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  • philophobic_seele 2w

    Cimmerian Reverie

    Stygian face tiny hands
    Engulfed in soot and sand
    He Dreams of a respondent land
    A land where he could run
    Chasing the delicate butterfly
    Land of bright sun
    Where exuberance never dies
    Land where he could laugh
    With happiness nuzzling his cheeks
    Land full of wild flowers
    With Fireflies flying on moors so bleak
    Stygian face tiny hands
    No more breathing on the golden land
    Cheeks damped with excruciating tears
    Shrouded with whimpers and fears
    Clutching pliers with tiny hands
    Trudging afar from his dream land

  • kevinosullivan 10w

    Hostile Policy

    Racial unrest flailing in a sea of deciet
    Long capitalist experiments of hierarchy
    Ethnic cleansing and wealth exploitation
    Steal that which is indigenous royal land
    As long as the grass shall grow decreed
    Imported colonists evangelizing heathens
    Rape, pillage, burn and eradicate history
    Building export businesses to turn profits
    But what is better than free slave laborers
    Isolated and alienated and sold as chattle
    No Irish need apply and coolie Chinese
    The machine needs human fodder fuels
    Add, Gypsies and Jews, Germans or Poles
    Uneducated, starving, desperate and new
    Give us the free, tired, poor and yearning
    We will sell them our dreams of sacrifice
    Apprenticing minority business owners
    Who will continue the prosperous dream
    By starting businesses that emulate past
    Can't beat them, join them; seeking cash
    Keep wages low and all states inhumane
    Start foreign wars to disable their stability
    We can recruit who's left to work in shame
    Establishing lopsided trade for Wall Street
    To encourage the migrants to come north
    Nothing changed but the language cries
    This machine must feed for us all to eat
    We consume the poorest to maintain poor
    The ugliness of capitalism needs despair
    Indians, Slaves; indentured or otherwise
    We are once victims, complicit and guilty
    The global system uses sovereign pawns
    Whos people were forced into relocating
    Now they can stay home and stay poorer
    Why ship in the filthy workforce overseas
    When they can simply ship the factories
    Cheaper without any protective labor laws
    The elites in power now only move money

  • mahtobpensdown 11w


    What is better? To live in slavery or run towards a point that gives absolute freedom? In true essence, we do not value what we have and always run after something that is not actually valuable, just because of the unending "wants" !! Why is that we do not get satisfied and appreciate things we do not possess? Why is it better to live life as a slave then be robbed of it? Thr sole reason that we don't value what we possess is of nothing but undue and unnecessary comparisons! In a bid to get more and better than the other person,we sacrifice "individuality" !! Alas, we realise this too late and then it's almost time to pack our bags from this planet, to go to a different abode! Even the Lord might be thinking, why did I make humans, who are more hell bent on belittling others and even show very less mercy for other living ones?? Perhaps, it was his dream project that bounced off track once it deviated from the original path! Also be HE wanted us to savour every moment and find our own path and reach the goals on our own! Maybe, it's his way to explain us that self-discovery happens when we look within us, and not what occurs outside! The world might show you flavours but it's up to you which style to sip in, your own distinguished one or just be a copy! Be unique, BE YOU... SO ALL THE BEST!

  • _the_soul_writer 21w


    Love that does not renew itself everyday becomes a habit, and in turn a slavery.
    ©_Kahlil Gibran

  • john_felix 22w


    It preys on me at night,
    Like a hungry wolf,
    I can't win this fight,
    It keeps me staring at the roof,
    It has all my being and might,
    I surrender, and this writing is proof.

    It sticks on like glue,
    The addiction,
    Daily I pursue,
    This terrible affliction,
    My blood boils blue,
    Due to no spiritual connection.

    I live to be afflicted,
    I am tired,
    I want to be freed,
    I want to be free from greed,
    I want to live unchained,
    I don't want to be addicted.

  • poetshrutiwrites 24w


    Modern slavery is not violation of human rights,
    But your morning cup of coffee,
    You cannot let go,
    Because it's loaded with caffeine.

    Passer-bys can''t look up and talk,
    Because they are hypnotized,
    Hypnotized by their screens.

    Drowning your sorrows into alcohol they say,
    One bottle after the other you drink away,
    Unstoppable till the liver gives in,
    Until then slavery rules your day.

    Candies and toffees filled in children's pockets,
    Sugar giving factories millions of profit,
    And diabetes skyrockets,
    But who cares?
    We can't stop eating chocolate.

  • creator786 25w

    Stranger who cares

    I may not mean much to you.
    After all I'm like a stranger you never knew.
    If you ever feel my need,
    You don't have to worry
    Nor plead.
    I shall get rid of all the shackles
    Off your feet.
    Before you even realise
    And you'll be freed.


  • ray_madhusmita 28w

    some people Sell their essence..
    flat themselves as a carbon paper..
    neath the nib of someone..
    they buy slavery to project loyalism..

  • ashutosh_ratnakar 33w

    The Reservation Song

    Reservations are but reluctant reparations
    Damaging more than they repair
    My neighbours loathe my precarious privileges
    The source of my despair

    Harijan Dalit Scheduled Castes and Tribes
    Civilized words behind which their profanities hide
    Chamar Chuhad Mochi Mehtar Bhangi Bloody Bastard
    Deemed fit, spent lavishly when I'm not beside

    They say I'm not meritorious, don't belong to their pride,
    They hate me and the system that let me inside,
    How do I burst their illusion of merit, accumulated privileges, centuries old,
    Innate is human intelligence, I'm one, my friends don't be so cold,

    My dark coloured skin, my unbranded clothes,
    Fuel their entitled snobbery,
    My stable job, my wedding horse,
    Expose their closet bigotry,

    The modern social protocol has forced them to act with respect towards me,
    So with malice in their hearts and a hypocritic smile, they try to act all friendly,
    And sing a sweet social lullaby, publically praise justice and equality,
    While subtly lobbying to keep me out of their elitist society,

    My newfound confidence, the courage to dream, and fulfill my aspirations,
    I owe it all to the patrons of Ambedkar and western Education,
    The opportunity to be an equal citizen guaranteed by the democratic constitution,
    I know is what shakes the four Varnas and their foundation,

    So with humble strides here I trespass their wicked social maze,
    My feet steady, my light unflickering, my summit in my gaze,
    Yearn they may to see me stumble, fall off this climbing cliff,
    Reminding I am for I was born on the edge of this very precipice!


  • rising_sun_authority 33w


    Bonded labourer of his own desires


  • __adiroy__ 38w

    Dreams turned Dark

    In a hamlet was born a child,
    a child with a different glow.
    His glow revealed his determination
    His smile showed his anxiety,
    His anxiety to soon grow very high
    and feel the soothing of the sky.
    It was just that he had started dreaming,
    when the dirty minds had already planned something .
    It was not even that he had turned ten
    that the monsters taught him to beg.
    His childhood was painted dark
    with all the shades of black...
    Before his tiny hands could grow to read and write,
    He was prevented from all his rights.
    The little pure mind which had always dreamt big....
    Had now learnt how to steal .??...
    All the dreams shattered,
    with his childhood fading away.....
    This is the story of a child whose holy soul is now dying away.
    He has now begun to hate the world
    which he had once adored...
    The world gave him reasons
    to grow his hatred with varying seasons.
    At last when he does a work evil,
    It is the world that calls him a devil.
    The world was the cause,
    but they now thought,they had no flaws.
    He had stepped in the world with a smile clear.......
    But the world made him to step out with only tears....


  • hoorbanu98 38w

    Slavery Structured♥

    In a dip of Scarlet
    Slavery is the concept of great worry,
    Which can destroy the situations among Humanity,
    There is a chance to stop those immorality,
    With The foundation of education.


  • myleswalkerjr 45w

    Do I Need To Be Black Inorder For My Life To Even Matter?

    Its a shame that we still have police brutality

    Now its like a game we play to see if we atleast have some morality

    I was born yet not present during the riots that took place in 1992

    Regardless of what I've worn should not affect the cops' ability to be hesitant as a good defense

    Its already hard enough to be a law biding citizen in a country that hates me for the NOT hiding the right I have to declare my innocence

    Its the only time where I can't breathe

    As they can't show what crime has been committed inorder for them to let me leave

    Although I've never been arrested,

    I have to wonder how long will be until the cops become invested?

    As I believe it all started with the fugitive slave act

    Not with the black codes; becoming target practice since we are the ones they're aimed at

    The police already shown me how I don't need to die before my dreams are shattered

    So why do I need to be black inorder for my life to even matter?


  • charfire_m 47w


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    #vGovernmente #government #legalese #vlegalesee #USA #vUSAe :USA is a the #Corporation #vCorporatione :Corp=dead, oration=speak; as United States is a Country#vlawe #law of the land is #Commonlaw #vcommonlawe #UnitedStates #vUnitedStatese , as it’s a maximum of law that common law is a universal principle in predates the judges that even wrote it, the birth of Liberty is where God+Creater(love/life=solipsism) is birth(right/)ed

    #people #vpeoplee are #nonperson ‘s #vnonpersone = sovereignty(Freedom=Liberty) aka ¿ can people be plural and singular?== ==yes, people can be plural or\ and similar,=as they are #Statecitizens #vstatecitizene = the same as #sovereigncitizen #vsovereigncitizene #God #vGode #soul #vsoule

    Do you think your just a human/monster(legalese) when you are of Mankind/a Soul/An Aspect Of IAM, God+Creator /God+Spark(“The IAM that you are/Multi+dimensional being, that is Energy and not the body that is a living Quantum lifestyle and a solace pathway to God+Creator; life’s rippling roar of Divine happens” or are you an NPC robot that thinks it’s the body? That’s why you got to be “Knowing of,“ and grow from ”Knowing it;” because you are always whole yet, you are always filling up your cup at the same time asking “ Is the glass half empty or half full”... to be or not to be self+loving.... I sure you think of yourself.); I send you love and light, so you can better light the darkness as to get that Dharma that you deserve, as an innate soul #Phoenix #vPhoenixe #timetreavel #vtimetravele


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  • samswan 47w


    They opened their eyes
    to the red hot sun
    but never
    to the blue sky.
    Yodeling vehemently
    the black music
    passed down to their illiterate tongues:
    "Let us break bread together on our knees;
    Let us break bread together on our knees;
    When I fall down on my knees
    With my face to the rising sun
    O Lord have mercy on me."
    The air sang too
    finding lyrics between
    experienced, young,
    new born and adult voices.
    Their lost bodies
    and innocent minds,
    eyes fogged with perspiration
    and bloody atrocities,
    harvested in corn and indigo fileds.

    Do you know why they looked up?
    They searched for the
    embryo of freedom
    feticide by white folks.
    They talked to birds
    hovering above.
    If they would share their wings
    Or take them on a flight ?
    Far far away...
    Had unanswered questions
    to the humanity...
    Their coloured skin
    were no less than
    of packed animals,
    as inside it dwelt
    the bruises and burnt souls.
    Hollowed too.
    For they had no dreamscape.
    But to go home.
    Find home.
    Meet their sold wives.
    Meet their escaped husbands.
    Embrace their brought kids.
    Kiss the wrinkled foreheads
    of their old and weak mothers.
    Present few yellow flowers
    to the headstone of their fathers
    and ancestors all gone.
    Whose blood is mixed with theirs
    as they worked on the same
    dark soil of plantation.
    Unknown to tomorrow
    or yesterday.
    They knew today
    was the same caged daylight.
    of their own country.
    With rivers of pain
    running on their flesh.
    Their breathe
    held in chains.
    In their sleep of few hours,
    they longed for a secret death,
    resting in peace with few yellow flowers.

    No more the children of god
    were they.
    Bought and sold.
    Sold and bought again.
    Fluctuated prices: low and high,
    traveled them from Virginia to Kentucky.
    Fist fighting with survival.
    They loved each others scars.
    For they were the trophies
    of their hard work,
    unpaid endless works.
    As if they were inanimate.
    Born to serve the privileged race.
    The four letter words
    be it love or life
    were meaningless to them.
    The sweat on their face
    sprinted to catch up the marathon
    of out cries
    hidden in their eyes.
    Indeed they woke up to the sun
    but never to sky.
    Indeed they forever slept on the fields
    but never rested in peace.
    I know it is long, may be too long this time. I hope this does some justice in pouring light how miserable was black slavery and racism in American soil and air.
    #slavery #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @john_solomon
    PC : to the rightful owner

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    Never To The Sky

    They opened their eyes
    to the red hot sun
    but never
    to the blue sky.
    They searched for the
    embryo of freedom
    feticide by white folks.
    Of their own country.
    With rivers of pain
    running on flesh.

  • hammondmargaret_writes 59w

    Second thought

    So we stood by the shore
    And our fathers cast their nets .
    Burying agitation with the
    Tenderness of the sea .

    And the dawns of thoughts
    Of the voices from the almost
    Choked throats
    With lumps of serenity .

    Until the waters rage with fears
    With chants of consolation
    It wails
    And these bigger boats shown
    Their faces .

    The gongs cried louder
    The grounds trembled with
    The step of just a foot
    Soles caressing the sands .
    Hands in shiver to till .

    We gathered , armed in stirs
    Of defending.
    Before that got nearer .

    What our eyes saw
    Were not exact .
    And their tongues couldn’t turn
    Like ours .

    But with few gestures,
    Our fathers pulled their backs
    A little towards our huts .
    In what only the eyes can see

    We saw struggles of the mouth
    Of the hands
    And the hits of feet on the innocent ground.

    And they pulled toward closer
    And there , we gave us .
    Not with our first
    But for a bit of the followed .

    At least , we knew they were
    Like us
    Those on that big boats
    Only, what covered their bones
    Made the difference.

    It wasn’t the ultimate ,
    Our eyes got seduced
    With the whites in their mouths .
    For the second it was .
    ©Margaret Naa Korkoi Hammond.

  • alias_poetry 70w


    A carved tree,
    A noble thought,
    Is this what means to be free?
    Is this why all the wars were faught?

    Believe, do you? that you are a slave to none
    Perceive, do you? that nothing needs to be done

    Slavery isn't just to another man,
    Neither it is to another species,
    Slavery is a virtue,
    a mental condition, some might argue,
    So many meanings, so many thesis,
    Some accepted, others of which nobody is a fan,

    the conditioning of the mind to believe,
    to only this to be correct, to perceive,

    the unknown propaganda
    the destructive agenda

    One man's revolutionary is often other man's terrorist
    that's not the point, not everyone is a pessimist,

    Slaves aren't we all? to the conditioning,
    a pattern of living so similar to everyone else, yet so deceiving,

    Slaves aren't we all? to so called presumptive life style
    of having wealth just to make us appear wealthy

    Slaves aren't we all? to the habit of making the dimes we serve not just needs but desires,
    Like there was an apparent reason for waging wars, and sparking wildfires

    Imagine being able to live without slavery,
    Having just about what you need,
    there's enough for everyone to feed,
    Man wasn't just a subject of greed,
    Imagine, for doing the right thing, not having to plead!


  • mrstoryteller 71w

    Thoughts, words, emotions, feelings,
    All suppressed, chained;
    Mouths shut, people in cages,
    Agony uproaring their minds.
    Just imagine of those enslaved,
    Their expressions tell a lot more,
    Than this piece of my writing.
    All those eyes crave for only one thing,
    Freedom of everything that we have now.

    I don't know what to tell,
    But aren't we taking freedom as granted?
    Attaining the rights of freedom;
    Haven't we lost the duty of responsibility?
    Spreading hate, riots, violence;
    Aren't we supposed to spread love and kindness?
    Trolling others, using hate speech, demoralising;
    Is this freedom worthy?
    Or better were we when our mouths were shut?


  • qawi_khan 73w

    Slaves Branded by Sun

    Oh it was daunting fierce day, the blazing sun
    Was not happy apparantly baked many buns
    A land ahead my face demanded destruction
    Of those old bricks standing weak in arson
    Two men with wet souls took the job in greet
    For me it was sweat but cool for them in heat
    Season dry was dreadful no man getting paid
    Perform any risk for living was no man afraid
    Burning their skin the men wore nothing back
    Murmuring tones were alien to me like Slovak
    The sound it hit the bricks captured my drums
    More flamboyant my eyes got still for thrums
    Not any lame excuses for a break they asked
    Not any pathetic sympathy they got in facade
    The sole solemn was the pure rill they drank
    As like ambrosia which pours a thirsty tank
    It was leather on the skin nurtured due to the
    Branding on the whole body done by the sun
    It was not one day the slaves put body to burn
    This was the proof of slavery they had done
    No mercy was bestowed upon those blokes
    For no sake the Red God raised the convoke
    Of the feared ear melting winds which haunts
    The weak pups inside dwellings who abscond
    But for those tough iron fists all it was worth
    To finally get their living getting out of dearth
    Now I felt the warmth of the day and decided
    To leave the scene there closing my eyes
    But the labour still continued working besides

  • yatharth_singh_chauhan 75w


    What happens in a work field where #slaves are the #workers and #dead are the work.

    The owner's #impatience is understandable to those who believe in the #inscriptions of the old books.

    People search for #artifacts and #ancient buryings all their life. But what if they #regret their decisions afterwards?

    #Greed has become a part of human life. The only thing that can overcome this is 'fear'.

    At this very note do let me know how do you like the story. COMMENT Down so that I can bring more like this.

    #slavedriver #risingdead #newstory
    #oldbooks #inscription
    #ancientbuilding #eerie #thrill
    #fear #slavery #blood #runningoutoftime

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    The Inscription

    The rising smoke from burning flesh teared up his eyes. He wiped his sweat and kept digging.
    "Faster!" voice of the Slave driver echoed. "We're out of time. Hurry and burn all these bodies!"
    He knew it was about the inscription of the dead; rise and re-conquer it stated.
    He spat and continued. The smell of fresh blood filled the air as he plunged again. He wouldn't have cared if only, he could pull the mattock back from that clutch.