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  • __my__random__thoughts__ 22w

    My life is in so darker side
    That even the sunlight
    Can't make it bright

  • mazingmee 23w

    Have a look

    If you are losing something that felt so real once upon,
    If you are getting older in waiting for your right things happening for life,
    If you are the reason someone wants to break some hearts,
    If you can return the very special moments to someone you care about,
    If you search for inner peace while managing Chaos in your head,
    If you know you are trying hard while breaking at pieces,
    If you have your shine but rather you stare at the darkest of hours..
    Have a look at yourself my friend and hope for the best of your version will choose brighter side ....

  • itsssiya 25w

    #love #sorry #youandme #forever #tilltheend #illpostoften #side #nomatterwhat #ourlove #breakapart heyy guys I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in a while I've been busy anyway here's a lyrics I hope yall like it
    Stay happy�� stay positive ��

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    I fell in love 
    With a boy 
    4 years ago
    He came to me told me that he’d like to be left alone
    Now all he see Is only me
    And all I can see Is only him
    He is the ocean to my shore
    He gives me love and so much more
    I love him to the end of the earth

    He is the only one for me
    He tells me I can be
    Anyone anything I wanna be
    He supports in all I do
    He knows I do the same for him to
    I send him a bunch of red hearts
    So he knows we are never really apart
    We say I love u before good nights
    We say I miss u everytime
    Yea yea he is my Kim Taehyung

    The minute he told me
    3 little words
    It made a huge impact on my world
    He said I Like you
    I said me too
    Yea we love each other to the end of the earth
    No matter what through thick and thin
    I'll always be by ur side
    No matter what even If the world is crumbling u and me shall live on our love keeps us together

  • hanzo_ 26w


    Sometimes you have to face through the fear just to see the beauty on other side.

  • _misssjain_ 31w


    Unn chotii chotii yaadon ko u he mutthi mee sammet rakha hai...
    Unnn chotii chotii baaton ko u he dill se laga kr rakha hai....
    Harrr uss cheez koo pyar se sametkarr rakha haii.....
    Jisme hamari mastiyo ka namuna hota hai....
    Baat aajkal ho na ho lekin zikar kahi na kahi rehta hai....
    Ae mere dost kabhi ye mt samjhna ki tujhe bhula ja skta hai.......


  • samratprashar 37w

    Just think of the best possible way you can betray me until then stay by my side.


  • hk55555 40w

    Know The Real Me

    Since you know the real me
    I can show you everything
    Now I have nothing to hide
    I have lot to show you my life
    Since you know the real me
    I take you to ride of my darker side
    You can seen all my wounds
    I have nothing to hide
    Since you know the real me
    Even though you showered me with love
    Taught me how to love myself
    Break the curse of gloominess
    Tàke me to the journey of inner peace
    Since you know the real me
    I can show you everything

  • monali03 45w

    A star by my side.
    Be the star by my side.

    Come wrapped in colours,
    As the shallow water
    Reflects the sun
    Off your back.

    Your art drips down your shoulder,
    The dying stars guide your soul
    To eternity.
    To Nirvana,
    That is not so far,
    Not so narrow.

    Your heart is bleeding ink,
    And the ink is healing your fears,
    Where your mind was lost.

    As you close your eyes,
    And listen to every little thing,
    That has been falling,
    Do you hear yourself?

    Your touch
    Wipes the wreckage
    Of my painful pink canvas.

    Whenever you're awake,
    I want you,
    To be the
    Star By My Side.☆



    Picture courtesy - To the rightful owner -Pinterest ��


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    The Star By My Side

    I couldn't revive.


  • kriti_dinesh_shukla 46w

    I'm like this Moon.... Maybe I look calm and bright , but still I have a dark side.

  • yungdanielson 49w

    Deep Ends Side Story

    Lyrics I wrote that I want to just put out there. I know about copyright and stuff im not worried about someone taking them. I own these lyrics in full. No one else was present in the making of it. Enjoy

    (Verse 1)
    It's how you play the game and see the streets and then look at the world from where you stand it. It's either sunny one moment then it turns cloudy but you're prepared for the change every morning. /
    Envy on the forecast that could last for days so I guess it's that time for me to start packin' and get movin'. /
    Pray for that one person to hear you then reply, congratulations you might be a new trend, next top hit or even start the next great movement. /
    Then take pictures like, remember that day, and watch them all run by your life lapping the course of hard work earned memories. /
    It all starts off with a positive minded dream and a team to keep things successfully flowin' to rise through the ashes of Dead Ends Side stories. /
    Now hands up to the sky Bang, flash, smoke bombs. Im not leavin a single dead body with their hands up so wait. Im not a criminal you see It's not my fault if they all lined up and handed me their money. So don't judge me if you don't like what im bringin' to my menu im listing, now just drop it. /

    (Verse 2)
    See I mine business, do you mind yours? Boom, bang, pow, mhmm coff, thats loud. If you keep walking my way on some hater made undermining bull. That is super childish little petty, then I pistol whip ya. If that's all you got, what you talk for? It's your grave just be quite and lie down while im diggin' it. /
    I shovelled deep down, my thoughts still high and im just tryin to make a peace of livin' so shout out to all the bull shhh, to the ground. While I processes through life, bein born is a real struggle sometimes. So let me please walk by while Im still kickin' it, and don't like what you see, then here i'll toss you a cricket in it. Shwoosh. /
    Started dreamin' they had lights liftin' me for every syllable I spoke, the crowd would scream but the atmosphere felt below 0 degrees still. So I had kept spittin until they saw nothin but clouds steamin, crowd fanned it all and then boom, it became historical fire, breathe-in'. Is everyone real lit? Breathe out, then good evening. /
    Turnt the nob up 100 more degrees and watched how hands fanned from beneath me as I listened to the sound of myself slow motion drinkin'. Then I levitated and yeeted head first into live streams, poppin' champagne with big macs and happy meal smilin' with the socials on the media. /

    Channeling dreams to reality, from cavernous thoughts my visions condensed with tears are now rippling. /
    Aura surrounds me then I get the notion of flying around blowing up radio towers from city to city. /
    I want there to be banger noises, lights crackling the skies for the memorial take over scenery. /
    Then when they all scream for Merci, I will not stop because you didn't notice me until I started flexin hard and beamin'. /

    (Verse 3) starts
    Smoke first, then talk business while in the house scrollin through my phone lookin' for a great beat to stirr in the mix and turnip with a hmm, nice hot lil banger mean recipe to whip in it. Gotta keep the seasonings flowin' and the alphabets clear while I'm swirlin' and table turnin' in open business one day, some lucky year. /
    There's beef on the menu but I always suggest to choose my finest. Its organic and comes from a sensitive muscle, with alot of guts and it'll make your blood pressure rise then stomachs drop on some raw, then I smack it. Then tell me if you like the way I moon walked and talked in that business. Eat what's here or just go disappear. /
    Heads up, then down, while I play instruments on the side tryin to think of somethin' lenticular to play on words with it. So I chop it, put in a little tricks serials in the mix, then taste it. Add propitious charms to shuffle the magic recipe, and tick tock, bibby bop, dropped it all on the left and right pan like its hidden a feat. /
    3rd eye was snoozin wide awake on the blueprints to see the moral and it's never to sleep on your dreams or you'll wake up in "this reality" with the same livin' washin' cheap rags, lookin' for your mind and movin' lease to lease in a broke mans nightmare. While swagg-in' another mans fashionably dreamed reality. /

    Channeling dreams to reality, from cavernous thoughts my visions condensed with tear drops are now rippling. /
    Aura surrounds me then I get the notion of flying around blowing up radio towers from city to city. /
    I want there to be banger noises, lights crackling the skies for the memorial take over scenery. /
    Then when they all scream for Merci, I will not stop because you didn't notice me until I started flexin hard and beamin'. /

    (Verse 4)
    Dreams don't go away unless you stop believing or just scratch the pages chaptered and slam down the book because the petty talk of the world took what you was feelin' and gave a sunken Deep Ends Side X chain amount of thoughts to push you to just move along and try to transport you to another heart broke dead end mental faciliy. /
    If pushed, then push back, don't start fights and dis anyone you just tryin' to break away from all the struggling. In the meantime I'm benchin' on the side, brain stormin' while runnin' through tempo's and tryin to clock-in on every word written on this cool thawed it out, now just grind the beat. /
    Just breathe if you're going home, keep spreading your wings you're free there's no stoppin ya. Try to feather what was a blessin or side memento given from a simple talk as paths crossed on the streets. Gotta always remember there is room for more mentions and improvements to that chaptered story. /
    Sands between the toes of my feet. Im just listenin' to what the masquerade under the WAVs had to say from the Deep Ends Side story'. Do I need money to pay for a college degree to proceed? I get that knowledge is valuable thing. I just want to be free from all of the struggling. /

  • shayar_e_ishk 52w

    Take side

    Those who stand for nothing;
    fall for anything.


  • leowords08 53w

    Love is felt from the heart,
    It can never die or tear,
    What dies is the emotion that is within you.
    You just have to move with tide,
    There is nothing called it got over,
    It just loses its side!

  • orphicthoughts 57w

    Only the dark side of me, knows how much light I have.

  • orphicthoughts 60w

    I hold his hand telling him through telepathy, that I stand by his side always no matter what as he didn't heal yet from his past.

  • hk55555 60w


    My dear food giver
    You are crying
    You are dying
    You are on the street to fight for your right
    You are standing firm like Wheat Earring in the field
    You got shoots of water cannon
    You hit with the batons
    But you don't lose the hope
    If you lose hope we died
    Some think you are fool
    Some think you are influence with bad vibes
    But we know you are right
    You are one who shead their blood to bring food on our table
    We understand you
    We are standing with you
    You are not one of us
    You are above us
    You are backbone of our life line
    My dear food giver
    Don't cry now we are here standing by yourside

  • raman_writes 62w

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    किस करवट सोऊँ मैं किसी तरफ़ भी तो चैन नहीं मिलता ।

    ये ख़ामोशियों के शोर भी मुझे बड़ा तंग करते है रमन ।।


  • waitingforsomeone 62w

    One day I am going to wake up,
    roll over on my side,
    and kiss
    the love of my life
    good morning.

  • solyjust 66w

    Every person has good and bad side, only interests and benefits show which side he belongs.


  • _husk_ 75w

    Walking right by you,
    on the wrong side of love.

  • trident_of_sky 77w


    I have tried so hard to protect you,
    I can't stand to see
    the pain in your eyes
    But this world poisons
    Even the sweetest mind.
    All I can promise is
    You will never be alone,
    When things go wrong,
    I will be your constant,
    Standing by your side.