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  • its_me_luki 1w

    I should've known long before. I should've #noticed the #signs. I should've read your #mind and understood your #fake #care.
    Now, I'm blaming #myself for being #stupid, for being too #confident thinking that your #love is only #mine.

    #mirakeenetworks #writersnetworks #lovepain #lovehurts #love #fake #disappointment

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    It's ain't me that you want
    It's ain't me that you care about
    It's ain't me that you're waiting for
    It's ain't me, not my presence nor my notifications that makes you feel better

    IT'S AIN'T  ME

  • itsssiya 7w


    How do I know I like him 
    How do I  know I want him 
    First thing i do when i wake up 
    Look at my phone for a text saying good morning 
    From the special someone 
    When I text him I feel like blushing 
    When i see him my heart goes boom boom 
    When he talks to me I feel like I Can just be me 
    Now it's time to sleep I wait for his good night 
    He gets me up in the morning he helps me sleep at night 
    He is my everything 
    In the darkness he’s my light 
    He is the ocean to my shore 
    The one i know who’ll never go
    That's how I know I like him 
    That's how I know I want him 
    From the first thing in the morning to the last thing at night 
    He is the one I chose 
    These are the signs I like the most


  • yours_fortune 7w

    The zodiac MODELS


  • angels_halo_shines 7w

    Surrender to the Unknown

    The days just float by. Not sure what to say or think. Our DNA is not wired for death. No matter if you knew, eventually the time would come. The inevitable outcome. Sickness, cancer, dialysis & consistency of pain.

    ~ ~

    I can admit, I didn’t want to accept it. That’s the whole truth. I didn’t want to talk about it, even though it needed to be. I just didn’t want to think about it. I couldn’t. As tears stream down my face, I know that it’s the cycle of life.
    As I look back on all the great times we had, I realize how much you did love me. And the kids & I did mean the world to you. As you said many times.

    ~ ~

    I wish I had an answer as too why you suffered as much as you did. Nobody can deny that you were the strongest woman we know. We all learned from that alone. Through your pain, I felt your strength. Teaching us that no matter what is next, you just have to take the good with the bad.

    ~ ~

    Jason has held true to his word. As have I, showing you we have learned through you. Your willingness to fight as hard as you had to, our weaknesses don’t compare to yours.
    I shed tears, I know acceptance of the truth that I still have in my mind to deny. Denial of it all like a big bad nightmare. That haunts me & maybe it will until I can say to myself I admit & surrender to the unknown. The life that must go on without you here. The lifetime that is not the same now. For anyone. I love you mom. Fly high my Angel, be free. Always know that we are watching for signs from you everyday. I just miss you so very much.

  • pink_blue 29w


    Guess those are the signs that somewhere I need to draw the line...


    P.S. but the soul still tends to cross that line

  • aachiram 37w

    Signs of a moron :

    ●Getting jealous of someone else's hardwork
    ●making decisions in anger
    ●being over superior


  • yours_fortune 41w


    Sagittarius and Capricorn
    Taurus and Virgo
    Libra and Leo
    Scorpio and Aquarious
    Pisces and Gemini
    Cancer and Aries

  • 11maria 42w

    Every encounter is a kind of Destiny
    In our World,
    there's all kind of encounters and destinies everyday,
    Some of them were just a familiar figure that left a Faded sign in our lives.

  • diabolicangel 44w

    You will give them everything and you will get nothing.
    You will be there for them but you they won't be there for you.
    You will tell them you could die for them but they will be the ones killing you.
    Be careful who you give your heart to. Some people will drain the hell out of you and blame everything on you. They will make you feel guilty, they will make you feel bad. They will make you question yourself. They will ignore you, hurt you.. They will make you believe it was all your fault. But it wasn't. This is what they want you to believe, so they can feel good about themselves and their miserable life.

    Be careful. Do not avoid the signs. No matter how much you love them. Because sooner or later they will leave you and they won't even think about you. Not for a second. They will be like you never existed in their lives. They will forget all their words and promises just like that and dissappear through the night. They will become strangers. You will never see them again. You will never hear from them again.

    Its going to be painful, it's gonna hurt everyday, especially at night, it will take time. You have to be strong. Think that you've done everything you could and even more. You gave them more than they deserve and you should feel good about it. Don't let them destroy you. Don't accept it. Because then it will get worse. Trust me.

    But don't be scared.
    Just take care of yourself too. You took care of them, now it's time to take care of yourself. From now on, don't expect anything from anyone. Give love, give everything you want and don't think about it, just don't expect anything back. Everything you give will come back to you. In the end, everyone gets what they deserve. It's been proven over and over again. Let them think they are happy, let them think they won and karma will do its job. You will see. Always works. Good people get good things back. Bad people will have a taste of their own poison. Take care. Be good. Love. Care.


  • undefinedvisionary 48w

    Love Only Wants Good
    Things For You
    Anyone Who Says They
    Love You
    But Keeps Derailing Your
    That’s Something Else


  • ayayrunsblog 49w

    Not A World For Pisces

    This world we live in forgot how to feel,
    It's no place for emotions, if we're being real.
    When you vent and express, you're in the wrong,
    But for us Pisces folk, this is no new song.
    There's hardly any channels to take the weight off our chests,
    And let us do what we do best.
    When prevented from feeling, we feel more,
    And then we dream, our getaway door.
    We dream in the night and even more in the day,
    And nothing and nobody can get in our way.
    We like to feel and we like to dream,
    But in this world, that's our Achilles heel.

  • shadowieshades 51w

    Heart's want to know....
    How one fall in love with
    someone they don't know......... ?????

  • undefinedvisionary 52w

    We’ll Cross That Bridge When We Get To It

    Is Total Bull$h*t

    That’s Just Another Way Of Taking A Longer Route To The Bridge

    So It Never Comes


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 56w


    The first time your lashes got separated,
    To behold the world, the almighty created,
    The first time your lips gracefully spread,
    To smile, while your cheeks glowed pinkie-red.

    The first time you coughed or sneezed,
    Blessed you with her warmth, she eased,
    To observe every movement, even a wink,
    She stayed up all night, without a blink.

    Beholding the first cry, first ever yawn,
    She cuddled and kissed until dawn,
    Pinkie tongue, when glid o'er the rosy lips,
    She fed you in her arms, kissing your fingertips.

    Whenever you twisted your little fist,
    Rubbing your eyes n shiny nose,
    Like a trained singer and lyricist,
    She sung gently, holding you close.

    Be it a stomach ache or a simple hunger,
    Whether you wished to soil your diaper,
    Be it a prominent signal or a mild sign,
    Got acquainted with you, within no time.

    Struggling to utter the words of your choice,
    Unable to express your feelings and mood,
    Brisk movements and perplexing noise,
    Every minute detail ,she effortlessly understood.

    Upside down has changed the scene,
    Time has acted like a rolling machine,
    Breaths that almost collapsed so that you could breathe,
    Waiting at the doorstep of life, all set to be left & leave.

    Quivering old hands and her blurred vision,
    Ruptured throat and the aching knees,
    Wrinkled soul ,tired of life & scared of death,
    Wishes to inhale in the air you breathe, its last breath.


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  • leonna 57w

    I see him everywhere

    I realized that after the death of my father, I began to hear him in the most difficult to deal with people in my life. And because of my anger I ignored his messages. And maybe that's just what life is, all of us living collectively in and out of each other.

  • shamli_mali 60w

    Once you learn to read the signs
    You will rarely lose your way!!


  • dave_amogh 61w

    Everything seems like a sign when you are hoping for a miracle

  • dave_amogh 61w


    This Girl has secrets filled in her heart

    Atleast make a sign, so that I can unfold them

    This girl searches for the way to true love

    Atleast open your eyes, so that I can take u there

    This girls waits for a miracle

    Atleast listen, so that I can tell you, you're the miracle.

    This girl tries to open the door to happiness

    Atleast think, when I tell you the wall u see is jus an illusion.

  • _infinity_writer_ 62w

    10.✨ A Promise �� Sorry had too much work but this is fun one a promise i made with my best friend ���� like and share ❤️

    #bestfriends #promise #wedding #boycott #newyork #friendship #roomates #fun #memories #airport #passport #extratickets #signs #runwaybride #coffee #laugh #idiots #writersofinstagram #staysafe #stayhome #anonymous #infinity #storytime #storytelling

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    A Promise

    It’s been 2 years…

    She didn’t notice it first. She saw the date when she just woke up and came in search of her coffee. Memories flooded before her eyes and she started laughing. “ Why are you laughing like a maniac?” asked one of her roommates, coming and sitting next to her. She showed her roommate and long time best friend the date and they started laughing together.

    Flash back

    “Hey, you ready?” asked her best friend, coming into her room. Her wedding was in full swing outside, but she couldn’t muster up the interest. She felt wrong. Something was wrong. “ I want you to do as promised”, she told her best friend.

    “What?... NOW?!”, asked her best friend.

    “Yes, NOW!!”

    “But why?? Thought you liked him?? What happened?”

    “Nope. everything is wrong and i don’t want to get married”


    “You promised!! Please …” she pleaded to her best friend. “ Okay Okay. do you have your passport?” asked her best friend. Only idiots are my friends her best friend thought, pacing in the room. “ I have my passport and two tickets for New York, which I don't know why I booked when I was booking tickets for my honeymoon spot. ” she said, taking her suitcase which she packed for her honeymoon. Maybe it was a sign she thought. “Okay, we have to get down by that back window, go to my home, get my passport. Yes, plan. Change into something comfortable and hurry up. Lets go” her best friend said. Both changed into their pyjamas and got down the window with one suitcase with both their clothes. “Wait , let's throw out our sim cards and put our phones on airplane mode” her best friend told her. “ I love you and owe you so much” she told her best friend and did as her friend told her. “Yeah next time tell me a day before and you have the same promise to keep” her best friend smiled and they left.

    They reached the airport . Sorry mom she thought to herself. “ Okay where will we stay??” she asked her best friend. “I don’t know why i did this but i called my friend in New york and told her about our promise yesterday. Before throwing out my card I texted her our plan and she will pick us up. We can be roommates with her” her best friend told her. “You are the best. We will go there, find a job and have fun. Yayy!!” she mused.


    “What are you two Idiots laughing at? ” asked their 3rd roommate, looking at two people laughing. “It’s been 2 years since I boycotted my wedding,” she said to her 3rd roommate, who caught up and started laughing with them. “ Well, Happy boycotted wedding anniversary,” her best friend told her and raised her cup. The three sat in the kitchen laughing and telling the same story.

    Still the best decision she made….


  • sneh_antil 63w

    समय का पहिया, रुकेगा थोड़ी..
    हवा का रूख, थमेगा थोड़ी..
    किताब का एक पन्ना ही तो बुरा है..
    पूरी किताब थोड़ी...॥