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  • pukuer 48w

    The Rapture of the Storm

    But all destructions are painless and transient.
    So as the writhing pain breaks your hope,
    Every drop of blood deepens the crevice of resilience,
    Just stand and soak in the temptuous rains of torment.

    You see the agony was destined to break your expectations,
    The universe had conspired to thwarten your dreams,
    Your foes were meant to deride your onerous efforts.
    But it is you who had to withstand all the censure.

    So as these curses excruciate your mortal soul,
    Discern your mindless thoughts to the heart
    And ponder over those profound and dark notions.
    Forge your own shields of bravado and stand uptight.

    Let the clear stream of conscience flow.
    Hold onto your nerves till they rejuvenate the flustered body with some peace.
    When the gaping pain fades away to the horizon,
    Take a leap of faith and retread on the journey of self-discovery.

    You see the pain was supposed to be fleeting while
    The wisdom it brought along was meant to be eternal
    So as the ship of life sails through a tumultuous storm,
    Just envision the calm waters reflecting the luminous rainbow at the end and earnestly believe in them.


  • mr_kumare 48w

    Silver Linings

    Once again, the sun has taken the fall for us. So the least I can do is breathe in all shades of its purple and relieve it of this bruised kind of exchange. It has reminded me that perhaps I am mistaking my silver linings with life's greys.


  • tshegofatsopelotona 50w

    tiny steps never hurt
    a fall there ,a forever to get
    back up
    but still
    you get up


  • asif_iqbal_ 54w

    No, the cloud doesn't have a silver lining. It is there only because of sun .

  • ankahe_alfaz__ 57w

    Square 1

    Above all the mist of dark clouds,
    The silver lining is near
    you don't want to fall.
    now overcome the fear.

    Do not scream, do not tell.
    Trust the process, almighty is there.
    Not in circle, you walk the square.
    But always remember, the square no. 1

    The square 1 is a constant plot
    It knows ur mind and keeps the log.
    It's your truth so, you drop ur gun.
    You take fall in the fear of none.
    This mind trick will take you where it begun.
    Touch the ground and you are back to square 1.

    Stand up you, go watch the sky and give another try,
    Just like the endless cycle of sunset and sunrise.
    Again you will rise and follow the light,
    But this time, you won't fall, you won't fear.
    The fall you have taken, given back a flare.
    Believe in yourself and keep walking stairs,
    Just few more squares and silver lining will be there.


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  • krislyn 65w

    Silver Linings And Me

    The way a tear meets a smile
    everytime my thoughts land on that person so fine,
    The very realisation of the existence of myself
    after I move from one bad experience to the next,
    Each moment I feel a wave of happiness and glee,
    And every second I walk like a bird so free,
    Are all Silver Linings to me.

  • leena_t 65w

    Silver lining

    Dark clouds overhead,
    Lets darkness to prevail.
    Obscurity then takes place,
    Bringing struggle on the stage.
    Some potholes find its way,
    Making journey to drift away.
    Now path seems longer ahead,
    Compelling to wonder on decisions made.
    But hope seems to win the race,
    As silver linings try to ace.
    Aspirations now gain pace,
    As dreams take their shape with grace.


  • hash_05 65w

    आंखो में सपने लिए बहुत दूर तक जाना है,
    थोड़ा थकना है,थोड़ा रुकना है,
    फिर हस्ते हुए कही दूर चले जाना है....

  • nityabhatia 65w

    The silver lining lies in those places where we turned our scars into the symbols of our unbeatable spirit...


  • lady_bardquaint 65w


    On the pavements
    My footsteps pounded
    To the tune of rejection
    My pages scarred
    Words torn from my heart
    Eyes bled of ink
    The broken spell
    As i was lost in my mind
    A graveyard of dead hopes
    Came a cloud's silver line
    A front porch of life
    Laid ahead
    Doors open to a bay of happiness
    I found me
    At the paradise lodge
    The treasure of balance


  • jopsubarihun 65w

    MOM- Even in Despair She will Always Be There

    She fell into a bottomless pit; living with nightmares
    The broken pieces scattered; she questioned... Will someone care?
    She was spiritually, emotionally, mentally shattered
    She criticized herself because it doesn't work.... She was really tired.
    She hides herself she refused to come out; Dark circles round her eyes
    Avoiding people around she never want to socialized.
    She was sad, hurt, dying, alone, stressed Depressed
    She was lost but she kept all that inside though everything was a mess.

    But one day in that dark pit through one small hole like a scrape
    She saw one ray of light, it's the entry to the escape
    To her it was the silver lining which later becomes her motives
    It was always there from the beginning but she refused to notice.
    It was her mother's gentle smile, tenderly voice. Oh! it's her Mother's Love
    Which ceaselessly consoled her broken soul- The Love she was so proud of
    That deep affection finally makes her realized one thing
    "A Mother's Love is patient when all others are forsaking"

  • bonitasarahbabu 65w

    Even though they did their best to dehumanize me,
    The silver lining is that I see their motives now.
    They used fear to control me,
    Now they can't use fear,
    So, they use insults and names.
    Keep it up,
    I'll just walk away and never look back.

  • shynishyns 65w


    Let the vast sky crumble on your head
    Never pay heed and pursue your journey;
    Let the Earth rift in to halves
    Never let your heart break;
    Let things fall apart
    Gather them and mould in to a whole
    With the mind of patience.
    Regretting stoplessly won't bring
    You fruits of solution and success;
    Exhibit your heroic act
    By brandishing the sword of willpower
    And scare predicaments away;
    Life will intimidate you
    Holding a pistol in its hands
    Never let your stamina sweat;
    It is blind and absurd to expect
    Someone to lend their shoulders
    To lean on and assuage your pain;
    You yourself are your redeemer
    To whom are you waiting?
    None will come to unload
    Your burden and heal the bruises
    Stranded in you;
    Healing medicine dwells in you and you alone
    Neither succumb to anyone or anything
    Nothing stays for long.....

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    Healing medicine dwells in you and you alone
    Neither succumb to anyone or anything
    Nothing stays for long....

  • millennialwithapen 65w

    Silver Lining

    When I was 17, I was barred from entering a temple:
    The priest preached that I was impure and steadfast to make an example -
    Of how a sweet little girl becomes polluted
    for 3 days every month because she menstruates !

    My mother knew my cycle and thus she prohibited,
    ordering me to stay at home, cause of the society she was afraid,
    But the young blood of 21st century was boiling with rage
    Blood from my body can't corrupt me because guess what - the Goddess also menstruates !

    So I went to the temple, wearing white and red
    Was stopped at the gate because apparently I was tainting the sacred
    But I didn't bow down in front of the scowling of their eyes
    My heart beat faster in anxiety yet I stood up to men's might

    I demanded my entry, asking why won't they let me in ?
    Everyone whispered around but no one said anything.
    " Because I'm in my period ?", loudly I asked
    " Are you scared of my womanhood or of my blood ?"

    " But a woman can not worship - it's what the sacred text says",
    " a woman is adulterated when she menstruates "
    " Then you must change your text, it holds no value in modern times ",
    I said, " A lady spewing blood is also divine "

    " We take pride in our texts and the value it demonstrates "
    " You are not welcome here, Get out ", The priest said !
    I only said, " NO ! ", at patriarchy I gazed
    shattering age old traditions and thus I progressed

    The priest took a back step sensing my intend
    when other women spoke with me, he wanted to have an agreement
    " You can not enter the main room but you can sit outside "
    " Thank You ", I only said, thinking - one step at a time !

    Dark clouds rounded the sky, devouring the Sun.
    Forecasting a frightening storm, danger at every turn
    One day, the clouds will disappear and again the Sun shall be smiling
    But till then we would have to just search for the silver lining

    -- © millennialwithapen

  • kirtichanglani 65w

    A Silver Lining

    I wish I could've seen this before, but only after I fell terribly sick and couldn't eat anything - I realized how getting to eat all that I wanted was a blessing. Nothing comes easy in life, and sometimes the worst situations teach you to be grateful! The silver lining to this darkest phase is my hope that I'll be okay and be happy with every little thing I have in life. Some people don't have food to eat, and some have abundant but no means to eat. Life is strange!

  • jlaine 65w

    Bare your eyes,
    And look to the skies,
    For amidst the stars bides
    Your silver lining.


  • anirockz7 65w

    #writingcontest #creativearena #mirakee #writersnetwork #silverlining

    Give it a read and tell how you felt��

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    Silver lining

    Born with different traits
    to touch our ultimate fates
    Rejection can be redirection useless are contacts useful is God's connection

    Destiny overpowers Boss
    dejection occurs, your life has a different cause
    All may seem black, all may seem dark
    focus on its lining, it is silver spark

    We think for better but god thinks for best
    We try to pull from North and South
    he send some gifts from East and West.

    Hope gets lost Cries take over
    Change is coming, it's about to get exposure
    All the wet hits the ground
    Vibrates in the cosmos, all the good will surround.


  • wordslover321 65w

    Silver Lining

    She revolved around him
    Like he was her sun
    She melted like a candle
    For the sake of his well-being

    She lost her identity
    Giving him all the power
    She made him her hero
    And worshipped him

    But what did he do?

    He broke her heart
    And broke his promises too
    He made her an emotional wreck
    And destroyed her confidence

    He manipulated her
    Into feeling like a loser
    He made her the receiving end
    Of all his emotional and verbal abuses

    The day came..
    When the web of deception was woven tight
    The day came..
    When she could no longer bear the suffocation

    She broke free
    She had to..
    If she had to survive
    And come out alive

    She started giving herself
    A little bit of the love she had given him
    And that 1% love snowballed
    And created a positive momentum

    She learnt the meaning of several unknown words..
    Self care
    Self respect
    Self love

    She is now a winner
    Life gave her exhilarating moments
    She shines brightly
    And dims for none!

    Dark clouds have a silver lining
    If she hadn't lost herself when she was with him
    And consequently lost him
    She wouldn't have known her true potential!

    Amen to that!


  • thinkster 65w

    While I was laying cold on the floor
    Alive yet numb to the surrounding
    Reliving our memories
    All by myself
    Searching for the answers
    To the questions rolling in my mind
    Where did I go wrong?
    Was I too into you?
    Did I not give you enough space?
    Did I not love you with all of me?
    Was I not sufficient?
    Where really did I go wrong?
    Searching for reasons
    To justify everything you did to me
    But I guess that's all I ever did
    Overlook your faults
    Took your broken promises
    And gave them a different name
    I called them mistakes
    Even your lies
    I called them slips of your tongue
    And all the punches you gave me
    I called them your lessons.
    How stupid and dumb I was.
    I didn't deserve any of that.
    All I wanted was to be perfect for you
    To truly be your muse
    To finally truly feel your love
    But each time I got nothing
    But your cold emotionless stare
    I thought you said you loved me?
    Well I guess I heard wrong
    But it's alright
    Cause on this cold floor
    I finally found it
    The silver lining to my broken heart
    And that is that I loved
    Even if it hurt bad
    I loved
    Even if it broke me repeatedly
    I loved
    So I guess my heart works just fine
    Because you didn't work
    Don't mean no one will
    I could die today
    And still be grateful
    That I had a chance to love
    To feel butterflies in my stomach
    To be selfless
    To be happy
    Even for a short while.
    So thank you,
    For letting me love you
    But now I need someone
    Who will return my love
    First love never dies they say
    True or not.
    Am just happy I got the chance to love
    #mirakee #writingcontest #silverlining #creativearena #happybrokenheart

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    Happy broken heart

    A broken heart isn't totally a bad news.
    What then be the silver lining?
    It is in appreciating the chance
    you were given
    To know how it feels to love
    So I might be broken
    But am a happy broken heart