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    Love like Ram Ji...
    Protect like Raavan...

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    ये कैसी दशा है तेरी सीता
    क्यों ये पुरुषो के समाज का साया है
    ये कैसी दशा है तेरी दुर्गा
    किसने चुरा लिया तेरा त्रिशूल?
    ये कैसी कहानी रच रहा है
    संसार की परम्परा

    ना कोई शर्म जानता है
    ना कोई हद मानता है
    ये तुझे मर्यादा के वस्त्र में धक कर
    उसे खुद ही उतरता है ।

    ये पुरषों का समाज क्यों तेरे
    कंधे पे रख बंदूक
    पीछे खड़े होकर
    खुद को मर्द मानता है ??

    क्यू इनकी भीड़ ने
    किया है तुझे अकेला
    कहां है तेरी सेना?
    कहां है तेरा त्रिशूल?

    तू रच अपनी कहानी फिर से
    ये तेरी भी मिट्टी है
    ये तेरी भी मिट्टी है।।

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #sita #ram #navami #birthday #auspicious #beautiful #day #bhagwati #appearance #mother #perfect #love



    Birthday of Bhagwati
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Sitting on a high branch on the tree
    Which I climbed this morn, I began to think
    The Surprise to present to our Mayya,
    To please her, what should be our gift!?
    I call upon Pitaji whom I find lost in thought
    While he is sitting beneath collecting fruits,
    He looks up and understands my silence,
    While I began to think about his own,
    'We're thinking the same thing, my buddy'
    He answers before my eyelids blink,
    So I jump, he catches me, and we sit there
    Together on the bench, both of us think
    'Dad I am your bud, we need Ma's parrot'
    And both of us turn our gaze at the other,
    'Akhila!' we spring! beaming at the thought
    And I go calling the lil one of my mother!
    Hari smiles as we both come running
    Excited joyously hand in hand,
    "Oh I know, I know what to do" says Akki
    While she picks a stick to draw on sand!
    One after the other, she describes and draws
    While me and Raghav sit as students
    Obediently we listen to my sister, her plan,
    And squirrels gather around for information
    'No time to waste' I take her hands in mine
    Hari nods, as we head to the village market
    "I'll go collect decorations" he goes on own
    While she counts the money in her pocket
    Making purchases from our pocket moneys
    We buy the supplies and head to our cottage
    While Akhila enters from the door cleverly
    I enter the kitchen from a window unnoticed
    I hid the stuff, as they expected from me,
    And the evening of beauty passes by,
    As the clock strikes 5 at dawn, we're awoke
    By ShriRam's voice and his eager eyes
    "Oh! Lets get to work" and our trio heads
    To our work base, the kitchen to say
    With clean hands, we set the groceries atop
    And commence our jobs assigned that day
    While me and Akhila work with food & drinks
    Hari strings the flowers, perhaps decorating
    The room is full of lotus scents and sweets
    And he puts a charm preventing early waking
    "Its 7!" We squeal, Ma wakes and Dad rushes
    To her room beside her being her first wish
    Then he closes her eyes with his blue palms
    We each take her hands, to lead to her gifts
    He slowly opens her eyes, while people rise
    From under the tables adorned with love
    Each of us spark in unison 'Surpriseee!'
    While ShriRaghav gives her a loving hug!
    On the lofty table sits a magnificent cake
    Along with sweets, rasgullas, barfi & halwa
    Relatives bring jewels, presents of all kind
    For our Janak Dulari Kishori Sita Mayya!
    She whose magnanimity knows no bounds
    Is garlanded by the flowers strung by ShriPati
    She beams with joy blessing all with love
    While all hail the beautiful & divine Bhagwati

    So this is a surprise planned by me and my sister Akhilavandana along with our father ShriRaam for the birthday of our Mayya Sita ��

    Do you know how Raghav praised Janaki?
    Akhila narrates it to this way!

    He says,
    "Your name Sītā means the one who has risen from furrow (in Sanskrit).
    In English, I will tell you what each letter signifies. ❤️

    S- Selfless. Your care and selflessness knows no bounds. You accompanied me to the forest without thinking about the dangers lurking there. You always think about my welfare.
    I- Inspiring. Your courage, determination, strength, love, everything about you inspires me and our devotees.
    T- Trusting. You always know that I would be there for you. You did what nobody else can do. Whatever difficult situation you were in, you faced everything and had full faith in me. You believe me and this belief makes me what I am.
    A- Amazing.

    And so we celebrate our Mayya, Bhagwati Sita's birthday to please her and get her blessings ��

    Pic: A drawing by her based on the poem ❤

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    Birthday of Bhagwati

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #sita, #emotion, #inspiration, #mother, #sister, #daughter, #wife, #purity, #chastity, #virtue, #disciple,#warrior, #feminism, #selfrespect, #woman,@writersnetwork,@mirakee,@mirakeeworld,@writerstolli
    Not just a name
    But an emotion,an inspiration.
    The epitome of purity,sanctity and chastity.
    The embodiment of dutiful daughter and faithful wife;
    Affectionate mother and caring sister;
    Obedient disciple and pious woman.
    An incarnation of a brave warrior and quintessence of feminine self-respect and virtue.

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    EDIT: I apologize for the late responses, I was not keeping well, hope you all are safe and taking care.. I pray ShriHari keeps everyone safe and sound! ������

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #godha #sita #rukmini #lakshmi #radha #ma #mayyas #mother #day #love #supreme #perfect #unique #irreplaceable #loving #mapitaji

    On Mother's Day
    By Bhavya Gogia

    As I began to write something
    On the outstanding woman I call my mother,
    The blank pages give an empty stare
    And fill my mind with huge despair
    Oh she's cool, she's gorgeous no doubt
    She's wise of course and I wanna make her proud
    She gives me love, I will get from none
    And if I know a live goddess, she is the one
    But is that enough, the pages ask me
    The words adoring her are infinitely many,
    But what portion of my self centered heart
    Could I give to her, as she does selflessly?
    To give her something, mere words to say,
    Would be like giving the Sun a ray of light
    To give her a present to show our love,
    Would be showing God, our little might
    Well, one who bothers about my well being,
    Since the day I took my first breath,
    What gifts could I ever give her,
    Which may repay my ever flowing debts?
    As I ponder over my helplessness,
    The blank stares answer back,
    There's 'nothing' you can give to the one,
    Who dedicated her life to selfless love
    When there's no expecting, and only to offer
    The soul becomes like God, they say
    While we reflect on the rarity of such state
    We experience its irony every day!
    Why would I compare a mother to God
    When God's love is called 'motherly' by all
    Why would I think I can repay her love,
    I'd rather stay in the debt forever more,
    Therefore I pray to the almighty today,
    Is to grant her beatitude, all blessedness
    She never grieves, her smile be sempiternal
    And showers perpetual happiness!


    Pic: My Mother in her loving forms ❤

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    On Mother's Day

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #shri #sita #ram #navami #chaitra #shubh #abhijit #birthday #party #love #celebration #devotion #happiness #fun #glory #raita

    Shubh ShriRam Navami to everyone!!!
    So here's an account of his birthday celebration by me and @aarsha_ns Didi. We planned this birthday and executed it with Ma Sita along with our team for our ShriRam ��
    Feel free to be the part of our team and plan!
    Have a great great day for its ShriRam's birthday party!!!!!


    Birthday Boy ShriRam
    By Bhavya Gogia

    The day's arriving, the auspicious one!
    But Oh The Ruling Lord looks fumed
    What did you do or perhaps I
    Even Sita Mayya seems confused
    Well, I know, I did some mess
    But we need to make him smile again
    While Shri Hanuman sings his eulogies
    We sit together to make a plan
    "Look" I say, "like a child,
    His baby face sprouts a pout"
    "And we don't even know why"
    Says Ashu Di, "or what is it about!?"
    One thing leads to another
    And we come upon an idea
    But this would not be easy to hide
    From either Raghav or his Siya
    So we plan to include
    Our Ma in our little plot
    While I execute this, Ashu Di
    Goes about informing the whole abode
    So I enter the chambers of our parents
    And climb to Mayya's lap
    While Raghav sits with his phone
    As if busy on Vaishnav-Chat
    So I quietly exit the room
    After sliding the secret letter to Ma
    And she smiles acknowledging
    And appreciating our idea
    So the day comes, the Navami of Chaitra
    But everyone quietly does daily chores
    Raghav raises an eyebrow, in surprise
    As he keeps staring around and all
    But no one seems bothered
    So he proceeds towards his throne
    Moving with his pout on,
    He picks up his bright blue phone
    But as he sits at the couch
    All the lights go off, it's dark
    Then a glowing figure appears in the middle
    Its Ma, with her lovely charm!
    Her golden glow emanates the room
    As she sings his eulogies with love
    While everyone emerges from the shadows
    Each in a different bright colour!
    We dance and sport and form the scenes
    Beloved to his heart and soul,
    We celebrate and enact upon his Katha,
    While food is served to the lovely God!
    Some fondle him, and decorate his hair
    While some relatives offer a sweet
    Some give presents and elders shower love
    While little children press his Feet!
    ShriRam lights up, his face is brightened
    As Ma Jaanki caresses him along
    He seems impressed and every voice chants
    "Long live our Sweetest Lord!"

    Okay, so this idea most twenty first century devotees like that ShriHari should've a phone and a Vaishnav Chat (app like insta perhaps invented by me ��), so that every Vaishnav, every devotee, could chat with him easily.. So I added this element for fun.
    And, I am not lying ShriRam was really making a face these days... And Sita Ma also looked confused.. So Aarsha Di told me to fondle him, like really he smiles when you give him love filled attention.
    So don't ignore ShriRam today, play with him, love him, worship him, celebrate the day and MAKE HIM HAPPY!

    Pic: My SiyaRam (I called them Raita cuz Ram+Sita= Raita ��)

    Jay ShriHari! Jay ShrimanNarayana!
    ShriHari bless all! ��❤️��

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    Birthday Boy ShriRam

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    Her worth

    She was a princess, A Royalty
    An adopted child who was loved no less
    Privileged enough to marry the king
    The charming warrior prince

    She lost her heart to him in a meet
    She blushed when he broke the majestic
    Shiv Dhanush
    Her love unconditional for him
    She followed him like his shadow
    Into the depths of the Dandaka
    She was happy with just being an eye candy
    She was happy with being the sidelined character

    But the smile was not supposed to last
    Because she had to be the purpose of Ravana's assassination
    The Major twist
    She was ambushed and taken away
    Tied up and thrown away
    Yet she waited for her beloved
    Day after day, weeks, months,
    11 months and 14 days

    Overjoyed she tried to hug him
    Her savior, her prince who came for her
    But he asked to prove her chastity
    Prove she was not touched by anyone else
    In tears she did what was expected from her
    She jumped into the burning fire
    Her pure love and faith had the fire melt away

    The prince then welcomed her with a smile on his face
    She mistook his misogyny as love
    His doubt as care
    She went to his palace to be at his side
    Gave him two handsome Son
    Prince Luv and Kush

    When the washerman questioned her purity
    Her husband, the man she loved
    Stood quiet

    Tears flooded her eyes
    Anger flared her soul
    He took everything from her
    Love, happiness and self worth
    Now the blind fold untied
    She refused to burn again
    She refused his toxic love
    She fought for her self-respect

    Her tears and insult
    Angered her mother
    Who decided to take her away
    All that left was few strands of hair hanging in her prince's hand

    She is called the holy mother
    And he is the Mariyada Purushottam
    But was he really a Man's man!

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    शोभा अँगनमा के

    आजु बढ़ी गेल शोभा अँगनमाँ के!

    गीत गावती सखिया-सहेलिया हे,
    नाचत-झूमत सगरी महलिया हे,
    सिय-तन सोsहत पियरी हरदिया हे!
    आजु बढ़ी गेल शोभा अँगनमाँ के!

    जग-मग, जग-मग भेलs जनकपुर हे,
    सब दुल्हा कs देखs के आतुर हे,
    उह पर चमके कँगनिया अलबेलवा के!
    आजु बढ़ी गेल शोभा अँगनमाँ के!

    आए सुंदर-सलौनवां दुअरिया हे,
    सुग्गा बोले चढ़ी-चढ़ अटरिया हे,
    सिर सोहतs सेहरा पहुनमां के!
    आजु बढ़ी गेल शोभा अँगनमाँ के!

    धन-धन भेल मिथिला नगरिया हे,
    घर-घर उमगल आनंद लहरिया हे,
    भेलs राम जी बिदेह जमईया हे!
    आजु बढ़ी गेल शोभा अँगनमाँ के!

    रामा पहिरन पियर पीताम्बर हे,
    बीचे अँगना मँ पड़े लागल भाँवर हे,
    बहिन सिय संग बन्हाए गेलs साँवर हे!
    आजु बढ़ी गेल शोभा अँगनमाँ के!

    -अपर्णा शाम्भवी


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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #raam #rama #ram #sita #seetha #siya #ma #pita #vishnu #madhur #sweet #very #extremely #dussehra #dashami #victory #of #good #over #evil #ayodhya #brothers #mothers #three #vatsalya #father #shri #janki #jaanki #raghav

    Happiest Dussehra!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤����������

    ShriVallabhAcharya wrote MadhurAshtakam on ShriKrishn. It had eight paragraphs describing the various attributes of Bhagwaan, but it had only one adjective that is 'Madhur' or 'Sweet' each line ending with MadhurAdhiPaterAkhilam Madhuram' meaning everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

    Just like a lover finds everything about his loved one as sweet, his speech, his voice, his gait, his smile, his hands, his feet, his eyes, his eye movements and everything, similarly did Shri VallabhAcharya wrote about our Bhagwan with whom he was in love with.

    It is veryyyyyyyyyyy sweet to hear and recite.
    In fact it is said to be the favourite hymn of Bhagwan ShriKrishna himself!
    No wonder it is a gem in itself!

    My best friend and my sister @aarsha_ns di told me to write something similar on ShriRaam. Since I do not know Sanskrit, I gave my naive attempt to write something like this in Hindi for ShriRaam Bhagwan with eight paragraphs using the adjective Madhur in each line for each of his attribute and the last line for each para being 'Akhil Madhur SiyaNaath', that is 'The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet' ��❤��

    And on this occasion of Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami, I am sharing it with everyone.
    Let's celebrate the sweetness of the King and Queen of Sweetness- ShriSeethaRaam!!!

    मधुर श्रीराघव स्तुति
    -भव्या गोगिया

    मधुर नयन, मधुर चितवन
    मधुर श्यामल सुंदर गात
    मधुर चंचल नेत्र पुण्डरीक
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |१|
    मधुर भुजाएँ, मधुर करपंकज
    अति मधुर धरे शर चाप
    मधुर स्वर, मधुर श्रीमुख के
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |२|
    मधुरतम चरणारविंद अद्वित्य
    अतिशय मधुर वक्ष विशाल
    मधुर श्रीनिवासाल्या प्रभु
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |३|
    मधुर लीलाएं, मधुर कलाएँ
    मधुर आनंद सुख धाम
    मधुर वरदायी युगल करचरण
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |४|
    मधुर चतुरभ्राता की क्रीड़ा
    मधुर वाद्य सा हास
    मधुर मतवारी चाल मतंग सी
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |५|
    मधुर कोशलनंदन की लीला
    मधुर वात्सालय मूरत तात
    मधुर त्रिमाता, सुत जगत्राता
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |६|
    मधुर जानकीवल्लभ श्रीहरि
    मधुर नवनित्य प्राचीन साथ
    मधुर प्रेम अनुपम दिव्य युगल का
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |७|
    मधुर भक्त वत्सल श्रीराघव
    मारुति वंदित मधुर भगवान
    मधुर लवकुश पिता, जग जनक
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |८|

    His eyes are sweet, his lovely eye movements are sweet
    His beautiful black body is sweet
    His restless (joyous) lotus eyes are sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |1|
    His arms are sweet, his lotus hands are sweet
    He holds very sweet bow and arrows
    His very sweet Shrimukh (mouth) utters a sweet accent/voice
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |2|
    His incomparable lotus feet are the most sweet
    His large chest is extremely sweet
    The Lord who is the abode of Shri is sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |3|
    His plays are sweet, his skills are sweet
    He, the abode of bliss and happiness is sweet
    Sweet are his pairs of hands and Feet which always bless,
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |4|
    The sport of the four brothers is sweet
    Sweet is their laughter like a musical instrument,
    Their joyous gait like elephants is sweet!
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |5|
    The play of the joy (son) of Kaushalya is sweet
    His father who is the epitome of Parental love is sweet
    The three mothers are sweet, the sons are the guardians of the world
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |6|
    The beloved of Jaanki, ShriHari is sweet
    The comradery which is new everyday and yet the oldest one is sweet
    Sweet is the matchless love of the divine couple
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |7|
    Sweet is ShriRaghav who loves his devotees
    Sweet is the God worshipped by Maruti (Shri Hanuman Ji)
    The one who is the father of Lav-Kush and the whole world is sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |8|

    ✿ �������� ������������������������! �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: Ever Youthful ShriSiyaRaam (नित्य किशोर श्रीसियाराम) showing their lotus feet to make us completely surrender to them! ��❤��
    ���������� ������������: @dollysehgal

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    मधुर श्रीराघव स्तुति
    -श्रीहरि नंदिनी

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #lakshmi #shri #vishnu #love #devotion #navratri #day #two #sweet #story #of #devi #goddess #kamla #daughter #of #ocean #vijay #dashami #dussehra #shriraam #shrirama #ram #rama #raam #siya #sita #seetha #ma #mother

    Happiest Vijaya Dashami to everyone!!! ShriSeethaRaam bless everyone infinitely and forever! ��❤��

    #Shri_Lakshmi_Charit 9

    In this last part, of ShriLakshmi Charit, I have described the Kripa (Mercy) of Devi Lakshmi, and the opulences she can provide. She being the Supreme Mother, there is absolutely nothing impossible for her. Therefore, she provides to one the blessings of wealth (Dhan), crops(Dhaanya), progeny (Santaan), Victory (Vijay), Dhairya (Patience), Boons (Vardaan), devotion to her and Narayana (Bhakti) and lastly the most important goal of human life, Liberation (Mukti).
    She is the one who guides the path of sages, she is the one who provides one the supreme knowledge to attain Moksha and service to ShriLakshmiNarayana. She destroys all inauspiciousness and gives rise to all kinds of auspiciousness for us and her devotees, Sharnagatas!
    She is the Goddess of My Heart ❤
    Hence I pray to her to provide endless mercy to that person who recites this hymn 'ShriLakshmi Charit' daily or routinely.

    श्रीलक्ष्मी चरित ९
    -भव्या गोगिया

    मुनिगन मार्ग दर्शिनी लक्ष्मी
    गुरु सम विद्या दायिनी लक्ष्मी
    धन धान्य आदि महालक्ष्मी
    संतान सुख प्रदायिनी लक्ष्मी
    विजय धैर्य वर दायिनी लक्ष्मी
    वैकुंठ वासी वंदित लक्ष्मी
    सागर कन्या किशोरी लक्ष्मी
    जय जय जय श्रीदेवी लक्ष्मी |१२|

    सकल पाप विनाशिनी लक्ष्मी
    भव सागर तारिणी श्रीलक्ष्मी
    सर्व मंगल जननी लक्ष्मी
    सर्व अमंगल नाशिनी लक्ष्मी
    मम-हृदय देवी जय जय लक्ष्मी
    भक्ति मुक्ति प्रदायिनी लक्ष्मी
    अनंत कृपा वर्षिनी लक्ष्मी
    पाठ करे जो नित्य लक्ष्मी
    सागर कन्या किशोरी लक्ष्मी
    जय जय जय श्रीदेवी लक्ष्मी |१३|


    The one who is the guide of the path followed by Munis is Lakshmi
    The one provides knowledge like a preceptor is Lakshmi
    The one who provides wealth and cereals(food) as Dhan Lakshmi and Dhaanya Lakshmi is the great (Maha) Lakshmi
    The one who provides the bliss of progeny is Lakshmi
    The one who provides Victory (Vijaya), Patience (Dhairya) and boons and blessings (Var) as Vijaya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi and Var Lakshmi is Lakshmi
    The one worshipped by the residents of Vaikuntha (Nityas and Muktas) is Lakshmi
    The daughter of the Ocean is the youthful Lakshmi
    Victory Victory & Victory be to Shridevi Lakshmi |12|

    The one who destroys all sins is Lakshmi
    The one who makes us cross the ocean of Miseries (Bhav Saagar) is Lakshmi
    The one who gives rise to all auspiciousness is Lakshmi
    The one who terminates all inauspiciousness is Lakshmi
    The one who is the Goddess of My Heart, Victory & Victory to such Lakshmi
    The one who provides devotion and liberation is Lakshmi
    The one who shall shower endless mercy is Lakshmi
    I pray, on the one who recites/reads this daily/routinely, Oh Lakshmi!
    The daughter of the Ocean is the youthful Lakshmi
    Victory Victory & Victory be to Shridevi Lakshmi |13|

    ✿ �������� ������������������������������! �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������!✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: Shri Maha Lakshmi ❤❤❤

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    श्रीलक्ष्मी चरित ९
    -श्रीहरि नंदिनी

  • wandering_ 70w


    जिसको बचाने लंका जलायी

    अयोध्या मैं उसकी चिता बनायी

    राम तो ना बन पाए सिया के

    लेकिन जग मैं राम सिया की जोड़ी ही अमर कह लायी।

  • devdoo 78w


  • devdoo 78w


  • devdoo 79w

    Modus Operandi

    With Nepotism,Don't Forget The People Who Got Chances In The Films ONLY BECAUSE OF FAIR FACE TONE & PHYSIQUE Devoid Of/A Little Acting Skills e.g. Katrina,Anushka Sharma,Kiara Advani & Pulkit Samrat etc
    Didn't Axay Kumar & Amitav Bachchan Launch Their Relatives When There Were Far Worthier Men?
    Aren't Jay Amit Shah,Rahul Gandhi,Sachin Pilot,Navin Patnaik,Stalin,Arjun Tendulkar & Jyotiraditya Scindia etc Starkids?

    So Boycott All Types Of Groupism


  • devdoo 79w

    कभी सोचा है क्यों लिया जात है नाम
    राम से पहले सीता का
    कान्हा से पहले राधा का
    शंकर से पहले गौरी का?
    यह जादू है प्यार
    इकरार का
    इश्क़ के खातिर जिंदगी तारतार
    न्योछाबर करने का

  • shrihari_nandini 80w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #madhurya #love #lover #lakshmi #vishnu #shri #hari #mylordvishnu #godha #godamma #andal #bhudevi #bhumi #meera #rukmini #satyabhama #radha #sita #seetha #ram #raam #krishna #krishn #govind #father #all #everything #ShriGodha_story

    #ShriRaasRaajeshwar 2

    So, the next Bhaav I pick is Madhurya, the cherished Bhaav which compels even the great sages and men to turn their get up to a women just to cherish ShriBhagwaan as their lover. When Krishna did the Raasleela, all Devatas from Indra to Mahadeva, the husband of Mata Gauri, came as Gopikas to do Raas with Krishna.
    Among the Azhwars, Nammazhwar turned into Parangkush Nayaki and other Azhwars too, sorry for my lack of knowledge there are many many instance like this, so many to name.
    Andal or Godha Mayya- She was situated in Madhurya Bhaav, Completely surrendered to her Narayana, Her Kanna.
    Her story in brief: She is BhuDevi herself. Periyazhwar who used to do garland seva for Bhagwaan found her in his flower garden and took her as his daughter, he raised her up in the devotion to Kanna or Krishna ❤
    She used to wear the garlands by Periyazhwar first before they went to Narayana, and imagine herself as his beloved bride, one day her Father found this out. So, without saying a word to her, he made another garland for Lord, a fresh one. But the garland fell from the Murthi, meaning the Lord didn't accept it. In his dream, the Lord informed Periyazhwar that he shall wear only those garlands which were first offered to Godha�� And also, the Lord, called upon the King of the place in his dream, that prepare for Godha to get her married to me, in the RangNath Temple.
    The next day, with pomp and show, Godha was brought to the temple and there she merged into the idol of RangNath after being married to him at the age of sixteen!
    Such was her devotion, her two texts are Thirupavvai and Nachiyar Thirumozhi �� While Vedant Deshikan extols her greatness in ShriGodha Stuti by him. ����

    I am sharing a verse from Nachiyar Thirumozhi, when Godha Ma tells a cuckoo to warble sweetly to call Hari who is separated from her, while the cuckoo has her love mate with her, Godha Ma doesn't, therefore she calls for that cuckoo.

    PASURAM 5.4
    enbu urugi ina vEl neDum kaNgaL
    imai porundA pala nALum
    tunbak kaDal pukku vaikuntan enbadOr
    tONi perAdu uzhalginrEn
    anbuDaiyAraip pirivuRu nOyadu
    nIyum aRidi kuyilE!
    pon purai mEnik karuLak koDiyuDaip
    puNNiyanai varak kUvAi

    Oh cuckoo! My sorrow has infiltrated even into my bones (and has caused them to melt). My eyes that can be compared to deep piercing spears (vEl) are not able to even close. I have been struggling in the ocean of sorrowful separation for a long, long time because I do not
    have the help of SrI vaikuNTha nAthan who will serve like a boat for me to cross the ocean of sorrow. Oh cuckoo! You know well the grief that arises from separation from the beloved one! Please do warble sweetly so that kaNNan who has a body that shines likes gold, who is the embodiment of dharma and who has garuDa flag, will come to me!

    Now my poem: I am not at all situated in Madhurya bhaav ���� forgive me, my friends for this, but yes, one thing is true, when it comes to a Lover or a Husband I won't choose a man other than My ShrimanNarayana! ����
    Moreover, Madhurya requires the blessings of Ma ShriLakshmi and I am a person without any such good attributes, but yes since I am attached to them, My LakshmiNarayana shall never forsake me! ��

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Vishnu, can I rest my head
    On your broad shoulder?
    Just like Lakshmi does always
    Who is my beloved mother!
    Oh Father can I see you,
    As my beloved lover
    And cherish you in the melody of love
    For I do not wish another.
    Another man to my eyes
    Is just like my own brother
    But you oh Hari are my all,
    From Father to a lover.
    Whom do I deserve
    I sometimes sit to ponder
    I am the lowest of all beings,
    Present here and yonder,
    But Oh Bhagwaan you haven't forsaked
    The ones attached to you and mother
    Therefore I ask if I could rest
    My head on thy shoulder?
    Oh Madhav, I see your beauty
    As unparalleled all over,
    Which I wanna cherish resting with you
    In the shady and cool bower
    While you play with my cheeks
    Touching them with your palms together
    With your soothing glances
    As we sit beside a Sarovar

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: Google, it's original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: RadhaKrishn, found it somewhat related to my poem, and I love this picture therefore, added. ��

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

    Sorry for the long post! ������
    Guess what would be third?? ������

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @mayank_02 @pritty__sandilya @priya_sandilya

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    ShriRaasRaajeshwar 2

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • shrihari_nandini 85w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shri #hari #shrihari #sita #seetha #ma #shriseetha #raam #ram #surprise #tiara #love

    A Surprise
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Ahaa I smile,
    As if with pride
    I am finallydone,
    With what I begun
    A Lovely tiara
    For my sweetest Ma
    I just completed
    And thence retreated
    I came back home
    After hours long
    My surprise is Ready
    For my Mother Janaki
    'But Oh' I thought
    'I totally forgot,
    How shall she astound,
    When I will crown?'
    I am too small,
    And she's quite tall
    How will my hands extend,
    To Her crown?' I reflect
    'What's the matter?' someone enunciates
    I move around, it's Father ahead
    I apprise my Plight,
    And he smiles bright!
    'Come' he beckons
    And he takes me in his arms
    I smile as we move,
    Towards Ma's room
    Without making a sound
    We plan to astound,
    And as we stand
    Behind her as planned
    I crown her the blossom!
    And she turns with Wonder!
    With a smile so bright
    Totally amazed, yet polite!
    And she embraces me
    Out of Compassion, MaShri
    And I am in the arms
    Of both Janki and ShriRaam
    Oh who's more exultant
    Than me, today this instant?
    I wonder continuously,
    As I smile joyously,
    No one's more compassionate
    Than ShriHari incarnate!

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @shraddha_suryanarayana @_garimapandey_ @vandi123

    Pic credit: Google, Here ShriRaam is making her wear the tiara but it was me in the poem, of course nobody clicked my picture ������ He held me in his arms because I am a small child how will I crown her such that she is surprised, hence Pitaji comes to help���� Love you MaPitaji! ����

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    A Surprise

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • shrihari_nandini 87w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #jai_shri_hari #seetha #sita #ram #raam #kharhaari #janaki #graceful #beautiful #abhiraam #rose #lips #glow #own #face #incomparable #jewels #borrow #shine #ocean #dawn #beauty #describe #reservoir #delight #writersofmirakee #ceesreposts #seeking #devotion

    Graceful SiyaRaam!
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Lovely is Seetha, Enchanting is Raam
    Both are reflections of other,
    Both are Beautiful, AbhiRaam!
    Eyes darker than darkest Kohl
    Of Kharhaari and Janaki
    And lips redder than finest Rose
    Bodies have their own glow
    And faces are lovely incomparable
    Moon like is each of their toe
    The jewels on their eloquent form
    Borrow their shine from them
    Like Ocean from Sun at the time of Dawn!
    Oh This beauty who can describe?
    Of ShriSeetha and RaghuNandan
    Which is the reservoir of all Delight!

    Jaya SiyaRaam!
    Jaya ShriHari! Jaya ShrimanNarayana!
    Their jewels borrow their shine from them just like at the time of dawn the dark ocean is lit up by the ocean it's water shimmering and looking beguiling all due to the Rays of Sun falling on them, jewels like Ocean and the Sun is ShriSeethaRaam ��❤
    Pic credit: Pinterest

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @_garimapandey_ @pritty_sandliya @anvaya

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    Graceful SiyaRaam

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • shrihari_nandini 88w

    #shrihari #nandini #ma #pitaji #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #ram #govind #hari #shri #bhu #neela #rukmini #seetha #sita #nappinai #radha #godha #godamma #andal #rangnath #hari

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Ma, I will swirl my arms
    Around your two shoulders
    While you'll be seated on Anant
    I will embrace you Mother!
    My little arms, when they'll embosom
    And my head'll rest against your crest
    Oh Mother this moment would be
    Endearment at it's best!
    When Ma, you'll embrace me back
    And take me to your lap
    Caressing me, your lil' one
    I shall be exuberant!
    Oh Mata, I will rest forever
    Then in your heart,
    While situating you in Mine
    We'll never be Apart!

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @mayank_02 @_garimapandey_ @_shreya_shanbhag_

    Pic credit: Pinterest ��
    Me and LakshmiNarayana��❤

    Jaya ShriHari! Jaya ShrimanNarayana! ❤❤

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    By ShriHari Nandini

  • shrihari_nandini 88w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #raam #ram #janaki #seetha #sita #shrihari #govind #hari #mylordvishnu #super #soul #melting #yellow #draped #reddish #red #lips #body #welkin #black #feet #soles #lotus #extracted #red #prostrate #accept #majestic #ananta #brother #seeking #devotion

    Accept Me ShriRaam!
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Raam, Oh Raam!
    Oh Janaki's Lover Raam!
    You stand majestically
    With Ananta as your Brother
    You stand holding a Strong Bow!
    Oh Shyamal-Sundar Raam!
    With your black body
    Draped with Melting Yellow
    And Reddish lips
    Body alike welkin
    You Stand lovingly Raam,
    Oh Apple of Dashrath's Eye!
    Oh Manifestation of Kaushalya's Bliss
    You are standing on Feet,
    Those Feet with soles
    Washed with Lotus' extracted Red!
    Oh Madhav you stand thus
    Oh Super-Soul of Each Being
    I prostrate every day to You
    Please accept me ShriRaam!

    Pic credit: Instagram, BhutabhrteshwarNath Mandir
    Jaya ShriHari! Jaya ShrimanNarayana! ❤
    Jaya Jaya SiyaRaam! ��❤❤

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @_garimapandey_ @vandi123 @pritty_sandliya

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    Accept me ShriRaam!

    By ShriHari Nandini