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  • the_matchstick 28w

    The Naked Soul

    I feel so naked removing these layers of skins and masks.

    This Love Survived even The Death.

    Liberate this Naked Soul by letting me
    Wear Your Hug one final time.


  • mmbftd 208w


    I am.
    And all at once
    I become you as well
    And you and you and you.
    My pain
    Slickly interwoven
    Within the pressurized
    Bloody veins
    Of yours
    And yours and yours
    Until I beat with the heavy pulse of the world's pain
    Of the injustices
    For which I can find no solution
    And I feel
    Too much too long too intensely.
    It is like being hit with fire
    And burning
    Flames start blue
    To gold to red
    Hot fire
    Hurts me
    So bad.
    And you look at me and wonder
    What is wrong with me?
    Why am I so tightly wound?
    Why do I cry so often?
    Why do I snap?
    When you cannot see what is so plain to me
    This world is too heavy
    The burden of knowledge
    Too deep
    I'm drowning in the tears of a million suffering people
    And my head cannot
    Stay above these salty waves of tears
    No one seems to understand this
    At least no one I know
    I realize I am not the only one
    Hurt by this burden
    Of feeling too much
    And while I am skinless
    And all my nerves twitch with prickling pain
    As blood courses out of me
    Just to sustain you and you and you
    I also cry for beauty
    Which others cannot see
    I click my shutter and save moments
    Time traveler
    I go back
    Anytime I like
    But I can't move forward
    I am paralyzed by a fear so deep that not even my legs
    Move me out the door
    10 years immobile
    And yet
    Completely immersed in the pain of the world
    And myself
    Sometimes I just want to quiet the pain
    Exit the theatre and step back from all the actors
    And you and you and you
    But if I were to swallow a fistful of chalky pills
    Or slice thru my bright white
    Sickly pale skin
    Blue veins begging to be purged
    I would only bring more pain
    To you and you and you
    So dear empath
    Horrified and hurt
    Crying and wishing
    For someone to just say
    "Everything's going to be ok."
    Even though I know its a lie
    I want to hear it
    I want to believe it
    From you and you and you
    This skinless empath
    Needs some shelter
    From all this pain.