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  • akshay_vasu 32w

    Sacred and Sinister

    #akshayvasu #sacred #sinister

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    And while trying to create all these sacred things, they have birthed sinister.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • chaotic_silence17 71w


    I looked at him and smiled internally. Such an innocent soul who was misjudged by the cruel world. He was treated harshly for a crime he never committed. His image was tainted by the devil who had his claim over him. I set my cold glare upon his bright face which wavered a little upon looking at me. He held the kind of smile on his face that can brighten a whole room. Only if someone acknowledged his presence. He was treated as a doormat. He faced the cruel comments the world threw at him. Those words were supposed to change him. But it didn't. He remained the pure soul who would help anyone in a heartbeat.

    I admired him. I really did. I also understood the mixed signals he gave me. But I chose to be ignorant. He didn't know that I was protecting him. I was protecting the naive soul who hadn't been touched by the darkness that had consumed me. I gave him one last glare and stormed off. I had helped him understand himself. And my action made him believe that I was an angel. If only he knew. If only he knew, the demons I had. The demons that were turning me into a demon too. If only he knew the evil side of my soul. If only he knew the destructions I have caused. If only he knew that I used to be the same as him. But now I was far from it.

    I used to be an angel who would laugh around and have fun. I used to cheer up a whole room. I used to bring bright smiles on everyone's face. I used to be an adorable ball of sunshine. But I was pushed off from heaven. And the feelings that were brought with it were terrible. Changes started to appear in my soul.

    And I became the female reincarnation of Lucifer. The SHE-DEVIL who terrorised everyone.

  • victoriaibukun 92w

    Tap tap, the camera clicked.

    I threw my hair back, getting my hair into my eyes.
    The moment I got the hair off my eyes,
    I saw Akim, his demeanor showed something sinister.
    Something I always saw anytime the camera clicked.
    Akim is a naturally sweet person, I call him a genie because he is too good to be true.
    So seeing this side of him after every successful click anytime I had a photoshoot he transported me to, was unreal and blurry to remember.

    I changed my pose kissing the air, while
    Someone waited to flash a purple light to my mouth.
    Just like always, I looked at the camera and partly at Akim, whom stood at the side of the photographer to look at the picture then nod in sinister appreciation.

    Click. I saw it again, the face so beautifully sinister, his blood red snake like tongue out to lick his lips, in a dangerously slow motion I was always attracted to.
    This is why my photographers always liked me.
    They said I drive the boys wild.
    But I think it is all Akim camera click look that makes that.

    I don't believe this, because I have no evidence.

    Even when we have sex after every photoshoot. I had no evidence.

    Of how he rapes me, with that camera click body of his. But I have no evidence.

    It is like a split second, painful yet I come everytime. I have no evidence.

    I feel like a whore everytime, Yet I have no evidence as to why I was one.


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    A sinister photoshoot genie

    Get this dream in your sleep.
    What if, those sweet persons who compliment our every move are the worst genie?


  • scintillatingsolitude03 93w

    Woman can destroy man
    from the inside out
    he’s in love with her,
    Man can destroy woman
    a bitter sinister truth.


  • delphic_one 103w

    Sin and Sinister

    Every sinister wants to be associated with the cause for which he has committed to the sin but not with the sin itself.


  • outofleague 105w

    #rhymesc #sinister #symphony
    Picture Credit : Patrick Tomasso / Unsplash

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  • whatjessithinks 110w


    Black was the colour of the sky outside.
    Black, the only colour on the pallet in his hand.
    The thoughts swirling in his mind, black.
    The water he rinsed his brush in, black.
    Black were the clothes he had on that night.
    Dark was the room he pretended to work in.
    So black was the mood he had set to kill.
    Black was the attribute he needed to succeed.
    Black was the hair of his model, the target.
    Black was her skin, his weakness, obsession.
    Black was the penknife he switched with his brush.
    Black was about to hit the floor.

  • puchka 155w


    Something sinister is lurking in the shadows.
    Ready to strike when the mind is lulled
    into a calmness, and tranquilized
    Like..as if the world has stopped
    spinning on its axis
    Like..as if the wind has been sucked in by
    the earth's core
    Like..as if bedspread of peace has been
    placed over hate stained sheets
    And whilst in that state of tranquility and bliss
    Unbeknownst will come noiselessly
    drones with their bellies filled
    with gases lethal to spray
    and make planet earth barren
    Premonition too scary!
    Let's stop this right now
    before we go down in
    history as extinct
    ©Snigdha Agrawal

  • saumya_ 161w

    Predator Instincts

    Pray to your God that you never fall my prey,
    For I am the most heartless predator, honey.

    I will claw open that skin of yours, slowly tearing your flesh,
    And cherish the sight of my nails, smudged with your blood.
    I will relish at the sight of art that I will carve on your flesh,
    The thin, precise, symmetric strokes of beauty that now adorn your body.
    I will enjoy the rustic smell of your blood that will linger in the air,
    Sitting on a chaise lounge, drinking a glass of wine,
    Admiring the beautiful mess.

    My, my!
    The way you lay there on my floor,
    Like a rug made of human skin.
    So exquisite!
    Honestly my dear,
    You never looked this peaceful and quiet.
    The silence suits you so much better than the constant ruckus your voice created.
    So much better.

    Oh come on now, don't you dare complain!
    I had warned you before not to stick your nose in my business,
    Hadn't I?
    You are the luckiest of them all to be spared with such a quick death.
    It was the least painful one by far of all the rest.
    If you don't trust me ask the others,
    After I throw you down that trap door 
    Where I store all my hunting prizes.
    As I said I am a merciless predator that takes pride in the hide she gathers.


  • deep_lu 163w


    I am lost In the dark, and this demon is riping me apart.
    The whispers are telling me, to choke you until you cannot breath.
    It's over, it's taken over now. Thought I was losing my mind but I'm losing my soul this time.

  • tearzzx 166w


    Good will always overcome evil
    But my mind is one of a kind
    The sinister thoughts
    Of a demonic entiy
    Which alone make me feel empty
    With no soul
    I'm like one big black hole
    Nothing more

  • aparajitaapra 167w

    Forever a Southpaw

    Creatives in heart, brainiacs in mind
    Still so soft and fragile
    You won't know what we are thinking
    Unless we are submerged or winking
    Cuz we are mystery to unfold
    You can only get what we told
    Thats the beauty of being southpaw
    Not everything is clear nor everything flawed :)

  • _puja_shaw 167w

    Voice Against Domestic Violence

    When it Comes to the Matter of Domestic Violence
    Many People Prefer Not to Talk About, Remain Silent,

    The Nearby Dwellers and the Close Neighbours
    All they Know and Heard
    but Rarely Cares,

    The Relatives and Society Pressure
    That's all the Victim Fears
    The Hunter don't Even care About
    That Innocent's Bruises, Pain & Tears

    A Male Can Be It's Victim
    A Female Can Be It's Victim
    Domestic Violence Doesn't Labelled
    About Only Feminines Sufferings,

    If She is Married to you
    That Doesn't mean she is your Property
    And if he is Being too Nice to You
    That Doesn't Mean You have Over Him
    Full Ruling Authority,

    Live and Let Live, if Your Partner is Bothering
    Don't Chained Up Someone for Your

    A Life of Yours is Not to Harass Them
    Shame on You if Being Educated for your Needs you Stuck & Beat Them,

    The Bringing up Etiquettes and Family Background Matters the Most
    If a Person don't know how to Treat their Partner's..
    Oh! Please GROW...!!

    The Treatment That A Domestic Violence Victim Gets and Suffers
    Aren't The Societal Mentality Are The Real Sinisters !!

    #dominion #writerstolli @jeniayn @writersnetwork #pod #mirakee @_puja_shaw #domesticviolence #writersnetwork #sinister

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  • _poetbloom_ 168w

    If our souls and bodies
    Brewed a war
    If souls can communicate
    Bodies will not connect
    Frequency of vibrating thoughts
    Can't match the movement of hands
    Tendency of sinister ideas
    Overpowered our innocent laughter
    Fullfillment of bodie's desires
    Leads to loose control what our minds acquired
    If our soul and body goes
    Clockwise and anti clockwise
    Their will be a clash of two armies precise
    No one of two wants the peace
    And a war which can't be ceased
    Will carry on until insane mind
    match a hollow shell
    And create a chaos of soulless
    Bodies with demonic possessions.

    Aurora Bloom



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    Soul V/s Body


  • shreya998 168w


    Candles burning like
    pieces of her heart.
    She was afraid.
    She was broken.
    She knew lies.
    Everything appeared sinister.
    Maybe it was a too deep.
    She had to step in.
    She couldn't.
    She failed miserably.
    A heart beat skipped.
    Another frog jumped.
    Chaos all over the place, af.

  • momlissa 168w

    Clouds advanced
    Sinister feeling
    Temperature dropped
    Supposed to be spring
    Darkness looms
    Skies open up
    Snow falls

  • the_epiphanic_brooder 168w

    We break your world
    To make our world.
    We buy your mother;
    But she cannot shed a tear.

    We ride over her
    We glide over her.
    We tear her.
    We mend her.

    Your mother succumbs
    To all that we do.
    You sense numbs
    To see that all's true.

    She is the Earth.
    And you are the Nature.
    Both bear
    Our torture
    Which is but Sinister!


  • maolros 168w

    A stolen glance across the room
    While your lover roams
    Intoxicating, sweet perfume
    Infiltrates my bones

    Electric eyes of blue and green
    Spark internal lust
    Sinister but yet serene
    Your stare is not enough

    You turn your back but look around
    Just to toy with me
    Be my queen, I'll have you crowned
    Rule for eternity

    As my foot takes its first step
    He returns to kiss your neck


  • preranabhoyar 168w

    What a sinister your thoughts could be,
    It knows the heart is empty,
    Yet makes your soul feed......

  • meru_mukh 168w

    This got somehow deleted from my feed. Reposted it from my draft, with a few new additions. ��

    #sinister #night #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Mighty Night

    He endeavoured asking my withered soul,
    "Was your day as black as coal?"
    Crestfallen me answers him back,
    "Just paler than a shade of lilac."

    His voice startled mundane me again,
    "Was it dark enough to leave a stain?"
    I look back with a feeble smile,
    "Yes, an imprint, for a longer while."

    "Smile more, see the sinister darkness fade.."
    He reminded, "Never be even a bit afraid."
    I asked if black frightened him,
    He said, "I am Night, with black I beam!"

    I laughed at his innocent face,
    Only to find remorse replace,
    Night was silent, a bit too long,
    Only to prove my credence wrong.

    The stars shone brighter in the Night,
    Who knew it was better than sunlight?
    Night showed black was just a name,
    He comes after day to play his endgame.

    - Merusri Mukherjee