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  • lollipop71 7w

    Cherish Life

    As days go by, we lose track of time
    We lose track of life, we lose ourselves
    Somewhere along the way
    Cherish Life

    We lose connection with our friends and
    Loved ones, time slowly slips away like
    A ghost in the night.
    Cherish Life

    A tragedy smacks us straight in
    The face like a mack truck, someone
    Passes on, our lives come to a sudden
    Halt and we find the time in our busy
    Everyday lives for those situations.
    Cherish Life

    A busy world we do live in, we get caught
    Up in the everyday rush, not even realizing
    Life and time are drifting away from us
    Like sand in the desert.
    Cherish Life

    Stop!! make time for family, for friends
    Because as we all know we can't bring
    Them back, those people we so easily
    Neglected, couldn't find time for them.
    Cherish Life