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    (Part 04: Of laurels and love)

    Disclaimer: Don't just scroll down and drop a single congratulations. Your fellow friend needed around an hour to do all this ��
    (You can still skip the disclaimer itself ��)

    *grabs the mic*

    Welcome to Malpe beach, one of the famous beaches in Udupi. My team of "A verse and a pen challenge" has brought you all to this place (with free flight tickets and hotel accommodations, of course) due to many reasons which I will let you know, hoping that you are all enjoying the place and the vibes associated here.
    *clichépenname appreciates the setup and takes the seat next to kairos_*

    One, we are here on the request of my friends who are a part of the self- help group "Pathetic Plastic". The dumping of polythene bags, and many other plastic items have indeed caused harm to the marine life here, and hence, as a part of our programme, I am proud to let you all know that we will be a part in this campaign and contribute towards making this world a better place for the marine life, as well as for the terrestrial ecosystem. We are also accepting money donations for the campaign, and the entire fund will be utilised for the drive. I hope you would all like to be a part of the initiative.
    *claps and hurrays from the lovely Miraquillean audience*

    Two. We have seen many people in our paradise complimenting about nature, the seashores, the tides, and of love and harmony. So why not experience life on a seashore at least for a moment?
    *squared and manasaa meanwhile get ready to grab as many seashells as possible*

    Three, it was meant to bring you all together, since I have seen the community charm in ourselves vanishing bit by bit. It is just my attempt of gathering my lovely people of a paradise. (Four, because it is my hometown and I'm proud of its beauty ����)

    *everyone are served hot tea with 'golibaje', a signature snack of Mangaluru. (basically like a pakora, but not a pakora lol)

    laus_deo: If it is going to be too formal, you'll be tasting the sands and then the sharks, okay?

    me: Okay, fine!
    So, without any delay, let us start our Prize Ceremony!!!!!!!
    *takes a deep breath*
    *voices from the audience*
    sereiin, Amsterdam and inhabited: Krish, we hope that you're starting the challenge with the revelation of the judges. We already have the stones ready in our hands. *wicked smiles*

    me: Uhmm, well, I have planned the epiphany for tomorrow. So........

    kairos_ , my_cup_of_poetry and zohiii : No! Take the blames away from us. We want to prove these people wrong. Don't hide the truth and laugh there, okay?

    jerry_21: You got me thinking all night regarding the same, and now see you, a man awake from a snory sleep, smiling in all cruel ways possible, duhh.

    me: la la la la laaaaa, no no no! It's all happening tomorrow!!!! Hold the anxiety *laughs weirdly*

    audience: KRISH!!!!!!!
    *meanwhile ignoring all the voices*
    Huhh people, to be honest, all of your submissions were as great as helllllllllllllll. I would have died of stress if I were to judge the prompt. But luckily, I'm alive today, thanks to the judges! The prizes have been decided based on the combined scores. :)

    So, the third prize goes to....
    ��@someone_you_know, for participating in this contest with her lovely submission describing the pov of love. Congratulations!!!!!
    Here we have our docs (XD) kairos_ and clichépenname to award you this medal and my handwritten note. I hope you like it :")
    Thank you! ♥️

    And, the second prize goes to......
    �� @natasha_a for her lovely piece which I am not finding on the platform for some reason *sighs*
    Maybe it's my eyes which are too lazy *-*
    To award you the medal and my small prize, we have lovenotes_from_carolyn here. Let us welcome her with lots of applaud!
    Thank you very much! ♥️
    (Has your username changed? *-*)

    The time you have been waiting for, is here...

    aditii_: Drags are too cringy Krishii, okay? Please don't say that you got the first prize, we've seen the same boring dialogue twice.

    *gently wipes tears*

    The first prize goes to,
    �� @shreyah for her unique piece describing the pov of anxiety. Congratulations mademoiselle. Here we have writersbay team on stage to give away the token of love (as you expected XD). Please accept it.
    Thank you SO much ♥️

    Naah naah, the prize ceremony is yet pending. We have three contestants who were very close to the winners, and hence I would like to call out their names and give them their medals too.
    The three participants are:

    I would like to thank you for participating in the prompt and submitting such beautiful crafts which indeed were high on a healthy competition. Collect your virtual book gifts backstage!
    Thank you so very much ♥️

    As always, I wouldn't miss the accessits, since they formed an integral part of the competition as well. I thank you all wholeheartedly from the podium. Sending you loads of love right from here, catch it!
    (please don't mind if you have changed your usernames ��)

    I'm so sorry that I had to bring it down to a simple arrangement and a formal hosting ceremony. This is all what I could do, thinking of all the safety I have to ensure in care of you all. And I'm also sorry for not complementing each of your pieces separately, I've already let you all know why. Greatest apologies for making you witness all my lame jokes �� (I tried to make it as nice as possible)

    Tonnes of apologies for the users who were assigned funny roles. I knew only a few whom I could add there and I couldn't help :"(
    I really hope that the unbiased results made everyone happy. After all, we too are people and we have different perspectives, right? So let us appreciate the present and enjoy the time here. We further have our campaign, and then, we will all have a typical Manglorean dinner planned by me, which I really hope you all will love to taste.
    Thank you!!!

    *crowd dispersal*

    #skpc #smk_avaap_ch

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  • say_me_krish 15w

    (Part 03: Seeking the hidden)

    *appears in Miraquill after many days just like Taylor Swift gets up from her grave in "Look What You Made Me Do"*

    Soo, when you all literally felt I had forgotten about the challenge, I'm here, coming out like a demon XD

    This post is being posted half-heartedly, since the tour for Karnataka which was planned for the prompt has been cancelled due to the host's health issues.

    *receives all the bouquets, just in case someone gives*
    *listens to "Soon You'll Get Better" and gets calm*

    As you all have known, the participants have been reviewed and scored by our FOUR lovely judges, who definitely deserve all of the love and appreciation.

    But whom will you exactly appreciate? XD

    ~ So, all you have to do is guess the four judges' USERNAMES and mention them in the comments box. Please do not tag them, since I'll be sued if they do not turn out to be in the jury panel.

    ~ Clue 1: One of them is a gentleman and one of them is a lady for sure.
    ~ Clue 2: All of their usernames might or might not have a "p" in common, but have English alphabet letters for sure.
    ~ Clue 3: They are the judges of the challenge.
    ~ Clue 4: They are all Miraquilleans.
    ~ Clue 5: One of the judges is unexpected and surprising.

    *Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you're in my head? Cz I know that it's delicate*
    (swifties meanwhile get angry on me for dropping the most important clues)

    ~ Everyone is free to comment.

    ~ Whoever manages to guess the names of three or more (lol) judges correct, will be given my favourite book virtually.

    Hurrayyyyy!! Let me laugh and enjoy now ��

    P.S: Too many TS references since I'm listening only to her since a month. Queen <3

    #skpc #smk_avaap_ch

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  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 18w

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork #ak_prose
    #heart #challenge #gratitude #wod #pod #lavenderc
    (5) If your heart were a physical place on Earth, which people would visit, how would it be ?

    "Forgiveness budded not with the fanfare of epiphany" - line from The Kite Runner , Khalid Hosseini
    The concept of moor inspired by Wuthering Heights, Emile Bronte

    All written rights reserved
    9 June 2021 11. 59 pm

    [ Details (including Title)
    717 words, 4302 characters, 14 sentences, 36 paragraphs
    Reading level - College graduate
    Reading time - 2 min 37 sec Speaking time - 3 min 59 sec ]

    If My Heart Were ~


    If my heart were a moor in the wilderness, wide and wild entity, laying and layering grasslands, it would've been an infertile marshland, yet my persistence penetrates the highlands, heightened my sensitivities and evocates my emotions.
    Turning the acidic soils into alluring alchemy of regeneration; the swamps, patches and pits where I sowed my temperance, glossing my lexicons and flourishing my fervour.
    The walls of my heart have formed a labyrinth, threads of yore spinning around, creating a puzzle ; a route without a map, trespassing navigation.
    Yards and miles stretches the moor, where the lone traveler is Melancholia, a mossy patch sliding all over the pathways.
    Poison ivy strokes greenery and periwinkle spray purple hues, wildflowers add plethora of diversity and daffodils invite wistfulness as well as whimsical vibes.
    // In the moors of my heart, I would tread for miles
    Wanderlust in mind, seeking a hiraeth for my soul //


    If my heart were an ocean, deep and dense covering majority of surface, it would've been the tears of my lost love that's the source of salinity due to the dire longing and aching nostalgia dissolved in it.
    Frequent turbulent tides and stirring storms would rock the uninvited guests of pirates; depression plundering my virtuous treasures and scavenging bits of my sanity ; and those invited sailors ; seeking the coast of wisdom and seeding patience in wavering waves.
    My heart is the azure abyss of ambiguous secrets, a Bermuda triangle shielding myriad mysteries and an endless eternity of agonizing ache.
    I'm home to whalieans of loneliness, predator sharks of terror, stingrays of impulse as well as dolphins of affection and multitude of sea life, emotional panels.
    Those who dive in me with treasure and pleasure in mind never even met my ocean bed, my depth drowns them, endangering fake love and facades.
    // In the ocean of my heart, I hide secrets of treasure
    Sapphire blues beguiling, turning every pain into pleasure //


    If my heart were a valley, elongating and framing hills with anklets of rivers and adornments of spring break, it'd have been the essence of true love in me that lead to the outbreak of an epiphany ; a spring season of daydreams and desires.
    River valleys quenching the thirst of lost souls with haikus and sonnets of solace and solitude ; Glacial valleys form lakes and rock beds of odes and epics of past and polarities ; Desert valleys ensure Oasis of dreams and mirage of fantasies, etherees and eulogies of longing and loss.
    I bloom roses with thorns ; love with pain, daisies with desire, daffodils with pride, lilies with luck, sunflowers with warmth, cherry blossoms with sweetness, waterlilies with devotion, peonies with promises and lavenders with lasting love.
    // In the valley of my heart, I bloom florets flamboyant
    Enticing redolence and enriching reverence //


    If my heart were a mountain, elevated steeps of strength and the summit of victory, it would've been the peak of euphoria where my destination adorns graffiti of gratitude and my destiny gleams with gleeful tears.
    Wisdom, knowledge and skills would array as ranges and summits, with inherent nature of tolerance and pride. Confidence bundles me in clouds, faith becomes my rock
    Caves, sculptures and temples embellish my sacred abode and I remain the deity, worshiped for loyalty and honour, spreading peace and provoking passion
    // In the mountain of my heart, I traverse euphoric realms
    Honoring pride and unwavering loyalty //


    While I bloom love whimsically, with all the curios clouds and throat of quest ; blossom kindness serenading the light shining above, source to my soul, all-encompassing, all extinguishing, all-knowing divine light ; among all the virtues, forgiveness moulds my crown, so my heart could always hold this crown.

    Forgiveness budded not with the fanfare of epiphany but with the stealth of tranquility, permeating the void like an elusive zephyr ; Caressing my cacophonous chaos, gently clearing the thick fog around ; Finding the single candle still alight in the candelabra covered in cobwebs in the corner of my heart.

    // The light inside one's soul is eternal
    Fog remains until a fated zephyr travels
    From the moors to the mountains
    To breathe life into the seraphic soul //


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  • shreyah 18w

    Prompt : 2 ( From the POV of any one emotion )

    Emotion : Anxiety

    Cold isn't you, but your
    solid vapid tears, permeating
    the empty wine glasses.
    When loneliness starts to
    circle about your eyes and hope
    sinks down your parched throat,
    I creep in.

    Saturation points would prompt
    you to quit, but I'll hold on to you
    like a stiff, starchy father's embrace.
    When your feathers start to feel hefty
    and your vision elopes with the winter
    morning fog,
    I creep in.

    Oftentimes, mute lips invite seclusion,
    and lengthy nights carry unstitched
    dreams. When dusky silence intent to
    stupefy your reflex responses and your
    opulent bedposts fail to lull my clement
    species to sleep,
    I creep in.

    "Dear stranger, I am going to tell you now that
    if you're here to stay, I will ask for too much"

    Sadistic, sometimes turbulent.
    Yes, my traits deserve disgrace.
    However, I keep you engaged, for
    I want you do a one-eighty, to fight
    a little more for yourself, to discover
    your strengths the hard way, 'cause you
    already lie on the edge of life and death.

    I wonder, if my backstory would ever
    be lent ears or it would only howl in vain,
    amid the spider webs of some deserted
    chateau. Nevertheless, take all my love
    as I take a leave only to be cloaked in a
    silken robe of curse.

    ©shreyah || 09-06-21 (23:29)

    The lines in " " are taken from 'To the sun, moon and stars' by 'Cariza Opana'

    BG lines are not visible due to the new feature of Miraquill.

    @say_me_krish The latest entry, I believe. :p

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    A N X I E T Y


  • natasha_a 18w

    /She wanted none of the days to end, and it was always with disappointment that 'she watched the darkness stride forward.'/

    -Markus Zusak, 'The book thief'


    I tried.


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    But what colour are you, my friend?

    Is it auburn, my mother drinks since
    dad left to heaven while saving me?

    Or is it red that my sister spent seven
    years in prison to repent his life for?

    Is it crimson that tints her cheek when
    she holds her mother unaware of you?

    Or is it pink that delusions a new lover
    before a hurricane abandons his home?

    I have searched for you in every brown
    in a hope that you will be sitting at veins.

    But, every time I step on them, the creaks
    reminds me, they acquainted with you.

    I have painted my organs with darkest of
    black in a hope that you will find me here.

    But seems like she really loves black that
    'she watched the darkness stride forward.'

    Is it yellow that van ate in order to raise
    his spirits, contrary to being cheerful?

    Or is it blue, the facade that still holds
    my friend's marks when she jumped off?

    Is it orange that sets every night to kill
    my favourite wallflowers by the road?

    Or is it green, settling on a river that
    once captivated 'ocean's'eyes but left.

    I have searched for you in every purple
    my husband crafted over me last week.

    But it seems you hate it because every
    time he winces, it doesn't weaken me.

    I have tried every greens and blues and
    greys in a hope this will fade one day.

    But what colour are you, my friend?
    I am tired of seeing myself in white.

    But what colour|

  • zeee_zephyrs 18w


    With only seventeen sunflowers in my garden
    still I sit here writing about life
    but my pen seems repellent
    towards those sullen pages
    and moves to an old, blank canvas,
    starts with a vacuous stroke
    to give a monochromatic shade of green
    and narrate tales of these flowers.

    Four sunflowers were blooming in a beeline but
    as the fifth one bloomed a stroke of black(fear) was added
    'cause during its realm, a soft, nascent hand
    slipped off her parents' fingers,
    in the turmoil of the streets
    but she was blessed with good luck
    and this time holded the hands tightly
    along with the fear of being left alone.

    The fourteenth sunflower seemed sanguine
    a stroke of yellow(hope) was added and green was fading
    but when was life prosaic and without some piquant?
    when this slender figure, rose upto a great height
    on tawny hills, above clouds for trekking
    what if my legs would have slipped,
    followed by an earthward plummet
    I swear, this time I felt close to you, to death.

    The graph of this journey is affluent with ups and downs,
    petrichors were always pleasant,
    until they turned into storms, but
    'I am not afraid of storms,
    for I am learning how to sail my ship'
    and the canvas of these seventeen sunflowers
    is exuberant with variegate shades except grey
    and with remnants of each downfall.

    Maybe when the stroke of grey(old age) will be added
    along with strokes of red for love,
    yellow for happiness
    and blue for responsibility,
    what if these three get mixed
    and lead to black, to death?
    the graph will cease
    and canvas will be complete.

    The line 'I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship' is taken from the novel 'Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott.

    #smk_avaap_ch ( Prompt no. 1)

    Hope this makes sense.
    #zeeCollection @writersnetwork
    Bg editing by me.
    Thanks for EC��

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  • _aradhya 18w

    This so does not make sense.
    Also didn't re-read, so understand the mistakes if any.

    #smk_avaap_ch I tried ;_;;;

    @samarlexis @morsel @dusky_dawn @jerry_21

    @writersnetwork hey.

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    If my heart was a place

    If my heart was a place
    You would see many walls built.
    But if I've let you in, you've broken that wall.
    You've broken the barriers I built around myself.
    Do you see roses and how they bleed as you touch them?
    Do you see the way it rains almost every night?
    Do you feel the longingness inside my heart?
    For someone to sweep me off my feet? My heart has forgotten how it feels to be loved. You will never see lilac skies and beautiful proses and poetry residing there. Oh wait, there's this one corner where all the poetries I wrote for someone resides. That someone is out there existing like a speck of dust. Notice how I can't write about anything else? Notice how I write only the same things over and over again using the same words I used last time? If you decided to visit my heart today, you'll feel the hurt and the love. You'll feel the happiness and the sadness, you'll feel strange and you'll feel comfort.
    But if there's something you can always take back from my heart, it's the fact that my heart shows you what your heart should never be. It shows you the mistakes, so that you can avoid them. It shows you the fears, so you can be prepared for them.
    My heart is a place where you can come, learn, maybe love a little bit, get broken too, build yourself up. My heart is a place where you can come and take a look. But it can never be a place where you would stay. I wouldn't advise it.
    But I behold the kind of aura which makes you want to stay for more. Because my heart will keep you and your heart safe, I can assure that. However, un/intentionally if you break it and shatter it down, I'll build it up on the crumbled pieces of the remains that lay there.
    And that is what I'm scared of. So you can never stay. You mustn't. You shouldn't.

    If my heart was a place
    You'd find yourself stuck in a maze
    But I'll help you get out of it
    Because believe me love,
    I've been trying to do the same.

  • the97_introvert 18w

    #smk_avaap_ch @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Prompt: How humans met feelings, and the sun met the horizon.

    "In the newly fallen darkness, the world had been transformed. The sky had become a glistening tapestry of stars." - Inferno by Dan Brown.


    The taste of epiphany cloaked her as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks to touch the parched lips tracing that
    incarcerated bliss.

    Smile mushroomed slowly, conceding to the agony,
    of the stoical days and numb nights she consumed,
    not realising the mundanity of an inferior life.

    Her jaded frame felt submissive to anger, greed and jealousy as they fought for eminence, and in the
    voyage she embraced the tranquility hidden in them.

    Love and hatred caught her by surprise as their polar
    identity drew a silver lining of existence like fire and
    ice desperate for each other.

    Like how the prosaic tint in her quill met the spectrum
    of poetry for the first time, a plethora of emotions evinced the verity of her existence.

    A paradigm unraveled in the sombre sky that day.
    Like the beginning of a new end, like the onset of a
    new season, like the start of an eternal odyssey.

    Basking in its aureate glow, the sun deliquesced into
    the horizon bestowing the solace of a new abode
    and an ecstatic aurora.

    Escaping into the dusk, the sun stole a glance from
    her, and for a moment she knew the reason behind
    the affinity as the horizon drew her silhouette below.

    In the newly fallen darkness, the world had been transformed. The sky had become a glistening
    tapestry of stars.

    And for the very first time, tenebrosity felt congenial,
    fantasy felt powerless, dreams bloomed into wings
    and blemishes defined perfection.

    An unspoken promise tangled the sun who had met
    the horizon with the girl who had met her feelings, the promise of an undying hope, the hope of a tomorrow.


    ~Penned on 9th June 2021, 8PM

    @say_me_krish Krish, thankyou for this wonderful challenge. ��

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    The Hope of a Tomorrow

    An unspoken promise tangled the sun who had met the horizon with the girl who had met her feelings, the promise of an undying hope,
    the hope of a tomorrow.


  • tamanna3 18w

    ~ A shadow in the light ~

    The stage is cold and empty,
    I stand at it's center; alone.

    It's ridding of the day's warmth,
    I'm embracing the decaying applause.
    It's silence floats like petals in the wind,
    I'm lost in echoes of a departed audience.

    My family awaits me for an end-day meal,
    I feed on carcasses of a rhapsodic heaven.

    The loud mouths are tired; returning home,
    Ten selfies, two lightsticks lie in the trashcan.
    Happy faces reached their mourning temples,
    Seven perfumes, six wigs tucked under bed.

    The cheers echoed far; loud and transient,
    I strive to keep the memory at my cortex alive.

    The person I'm on stage is a bright shadow,
    I'm afraid of falling beneath its headstone.
    Identities I've attached desires to, are golden,
    I'm still burning my ashes to glow like them.

    The ride home is when I'm being myself,
    I'm afraid if until next sunrise, I'll still survive.

    The heart I own is high on joyous screams,
    I wonder if my smiles will echo louder than them.
    These mixed feelings are weighty and hideous,
    I tell myself the world's imperfect just as I'm.

    This isn't the first time the show's over,
    I'm yet to stand in limelight a next time.

    The world never ended in '12, won't in '21,
    I'll fall and hurt again to receive an ovation.
    The last person in sight will adore my persona,
    I'll see the crowd filling empty seats in the arena.

    The world may count me in or shun my all,
    I'll give my best to the cheers for an encore.

    The dreams that dictated lone nights,
    Now I cherish their arrival at daylight.
    The limelight that once scared me,
    Now feels like a long awaited eventide.

    /The home I left for this accolade,
    will always be my safest haven.
    No matter how higher up I go,
    Life might push me down to where lay my dawn. /

    /So I keep my wings within my reach,
    I fly but never lift my feet off too high.
    So when I come back I'll still be alive,
    To cherish the days that marked my flight. /

    /The shadow of victory never leaves me,
    But I know I've won when I see it beside. /


    I almost couldn't write but the prompt was beautiful. Also, it resembled closely with something I've always wanted to write on (being deeply moved by 2 songs close to my heart - Young forever & Encore) but somehow never did.

    *I'll give the best of me - From 'The best of me' by Nicholas Sparks

    @say_me_krish My gratitude for this ��

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  • milliondreamsarekeepingmeawake 18w

    prompt -3
    Write a piece based on the theme " Darkness in the lime light "
    The lines in " " are used as a reference from the book "The alchemist" by Paulo coelho.

    He was an aimless nestling
    in an empyrean of desires
    he wanted to spread his wings
    to fly across the sky
    He adjourned to the city of lights
    filling his soul with bunch of hopes
    and pinch of delight

    but soon his hopes were uprooted
    by the storm of aversion and detestation
    tears of disappointment pooled in his eyes
    still he kept them from falling
    tears ignited his passion to follow his dreams
    " All the universe conspired in helping
    him to achieve his dreams "

    He started shining like sirius in new moon
    like a sapphire in the depths of crustal plates
    He plenished millions of soul with delectation
    removing the dark clouds of desolation from
    their frangible heart

    But what about him?

    Within the brilliance of limelight
    he always finds himself in the dark
    abandoned chamber of his heart
    The room is filled with his childhood
    memories with the endearment
    of his allies and homies
    the vintage portrait dangled
    on the faded walls are
    the reminiscent of
    his childhood baladries
    the floors covered with blue bells and
    purslanes reminding him the days of spring
    The dilapidated doors of the chamber
    are seized and the grey windows are shutterd
    the rusted grills of his windows epitomising
    how worn out he is by the sufferings of his heart
    the shards of mirror personifying his broken soul
    Again each shard of mirror reflecting the sweet memories of his past

    with the teary eyes and despondent heart he is thinking
    " Every blessing he had ignored became a curse "
    He is blessed with everything
    But now that everything seems nothing.

    #abandoned #wod
    #mirakee #JEN_JOURNAL
    @say_me_krish thanks for this amazing challenge

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    He is blessed with everything
    But now that everything seems nothing

  • anshika_winks 18w

    I wrote something real in late
    Thank you for the opportunity @say_me_krish


    Prompt - 4
    Write a piece personifying a framed photograph which makes the family shed tears.

    The lines in // and background are used as reference from the book 'Paper Towns' by John Green
    (Something I read recently and so am high on it)

    For those who don't know,
    B cepacia is a complex of bacteria that can produce severe lung infections in young people with cystic fibrosis, often late in the course of the disease.


    She was my favourite
    Chipped cardboard surrounding her
    As fragile as our hearts
    She carries his last captured smile
    Skiing in the water of Rhodes
    Enjoying his life you and I can just imagine of

    //Each of us start out as a watertight vessel
    And these things happen-
    These people leave us or don't love us or don't get us, or we don't get them, and we lose and fail and hurt one another.
    And the vessel starts to crack open in places.//

    We all are paper people
    Living paper life in paper towns
    But he was not, he was different
    A vessel filled with adventure till the brim
    And call it the fate of a potter's pottery
    He cracked open and crumbled
    His life partner B cepacia terminating
    With his own demise

    There are always some strings connecting us
    One to other and other to another
    And once they break
    We lead to our final destination

    B cepacia broke his string with us
    We saw him lying on the hospital bed
    Choking to death and surviving again
    With those artificial artefacts of life
    My heart broke to pieces whenever I saw him
    Undergoing surgeries after surgeries
    And he hiding his pain beneath
    A feeble yet enchanting smile
    This perhaps made me question,
    Why people hadn't made it easier for the dead to rise?

    Tagore once wrote,
    A death is not the extinguishing of a light
    But the putting out of the lamp
    Because the dawn has come.

    And one day his dawn arrived
    With machines around him screaming their voices
    He ly there fighting with every single cell of his lungs
    And eventually he gave up
    Not that he had no strength
    Just because he was sick of doing so everyday
    And he left us
    With the same enchanting smile of his
    That she still carries

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  • faulty_puppet 18w

    A Place

    Let me take you to a place
    Surrounded by misty mountains
    A place where
    Stars unfold an impromptu dance
    On a chorus of twisty fountains

    The land where birds speak
    And make the hopes come to play
    A place where
    Your darkness is taken and it's
    Tied and securely locked away

    Walk through the lake, the bridge
    Feel the words hidden on the walls of the castle
    A place where
    You sit with the wide-eyed jolly pets
    And their tales of the land will make you baffled

    Here stands a majestic red brick castle
    Holding history in all its glory
    A place where
    You sink in the pages of ink and pastel
    You have come to live in a unique story

    On your left is the memory room
    A place for all of the happy
    A place where
    A baby smiles after gibberish croons
    And see his hands go around flapping

    Next up you see a kid on a bicycle
    The father holding him strong
    A place where
    The world is nothing but likable
    Let me fill it with a cheery background song

    It's a labyrinth and not a room
    The light maker of this happy land
    A place where
    The deeper you go the lesser you assume
    Let's take a walk, will you hold my hand

    Oh, there's another side I'm afraid
    But don't go there the red board said
    A place where
    The horrors are buried waiting to trade
    The more it escapes, his soul degrades

    Here's the brochure and I'm the tour guide
    Will you join me on a trip to this site
    A place where
    You can see endless starry nights
    And my vision of the northern lights

    The brochure is an intro to my heart
    There's no ticket and the doors are wide apart
    A place where
    You take some of me and some you impart
    Your path will be only the course you chart


  • bubbly_blueberry 18w


    Prompt no. 5
    Book-The Little prince

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    If my heart would be a physical place on the earth
    When empaths will enter they will see an art gallery
    Portraits and paintings will alter to appear according to blueprints of the upcoming soul
    Act as perspective builder and a solid base to start the journey of evoking their purpose

    From outside its aesthetic will be a rocky cave
    Golden words would floating in the air "single person is allowed at a time" with an enchantment
    If anyone try to barge in though nobody could cross that barrier
    So that they could learn the first lesson of life to evolve you have to shed the fear of being alone
    No-one can teleport from that wall until heart sprouts seed of truth and becomes soft to find the right way hitting head many times
    It will erect the compass of heart towards own truth of existence and tree of life

    Still only childrens and healer elders are allowed to feel more intensity of high vibrational thoughts and emotions
    Those adults are banned who only judge the artefacts price and ruin its importance to be and don't even sense the sensitivity of invisible aura guiding through synchronicity
    Let them think that gallery a myth and never turn to know about it!

    "Grow five thousands roses in one garden yet they will not find what they are looking for and yet what they are looking for could be found in a single rose"(Book-The Little prince)

    "If someone loves a flower,of which just one exists in all the millions and millions of the stars,It is enough to make him happy just to look at the stars.."(Book-The Little prince)

  • life_versified 18w

    Frozen, I sat there;
    overwhelmed as I gazed,
    gobsmacked as I dazed,
    that curve unfazed
    by the manacles of time.
    Yet I sat there, gelid
    attuning to lukewarm fervours, amid
    the frigid hiemal of evenfall.
    Soughing with every portent
    of its schmaltz.

    "Photine pretence yet a stoic spirit"
    That recollection caterwauled.
    My eyes blurring at the anemoia
    flabbergasted at her flamboyant
    self, as she fleered with her insouciant persona,
    Yet whisted me with her eunoia.

    Her selcouth smile professed
    forechoosing a life as a quaintrelle;
    rather than a beast-awaiting belle,
    or distress-loaded damsel.
    Gaping at her figurine
    I tried to conjecture a surmise,
    But maybe her photograph was still not competent enough,
    to succumb the fervours of her elegiac demise.

    Laconic love, goetic grace
    yet her curve remained unfazed.
    La douleur exquise betides,
    a pining resides
    coveting for a converge with her in my life,
    consigning to oblivion that she had it no more.

    Gawking at the wooden frame
    from my wooden chair
    scribbling aubades for her with a wooden pen
    to salve cordolium of my splintered wooden heart
    and insinuate duende to my wooden spectre.

    Snivelled then bawled
    yet I sondered,
    "It does not do to dwell on dreams
    and forget to live."
    Still I pondered
    When the lilac from my skies
    evanesced with her departure,
    All that remained was
    a tenebrific quietus.
    And a photograph corroborating
    the bereavement of my caim.
    My sole impetus.

    ~ Medha


    #smk_avaap_ch (prompt no. 4)
    @say_me_krish Thank you for this wonderful prompt.. Although I don't know if I did any justice? XD
    @writersnetwork #pod #life_versified #writersnetwork #mirakee

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  • tejaswini_3 18w

    People pleaser

    These brown walls of my smoky whare
    have been a testament to the brawls
    I had between my calamus and my heart,
    which is recalcitrant; I usually
    disregarded the pleas of my quill —
    to write my undemanding thoughts
    ad be forthright as a writer should
    And gratuitously gave in to the likes
    of the latter, by being dishonest to myself.
    / I became a C R I M I N A L/

    I wrote under the dim light of the candle
    About philosophical ideologies of which,
    I myself was unaware— those crumpled
    pages laughed at my foolish attempts
    to pen down notions and emotions which
    I had never experienced in my lifetime,
    And yet again my inflexibility infiltrated,
    through the cracks on my wall which
    I never bothered to repair—it screamed—
    Please the audience! Please the readers!
    / I became a S L A V E/

    Time flew by; the candles on my broken desk
    was replaced with a black lantern,
    I became a rich man, with untainted glory;
    I became a rag man with a rudimentary
    approach towards literature; I failed
    to enjoy the process of writing while I learnt
    to grab the fruits of my undeserving success
    / I became a P R I S O N E R/

    There was chaos outside the door of my shack
    It was deafening—the limelight that drove away
    my shadow, was dreaded by me,
    I entered inside perforce, only to despise
    the darkness that had set in; my sun was sinking,
    Somewhere my conscience was loathing me
    I was feeling shallow— my ink had created
    poetries which everyone fancied except me,
    I saw Anne's diary and she comforted me—
    "I can shake off everything as I write,
    My sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn"
    I added— If only I write for my own self,
    If only I stop gratifying the crowd;
    I realised that I am a part of it too—
    And my own happiness matters a lot, to me.
    / I became T R U T H F U L/


    Prompt used : Darkness In The Limelight

    Book: The Diary Of A Young Girl (as I am currently reading it and it has already affected me a lot)

    Line used: I can shake off everything as I write, my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.

    Thank you for organizing the challenge and letting me participate! @say_me_krish I think this is the first time I am writing something based on your prompts :)

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #smk_avaap_ch #writersnetwork #challenge #prompt #prose #poetry #creativity #life

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  • myrrhc 18w

    they couldn't, somehow, grasp the concept of having to brush your teeth with your wrist slightly deviated for that streak of icing by the edge of your second molar. because they believed that you are partially conjoined to become something you refused to eat. but they said if you count the number of steps you take from the shallows to the deep, you'll realize they aren't less than the bubbles that pop in between your teeth. because we chew a little more than what we can swallow often, but never take foot more than what we can step.

    if the birds understand not
    the concept of the sky,
    shouldn't we write the wings
    for other things;
    that know not to fly?

    at a vast scale of individual mirrors lining up in a department store, i could no more count its repetitive visuals than determine the differences each will have to prove its worth of being chosen. they all reflect the same, i'd say. each person, mediating every intuition as the only thing that's possibly visible in front of it. like a yellow flower amidst a garden more of the same, in which the only apparent distinction they have is their place.

    when i was small enough to fit in the dog house whose owners haven't drifted to a number no more than two, i could see the yard slowly being emptied with a picking stick and a trash bag of dried leaves. if circumstances are necessary, i'd reason out. being rebellious is in line with skipping classes or hitting a classmate, but not in avoiding chores, isn't it? but that honestly wasn't the main reason when the sun was up and my dad would sit on the porch step, counting to ten. i'd hide nowhere else other than a wooden kennel home with a holed roof, big enough to fit my childhood and a car engine you'll hear in the distance, saying maybe we'll finish the game tomorrow instead. so you'll wake up on your bed whilst falling asleep on the ground, again and again, until the hands that carry you decay faster than an autumn leaf adjacent to its decomposing tree.

    "there's food in the fridge," my mom would say whenever i woke up, over and over, until they'd remember what my meals had consumed.

    i loved the concept of time being solely intertwined with fate, but they didn't tell you of consequential decisions, when a tank no bigger than i didn't have enough room to breathe any more of life. "i could no longer brush my teeth nor chew more than i can eat," i'd tell my parents. "but i can still see myself in mirrors." and they'll never understand why.

    "it was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. you wouldn't need to run to the mirror to know they were gone."
    -thomas edison (james dashner's the maze runner book two: the scorch trials)

    @say_me_krish // my gratitude to you guys' team for this challenge.

    ;-;. thank you truly. highly. very much. @writersnetwork .

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  • diyabedi 18w

    They buried her memories in me–
    in an empty wooden frame
    All her moments,
    all her screams,
    all her lies,
    all her cries
    in this one wide frozen smile.
    Do you still remember the day
    when she first walked
    and how she fell thousands of times?
    I was still there, with
    a different frozen smile.
    Do you still remember the day
    when she spoke her first word?
    "Goodbye", she spoke.
    I was still there watching
    her predict the future.
    Do you still remember the day
    when she giggled and waved
    at a passing train,
    her tiny mouth uttering
    that newly learnt word?
    I was still there, in her hand
    like the friend who is always by her side.
    Do you still remember the day
    when she called the boy next door
    as her "lover"?
    I was still there laughing and waiting
    for two beautiful smiles to embrace me.
    Do you still remember the day
    when she was first heartbroken
    and she cried for hours
    just to forgive him?
    I was still there,
    empty with dented edges
    and broken glass, letting the photograph burn.
    Do you still remember the day
    when she wrote a letter to you all
    with a single word written on it?
    I was still there,
    helpless and letting her go.
    I wanted to tell her that it's okay,
    you are not a motionless photograph.
    I know you are broken but
    you are not a frame that can't be healed again.
    All these days, I was the closest thing to her,
    I am a dirty, old frame
    that still remembers her touch,
    that still remembers the taste of her tears,
    that still remembers the sound of her silence
    that still remembers the day she was lost.
    I still remember HER.
    Every day, I see them crying
    who buried her in me
    and I keep on reflecting
    that perfect smile of her
    as if she was never lost.
    "She was lost in her longing to understand"


    Thank you @say_me_krish for the challenge. I hope I did justice to your prompt.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod
    #smk_avaap_ch (Prompt 4)

    The one in double inverted commas is the quote I used, it is from the book- Love in the times of Cholera.

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  • catvage_charlie 18w

    Desires, ambitions, targets, success,
    I have everything yet I crave more
    Fame, money, joy, and pleasure
    But worthless heed I need no more.

    Every time stepping on to the dais,
    In front of the toxic interviewers,
    I try to catch those haphazard eyes,
    Which hold the desperate glares.
    They have their cameras in their hands,
    Shooting every movement I make,
    Waiting for me to utter the words I crammed.
    I speak those meaningless phrases,
    Stumble upon lies,
    Yet my words flow smoothly enough,
    And they don’t deny.

    // thє mσmєnt í'm flчíng hígh αѕ í wíѕhєd
    mч ѕhαdσw grσwѕ ín thαt вlαѕtíng ѕtαrk líght.//

    As I talk about myself, which is not me anymore,
    I take a walk through my caliginous mind,
    I walk through the stygian forest of thoughts,
    And glance at my reflections staring back at me
    From the mirrors of obscured pain.
    They are me, who are bleeding inside,
    Been stabbed with questions I can’t answer,
    Being forced to say things I don’t mean,
    Make promises I don’t want to keep.
    I’m the only one in the battleground,
    Fighting the shadows of anxiety,
    Not for long, I can keep myself up,
    As it is joined by insecurity.

    Afraid if I could keep up with expectations,
    I step off the dais,
    The applauds and cheers go unheard by me,
    Now for a while, I’m left alone and free,
    To prepare myself to go to the next battlefield.

    //чєαh í'm чσu, чσu αrє mє, nσw dσ чσu knσw
    wє αrє σnє вσdч, ѕσmєtímєѕ wє wíll clαѕh
    чσu cαn nєvєr вrєαk mє σff, thíѕ чσu muѕt knσw
    чєαh чєαh cαn't вrєαk mє σff, whαtєvєr чσu dσ//

    #smk_avaap_ch prompt number 3.

    The bg is an excerpt from 'Almond' by Won Pyung Sohn.
    Lines with '//' are from Shadow by Bangtan sonyeondan. ��

    This is my first time in a challenge.
    I hope I'll improve gradually.
    I find it sort of off theme, anyways, I just wanted to give it a try. Here goes nothing.

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  • daunting_phoenix 18w

    @say_me_krish Thanks a lot for this challenge :)❤
    #smk_avaap_ch #lame

    I ruined it I knw...lol����
    Hope it makes sense >_<

    ������������ ����. ��
    ������ ������������ ������ ���������������� ������ ������ ������ ������ �������������� (������ ������ ���������� ��������)

    Quote used (it's in the bg) : 'Numbing the pain for a while will only make it worse when you finally feel it.'

    Note: I denoted 'mortal' as 'it' at times.

    《Mortal and the Desolated world》

    A war had happened some hundred thousand years ago;
    From plants to animals, from humans to feelings,
    It destroyed and killed every single thing.

    //Feelings were foreign,
    Yet, they existed somewhere.//

    Leaves rustled, debris shook,
    From the forgotten ashes,
    Rebirth of a mortal happened;
    Who now roams around these grassy paths;
    Not knowing what to feel...confused like never before.

    //Everything's strange,
    From the smallest caterpillar, to it's racing heart.//

    Afternoon set, clouds appeared,
    Sun glared from up above high,
    As if it wanted to burn the whole earth down.
    With tired steps the mortal walked further.

    //Creepers of thorns bloomed out of the ground depressed by his feet,
    Choking the beauteous flowers on the sidewalk,
    Which had bloomed when gentle sun rays caressed them.//

    A clearing it saw; a way out of these dense woods.
    Mustering up its last ounce of energy,
    The mortal ran, wanting to get out as soon as possible.

    //Pain for it was like an ancestral entity,
    An enigma which it longed to let go.//

    Panting, it reached the shore,
    Its brown orbs got filled with golden sunshine.
    The sea and sky met,
    Forming an euphoric illusion of an end;
    The sun set, meeting the horizon on its way.

    //Those dead feelings in the mortal had a renaissance,
    Whilst the sun rejoiced with the horizon.//

    It was overwhelming for the mortal,
    Feeling and witnessing all of it at once;
    Yet, it was the most beautiful moment for it ever.

    An eternity later,
    The mortal wrote on paper,

    //And when the sun met the horizon, 
    And feelings inside me had a renaissance,
    For the very first time;
    Blueberries and apricots rejoiced,
    And the withering flowers survived.//

    ~Ancestral melancholy will be replaced by the melody of nature...just hang in there.~



    Now, I shall take my leave.
    If any mistakes are there, do tell :)

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    'Numbing the pain for a while will make it only worse when you finally feel it.'

    'Then why didn't god give me something else to carry around except this burden? Why do I...feel this pain, this distress, when I don't even remember doing anything to stimulate this?!'


  • someone_you_know 18w

    ~I am love ~

    • When you were an infant
    Gazing at your innocent face with those curious and radiant eyes, your mom constantly used to smile...
    ~I was present in that unconditional smile of your mother who
    always found HER OWN REFLECTION IN YOU~

    • When you were a growing teenager
    Those people out there in the society filled you with insecurities and inside you evolved a self doubt...
    ~I was present in that "DON'T WORRY my little champ, YOU CAN DO IT" told by your dad,
    who had never dying faith in you since the very start~

    • When you were turning into an adult
    Back then when you were clueless about your life and wanted to end everything with a sharp cut of a knife...
    ~I was present in those eyes of the guy to whom you were his entire life,
    Looking at the broken you, whose eyes yelled, "I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU. DARLING, I NEED YOU TO SURVIVE."~

    • When it was the time for your farewell
    And you were living the final moments of your life...
    ~I was present in all those memories going across your head
    Which you wanted to cherish even on your DEATHBED~


    //I am a walk in the rain
    I am present in every lover's each single vein
    I am a tool for a broken heart to mend
    I am a road to walk on, without any end
    I am present in the serene moon who visits you every dark night
    Reminding you to adorn your scars and still shine bright
    I am a romantic song which can make anyone sway
    I am the air without which you can't survive a single day
    I am tender, pure and genuine
    I was born to make this world a better place to live in
    I am not wicked, it's you who used me for wrong
    I am a boon whose presence makes every bond strong
    They say I live in their hearts and I feel like every other emotion
    But trust me, I am rare yet if you try to seek me, I'm endowed in God's each single creation
    I don't break people's heart and I am not illicit
    I am love and I am in myself enough explicit//

    They say "Love is like the air
    You can't see it
    But you can feel it."
    So fall in love and feel me!

    ©LOVE ||someone_you_all_know

    ||Falling in love is never a crime.
    Breathe love. Pure love.||


    [PROMPT 2 : POV of love]
    Lines in "..." are from the novel A WALK TO REMEMBER by NICHOLAS SPARKS

    @say_me_krish ik this is a complete mess! ;_;

    Ps. Just tried something different from my usual write ups. And tbh I personally don't know how to write a pov and I don't even remember reading one!
    So just scribbled anything that came to my head. Please pardon if there lies any mistake. Suggestions are most welcomed, as always!

    Edit : I'm still not able to believe that I'm freaking the second runner up of this challenge. Thank you so much everyone for your kind read❤
    Much grateful ��

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