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  • lovinme_aditi 20w

    I like to sit in silence
    Under the shadow of a canopy
    To soak myself in my sanguine thoughts
    My mind tiptoeing backwards
    To dip it's wing in the memory lane
    To grasp fragments of nectarean evocation
    And bind them by acoustic threads
    I weaved while relishing the enthralling sunrays
    'Hush' my mind says for it wants
    To get entangled in the mesh woven
    By metaphors and save the poetries in polaroid
    Of yesteryear

  • _mathematics 20w

    Maybe I am too weak or too stone-hearted, letting the thoughts leave me in the norm of the deformed night while I breathe, I hope to end this grief.

    Maybe it's not even rather odd to yearn for pain in exchange for love to confer what my heart aches for.

    Maybe I am too desperate to meet grief and dine for the time we could without arguments and assumptions.

    Maybe the day is not the right place to confront the dark, I don't want to go against it although I had countless times.

    Maybe my words are not complete to express what the body feels.

    Maybe, healing is not the intention but suffering is( I can bet on it).

    Maybe composing some parts doesn't make you a writer you are just a person with a broken heart.

    Maybe it's the winter pretending to be tangible in reality it's bogus like 11:11 which every time sings the pseudo wish to be turned into a word of forever.

    #healingdec #silentdec

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    What is it

    I love to sit in silence
    thinking all of this stuff
    roaming in the dictionaries
    to find, what exactly is love?

  • nocturnal_enigma 21w

    Silen- ~

    I love to sit in silence.
    Just silently take a rest.
    Keep all silent thoughts.
    Lips of mine silenced.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • bclark2681 22w


    I love to sit in silence
    Float away upon the hush

  • cutie_hedgehog 22w

    Silence brings me back to life

    I love to sit in the silence
    Makes me hear more clearly the voice of my heart
    which is usually obscured by the noise of ambition

    I love to sit in silence
    Makes me feel the bitter of truth
    that I usually deny

    I love to sit in the silence
    Makes me see more clearly the shortcomings of myself
    that have been covered in arrogance

    I love to sit in the silence
    Makes my life more alive


  • diary_of_wimpy_winds 22w


    Misunderstanding is the refuge of good fortune to play in relationship!
    The fire is scorching ,
    When the slanting of the eyelids is climbing!
    The heartbeat of the heart should be misguided,
    When the sound of the waterfall has a glimpse of face to face!

    The numbness through the medium is misguided,
    From your heart and is filled with cheerful-mood!
    The mockery of darkness which is battling with the difficulties that fly is to,
    Overcome through the depths of the heart!

  • hallucination 22w

    Silent December

    I love to sit in the silence
    Amidst the bustling crowds
    For when no-one can listen to me
    I can listen to myself....

    I love to sit in the silence
    In the mundane soil's soul
    For its aroma inebriates me
    Into acropetal mannner

    I love to sit in the silence
    In the 3rd floor of the library
    For its easy to get lost
    In the vellichor

    I love to sit in silence
    Under the dancing auroras
    For their music is not
    For everyone to hear...

    I love to sit in silence....

  • charvy 22w

    I like to sit in silence when
    All the shadows comes alive
    In the dark hours of night
    I fear nothing except myself
    The shadows make me feel home
    I don't feel left out or alone

    I like to sit in chaos when
    The wind move to fast like
    The ones that goes through my heart
    The storm inside becomes reality
    Black clouds, heavy rain
    No guilt, no pain

  • wilmaneels1 22w

    I love to sit in silence
    It feels like a time out for adults
    Where you don't do anything but sit and recoup
    Waiting to exhale from the roller-coaster of life
    © 16122021

  • waitaminute 22w


    I love to sit in silence,
    With my obsessions,
    In an unnoticed corner,
    I make my secret confessions,

    I love to sit in silence,
    The gravity there is so perfect,
    Away from magnetic fields of world,
    Mine place no compass can detect.

  • mundanimia 22w


    I love to sit in silence
    With the sugary memory lying on my lap,
    Caressing my face
    Tempting me to relive her again and again
    To smile at her,
    To get lost in her ocean like eyes.
    Because when I do,
    I witness flowers blooming
    And Lakes sparkling,
    My blood rising and then falling.
    And I know..
    If I open my mouth to speak
    She'd place her soft hands on it,
    Signaling me to listen to the mother bird
    sing her babies a lullaby
    And ask me-
    "Let silence finish its masterpiece,
    Let it paint us, under this tree..."

  • angels_halo_shines 22w

    Mind Openers

    I love to sit in silence to just enjoy the tranquility sounds of a rainstorm. It relaxes my mind. The drops upon the roof, are perfectly formed. Silence holds the key to so many mind openers. Which took me many years to understand. And while I’m still working on quietening my mind & my soul I look for ways to encourage the process.

  • childauthor_345 22w

    Don't fear for time it'll #end soon , but I can stretch this illusion if you'll hold the hand of mine , dear personificated December .

    Free figure , without coat and boot in intense snowfall ,
    #silentdec is dauntless but incomplete to show - nobody's perfect , other than you .

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    silence is a summary of excommunicated universe

    With water - coloured December ,
    I love to sit in silence recalling absquatulate of November
    However , I can't dive in latest definitions of effulgent
    But Dead poet painted it for you and me ,
    Remember this peaceful moon in died and dark sky .

  • extreme_case 22w

    I love to sit in silence

    I love to sit in the silence
    Under the canopy of remembrance.
    Falling leaves and,
    I run' n run towards the flying memories
    Memories, once I held them dearly,
    I couldn't catch them like sand of hourglass
    Hourglass which shattered on it's own.
    I scream,
    Scream the silence eating me
    Me, who has lost
    Lost in the depth of blue devils.

    I love to sit in silence
    In front of mirror where my reflection isn't me
    I scratch, I tear the layers
    Growing parasites, bleeding
    But I don't recognize them as my own
    Shadows, my companion! promised
    To never leave, frozen snow, my mate
    Engulfs me in the warmth.
    I ask to the voice in the mirror
    Why the ending of a loud story so quite?
    Questions the diary
    How serene happiness, she writes?

    //Ouch! My daydream broke
    By withered flower whose thorns are
    still making me feel alive. I just sighed with no questions as I know I love to sit in silence......//


  • sumana_chakraborty 22w

    I love to sit in silence
    And harken larks cadence
    Beneath thickets and shades
    of teak and mahogany trees
    At the threshold of the day
    when sunrays sink
    deep beyond the horizon
    to place a kiss.

    When wee hours of dawn
    Casts a spell of opulence of lux
    In the far east
    I love to sit in silence
    With eyes closed
    Breathing hymns of well being for all
    And meditate for aeons
    to keep pace
    With the lost rhythm
    of the ever-changing universe.

  • mimmywrites 22w

    I love to sit in silent

    I love to sit in silence
    In a cold breezy night
    At the sea as the waves crawl gently to the shore
    Stars flashing and flickering in the sea
    It feels like a different world

    Male crickets chirping in a small forest in search of their females
    The fresh cold air running through my nostrils,
    The thrill of it so undescribable

    I love to sit in silence
    Reading a good book
    Reminiscing each chapter
    A journey in the surreal world

  • _gk_07 22w

    #silentdec #end

    Edit: merci beaucoup @writersnetwork

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    Vicissitudes in silence

    I love to sit in silence under
    the canopy of 300 years old
    siris tree with blurred polaroids and incomplete contexts,
    which beseeches for the bereft words to inculcate their cessation,
    whenever crossed out dates
    in my calender don't disappear,
    bringing all the wistful memories
    we shared,
    in those clutches of time.

    And now we just exist as
    mere nobody,
    'cause our fate was decided
    in cuneiform and languages unknown to this world,
    a vicissitude tale which dead poets painted it, for us.


  • tuiethetweety 22w


    i love to sit in silence
    when it's the dusk,
    this hour whispers to
    my ears and says
    "be quiet" as the day
    just diverged and a
    great night just above
    to emerge along with
    the darkness and star's
    gleams,a shining moon.
    this is not the time to talk.
    just unwind and sit relaxed
    in the eventual all engulfing
    silence hour,state of solace,
    peace comes holding the
    hands of silence,relieves
    the soul,opening my mind
    and gets me to ponder over
    things i have to do,helps me
    take decision concisely.
    that's why i enjoy silent time.

  • bella_bella 22w

    I love to sit in silence,
    At night
    Counting the vehicles
    Lined up in the road
    Where are they going?
    All are restless
    To reach their destinations.

    I love to sit in silence,
    At night
    Gazing at the top of
    Those flats,wishing
    A wave from famous actor
    & pondering does he love
    To sit in silence at night

    I love to sit in silence
    At night
    Gazing at the rabbit
    Residing in the moon
    Joining the Orion
    Brightly shines for his
    beloved Artemis in the dark

  • daffodilpearlzz 22w

    —• Noises and Silences

    I love to sit in silence,
    December, evenings or wintry nights
    When the sunrays arrive hesitantly
    Or at nights when the moon appears
    we talk about the day, how it went,
    the lights and shadows, we both had
    the silences and noises, we both ate.
    Silences ain't obscure, but ain't noisy too.

    I love to sit in silence,
    December, lit up nights, of hectic times
    When music flows into me
    silences and noises deliquesce in it
    Dreams open their wings and fly high
    I become a distinct aura of good vibes.
    Silence turns my voice cord to a medium,
    which speaks through its speakers,
    Silences don't speak, but they hear me.

    I love to sit in silence,
    When I listen carefully to that of another
    The humanity in me connecting with the other,
    When empathy becomes the artist
    Drawing lines between us, the other and me.
    When silences speak, sometimes it is a day,
    Sometimes, moon-lit night, dressed in velvet blue
    Some other times, pure opaque darkness,
    squeezed from the minds of souls in solitude.
    Silence doesn't always come when it is dark,
    but comes in one, with beauty in its palms.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Thu 16 Dec 2021