonder!
    With a smile so bright
    Totally amazed, yet polite!
    And she embraces me
    Out of Compassion, MaShri
    And I am in the arms
    Of both Janki and ShriRaam
    Oh who's more exultant
    Than me, today this instant?
    I wonder continuously,
    As I smile joyously,
    No one's more compassionate
    Than ShriHari incarnate!

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @shraddha_suryanarayana @_garimapandey_ @vandi123

    Pic credit: Google, Here ShriRaam is making her wear the tiara but it was me in the poem, of course nobody clicked my picture ������ He held me in his arms because I am a small child how will I crown her such that she is surprised, hence Pitaji comes to help���� Love you MaPitaji! ����

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    A Surprise

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    - भव्या गोगिया

    हे अतियुत्तम बदन श्याम
    हे सीतावल्लभ श्रीपति राम
    कोमल हस्ता मुख अभिराम
    जय रघुकुल श्रेष्ठ, जितक्रोधकाम!

    जय अयोध्या स्वामी, श्रीरघुवीरा
    दशमुख हारी, हरो भव पीरा
    जनक सुता धन कोश हीरा
    जय पवन सुत वंदये बलवीरा!

    कोदंड प्रिये जय दीन सहाये
    लोहित अधर कमल सम सुहाय
    सर्व शारान्ये, भक्त मन भाये
    भक्ति दान दो हे अति सुख दाये!

    शिव शेष तुलसी नुत स्वामी
    जिसकी महिमा न जाए बाखानी
    भक्त जन पालन, जय चक्रपाणी
    परमात्मा जय परम सुख धानी!

    मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम परमेश्वर
    मायापति जय सकल सुरेश्वर
    गो द्विज धर्मादि जग हितकर
    जय जय जय सियाप्रिये श्रीरघुवर!

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh one with an excellent Shyam(black) body,
    Oh Seetha's (Shri's) beloved Husband,
    Oh one with Soft hands and beautiful, lovely,delightful Face,
    Victory to you Oh Best One of Raghukul, who has won over Anger(Krodh) and Kaam(Pleasure)!

    Victory to you Oh Lord of ShriAyodhya, ShriRaghuVeer
    Oh Lord who killed the demon with Ten heads(Raavan), kindly vanquish my wordly sorrow
    Oh Lord who is A Diamond in the treasury of the daughter of Janak(Ma ShriSeetha)
    And Oh Strong and Brave Lord who is worshipped the by the Son of Wind God(Shri Hanuman ji)!

    Victory to the helper of the Poor, and who loves his Kodanda Bow
    And the one whose red lips are splendid like a lotus
    Oh Lord who is the REFUGE FOR ALL, and who is very dear to the mind of Devotees
    Benevolently give me Devotion to you, Oh Giver of Happiness!

    Oh Lord praised by Shiv ji, SheshNaag ji and Tulsidaas ji
    Whose Glories can never be sung completely, are unlimited
    Who looks after his Devotees like a mother, Victory to Such Weilder of Chakra(ShriSudarshan Discus)
    And Oh Supersoul, Who is the mine of Eternal Bliss!

    Oh Best Among Men full of Modesty, And of Supreme God
    Who is the Lord of Even Maya(Illusion) and the (Devata)God of all the Devatas
    Who is the well wisher of Cows, Sages, Duties etc. and also of the Whole World
    Victory Victory And Victory be to Such ShriRaghuvar who is very dear to Ma ShriSeetha!

    @drinderjeet @aarsha_ns @setusrivatsa @snigdha_pihu @odysseus

    Jay ShriRaam! Jay SeethaRaam!

    Pic credit: Pinterest (ShriRaam Darbar, ShriRaam-Ma Seetha-ShriLakshman with ShriHanuman Ji)

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    - श्रीहरि नंदिनी