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  • waitaminute 53w

    Big blue blanket above my head,
    Condensed clouds invading white spread,
    Eternally lived and gonna live for years,
    Time to time it shed its tears,
    Does sky fear from anything,
    Lying there alone at heights,
    Stars piercing it's darkness at nights,
    Witnessed meteroids and many deaths,
    Sky listened our secrets and regrets,
    Sky never gonna die,
    It's for us he cry,
    We fight among us,
    We busy in internet world,
    Unaware of damage to earth,
    We ain't recognising her worth,
    We are running from truth living fake lives,
    That's what sky says,
    "Cause I am scared that I am getting dark with dust and pollution, these piercing rays of sun gonna destroy everything . "
    May be we can't get what we have lost,
    But we still have some and we should protect it at any cost.

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  • outofleague 53w

    A little too far
    a little less close,
    somewhere in between
    somewhere a bit beyond.

    A breath away from
    what could be everything,
    a breath away from
    what I shouldn’t be forgetting.

    A hint of serenity
    to dissolve all worries,
    a hint of concern
    to fuel all prosperity.

    A leaked whisper
    of healing temptation,
    a profound cheer
    of momentary salvation.

    Cause I am afraid
    of that unknown possibility,
    cause I am afraid
    of that absent certainty.

    #skyfearc #wounded #abundance

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  • santor_674 53w

    The sky fears for the ground, ' cause residing there , we subdue with death some day , for the naive sky not really realises of how endearing is death , whose savour when felt with a bitter pain , linger the sweetest and eternal rest of all time.

    //For it fear lies in the alley to the ground , as it drifts to a pile of tombstones, buried and embellished with withered flowers all over , mourns and cries it hears , with a tremble gesture it drifts back to where it lies boundlessly//

    The sky fears for the dark night, though it lies amidst those ecstatic spheres, but the lady weeps in grief, that the sky captures her whispers, revealing itself to be sinful for it had galloped all those cries. Poor sky , beholding thousands of memories , it still named itself as " Sinful".

    // The sky was like a music , rumbling the jingles of those tears , whirling in grace were the constellations, while the world turned itself as a ballerina , scooping and leaping in grace//


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    The Sinful Melody

    The sky holds a sinful melody often resonating the beauty- that each of the tears behold of!

    The sun drops its hues of saffron and scarlet over the sky who had turned pale of grasping the warm tears!

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  • thelunareclipse 53w


    The sky is frightened
    of becoming blank ,
    It afraids of losing
    ability to reflect
    writer's thoughts
    and sentiments.

    What if it stops
    to change its moods
    and gets stucked
    in dreary blues?

    The sky it's scared
    of drowning
    into gloominess.

    if all the colours
    fade away ,
    by any chance,
    who would
    bring back the rainbow
    to the sky's vacuous face?


    { Image found on Pinterest }

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  • anush18 53w

    The day I remember very well. A clear sky in June. You were fond of clouds, sunrises and sunsets. A clear sky at night. You were fond of the stars which were shining in an atmosphere, less polluted than our relationship. I remember very well. Since then, time has changed. We grew up. Our bond grew up. We were dying breathe. We started seeking isolation and we ended up being an over thinker. Sky is never the same: It changes, just like us but the love remains the same that it bestows upon us, just like our latent love. They say we are blurred, they say we are insane, they say we are crazy, they say so many things but who cares? Do you? No, I know.

    Just like summer ends up with Rainy season and in turn rains end up with winters and then this winter brings the spring season, so is with us. We meet, we fight, we don't talk, we cry, we leave without even leaving a word, we wither just like winters, we bloom and then wilt again. This process continues but this time things changed. We were wilted and then we blossomed but this time we didn't talk, the silence said, this time we didn't cry, the eyes told, this time we didn't fight, said, maturity. You wanna know the reason why I use to call you palm tree and myself a maple leaf? Here's the answer of your why. Palm tree has leaves extending to different directions at different angles. You are the same. You've different directions indicating different lessons: some of them I learnt from you:

    • /you have a real and tangible part. So beautiful and at the same time unintelligible; and an imaginary part or rather complex, that randomizes and appalls me.

    • with you, I've given more than what I had and received more than what I could expect. Your personality is smoky yet aesthetic. We can connect to each other by sending smoke signals and this is the best part of us.

    • there are spaces where we are differentiable everywhere, what we believe and what we think coincides, as if we were carved by the same society. For living in a compact world, we had our highs and lows. We enjoyed our achievements, and we worked together to overcome adversity.

    • �������� ���� ���������� ������-������������ ���������� �������������� �������� �� ���������������� ������'�� �������� ���� �� ������ ���������������� ���� �������������������� ���� ���� �� ������ �� �������������� ���� ��������, ������ �������� ������������ ���������� ���� �������� ���� �������� ������ ���� �������� ����������. �� �������� ��'���� ���������� ������ �������������� �������� ������, ������=�� (��������������, ������������, ��������, ��������������...)

    • "They only see you in numbers, symbols, and letters, judging you for not being able to understand you, I do not. I see you as someone changing. I am interested in your domains, and the space in which you live, in those spaces of words, I can feel you hiding something beautiful and phenomenal, I can feel you breathing out there in those lost medleys. From time to time, I'm fascinated by your curves, I think of you as a constantly growing function,
    I'm surprised by everything that you hide and what you can represent for me. You're an axiom. Axiom of perfection./ I won't require any other thing to prove my existence. You're suffice for me to love, live and exist. You're a perfect reason for me to admire the natural phenomenons.*

    Why Am I Maple? I'm a spacebound person with three directions of different perspectives.
    1. To spread positivity as much as possible.
    2. To fulfill my dreams of my ideal country.
    3. To become a satellite and revolve around your orbit. To be your very own natural satellite. Three directions, Three perspectives. Infinite directions, Infinite perspectives. So many things uncommon, yet you and I, knowing us, understanding us, making of the two, one only. And you know what? The sky is scared to fall. Why? Because It can't see us fading away. It can't see us this way, a crashing satellite with it's dead parts. The sky is scared of our deaths. It can't see the winning combination die, this easily. And so it's afraid to die for the Medley will die as well.

    Let me in, hold me close so we can feel the aura of dying together. Thanks @writersbay #skyfearc
    @writersnetwork @colourfulgreys @veloc1ty_
    @kin_jo @still_in_mess @love_whispererr
    @thelunareclipse #AgonizingJanuary @writersnetwork

    Lines in (/./) by #photon
    Background Credits: @scas
    Lines in Background by #SABRINACARPENTER

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    We are young, we are gold
    Trying things we didn't know
    Looking at the sky
    See it come alive
    All our fears became our hopes
    Climbed out every locked window
    We rode a lion's mane
    And fell upon the rain
    We can reach the constellations
    Trust me, all our dreams are breaking out
    No, we're never gonna turn to dust.
    We'll be the stars

  • gauravksingh 53w

    Life of a bird.
    #concretepoetry Third try
    #pod #ceesreposts #writersnetwork
    Thank you @writersnetwork for like❤️
    @mirakee @writersbay

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  • 300roses 53w


    The sky delights in the presence
    of his "shiny" friends -
    the sun, the moon & the stars,
    for they grace his
    vastness with their shine.
    By day, the sun glistens with
    its brilliance,
    By night, the moon glows with
    its serenity,
    while the stars kiss his
    wide canvas with their sparkles.
    He relishes "basking"
    in their light.
    The sky has a secret fear though.
    He fears one day
    his friends would cease to shine.
    Without them,
    his world would be cast into
    total darkness,
    He could not imagine nothingness
    in his immensity for infinity,
    This scares him.
    He hopes with great fervour
    that his friends would never
    lose their shine,
    He hopes with all his heart
    that they would keep shining for him,
    for as long as eternity
    shall last.


  • bklyn464 53w

    Sky Fear

    What would the sky fear if it saw it's reflection?
    It would just see it is a reflection of us
    A reflection of colors
    A reflection of sadness
    A reflection of envy
    A reflection of pride
    A reflection of joy
    A reflection of happiness
    A reflection of greed
    A reflection of its grandness
    A reflection of many emotions
    So what would the sky fear if it could fear
    It would fear its Unknown
    And hope that it doesn't fear us as well

  • no_one07 53w

    Up from the Top; (I is the sky)

    Up from the Top,
    Is where I dwell on,
    Discerning the green sky.,(forest)
    Made my day,
    But is just too hard
    To find any....

    Eras back,
    The sky used to look blue,(water)
    But now
    Everything is new,
    There are large
    Black holes,
    Mostly in rectangle...
    Emitting poisonous gas,
    Which always chokes me to death.
    (Guess witches live down there)

    I guess no one accepted
    Me as I was...
    Sometimes they blame me...

    I fear falling down....someday,
    And becoming one of them.......

    #skyfearc #writersbay #lovenotes_from_carolyn

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    Up from the Top

    Eras back ...
    The sky used to be blue.
    But now.....
    Everything is new.

  • starrdust 53w

    E T E R N A L O V E

    The sky is afraid of falling in love with the Earth but little does he know he has already stumbled into the rabbit hole.
    Every day, every night his heart skips a beat when he looks in her bright green eyes brimming with love and innocence.
    'He's just guarding her', 'its nothing but his duty to protect her from the universe' he tells himself, oblivious are both for they love each other but neither of them knows,
    for both of them know that their love is in vain reserved for bed time tales.
    It starts with the horizon and ends with it. It is eternal yet forever incomplete.

    Every star embedded in the caelum shines to express his concealed love. Despite being warned by the sky, occasionaly one of them falls to send a kiss to his lover while the sky blushes hues of scarlet and tangerine for hours.
    Their separation fills him with grief and his thirst for her love is quenched when tiny pearls of water roll from his eyes and drenches his lover's parched soul. There is no greater pleasure than to watch her dance to the song of rain and rejoice and bloom on recieving the sheer elixir of love dripping from his azure eyes.
    The cool zephyr tossles her long hair and soothes her body and cwtches her curves, her adorable giggle ringing like melody when the breeze whispers her song of love in his ears.

    The sky fears his love might not be enough, that she, so rich and beautiful deserves so much more than bearing with his mood swings and separation but the earth, the passionate lover that she is adores and embraces and craves all the shades of blue and yellow and violet and black. She accepts their distance as their destiny silently loving all his insecurities.
    And everytime they lose themselves in the depths of greens and blues of their eyes,
    and dwell into the beauty of their scars and voids,
    they forget the distance and forget the fears,
    what remains is eternal love.

    Eternal and wholesome.


    The Sky and the Earth are personified as lovers.

    #skyfearc @writersbay @writersnetwork

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    He can tame the thundering storm,
    It's the desire of eternal love that he fears.


  • bonitasarahbabu 53w

    The sky, she has no need to be afraid,
    But she is fearful of her anger.
    In her anger, she becomes destructive.
    In her anger, she loses all control.
    The sky, she is afraid,
    Afraid of hurting helpless people.

  • shruti_25904 53w

    Sky would fear from losing its immense spark which attracts every person in this universe. It fears from the blackouts which make the beautiful sky ugly. It fears from the end of this universe. It fears from the existence of black eyed hell, where people don't wish to go, but has to go for their poor deeds.

  • sproutedseeds 53w


    The pride of being on top of the world
    may have a downfall is the biggest
    fear the sky has these days as the
    whole world is talking about Karma
    which is "what you give you get it back.
    The sky fears
    What if..
    It's downfall is a gift to the people.
    What if..
    the seasonal changes become man made.
    What if..
    They inter change the position of sun and
    to the moon.
    What if..
    Days become shorter, night longer.
    What if..
    they don't need me anymore!!!

  • anshika_winks 53w

    What would the sky fear of
    If not heights itself
    Cause it never ventured
    Beyond it ever was...

  • crazy_panda_ 53w

    _________Sky is afraid__________
    The sky is afraid to losing its lovely blue color The sky is peeping through the black smoke ,
    afraid to be lost somewhere
    The sky is afraid that ,if its star do not shine at night then what will happen?
    The sky is afraid that without clouds, how it will give water to the earth
    The sky is afraid to losing all the birds,
    Those who spread wings and fly in the open sky
    The sky is afraid that, if there is a hole in it;
    so one will come to seal it.( like an ozone layer)
    The sky is afraid of every new invention of man

    Sky really fears what if it look like a Mars
    and sky really cares of earth
    Sky is afraid by the human deeds
    and it need our help.⛅����

    pic credit - Pinterest

    #skyfearc #skylove

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    I'm afraid, can you help me?

  • barefoot 53w

    What if the
    sky fears that it
    Will remain only a canvas to
    The stars and the sun and the moon and the clouds?

    What if the sky
    fears that it
    is way too vast to fit into the heart of its onlooker?

    What if the sky
    Fears its freedom knowing very well
    That we look up longingly at it because of our own limitations?

    What if the sky
    Fears that we will
    rip it apart like we ripped apart the
    world it blankets?

    Or or my heart wonders,

    What if the sky simply
    Fears that Fear
    will never allow us to
    Become what it has become?
    And here ,

    Always here to hold the
    Of the universe.

    #question #skyfearc @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • absynth 53w

    Skewed Sky

    What if the sprawling sky
    One day starts feeling too shy
    Of its great heights
    And starts to blush
    Every once in a while
    So that the bewildered earth
    starts finding it tough
    To predict those iridescent mood swings
    And seeks the intervention of tree tops and birds
    To pep up the dwindling spirits of the welkin
    with their rustling and chirping poetries?

    What if the stars
    One day take up arms against their creator,
    Break free from the shackles of their constellations
    And form a cavalcade to infiltrate the earth
    In search of their human counterparts
    Signing a pact with them of never being apart
    With a pen of bones and an ink of ash
    As they exchange a handful of ether for a handful of earth
    Sealing the solidarity of a common birth?

    What if the clouds
    One day start feeling sorry
    For every wounded soul below
    And land up on the ground
    With wads of soft cotton in their arms
    To soak the flow of tears
    And flush away the profound pain
    With a torrent of pristine rain drops
    And make a home forever in this dirt
    The magic of their touch
    Manifesting an Eden on earth?

    What if the sun and moon
    Stop making room for each other
    Let their giant egos rule
    the brilliance of their lustre
    Every sun spot turns to a despot
    every crater becomes a dictator
    And needs to be shown its place
    By the mighty force of dark matter?
    No. Not another big bang
    When we still haven't sobered up
    To the last one's hangover.

    Oft I look at and admire the sky
    Not for its palette of colors
    Or its promise of a horizon
    But for its true grit to keep its wits together
    While providing a shelter to such cosmic diversity
    It never looks down on the earth
    But always helps it to ressurect
    From the setbacks of every natural calamity
    And human atrocity.

    But what if one day the sky finally decides
    To throw up a tantrum
    And gives up on this divine facade of ethereal beauty,
    Putting up an insanity plea?
    What will become of us?
    What will become of love?
    What will become of eternity?

  • asmita_chakraborty 53w

    | What if the sky was afraid
    | What would it be?
    | Would it be of the world,
    | When it begins with a new page?
    | Where its suddenly fenched one day
    | Its hozirons measured with tapes
    | It's revolting self chained and caned,
    | Boundaries marked and guarded !
    | Where it's scared to speak or express
    | For it's now overlorded by someone else
    | Where it's made to be opinionless
    | Brainwashed and logic eroded !
    | Where it loses its hope
    | Ages and turns pale grey
    | Melancholy is soaked,
    | Perspiration ignored!
    | Where it no longer is
    | Friends with clouds and rays!
    | No one stares at it to feel the rain
    | Or watch the seven colours make its way.
    | Where its heights are forgotten
    | Its esteem underated.
    | Voices supressed,
    | Seemingly overcasted !
    | And the sky is afraid
    | Of losing it's ownself !
    | Thereby the definition
    | Of freedom changes !
    | ©asmita_chakraborty

    #question #skyfearc #freedom #supression #wod #pod @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee
    Picture credits to the rightful owners.��

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    Sky symbolises freedom !
    And it is to be preserved !


  • daphnae 53w


    what if every scarlet shade around the sky was a mere sum of every bruise your heart clotted with time? the sky stretched wide monotonously, lasting miles and miles above my hair cursing the left over zephyr dusting them off on loop. it's crinkled across the horizon, experimenting with blends fusing along the sleepy sun. the blind loathing creeped against the walls of my veins, clearly revisiting the catastrophe i once dwelled in. letting go of every cloudy heights, i dropped down the narrow slides to my puzzled home. i stopped knotting the ends of the strings lying on my bed every other night. they stay rotten now, and reek of the words i forget to use in my poems.

    it's past midnight and the smell still lingers below my nose, moving along my eyes tracing the stars from my backyard. and each night, the sky place the stars under my name as i ask. i pluck them off gently, blowing off their coarse edges and hide them under my blanket. i don't count, 'cause i don't want to. for the moon i adore from the beats in my heart, replacing every inch between us with love and rhymes. the skyline curves up when i spill ink on their names, although they know my short, sharp words can never equate to the beauty they exist within. and that's how i know, another night will pass and the next morning would still start from me struggling for words to write more of what i dreamt of along the stars in my bed. what if, all they were, modern violets to the archaic poems of my love?

    #mirakee #wn #pod #jazzyjanuary #question #skyfearc

    @writersnetwork @maleficent_ Thank you so much lovelies. You are like a blessing to my life❤��

    @raika_ Skying��❤

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  • lifenotes_saloni 53w

    #skyfearc @writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Sky fears from being touched,
    From being unwillingly clutched.

    Sky fears from being blacked,
    From being hurtfully

    Sky fears from being
    From being swallowed into a

    Sky fears from being polluted,
    From being spoilt and black

    Sky fears from being the sky for the earthy lands,
    But still overcomes its fear and infinitely expands.

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    Sky Fears...