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    (Part 04: Of laurels and love)

    Disclaimer: Don't just scroll down and drop a single congratulations. Your fellow friend needed around an hour to do all this ��
    (You can still skip the disclaimer itself ��)

    *grabs the mic*

    Welcome to Malpe beach, one of the famous beaches in Udupi. My team of "A verse and a pen challenge" has brought you all to this place (with free flight tickets and hotel accommodations, of course) due to many reasons which I will let you know, hoping that you are all enjoying the place and the vibes associated here.
    *clichépenname appreciates the setup and takes the seat next to kairos_*

    One, we are here on the request of my friends who are a part of the self- help group "Pathetic Plastic". The dumping of polythene bags, and many other plastic items have indeed caused harm to the marine life here, and hence, as a part of our programme, I am proud to let you all know that we will be a part in this campaign and contribute towards making this world a better place for the marine life, as well as for the terrestrial ecosystem. We are also accepting money donations for the campaign, and the entire fund will be utilised for the drive. I hope you would all like to be a part of the initiative.
    *claps and hurrays from the lovely Miraquillean audience*

    Two. We have seen many people in our paradise complimenting about nature, the seashores, the tides, and of love and harmony. So why not experience life on a seashore at least for a moment?
    *squared and manasaa meanwhile get ready to grab as many seashells as possible*

    Three, it was meant to bring you all together, since I have seen the community charm in ourselves vanishing bit by bit. It is just my attempt of gathering my lovely people of a paradise. (Four, because it is my hometown and I'm proud of its beauty ����)

    *everyone are served hot tea with 'golibaje', a signature snack of Mangaluru. (basically like a pakora, but not a pakora lol)

    laus_deo: If it is going to be too formal, you'll be tasting the sands and then the sharks, okay?

    me: Okay, fine!
    So, without any delay, let us start our Prize Ceremony!!!!!!!
    *takes a deep breath*
    *voices from the audience*
    sereiin, Amsterdam and inhabited: Krish, we hope that you're starting the challenge with the revelation of the judges. We already have the stones ready in our hands. *wicked smiles*

    me: Uhmm, well, I have planned the epiphany for tomorrow. So........

    kairos_ , my_cup_of_poetry and zohiii : No! Take the blames away from us. We want to prove these people wrong. Don't hide the truth and laugh there, okay?

    jerry_21: You got me thinking all night regarding the same, and now see you, a man awake from a snory sleep, smiling in all cruel ways possible, duhh.

    me: la la la la laaaaa, no no no! It's all happening tomorrow!!!! Hold the anxiety *laughs weirdly*

    audience: KRISH!!!!!!!
    *meanwhile ignoring all the voices*
    Huhh people, to be honest, all of your submissions were as great as helllllllllllllll. I would have died of stress if I were to judge the prompt. But luckily, I'm alive today, thanks to the judges! The prizes have been decided based on the combined scores. :)

    So, the third prize goes to....
    ��@someone_you_know, for participating in this contest with her lovely submission describing the pov of love. Congratulations!!!!!
    Here we have our docs (XD) kairos_ and clichépenname to award you this medal and my handwritten note. I hope you like it :")
    Thank you! ♥️

    And, the second prize goes to......
    �� @natasha_a for her lovely piece which I am not finding on the platform for some reason *sighs*
    Maybe it's my eyes which are too lazy *-*
    To award you the medal and my small prize, we have lovenotes_from_carolyn here. Let us welcome her with lots of applaud!
    Thank you very much! ♥️
    (Has your username changed? *-*)

    The time you have been waiting for, is here...

    aditii_: Drags are too cringy Krishii, okay? Please don't say that you got the first prize, we've seen the same boring dialogue twice.

    *gently wipes tears*

    The first prize goes to,
    �� @shreyah for her unique piece describing the pov of anxiety. Congratulations mademoiselle. Here we have writersbay team on stage to give away the token of love (as you expected XD). Please accept it.
    Thank you SO much ♥️

    Naah naah, the prize ceremony is yet pending. We have three contestants who were very close to the winners, and hence I would like to call out their names and give them their medals too.
    The three participants are:

    I would like to thank you for participating in the prompt and submitting such beautiful crafts which indeed were high on a healthy competition. Collect your virtual book gifts backstage!
    Thank you so very much ♥️

    As always, I wouldn't miss the accessits, since they formed an integral part of the competition as well. I thank you all wholeheartedly from the podium. Sending you loads of love right from here, catch it!
    (please don't mind if you have changed your usernames ��)

    I'm so sorry that I had to bring it down to a simple arrangement and a formal hosting ceremony. This is all what I could do, thinking of all the safety I have to ensure in care of you all. And I'm also sorry for not complementing each of your pieces separately, I've already let you all know why. Greatest apologies for making you witness all my lame jokes �� (I tried to make it as nice as possible)

    Tonnes of apologies for the users who were assigned funny roles. I knew only a few whom I could add there and I couldn't help :"(
    I really hope that the unbiased results made everyone happy. After all, we too are people and we have different perspectives, right? So let us appreciate the present and enjoy the time here. We further have our campaign, and then, we will all have a typical Manglorean dinner planned by me, which I really hope you all will love to taste.
    Thank you!!!

    *crowd dispersal*

    #skpc #smk_avaap_ch

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  • say_me_krish 12w

    (Part 03: Seeking the hidden)

    *appears in Miraquill after many days just like Taylor Swift gets up from her grave in "Look What You Made Me Do"*

    Soo, when you all literally felt I had forgotten about the challenge, I'm here, coming out like a demon XD

    This post is being posted half-heartedly, since the tour for Karnataka which was planned for the prompt has been cancelled due to the host's health issues.

    *receives all the bouquets, just in case someone gives*
    *listens to "Soon You'll Get Better" and gets calm*

    As you all have known, the participants have been reviewed and scored by our FOUR lovely judges, who definitely deserve all of the love and appreciation.

    But whom will you exactly appreciate? XD

    ~ So, all you have to do is guess the four judges' USERNAMES and mention them in the comments box. Please do not tag them, since I'll be sued if they do not turn out to be in the jury panel.

    ~ Clue 1: One of them is a gentleman and one of them is a lady for sure.
    ~ Clue 2: All of their usernames might or might not have a "p" in common, but have English alphabet letters for sure.
    ~ Clue 3: They are the judges of the challenge.
    ~ Clue 4: They are all Miraquilleans.
    ~ Clue 5: One of the judges is unexpected and surprising.

    *Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you're in my head? Cz I know that it's delicate*
    (swifties meanwhile get angry on me for dropping the most important clues)

    ~ Everyone is free to comment.

    ~ Whoever manages to guess the names of three or more (lol) judges correct, will be given my favourite book virtually.

    Hurrayyyyy!! Let me laugh and enjoy now ��

    P.S: Too many TS references since I'm listening only to her since a month. Queen <3

    #skpc #smk_avaap_ch

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  • say_me_krish 17w


    Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing great :)
    *sanitizes hands and refuses for a handshake*

    Challenge time!!!
    The main purpose of hosting this challenge is to bring the writers in all of us together for some moments. I would be satisfied if this makes at least one person feels happy by the time of results.
    Let's go! (don't run out of your houses now XD)

    *virtual trumpets and drumrolls*

    (Part 01 - The game of guesses)

    In the challenge, you are supposed to firstly choose a quote, more specifically, a number, and let me know in the comments. The quotes are related to your prompts in an enough satisfactory way, so think and choose wisely!


    1. That it will never come again is what makes Life so sweet
    ~ Emily Dickinson

    2. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart
    ~ Helen Keller

    3. If you can't find the light through your darkness, become the light.
    ~ Roger Lee

    4. A good life is a collection of happy moments.
    ~ Denis

    5. A place to dwell, full of peace, secure; a place to rest - This is home to me, and that is why I long for it so.
    ~ Unknown

    6. There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life, or you're the one that will change theirs.
    ~ Angel Flonis Harefa

    (Don't judge the prompts by the quotes XD)

    How to participate:
    You have been given six quotes numbered from 1 to 6, as you've seen already. Now all you have to do is, select a number, and comment, "I'm in, number __".

    Some rules:

    ��️ Read the rules very "carefully". XD

    ��️ You also have to let me know, any two English novels with the name of the author (either the ones in your bucket list or your favorite ones, your wish); that might end up being a part of your winning prize!
    The comment would be like:
    "I'm in, __" "Novels: (any 2)"

    ��️ Once commented, the number chosen cannot be changed. And once the prompt is received, that cannot be changed either.

    ��️ Part 2 of this challenge will be posted by me after the deadline, which will reveal your "original" prompts.

    ��️ You are free to participate until 12 pm (IST) of June 2. No participants will be accepted after the participation time is over.

    ��️ Other rules will be mentioned in the part 2; this is all you have to know and follow, at the present.

    Take some help with an example:
    Let us say, @/vantab1ack has chosen number 6.
    In part 2 of this challenge post, his "actual" prompt is like:
    1.... 2.... 3.... 4....
    5. Write about your sister.
    6. Write about your school.
    So vantab1ack will write his poetry on his school, which is number 6.
    I hope you get that clearly.

    So yeah, that's that. I hope you liked this, and I hope you would enjoy the course of the challenge. You can ask me regarding any queries, I'm here for you :)
    Help out your fellow friends if they would like to participate.
    And please do not spam the comment section unnecessarily, since it would be difficult for me to check important notifs in the notifications panel. It's a kind request *puppy eyes*

    Thank you, if you successfully made it till here.
    *wears a mask and takes leave*

    @writersnetwork Would you like to participate sir? ��
    #skpc #smk_avaap_ch

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  • say_me_krish 43w

    "A winner is a dreamer who never gives up."
    ~ɴᴇʟsᴏɴ ᴍᴀɴᴅᴇʟᴀ


    Hello fellow Mirakeeans! I hope the sunsets are bright enough there in front of your window and sights to paint one more beautiful poem or prose on. I am extremely sorry to interrupt your view, but finally, I'm here with the results of the
    'ᴡᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴇ ᴄʜᴀʟʟᴇɴɢᴇ'
    hosted by me in mid September (Don't stare at me, I was never a latecomer in my school, so I felt Mirakee was good ����)
    I've tried my best to be unbiased, I hope the decisions resemble the same :")
    Boom! ����

    �� @saya__
    A perfect piece with a sense of nostalgia, mixed with the perfect metaphors. Congratulations ��
    Here's your prize ��

    �� @thesunshineloves
    A tremendous piece illustrated with sheer beauty. "Love is the last lifeline". Congratulations ��
    Here's your prize ��

    ��@say_me_krish ��
    (since he hosted the challenge XD)
    {OK, don't gape at me ��}

    �� @eclipsed_sun
    A pulchritudinous piece of a dark genre, yet heartwarming and hitting at the same time {what I felt XD}. Heartiest congratulations ��
    Here's your prize {the size is larger XD} ��


    And the accessits, not forgotten to be mentioned!

    A really nice piece setting an aura with the lovely description of star crossed lovers.
    Your prize, take it with your virtual hands ����

    A poem describing about lifestyle of our beautiful co-humans on point!
    Widen your hands to reach the shield ����

    A short yet amazing writeup holding descriptions with truths of the present generation.
    Here is your shield ����

    "We're blooming buds till we wither", just beauteously perfect! It indeed was thoughtful.
    Take the weight of the shield coated with layers of my gratitude ����

    A funny yet a poignant piece bringing memories of our favourite cartoons, it was really cute!
    Yours is here, lovely lady ����


    This clearly was a challenge posted to get people out of their busy schedules and writersblock, and hence nobody should be saddened with the prizes. After all, I'm just your fellow friend here, and my perceptions cannot decide your writing, right? ��
    Congratulations again, to everyone who participated in my effort ����

    Stay happy, keep shining ��

    P. S. : Bg edits are done purely by me with my own template ������

    @_rainfrost_ Finally, ee lo ��������
    #skp_writes #skpc -- for all my challenges
    #smk_we_ch -- to read the submissions of this prompt

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  • say_me_krish 55w


    So, this part is to let you know that
    "Participation times are extended till the end of the submission time, i.e., you can participate even now!"
    *applauds please��*

    If you didn't participate yet and if you're sad, don't worry. There's a lot of time!!!! ��

    ALL THE BEST!!!!

    P.S: If you do not know about what the challenge is, look under the hashtag #smk_we_ch or #skpc


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  • say_me_krish 56w

    Hello everyone!
    Hope everyone are keeping fine with their online classes and writing ��

    Note: This challenge is posted just in the perspective of unleashing the creativity in you, take it easy, if you don't wish to participate or feel it is kinda complicated, I'm okay with it. (I'll be sad though XD)

    Just comment for now, see it later if you can make time or not (maybe you regret later��)

    *Intense drumrolls and trumpets*

    "WE AND ME CHALLENGE" (Part 1)

    So let me first explain you the parts of it:

    Part 1:
    For this, you'll have to write some sentence beginning with  "We are ..............". For example,

    "We are sand in an hourglass which is flipped again and again to let those few uncertainties of time delay"
    (Yeah this is inspired from her post)

    You can try making it more metaphoric and make it more captivating! Simple right?
    Part 2:
    (Uhm, this part is from my deleted challenge)
    For this part, you must go through my posts, find a sentence from it, and include it in your writeup (self- assessment XD). This is mandatory!
    Part 3:
    Just continue with your beautiful piece ��



    ��Your piece must include all the above mentions.

    ��You can either write a prose or poetry, it's upto you.

    ��No word and line limits, so write your heart out. (Not tooooooooooooo long XD)

    ��Make sure you submit your piece within 12 pm of 13th September.
    (Times are extended till you're seeing this, don't worry��)

    ��Tag me and the use the hashtag

    ��No plagiarized writings.

    ��Obscene images and harassment speeches aren't encouraged.

    ��Write in Pure English.

    ��One submission per person.

    'Tag' more of your friends and 'Repost' it so that they can enjoy writing too! Let this challenge be an interest to bring you out from all the stress and boredom!

    #skp_writes #skpc

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  • say_me_krish 60w



    (I tried my best to pass an unbiased decision ��)

    (maybe I can change if it is bad��)

    An eye-catching setup organized. A huge room decorated really beautiful. The stage is all lit up with lights all around. Medals have been arranged on a tray kept on a table. Flower bouquets are also arranged for the prize winners and the guests.
                      Round tables and chairs are draped in white and red cloth, making the look more beautiful. The table has a simple flower vase and a card, which reads,
    //Everybody are sweet in their own way, and so are you. Don't worry, just smile wide//
                       The place is decorated with red and white curtains, making it look more attractive. The huge door is decorated with sunflowers, wow! A perfect look for a perfect night.
                      Our elderly boys, looking stylish and handsome��. Young cute boys look like dear munchkins��. Our ladies, ufff! Red makes them look more attractive. (loads of makeup also has contributions ����) All arriving one by one and taking their seats.

    "The programme starts"
    (A small podium set for me for a speech)

    *Hello my dear friends gathered here. I'm your pyaara friend Krish, urf say_me_krish. Today, we've come together for the MY WORD, YOUR COLLAB CHALLENGE. I'm gonna announce the winners today!*

    veloc1ty_: Kya ji, itna formal kyu?

    thesunshineloves: Aise kiya to mein so jaunga re baba..... ��

    I'm gonna be straight on point.
    So, I made up a lame challenge which had got wonderful pieces by 8 teams. I had to think so much with the prizes , I got struck by fever ��
    But still, I made a very tough mind and decided the prizes. I'm happy that I was prompt to the prompt. Hope you too feel my decisions are unbiased.
    Yet, tbh, all the pieces were literally too good. I feel participation matters much more than prizes, and moreover, it's just my point of view. My announcement just can't decide the worth of your platinum piece, so just chill and enjoy writing!

    So, the 3rd prize �� goes to.........
    ��TEAM: THE DASHING DREAMERS for the word

    And the participants are:

    What can I say about your piece! I felt I was that dancer herself. You made me smile as well as weep! Astounding it was!!! Saved in my memory��

    You all are bestowed with bronze medals, and a sweet gift made by me. It's a wall hanging I've made out of Newspapers just for you people out of love.
    I would love to call upon our guest @my_cup_of_poetry and our sweet Unicorn @manasaa to present you the presents.
    Thank you guyz!!! ��

    And.... The 2nd prize �� goes to..........
    ��TEAM 7QUILLS for the word
    And the participants are:

    Oh my gawd! The way you people conveyed the harassed girl's emotions and the metaphors you weaved, it spoke volumes to me, making me feel relatable! One of the deep pieces etched in my heart ♥

    You are presented silver medals�� and a sweet lantern �� made by me, so that you can light it up along with your mood.
    (Velo bro's raps playing in the background)

    I would call upon our guests @petrichor_tales and @_thewordplayer to do the honours.
    Thank you all!

    And, yes, the first prize of the MWYC challenge �� goes to....

    Oh, I'm just kidding �� I don't even deserve a piece of the medal.

    The FIRST prize goes to............
    TEAM YOUNG FOREVER for the word

    And the participants are:

    You guyz just portrayed the word in the way no one else can do. Such a bliss feeling it conveyed. I was truly surprised by your submission though. It was ethereal ❤️
    It is saved forever in my heart. ��

    Here, you're presented gold medals�� and a lovely nest showpiece of thread spools prepared from my own hands out of love.

    I would want to call upon our guests, @mirakee and @writersnetwork
    Yes! I love your shocked faces ����
    (Stay Gold song in bg)
    (Team members dancing)

    Thanks guyz!!!

    And, it's the time to mention the important people, the accessits, who made the challenge more charming.
    All our dear teams will be presented medals��, sweet flower bouquets and a sakura tree�� showpiece made by me��

    Firstly, I call upon xiaoko and white_cloud from TEAM NESRIN.
    Yoyr piece literally made me long for a love and then leave intentionally ��
    It was beyond beautiful ❤️❤️
    Thank you!

    Now, I call upon the members of TEAM GREENIE,
    Woah! Your piece made me feel that I was in a best place filled with beauteous greenery. Ethereal it was��
    Accept the presents....
    Thank you!

    Next, I would call upon
    from TEAM SCHACHT.
    Ufff! Your piece was literally feeded a lot of pain, giving the readers an emotional feel. It made me weep too����
    It was stupendofantabulous I must say...
    Please accept the honours.

    Last, but never the least, I call upon members of TEAM WALTER MITTY
    Woah! Your piece honestly had that revenge wala feel. It was so revengous (never mind my useless words, I don't even know  if this word exists or not��)
    If anyone asks me the best piece written about revenge, I would show ur write.... ��
    Please accept the gifts!
    Thanks guyz!!! ��

    And with this, I would put an end to the programme. I thank you all for participating in my challenge and making it more radiant.... ��
    Now, I think your family's missing you all..... I have made all the return tickets too.... ��

    Thank you guyz!
    Meet you all on Mirakee��
    Have a safe journey✈️

    ...... THE END.........
    /A delicately beautiful journey with the blooming buds of Mirakee/

    #skpc #smk_collab_ch

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  • say_me_krish 63w

    | MWYC Challenge Part 2 |

    Hello guyz!!!
    Here is your host Krishna, with fresh news of the

    Background :
    Hey, where did that boy just disappear?
    He said he'll reveal the words by 12, and he's vanished now!!!
    Come on guyz, let's attack and get the words out of his mouth������

    *Trying to cover myself with every kind of shield possible, to escape these dangerous attacks ^_^ *

    I know I'm too early (ironic), but you know what, I took a lot of time to search the perfect word for each group, and typing, ufff, I'm too slow in this art to master ��

    Ok, so I finally gonna reveal those words you all are waiting since so long.......... Please let me know if u didn't like the word (just for knowledge, I ain't gonna change����)

    *Too long*


    ✨The team numbers I gave are just 'Random'.

    ✨Teams are supposed to use the word in your title, as you wish,
    For example, if the word you got is 'ATARAXIA', you are free to use it differently, like LOVE ATARAXIA, or something else, but the word is compulsory.

    ✨You have to decide a name for your team ����

    ✨ Let me know if your team misses out here (mistakes happen ��)

    ✨Surf through Google to get better explanations.

    ✨ I am not a sesquipedalian ����

    ✨ The last date to submit your piece is July 20, 2020. Submissions after 12 pm are not accepted. (Time extended since many submissions were pending)


    TEAM 1:
    The word I found for you is
    'ANACAMPSEROTE '. It is defined as
    'something which can bring back a lost love.'
    This is literally more beautiful than what it looks like! Fixing a love is something nobody could refuse to����
    I hope you like the word��

    TEAM 2:
    By my research, I found out one thing, you all are experts in weaving love stories. So, I tried to find some different word, but I failed����
    The word I found for you with a lot of hard work - 'CHRONOSYNCHRONICITY'. It is
    'the presentation of all stages of a person's life in a single piece of art'.
    This word can be used in many ways, so I'm sure you would like it��

    TEAM 3:
    Ufff, your team members literally write things in all genres, finding a word for you was a difficult chore, but, I found it! ��
    The word............. It is.............. It is........... 'ANAGAPESIS', meaning
    'no longer feeling any affection for someone you once loved the most'.
    A painful Greek word, able to be expressed heartbreakingly, or in any other ways too, for people are creative����
    I hope you like this one��

    TEAM 4:
    Okay, so I searched a word which I felt is ����
    The word you all have got is from Dutch (searching things in English became tough), and the word is 'WRAAKZUCHTIG', which is defined as
    'bitterly longing for harming those who done something terrible to you'.
    Hehe, a revenge word! Something fire to be penned upon, but you may use your creativity to make it sound different!
    I hope you like the word given��

    TEAM 5:
    The word I searched for you both to write is 'SONDER', which is said to be
    'the realization that everyone is living their own vivid life'.
    This word is wow! If everybody had this realization, maybe the world would see less suicides. (a dream only ��)
    I hope you both liked this��

    TEAM 6:
    BTS Army here! I had to do a severe workout to search the word for you, I was scratching my head while thinking, luckily I didn't bleed����
    The word I found for your team is 'NEFELIBATA' from Spanish, which means
    'a person who lives in their own clouds of imagination'.
    Woahhh, you all have got to describe such a person, or anything else, in your own perspective!
    I hope the word sounds good��

    TEAM 7:
    I searched and searched and searched, choosing a word was tooooooooooo tough (cz I had 5 words in my wishlist��)
    The word I have searched for your team is 'TENALACH', which defines itself as
    'a deep connection with the land, air and water that allows one to literally hear the earth sing'.
    A perfect word for a nature lover!!!!!!!
    I hope the word gets your smile☺

    TEAM 8:
    Yeah! I got the word for y'all - 'EUNEIROPHRENIA' which means
    'the peace of mind that comes from having pleasant dreams'.
    Have a good sleep guyz, maybe you get some ideas by the morning��
    I hope the word is admired��

    All the best!!! ��
    Get set go!!!!!! ��

    #smk_collab_ch #skp_writes #skpc

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  • say_me_krish 64w

    Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Salve, Ola!!!
    I hope all of you are doing super good there.... �� Me, oh ohh, I'm gonna make some crispy pakoras today, so I was just surfing ��
    (not on seas, on YT ������)
    {bad joke, just go on now��}
    Jokes aside, I'm doing fyn. Exams over, so enjoying my vacation with a sense of liberty����

    So this time, I was going on through different websites on Google searching new words. I'm a new word lover, I even make my own dictionary for those ����
    (is that too weird? ��)
    {You are weirdo, know it man��}
    *cheeks red due to embarrassment*

    Back on track, so one website got me unusual words which were really beautiful. So I felt of hosting a challenge!
    ( I ain't so expert in hosting challenges, Ashutosh inspired me)
    { You fool, not everybody know that cute little munchkin, let everyone know who he is!}
    (Ok, just cool down you!!)

    @_rainfrost_ Ashu, you were my inspo this time!!! You host challenges wonderfully, maybe I can catch up at least a bit of it's essence ����
    ( I got very inspired you know)
    { Wait, haven't you copied his pattern of hosting?}
    ( Never! And moreover, if my brother Ashu says to change, I will, so you keep mum��)


    (Part 01)

    Let me clearly explain the rules, make sure you read carefully, rules are a bit complicated
    { Complicated like you}
    *Again embarassed me* ����


    ��As soon as I host the challenge, you need to find any 1 or more ideal partner(s) of yours to participate. (2 or more in total)
    {Everybody knows Math, you move on��}

    ��Let me know the two or more members, for example:
    If @say_me_krish @skpartz and are participating, any one of you must comment 'Collab Fever' and mention your names.
    (Uh oh, no physical fever)
    {Not amidst the pandemic though��}

    ��You are free to enroll till 12 pm of July 10, 2020. No members are allowed to enroll after the time.

    ��After the time limit gets over, I'll let know the word the team of 2 or more have to use. The word must be the title (bit changes are ok), but it is the central theme of your piece too.
    I'll come up with a piece soon related to this ��

    ��One person must not collab with 2 teams.

    ��No plagiarized content, bad language and obscene images.

    ��A team must post only once.
    (Any single individual from the team)
    {Once and single are the same, you ludicrous person}
    *Continuously red in cheeks*

    ��Submissions must be penned only in English.

    ��Mandatory hashtag: #smk_collab_ch


    So what are you waiting for? Choose your partners and comment fast!!!
    Time runs faster than light ������

    I hope y'all like the challenge ��

    (I'm excited, how many teams might come up? ��)
    { Who's gonna come to your silly challenge though, waste as you are}
    *infuriated now*

    Extremely sorry for such a long post.... ��

    Let more people know of this challenge, more participants can make it difficult for me to choose the best ��������

    1. People whom I tagged are not with the view of requesting for participation.
    I tagged for just having a look ������

    2. It's okay to flood my notifications box (not too much������)

    #skp_writes #skpc

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