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  • risna_r 5d

    The best

    Alone was I
    Till the age of ten.
    So much did I wish,
    For the birth of a baby sister.
    To play with, to be with.

    I prayed and prayed,
    Waited and waited,
    And, soon came the good news.

    Vividly do I remember
    Your rosy cheeks and tiny palms,
    When I first laid my eyes on you.
    The happiest day of my life that was.

    Did everything for you
    Like I promised Mom n Dad,
    As you grew up, from tiny lil baby
    To this tough yet sweet young lady.

    The mature one you are,
    Rarely shedding a tear.
    Astonished was I
    As you began rendering advice
    To me, your much elder sister.

    Till this date, and forever,
    You'll be the best thing
    That has happened in my life.

  • sahil03 3w


    I can't believe the day comes every year
    We are growing older
    Steps towards the future
    The best thing that letting you as my strength
    You are my dream which never fade till last breath
    Everyday I am conceive to touch the sky
    And make myself edify peerless to fly
    You are behind my never-ending Dream
    Future is consistent unexpected to Imagine
    There are many things till today . I share
    You are like my guardian always Handel with Care.

    My forever motivation
    Thanks for being special for me

  • loftydreams101 5w

    For a Sister's Valiant Return

    A gift
    From the blue spacious day
    Familiar rhythms descend
    Stirring marrow deep
    As once safe and solid ground, gives and gives
    To the rising of the tide
    Beneath the full moon's rays
    We carry on conversations
    Spun in ancient times
    Seeking swift backroads
    To our claim beneath the stars
    As the days stride onward
    And over the hills
    Leaving us here to gather
    Every second we’ve lost

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • memoon7 8w

    Best friend

    I love when you put your head on my shoulder
    I love when you hold me tightly in your arms
    I love when you kiss on my forehead
    I love when you hold my hand while crossing the road
    I love when you say "mein sath huna beta"
    I love when you say "muje tu boht pari he"
    I love when you say I can't leave her alone here
    I love when you call me your "sister" in front of all your friends

  • mmbftd 11w


    We will go hungry
    For our autonomy
    Our shortages of food
    To our shortages of freedom
    Of our person
    Our movements
    Our loves
    Our thoughts.
    For if we do not sacrifice now
    For each other,
    There will come a time
    When all of us poets, storytellers,
    Singers and orators
    Will no longer
    Be able to set pen to paper
    Or light flames in the air
    By the words we speak
    And the music we sing.
    And we all look up
    For relief
    For answers
    For each other
    When we have long since passed
    And ask these questions.
    Why do they want our humanity
    I'm more than willing
    To go hungry
    For the right
    To keep my humanity
    And freedom.
    Are you?

  • tanushreesarangi 11w


    Born to the same set of parents
    We're as different as can be
    Divided in thought and lifestyles
    About as similar as chalk and cheese
    She's sociable and compassionate
    Responsible yet carefree
    Amassing friends and followers
    And several educational degrees
    I'm introverted and empathetic
    Orderly, uptight and often ill at ease
    Strangers find it comforting to talk to me
    Without the fear of being judged or teased
    Unspoken remain the words between us
    Outwardly we fight when we disagree
    Safe in the knowledge we live our lives
    That we have each other's back when
    In need
    Strange is the bond between siblings
    Who are as different as carrots and peas
    United in our love for one another
    We're the grease in our life's wheels

  • pallavi4 11w


    Born to the same set of parents
    We’re as different as can be
    Divided in thought and lifestyles
    About as similar as chalk and cheese

    She’s sociable and compassionate
    Responsible yet carefree
    Amassing friends and followers
    And several educational degrees

    I’m introverted and empathetic
    Orderly , uptight and often ill at ease
    Strangers find it comforting to talk to me
    Without the fear of being judged or teased

    Unspoken remain the words between us
    Outwardly we fight when we disagree
    Safe in the knowledge we live our lives
    That we have each other’s back when in need

    Strange is the bond between siblings
    Who are as different as carrots and peas
    United in our love for one another
    We’re the grease in our life’s wheels


  • thefangirl 11w

    ഒരുപാട് നാളുകൾക്ക് ശേഷം ഞാൻ വലിയ ഒരു കഥ പറഞ്ഞു, എന്റെ ജീവിതകഥ. നിന്റെ വാക്കുകൾ കടമെടുത്താൽ ഒരിക്കലും സംഭവിക്കാൻ ഇടയില്ലാത്ത കാര്യങ്ങൾ വന്നു ഭവിച്ച ജീവിതത്തിന്റെ കണ്ണ് നിറയ്ക്കുന്ന ഓർമ്മകഥകൾ. അവിടെ കണ്ണടച്ചോർത്താൽ ഒറ്റയ്ക്ക് മാറി ഇരുന്നു കരയുന്ന അമ്മയുടെ മുഖമാണ്.രക്ഷപെട്ടെന്ന് ഉറപ്പിച്ചപ്പോഴെല്ലാം ഒട്ടും ദയയില്ലാതെ എന്നെ വീണ്ടും വീണ്ടും കുടുക്കിയ ഇരുതല വാളിൻറെ മൂർച്ചയാണ്.അതുണ്ടാക്കിയ ആഴത്തിലുള്ള മുറിവുകളുടെ അസ്സഹനീയ വേദനകളാണ്.പക്ഷേ ഒന്ന് പറയാതെ വയ്യ അവിടെ നിന്നു ക്ലേശകരമായ ആ യാത്രയിൽ പിടിച്ചു കേറ്റാൻ ഒരുപിടി നല്ല മനുഷ്യരെ ദൈവം അയച്ചു. ഞാൻ ഒരുപാട് മാറിയിരിക്കുന്നു. സന്തോഷവും സമാധാനവും അറിഞ്ഞു തുടങ്ങിയിരിക്കുന്നു. ഇനി ഒരല്പം ദൂരം കൂടെ യാത്ര ചെയ്യേണ്ടതുള്ളു എന്നിലെ മനസ്സിന് ഒരു സ്ഥിരത കിട്ടാൻ എന്ന് ചിന്തിച്ചു തുടങ്ങിരിക്കുന്നു. ഇടക്കിടെ വന്നു മൂർച്ച കാണിച്ചു ഭയപ്പെടുത്തുന്ന ആ ഇരുതലവാളിന്റെ കടന്നുവരവൊഴിച്ചാൽ സന്തോഷമാണ് സമാധാനമാണ് ആശ്വാസമാണ് അഭിമാനമാണ്. കൂട്ടായി നിന്ന ദൈവത്തിന്റെ ദൂതന്മാരെ നന്ദിയാണ്. ഞാൻ രക്ഷപെടും ഇനിയും ഇനിയും ഒരുപാട് മനോഹരമായി.

  • write_from_my_heart 12w

    When I bring a glass of water for my sister
    "Shipping charges are included"


  • fluteacorn 13w


    There for everyone
    Everything a sibling could need


  • adam_aurora 14w

    Don't Worry, I'm Fine

    When I sat on my bed in 201,
    Staring at the sheet of paper you left 4 little words on,
    Like someone held a gun up to your head and force you to write SOMETHING,
    I thought about the day before.
    I thought about the puddles we jumped in as it poured.
    I should have known by the rain. By the way, you hid your pain, and the way everybody drove you insane, except for the late night phone calls,
    When you laughed and giggled,
    Your eyes probably twinkled as if nothing could make you happier, then the person on the other line, at 2 in the morning.
    I wish I would have seen the warnings that were right in front of my eyes. I probably couldn't have changed anything, but at least I could have tried.
    I mean, how many nights did you spend, planning your absence?
    How many days went by, splitting to fragments till you just couldn't take it anymore -
    Out the door, shoving all your shit in the back of that truck, or SUV?
    Was it red, or blue? Maybe green..
    A month goes by, you start thinking of me. You text and you call, but you don't know what it means to be abandoned until the person you thought loved you the most leaves.
    And I know, you know he doesn't love you, so why go back to him at all?
    Is it because you want daddy's affection?
    His heart won't thaw.
    I know it's hard but, you had an ultimatum. And you chose wrong.

  • shimmery_vibe 14w

    Happiest Birthday To The BEST Brother

    The trips we had
    The songs we sang
    The problems we solved
    The games we played
    The fights we had
    The thoughts we shared
    They all call on each other for this day.
    Its that day of glory, when you were born
    Bringing joy to everyone's story.
    I can't imagine you growing this fast
    Lol, as if I was there with you in your early hours.
    You awe me everytime, especially with your talent,
    Like how can someone be so skillful and yet be so perfectly balanced?!
    Thank you for teaching me things and showing me way through the dark
    Trust me, I have not forgotten about the shares and chart.
    There can be so much I'd thank you with
    From teaching me dance, music and then of course the arithmetics.
    But more i'd thank you is for the lessons that I learnt with you about the life's deeds.
    But before that, I wanna appreciate your culinary skills,
    The dishes you make are an epitome of real good taste, look i'm lucky to eat that without paying any bills.
    Your brilliant in everyway
    May it be talent or any sort of emotional sway
    Do I need to tell you this?
    That you're the best one from the list.
    I can't forget those amazing rides, you drive so well especially with those crazy music hypes.
    I still have the headshot in my head,
    From when I was hit during our paintball game,
    You once again proved yourself to be great with targets
    Yes, by chosing such a queen and walking her down the red carpet.
    You're my ally, you're my best friend
    I hope we cherish our memories and live with the incoming events
    All I mean is I adore you in everyway in every hue
    Just made a toast on this, so That I can drum the HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

  • sangte 15w

    A star is born

    She is a star that illuminate the universe
    She is an icon to young and old
    She is steadfast
    Stuck to her principle with a fault
    She always rise above
    No matter how many injustice come her way
    She is a piller to all those who know her
    She is a guiding star that lit the pathway for those that comes after her
    She is strong and fragile at the same time
    She toil without complain and make everyone feels at home with her around
    She is poise personified
    Grace is her ornament
    She always wore a smile and is always ready the cheer and be on the sideline
    For she knows her worth
    She is born to be a star and she out shine all the star that lights up the sky.
    She is a sister a beloved daughter,
    She still has a long way to go but I know
    she will reach her destination with aplomb and glory.


  • mysteriousde 16w

    In life so many people we meet
    We all have many kind of relationships
    Some of them are just familiar figures
    But some marked different places.

    One of them is Sister n brother
    I don't know what actually people
    Think about it
    But somewhere I found it
    All time best in the world

    This relationship is the purest
    in this world between two
    Different genders

    Here you don't need to be perfect
    Or dressed up for the one
    S(he) will accept u as you are

    No matter how much you are tired
    You by your soul feel ease

    Sometimes I wonder
    About his creation
    What a beautiful
    Web Of Relationships
    He made for us..

    But true relationship is
    Brother and Sister
    Here you can found true love..

    We all have #crush right
    But how many people truly
    Be with you.


    :):):):):):)#brother #sister #love
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Sis "n" bro

    Shadow which is formed
    when there's no light..

  • mysticshafi 16w

    Tears of Happiness

    I like to weep,
    Tears coming out of my eyes
    Why? you might ask,
    For the one I love I may say,
    Strong are ties
    Kinship can make,

    Pain unfolds like
    a toffee wrapper,
    only to find some salted water inside.
    Value is known when something is lost,
    Scratched and hurt, now regretting my doings.

    Smile and tear makes a wierd combo
    Confusing brain whether you are happy or not.
    I'm happy for what she beacame,
    The path was stony yet she succeeded,
    Not shaking against strong winds and storms,
    There she stands smiling victory.


  • madinah_writes 16w


    A thousand times I called you,

    A million times I cried.

    If prayers alone would have saved you,

    Then, you wouldn't have died.

    It's ten long years I've mourned you,

    Our purest love I've missed.

    But now, I'll say rest in peace

    My only younger sister is deceased.

    When I heard about your death,

    My eyes filled up with tears,

    I heard the news.

    It could have never occurred to me,

    How much I could lose.

    I find myself wishing it wasn't real,

    But anytime I think about it,

    Pain is all I feel.

  • alonestar1 17w

    #cmnto की बातें

    गजब है ना ये कॉमेंटो की बातें,,,
    क्या इतना सुकून कभी किसी दूसरी चैट में मिला है ??
    अंजान है यहां सभी एक दूसरे से,,,
    क्या फिर भी अपनेपन का अहसास तुम्हें मिला है ??

    मुझे तो लगता की हां सबको मिला है,,,
    किसी को अच्छा दोस्त मिला तो किसी को भाई ।।
    जो तन्हा थे उनको सहारा मिला,,,
    तो किसी सफर को राही ।।

    किसी को अच्छी बहन मिली,,
    तो किसी को उम्मीदें ।।
    किसी को दर्द हजार मिले,,,
    तो किसी को नई जिंदगी के सपने ।।

    आशा है उनकी उन्हें मुक्कमल करें,,,
    लेकिन डरते सभी है ।।
    शायद अतीत को भुला नहीं पाते,,,
    या फिर से वो गलती दोहराना नहीं चाहते ।।

    गज़ब है ना कॉमेंटों की बातें....⭐


  • hawaii 19w

    You mess with me. My brothers will mess you up. My sisters will mess up you and your friends. That's the difference.

  • hawaii 19w

    The things sisters would do to see their brothers happy is another level from reality. Brothers have their limitation when they're unavailable pursuing other women. Your sister would become the devil himself only to see what you wish for at the door of your home. That is why sisters are the roses in a man's life. They extremely emulate the work of the mother. Brothers know it in their hearts but will not say it.

  • hareshpandya 19w

    अब टूट गया दिल तो बवाल क्या करे ।
    खुद ही पसंद किया था अब सवाल क्या करे।