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    (I tried my best to pass an unbiased decision ��)

    (maybe I can change if it is bad��)

    An eye-catching setup organized. A huge room decorated really beautiful. The stage is all lit up with lights all around. Medals have been arranged on a tray kept on a table. Flower bouquets are also arranged for the prize winners and the guests.
                      Round tables and chairs are draped in white and red cloth, making the look more beautiful. The table has a simple flower vase and a card, which reads,
    //Everybody are sweet in their own way, and so are you. Don't worry, just smile wide//
                       The place is decorated with red and white curtains, making it look more attractive. The huge door is decorated with sunflowers, wow! A perfect look for a perfect night.
                      Our elderly boys, looking stylish and handsome��. Young cute boys look like dear munchkins��. Our ladies, ufff! Red makes them look more attractive. (loads of makeup also has contributions ����) All arriving one by one and taking their seats.

    "The programme starts"
    (A small podium set for me for a speech)

    *Hello my dear friends gathered here. I'm your pyaara friend Krish, urf say_me_krish. Today, we've come together for the MY WORD, YOUR COLLAB CHALLENGE. I'm gonna announce the winners today!*

    veloc1ty_: Kya ji, itna formal kyu?

    thesunshineloves: Aise kiya to mein so jaunga re baba..... ��

    I'm gonna be straight on point.
    So, I made up a lame challenge which had got wonderful pieces by 8 teams. I had to think so much with the prizes , I got struck by fever ��
    But still, I made a very tough mind and decided the prizes. I'm happy that I was prompt to the prompt. Hope you too feel my decisions are unbiased.
    Yet, tbh, all the pieces were literally too good. I feel participation matters much more than prizes, and moreover, it's just my point of view. My announcement just can't decide the worth of your platinum piece, so just chill and enjoy writing!

    So, the 3rd prize �� goes to.........
    ��TEAM: THE DASHING DREAMERS for the word

    And the participants are:

    What can I say about your piece! I felt I was that dancer herself. You made me smile as well as weep! Astounding it was!!! Saved in my memory��

    You all are bestowed with bronze medals, and a sweet gift made by me. It's a wall hanging I've made out of Newspapers just for you people out of love.
    I would love to call upon our guest @my_cup_of_poetry and our sweet Unicorn @manasaa to present you the presents.
    Thank you guyz!!! ��

    And.... The 2nd prize �� goes to..........
    ��TEAM 7QUILLS for the word
    And the participants are:

    Oh my gawd! The way you people conveyed the harassed girl's emotions and the metaphors you weaved, it spoke volumes to me, making me feel relatable! One of the deep pieces etched in my heart ♥

    You are presented silver medals�� and a sweet lantern �� made by me, so that you can light it up along with your mood.
    (Velo bro's raps playing in the background)

    I would call upon our guests @petrichor_tales and @_thewordplayer to do the honours.
    Thank you all!

    And, yes, the first prize of the MWYC challenge �� goes to....

    Oh, I'm just kidding �� I don't even deserve a piece of the medal.

    The FIRST prize goes to............
    TEAM YOUNG FOREVER for the word

    And the participants are:

    You guyz just portrayed the word in the way no one else can do. Such a bliss feeling it conveyed. I was truly surprised by your submission though. It was ethereal ❤️
    It is saved forever in my heart. ��

    Here, you're presented gold medals�� and a lovely nest showpiece of thread spools prepared from my own hands out of love.

    I would want to call upon our guests, @mirakee and @writersnetwork
    Yes! I love your shocked faces ����
    (Stay Gold song in bg)
    (Team members dancing)

    Thanks guyz!!!

    And, it's the time to mention the important people, the accessits, who made the challenge more charming.
    All our dear teams will be presented medals��, sweet flower bouquets and a sakura tree�� showpiece made by me��

    Firstly, I call upon xiaoko and white_cloud from TEAM NESRIN.
    Yoyr piece literally made me long for a love and then leave intentionally ��
    It was beyond beautiful ❤️❤️
    Thank you!

    Now, I call upon the members of TEAM GREENIE,
    Woah! Your piece made me feel that I was in a best place filled with beauteous greenery. Ethereal it was��
    Accept the presents....
    Thank you!

    Next, I would call upon
    from TEAM SCHACHT.
    Ufff! Your piece was literally feeded a lot of pain, giving the readers an emotional feel. It made me weep too����
    It was stupendofantabulous I must say...
    Please accept the honours.

    Last, but never the least, I call upon members of TEAM WALTER MITTY
    Woah! Your piece honestly had that revenge wala feel. It was so revengous (never mind my useless words, I don't even know  if this word exists or not��)
    If anyone asks me the best piece written about revenge, I would show ur write.... ��
    Please accept the gifts!
    Thanks guyz!!! ��

    And with this, I would put an end to the programme. I thank you all for participating in my challenge and making it more radiant.... ��
    Now, I think your family's missing you all..... I have made all the return tickets too.... ��

    Thank you guyz!
    Meet you all on Mirakee��
    Have a safe journey✈️

    ...... THE END.........
    /A delicately beautiful journey with the blooming buds of Mirakee/

    #skpc #smk_collab_ch

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    Here is our submission to the collab challenge by @say_me_krish. A bit late though, but here we try to pen down the journey of a young dreamer who treads on her path– with zest and bravery. And then arises the question: Does she succeed in her mission?
    Read on!

    The following pieces are being written by me (tejaswini_3), ishrat_zaman and tamanna3. (Team: The Dashing Dreamers)


    #euneirophrenia #smk_collab_ch #writersnetwork
    #mirakee #dreams #ceesreposts


    ~A Dream : Yet To Come True~

    It sparkled– that flamboyant artistry–
    On the walls of her dark bedroom,
    –The Valley of Peonies– 'twas titled,
    For bees zizzed around those pink florets,
    Creating an artwork– so gaudy,

    A ballerina– dancing amidst the waves pink,
    With her inamorato– in her arms,
    –Love blooming in their delicate hearts,
    And pleasantness dispersing around,
    Along with the citrusy fragrance..

    There she stood–our young dreamy belle,
    –Gazing at that appealing pair of lovers,
    Dreamed she– to be with her darling,
    In a field– of scarlet carnations,

    A pledge she made–to her own self,
    To be a dancer–and romance her dreams
    –With the one, who taught her how to dream,
    Her community–she feared; it was cruel,
    And ever ready–to disgrace a dancer,

    Still, nothing could stop her ardor,
    Nay–not even her family ever could,
    A tryst she made–with her own cravings–
    Be it so! I will be a fighter of my own will

    With a fresh euneirophrenia – she primed up,
    With her accessories, she dressed herself up,
    With a firm mind , she began her journey–
    For a dream was to be made T


    ~The Warrior Dancer~

    With a firm mind– she began her journey,
    For a dream was to be made true...

    Vanishing the gusts of despondence, collecting the shards of unaccomplished dream she groped the darkness of predicaments to find the pearls of success.

    Whenever that helping hand which she needed the most reverted her way; making her helpless and drowning in the ocean of despair, then her own magic, her intrinsic strength deviated the winds of helplessness.

    Without letting the people know, neither her parents and siblings nor her chums and chaps.She learned every step every action of her dream. Her every jump, turn , travel, gesture and stillness was
    so perfect that when danced she found herself in Utopia and when she danced she turned herself into a quill floating in the air and soothing the dead hearts of broken ones.

    She fell...a thousand times. Mistakes, she committed, so many! That's what happens when there is no tutor for guidance and your mistakes tend to be the only source of help.

    Hope...it beamed like the sunflower in that mud pot on the leafy garden road. The sun may not shine on its leaves but, still the sunflower positively glances at it, with the hope that some rays might colour it's petals in a bright yellow ochre.

    The radio, the television and even her compact mobile proved to be her best companions. Hiding from her members, she twirled and practiced those steps whenever a tune hit her eardrums. Music–
    it got a special place in her heart and she learnt slowly that dancing is incomplete in itself; those notes and melodies complete it...just like how she fancied her incompleteness without her sweetheart..

    And that day was not far away, when the notice for the prestigious dance competition arrived. She was the first one to register. With a heart beating faster than ever, she came home that day– and glanced at the painting again. The moonlight shone on its glassy surface and also through her courageous eyes.

    Her anklets were ready. Her dress was ready; the bright blue lehenga with a yellow duppatta too was lying on the bed. But, was she ready to feel the euneirophrenia turn into reality? Was she ready to dance infront of hundreds of people– and her love amidst the audience?

    For optimism, she looked at the heavenly night sky.
    And what she saw took her breathe away: A Perseus, did the shimmering stars weave....

    ||The Warrior Dancer||

    ~The War Abandoned~

    //A Perseus–did the shimmering stars weave,
    On the fabric of the silent night sky,
    The air croons a magical melody of jubilation,
    As euphoria diffused in it; just like sugar cubes,
    sweetening her wills to rise up
    Euneirophrenia– All she could feel as soon as the morning rays kissed her face,
    For she was that passional dancer, dancing in the Valley of Peonies,

    They tintinnabulated; those anklets– on her ankles,
    Were like silver linings for her golden dreams,
    Dreams– of whirling on the notes of the Casio,
    And also twirling on the tunes of the Sitar,
    Adorning charming pendants on her sleek neck;
    And the olive henna on her graceful hands,
    Dancing– was her passion, her love, her life breathe...

    –The day dawned, the most glorious one ever,
    Along with the scorching sun, the flames blazed in her heart,
    Flames– of perseverance and patience,
    Her caged soul was ready now–
    To break the shackles of restrictions,
    To barge out of the penitentiary of the society,

    /With kohl beautifying her dark almond eyes,
    And zeel blinding the sight of her enemies,
    She set–to be the dancing warrior/

    All is fair in love and war– the aphorism said,
    Her war was for her love; and was very just,
    A lie doesn't hurt; for 'twas for a cause so good,
    Lied–she; to her family,
    And embraced her thirsty inclination– she could see
    her dream up there--

    Only to be drowned in a pool of
    Drenched in
    her red gore,
    Her heart beats ceased– those seconds, she couldn't even count,
    Her black eyes shut– in a black world of slumber..
    And they did flutter open–
    In a chamber white, with green curtains draping her
    vision– dissevering her from her palaces of dreams.

    – The surgeon apprised ,' You should not strain your legs, for an operation they have undergone,
    'My stage! My theatre! My performance!– I can dance still....can I?
    "–Shun the thoughts of performing, young girl; focus on your safety"–the cold advice she bitterly accepted

    //And there she stands–in front of the painting,
    Her valleys withered– her dreams vanished– her love forgotten//


    ||The War Abandoned||


    ~The Dancing Danseuse~

    //And there she stands–in front of the painting,
    Her valleys withered– her dreams vanished– her love forgotten//
    With thoughts flitting around like tiny butterflies–

    Even in my awake frame,
    I yearn for euphoria
    Still brimming at my heart,
    Enwrapped within the foam
    Of some dreamy blues.
    The beats pulsating at my ears
    Propels the old danseuse
    Sentient still within my heart,
    To sway back its esse
    Yet in the land of nod I live in.
    Running in the wilds of dwam,
    I end up in a clearing and lose
    My way back to the veracity of the day.
    When at night, the stars set about
    Peering at my distrait frame from above,
    I want to shine like those stars
    And dance with them
    In the shimmering night sky,
    I want to feel my legs piroutte
    On the dance arena,
    So be it, even if in dreams.
    Now I breathe in blithe,
    For unfettered now are my feet,
    By the pennons of euneirophrenia
    Like a bennison of saccharine fervour
    Twirling in rhythm to my heartbeat

    I'm sitting on the rings of Saturn, waving at the red and amaranthine stars, smiling back at me in twinkles, whilst burning their cores out, scorching heat emanating from fusion of hydrogen into helium.
    I smile at the moon; still trying in vain, to hide those grey scars behind its visible side, shining a lucent glow.
    I shut my eyes for a split second and suddenly find myself in the midst of tall looming buildings, dazzling lights, horns blazing at my ears, signboards naming the city of my dreams.

    I bit my lips to see if I'm dreaming. Yet all I feel is the sweet kiss of euphoria pressing more serotonin into my senses, the blurriness of my specs-aided vision befogging my once sober mind.
    I'm brought back natheless, into actuality, by the sound of brakes screeching on the road outside my open casement. I look around to see the familiar sooty walls and the blue ceiling looming over my solitude.

    I walk up to the mirror and look at the person staring back at me, yet not wearing a doleful look anymore. Her eyes were a deep brown, and pupil a pellucid black; its depth seemed proffering me a whole different universe; where I nattered away with stars and planetoids, the companions I could never see; where I lived in Utopia and crossed paths with the lover I could never meet.

    And I stood there still, flexing the muscles on my profile into a smile, knowing not how to bring my feet back on the ground. I kept soaring higher into the lulling heavens of my imagination. Imagination, that I could forsooth live, in the nebulous abode of my dreams.
    I sit now, in the lap of euneirophrenia, still embracing the beatitude of the elysian seas I had, by choice, soaked myself in, even in this wakeful disposition.

    ||The Dancing Danseuse||


    //Not all dreams exist in this materialistic world–
    Some live in a land of Euneirophrenia//

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    Euneirophrenia: The Elysian Elixir

    By-- The Dashing Dreamers

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    A N A G A P E S I S

    // Amidst pink rambling roses you blindfolded me with your silken lies, Ah! That's what love can do, make you believe that you're a Coruscant star ...but leaving you shattered like a bolide, sucking the vim out of your soul, making you fall into an abyss of lorn feeling //
    I held your hand and crossed broken bridges of promises following where you led me, you often talked about a forever that screamed NO in a sign language that I could never comprehend and I believed, I believed every single word, what a mockery you made out of the word AMOR, now often when I reflect back I see your soul mostly in shades of greys...but I was blindsided with your words...so so much...that I only saw rosy hues then, and when you left...you cut my jugular vein. Now, my mind is listless and my heart no longer amaranthine.
    I've whelved deeper into the murklins, that's my refuge, I scathe with emptiness and burn your broken promises with the incense of betrayal and outrage, you thought you took my glow away? But all you were a passage of darkness... Which turned out to be the biggest IBRAT of my life

    Whenver I glimpsed into your midnight black eyes, I saw the whole universe swirling inside, the countless stars tracing the depths, but I always overlooked the black holes lurking at the corners. You used to utter cliches like love is eternal, love is essence of life, I didn't know, eternity is nothing but hallucination, that seeps into yours heart when you chug down bottles after bottles of fictious pleasures in the hope of staying alive. Now, I'm sitting on the window sill drenched in pale bedlights, and the raindrops are trying to whisper something but the cacophony thundering in my heart has made me impervious. The photographs of us upon my table look like the perfect portrayal of nothingness.
    Perhaps, I'll stay alive (somehow)
    / The whole city within me is crumbling to dust, while the sky grieves the death of a rainbow that (maybe) never existed /

    Now, I'm beating yet not living, trying to survive from the promises which you made holding my hand somewhere midst a warm winter night embracing me within your arms making me feel better than the apricity cause your embrace did the same what sun does to sky, promises those held us concurrently in dry autumn dawns when my heart ripped like a feuillemort maple but you as the first drop of rain put it back, promises which made me survive my summer no matter how harsh the sun was, promises which broke me somewhere from within.
    I'm like a lost hue seeking for the perfect sealant to paint me over the canvas of affection with flamboyant thoughts like a dauber daubes it's favourite painting, as a poetry of love and intimacy cause all what I paint now are sunset skies, tangerine, aesthetic, yet denoting goodbyes, goodbye to the glow it had, goodbye to its companions, goodbye to the smiles, goodbye to its own self and welcoming scars holding smoke and sommelier, scars which seems scintillating to the whole world but are burning for it's own self.

    Maybe I should've smoked all the cigarettes, the day you said you hate their smell. Your love was growing on me like mosses on damp, sucking a little life out of me each time you took a breathe. I used to see you in my siestas when my room smelled of wet newspapers and you, My window glass threw funny shades at me but I always pulled the blind and slept back in your darkness, I was ready to serve my heart on a silver platter but you insisted on having it dipped in melancholy, I looked at you and my heart was a burning asphalt, years went by and all I see are flaws which were once the source of my poems.
    They say good things take time, I don't agree, autumn comes in a blink of an eye, just like you went. I took your name like I smiled, conscious, slow and easily, A million voice in my head screamed a thousand different ways of laothing you, but my lips knew better taste of your words, still stained over my heart strong enough to create one more reign of betrayal. The things about my love you quoted are kept on your pillow, throw them as soon as possible. Your smell lurks behind the door but I've got an armour of bandaged heart, and everytime your eyes linger on me when you hold another pretty hand with long fingers; My fragile heart whispers to you " Hey, let's never meet again, I'm done with asking for a little glue each time you break me"
    Save your silence for the funeral it caused Darling!

    P.S. I Loved You.

    This is Team Schacht's Submission for @say_me_krish 's My Word your collab challenge.

    The First Paragraph and the lines within double backslashes belong to
    The second Paragraph and the lines within single backslashes belong to
    The third paragraph belong to
    and the Concluding Paragraph & Post Script belong to


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    #smk_collab_ch I present to you team GREENIE.
    We wrote in the order raika--> @sangfroid_soul -->@lily_love


    As I sat by the window, I saw rain fall on the terrace floor with strength but as soon as it'd touch the floor it originated a ripple afterwards slowly mixing with others of its kind. Rain pushes these buttons of my heart I didn't know exist. It's adrenaline and dopamine at the same time. The compound of water is not only mixed with minerals but reminiscence, longing and vehemence. I stretch my hand as raindrops gently settle on my hand embracing the scars while pain diffused out through the cicatrix.

    Rain rhymes with pain and how it drains your energy leaving you in vain while the pitter-patter against your brain turns you insane. A few moments pass by and you let it sink in and rain which rhymes with arcane now maintains your heart rate while the chain holding on your smile loosens.

    Blinking with a blurred vision I put my palms softly over my eyelids with drenched eyelashes. I wipe off the tears and hear a knock on my door. I wonder at the time of shimmering afternoon melting into a dusky sky, who's here and most importantly to visit me who had no visitors. I check the mirror and open the door with quivering hands to find a man in his late forties probably with eyes so melancholic and features so pleasingly and handsome standing against the warm sunlight. I realised without asking his name, he is hope tinted with sunshine. His smile was capturingly tired and hair reaching his sharp chin. I realise his eyes reflected my heart unblinkingly with brimming emotions I could only feel but not express. I stood transfixed under his hazy gaze and he opens his mouth to say, “I'm hope. We were best friends till the age of seven until you met your second love after loving your experiences with emotions you realised you were simply not lovable. I'm here to give you something important.” And he pulverized into thin air floating magically like pixie dust and that’s when i finally walk out of my house for the first time in 7 months and see a perfect rainbow and the arc I see there makes the curves of my corner open into a wide smile and happy tears come out of my eyes. I understood what Hope intended to give me, rainbow. I whisper to the skies I love you. You matter in my life. The nature seemed singing the tunes of melancholic mellifluous soothing to my ears. The birds added mirth to my mood and butterfly sat on my cheeks and shoulders and for the first time I felt complete. A new end, a new beginning.

    Chilly wind made me shudder as my eyes were adapting to the darkness, until I finally could see clearly, this vast dusky sky. The blowing breeze addressing the ramping mist to prone, soothing me from my tears, Heart beat raised drifting the mindset off into the deep space, searching for it my mind echoes Loud thunders and rainstorms, A cold place could ever be. As the wind of secrets occupies my ears an endless see of monsoon. Like a typhoon I keep listening to our love song. Reminds me of the wrong person, bringing me back to where i belong in your arms? But I'm solely the faint Whispers of a summer wind in winter times, A fleeting breeze of hope repeated again and again with changed times, flees from its sleeplessness and burns for not to exist again.

    Winter stars sliding away allowing the new ones to have a dance in the dark until the moon appears, illuminating the desire of love, where its wings are not buried like the steel in my heart. Dressed in the night with elegant grace of thousand galactic stars,
    Cuddling the dove feathers of clouds, And her flaws and scars smiling, full of airy grace,
    But the torment increases, and starts searching for the native sky with no further horizon, and failed noticing it, Thus vanished into the mist, into absence, an absence as soft as child's skin, where oblivion dwells. I realise I would live for myself and go back home.


    Happy birthday Mirakee.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #teamgreenie

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    PENNED ON : July 18 , 2020 ( 11:58 am )

    ~���� ~

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod

    A heartiest thank you for this awesome challenge .
    This is the team YOUNG FOREVER .

    We tried to portray the glimpse of the life of five girls here . They represent our own life , interests and struggles along with our IMAGINATION .
    Our names in these are the cores of our souls . We're different and unique , yet the same by heart . Our humble message through this work is to encourage to you to find your true self and pursue your passion against all odds . We hope you enjoy this and have a great time !

    This is Part I of the challenge .
    The order of participants :

    N E F E L I B A T A :
    ( Portuguese ) Cloudwalker , Daydreamer
    A creative person who lives in the clouds of her own imaginations or dreams . An eccentric , unorthodox person , who doesn't abide by the rules of the society , literature , or art .


    | The Sorcerer |

    Two doors open ,
    but I need to chose only one door to walk through.
    One door for me to escape
    and one where I need to be .
    Both are pretty far .
    Moonlit and sunkissed tears ,
    now smile as the dawn broke into pieces ,
    all the pieces shine like mirrors ,
    that are now scattered .

    Enthralling cosmic atelier ,
    filling the torn pages of the old books
    breathes out some chimerical magic
    Chemical reactions
    of love and responsibilities
    find a way to break out the life - death .

    No ! That means ,
    I won't live ,
    I can't smile
    I can't love whatever once , I did hate.
    I want to breathe through my verses ,
    the words that fill love in me .
    If I am to root for a change in winter ,
    amidst the snow ,
    where my tears turn cold ,
    I will .
    If I need to cross the deserts ,
    under the deadly helios ,in the way to success , where my feet get blisters ,
    I will .
    If I need to get drenched in heaven's love ,
    to reach peace ,
    where the petrichor will be my soul's scent ,
    I will .
    If I need to walk over the thorns
    that fell on the ground ,
    attached to the leaves that died sensing my arrival , just to reach myself ,
    I will .

    Let my fate , be judged by me ,
    as I do not hold anyone responsible
    for whatever happens to me .

    Elegy of dead drawings towards it - the hearts that beat fine ,
    she who's waiting on the other door ,
    wants me to be righteous ,
    colorful and overflowing with peace .
    She needs me to be successful
    in breaking through the walls of the world .
    She who whispers my name in my ears ,
    is me .
    And if she needs me , I'll be there , as she wishes .

    // Not all twenties are shut with selfishness , mine are thoughtful in the darkness and shine brightest under the sunny skies .//

    The wrinkled pages I leave for myself
    shall be my words for her to cross and reach me .

    //When the time repeats , every me will just find the heart . The same heart every ' I ' shall posses , the same heart that was once lured by the death , the same heart that was once buried under the guilt , the same heart , that will win at the end . //

    | The one who walks away from O m e l a s |
    Yes , I'm the one caged in ,
    I walked away seeing the injustice done to me .
    Now I'll return ,
    to make my escape ,
    successful ....

    A U R O R A
    ~ the enchanting sorcerer ~

    | The Pluviophile |

    Fire smouldering in vicinity ,
    wrapped me up in a ruthless warmth ,
    inconspicuous parts eaten up
    and bones melted into gray smokes .
    Basked in I was ,
    in the cruelest feeling of an end ,
    while the cage around me
    slowly blistered away into nothingness .
    Dampened eyes watched my wings
    loose their identity to the evil truth .
    But the agony condensing into my feathers
    wasn't to be blamed for the heartache
    A small puddle of gaiety ,
    still breathing somewhere within
    watered all the pain away ,
    whenever my mind wandered towards it .

    //My heartbeats inched a bit closer and whispered an unknown secret and the words replaced my pain with wonder
    "Phoenixes have to burn first , to be born again my love ."//

    Question mark concluded my wonder
    as mind muttered in hesitation ,
    "Why burn yourself, when you were the one to be enslaved ?"
    But the promise of rebirth
    penned the next phrase of curiosity.
    Eyes darted around
    with a desire to adorn something in my last thought , and landed on ...a daffodil...inside a glass vase.
    The struggling buds offered me farewell
    and I breathed my last.

    Eyes fluttered open
    and sitting I was , on an opened cage.
    My wings flapped in a small gush of triumph ,
    gazing at the window nearby ,
    and in came mist , followed by thunder ,
    gossiping about the drifting cumulonimbus .
    But something in its voice screamed of despair.
    So I peered down to search
    for a soul sharing my sympathy.
    And instead ,
    found hands shielding the heads from the foretold hail
    and colorful umbrellas guarding their way under the gray hues.

    "Was no one going to help them ?"

    Question roaming over me ,
    sympathy dressed on my heart ,
    I spread my wings and into the unknown ,
    I dived .
    Silvery mist covered my euphoric self .
    I sailed higher ,
    along with the raindrops resting on my wings , reciting tales of the umbrella weather .

    // Petrichor lingered in the air as the barren land rejoiced watching the drizzle fill up its cracks with tender love . My heartbeats sped up as I watched my soul giggle in delight , for the once aching wings
    for the once aching wings were now healed by the bracing gale //

    Even the sun joined me ,
    it's affection waltzing with the silvery drizzle.
    Each drop of rain
    was enclosed within thin films of golden hues .
    And together ,
    they gave birth to the rainbow .
    Rain dews scribbled down pages
    of intimacy and rebirth,
    while the sunbeams weaved them together
    into a chronicle .
    And named it
    A m a r y l l i s

    Witnessing it like a proud mother ,
    sheltered beside the last shades of the rainbow ,
    I was left wonderstruck at the once moaning child , who had now pulled herself together .
    A lone tear broke free ,
    matching the rhythm of the rain ,
    as my heart ached realising ,
    maybe ,I was a lone admirer of these rain dews ,
    when a small chuckle pulled my gaze down .
    There came a small girl ,
    chasing her paper boat on the deserted streets , daffodils braided in her hair whirling with her smile .

    Taken aback I was
    when a whisper left her lips
    "Wish you could stay a little longer..."

    //A glassy pair of eyes looked up at the receding clouds ,as a dazzling smile decorated the face of the girl with the paper boat . And that was the moment I realised...

    Maybe , I wasn't the only one here , who could proudly call herself a CLOUDWALKER...//

    A M A R Y L L I S
    ~ poetic verses of a phoenix ~

    – Series of poetries followed by :

    The next part will be posted by @ak_anjali_daydreamzz .
    ( Do give it a read ! )
    Or click on the hashtag below to get the whole post

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    Oh Dreamers
    Nestled in the clouds of Imagination
    Oh Wanderers 
    Enchanted by the maze of universe
    Oh Nefelibatas 
    Soaring high with the wings of change
    We are the ones who dare and do, go and gather, fall and rise
    We gain what we dream
    We smile as we shine  
    We relinquish the mundane
    In pursuit of desires spontaneous

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #nefelibata #ak_specialz


    Posted on 18 July 2020 11.30 am

    #smk_collab_ch @say_me_krish

    Thank you for this Amazing Challenge.
    We are team "Young Forever "
    We tried to portray glimpse of the life of five girls here. They represent our own life, interests, and struggles along with our Imagination. Our name in this is the core of our soul. We are different and unique yet we are the same by heart. Our humble message through this work is to encourage you to find your true self and pursue your passion against all odds. We hope you enjoy this and have a great time.

    Click here for part I #nefelibata_youngforever
    By @thesunshineloves and @arya_abhipsa
    This is part II
    The order of participants :

    Nefelibata - Portuguese - Cloudwalker Daydreamer Unique Word Definition. A unique one word definition text design - Nefelibata - A creative person who lives in the clouds of her own imagination or dreams. An eccentric, unorthodox person who doesn't abide by the rules of society, literature or art.


    | The Artist |

    On the frigid autumn breeze near a silent river
    There's a bystander of nature leaning her back
    on the wooden log, evolution is what she
    explores in her mystic canvas.
    The way her hand grip a brush of different shades resembles the affection, desire, hope, goodness
    of the soul who can forfeit the absurd assumption
    of the society. She demands freedom for a change.
    She is against the specified ritual and refused to
    follow the restrictions made by conservative tradition.

    // To her eyes are the camera and
    imagination is the scenario. //

    She gazes intensely behind the rivers.
    Love embarks within her after seeing the
    wonders of nature. There are trees whose
    leaves were falling deceiving its own part.
    Changing the hues green to yellow, orange
    to red rendering the surface making
    it more pleasant. She was enlightened
    by the celibacy of nature instantly.

    Stretching her both the hands she picks up the
    backpack which was lying beside the rigid log
    revealing white clean sailcloth, numerous
    sizes of brushes, several acrylics jar.
    The moment arrow of the scrub touches
    the white canvas she closed her eyes feeling
    of dignity enacts her soul.

    She transforms herself into the colour of
    rainbows allotting all her feelings and
    emotions to the canvas. Her hands
    devote magic straight from the heart.
    She fastens her eyes to see views through
    her intuition bypassing the reality
    surrendered in the name of verdant woodland.

    Her hand moves in sync order smudging
    the colours on point.
    She portrait women whose arms are
    free witnessing her dreams through her mind
    who lives in the cloud of her imagination
    rather than being the victim of the trapped
    sophisticated culture.

    She craves for the serenity,
    she is yearning selfhood.
    She allots hope to the
    thousand unseen visions,
    she seeks metamorphosis.

    She's the art of silhouette

    | The Wanderer |

    Her chained hands caught some
    wrinkled maps floating as the wind
    gushed in through the broken window.
    Rendered walls nailed few pictures,
    the treasure of a rogue gallivanter
    entrapped in a rusty cage.

    Tears watermarked her photographs and
    the shutter sound of her camera wiped them.
    Dreams of her elysium lay beyond the four walls
    dreams to be the zephyr whispering
    of an unknown utopia.

    //I'm the tailwind of a frenzied cruise,
    sailing across the formidable ocean
    to unmarked destinations, relishing
    the fragrance of aquamarine waters.
    Eyes fixated on the pole star,
    I put to sea cradling a promise
    of the sun to be my light.
    Tedious waves glisten in the moonlight,
    cloaking my cold nights in savage seas.

    I'm the zephyr sprouting from the musty
    smell of earth ashore, gliding deep into
    the woods to embrace the gelid foliage,
    sharing the taste of pine cones with
    the peachy crossbills on the canopy,
    chirping melodies to the rythym of solitude.

    I'm the breeze meandering along
    the pellucid river seeking solace
    in the chiseled caves hovering beyond.
    I'm the gale crafting sand dunes in the
    bleak desert awaiting the rain.
    Even when my parched lips taste
    the sweet drops of drizzle,
    an oasis afar quench my thirst.
    I'm the fog on weathering edge of a cliff,
    gazing into the diffusing infinity, emotions
    ineffable as a halo in ecstasy, yearning to
    plummet into the enticing mist forever.
    I'm the wind entangled to a heart,
    yearning to leap into an eternity entwined
    in arms of a sorcerer, the world, my home... //

    Her entrancing dream to be a wanderer, craves
    to capture the blue hour after a dusky sunset.
    Even when her wanderlust is tied
    to a stubborn wheel chair,
    she is unlocking the secrets of her escapade,
    she is unlocking her caged wings to fly away....

    ~ The intrepid voyager ~

    | The Masked Singer |

    " Before the world broke you, who were you ? "
    I kept staring into the eyes of my reflection.
    The long mirror before me is my partner in crime.
    For every tear I shed, it tempted me to hide behind a smile. For every fake smile I tried, it offered me beauty to mask. I'm tired of this pretence, let my tears flood this world.
    As I screamed into the oblivion, surrender to it and
    Forced my frustration on the song I'm playing,
    the highest-pitched thinnest string of my violin,
    broke into two, it send a shockwave through me.
    Letting out a strangled cry, my conscience slipped.
    But my reflection stayed there with a pasted smile.

    There was no mirror but a stage, an exuberant audience
    For whom it was another of those wildfire scandals.
    Later waking up to find myself in a pale and plain room
    I let my thoughts wander through those cracks in the wall
    The moment I left my passion,
    shadows of twilight conquered my night.
    This yearning to stretch my wings,
    persisted throughout my life.
    I could hear whispers from across the wall, gushed noises. "Why would Angel do that? She was this close to victory! " This confinement irks my mind, I can't find a clarity here.
    I closed my eyes, travelled back in time
    to the moment it began.

    In the arms of my father, feeling euphony of his lullaby.
    I found the oasis of my dream in the dry, arid desert of life. Charms of the morning-glory blessed me with the light.
    Like a dainty lotus bud awakening to the sun rise.
    I opened my eyes to the prayers of the Creator himself.
    Ears keen on the melodious voice humming in tune.
    A glimpse of my birth into this vast universe.
    Reminiscing it, melody was an augury of the future. Abandoning a pipe dream like beheading puny wildflowers. That regret haunted me like a silhouette of dead dream. Like a ghost in the shell, a musical prodigy choked in me. For long I hid it inside, contemplating on the consequences. Behind closed eyes, I could picture it in my mind.

    Natural soundscapes turn into an orchestral symphony.
    I tread the path of thorns, every beat strokes on my pain.
    Blossoms of spring rain on me, vision of my winter violin.
    Zephyr caressing becomes the flute, piping down the valley. River gushing rhythm of the chorus, rocks and pebble bass. At last I heard the conch shell blowing off
    from the distance, climax, my soul awakened
    by the spirits of nature, found my purpose.

    Into the burning fire I throw those
    trophies and honours, Let it burn
    Piles of pages inscribed the words to
    keep me away from the light .
    Let it all burn together, at its zenith
    the fire would touch the sky, break my curse and
    Free my soul from the servitude of mundane.
    From this fire my Phoenix rose
    with a heart devoid of fear.
    The music in my soul is the only path
    I would willingly walk on.

    She was a lost soul to the eyes
    easily pleased on sour beauty.
    A screeching scream of bright
    neon to the monochrome.
    She waited for no fairytale,
    A charming love to broken heart.
    Into the whirlwind she threw
    All notions and caught herself.
    A golden spring seasoned by
    the magical winter wonderland.
    The perfect rhythmic harmony
    Of life and music, a soul symphony.

    ~ A Musical Prodigy : Unmasked ~

    | Endnote |

    Oh Dreamers, Nestled in the clouds of Imagination
    Oh Wanderers, Enchanted by the maze of universe
    Oh Nefelibatas, Soaring high with the wings of change

    Fear not, this universe has in store for you
    Immense potential for a lifetime of adventure
    Perfection is you, who dares to walk a path
    Paved by self, Creator's magic innate in you
    A dreamer I was hitherto, chasing the light
    Wishing upon a shooting star for eternal glow
    As long as alone, I dreamed of a fantasy land
    I followed no trail but manifestation of my vision
    A Paragon of nefelibata, a distant lone star

    We dreamers weaved together a perfect reality
    Enchanting magic traversing moonlight to sunshine
    Yesterdays we let it go, tomorrows we worry not
    Today we seize, live the moment, the extra edge we cherish
    Listening to it's beat, we let our hearts soar so high
    Feet on yon sanguine clouds, hands holding luminous stars
    Zealous Halo encircling our aura, sparkle reside in our soul
    We are ones who dare and do, go and gather, fall and rise

    //We gain what we dream ; We smile as we shine.
    We relinquish the mundane in pursuit of desires spontaneous //

    Team - Young Forever

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    Oh Dreamers
    Nestled in the clouds of Imagination
    Oh Wanderers
    Enchanted by the maze of universe
    Oh Nefelibatas
    Soaring high with the wings of change
    We are ones who dare and do
    Go and gather, fall and rise
    We gain what we dream
    We smile as we shine
    We relinquish the mundane
    In pursuit of desires spontaneous
    - Team " YOUNG FOREVER "

  • veloc1ty_ 67w

    This is our submission for @say_my_krish "s MY WORD YOUR COLLAB challenge. The story revolves around a young girl who struggles with various issues like child abuse and existential crisis. We have painted her life in different stages starting from childhood to old age, like the shades of a rainbow are the vivid shades of life, we've brought out the brightest and the darkest of hues, from the highs to the lows, in the life of that little, timid girl and her journey to become a woman, and how different life is for people like her. We hope you enjoy!

    The following parts are written cohesively by these writers in this exact particular order @zohiii @veloc1ty_ @_aradhya @shashagilbert_ @_rainfrost_ @void @_hessa_

    (presentation of all stages of a person's life in a single piece of art)

    I was fed that my being was frail and fragile like a paper that'd crumble by the slightest of pressure. I danced whenever it rained, I giggled while hearing bedtime stories but I never cried when he gripped my wrists roughly like a savage and left them bruised. Why didn't I? My mother taught me to bear it and she labelled it as perseverance that gets me through life's thick and thin. "You'll be a lady of dignity and honour like me." she always implored. It made me envious at times to see my brother being loved and pampered more but it takes a price to be a wonder woman and I embraced it. When I was slapped by him last night, I retrospected all the mistakes I did to have deserved it and after a lot of looking I found out what it was, it was to be born.

    Home wasn't safe for me; it was a den full of danger, harbouring a bad wolf where I was a poor lamb caged inside with him. He'd come home drunk everynight to take a claim on his daily feast. So I seldom skipped staying indoors during nights, I'd venture out on empty abandoned roads which were a lot safer. Every night when others slept peacefully in their houses, I was out, busy throwing myself away from harm's way by staying away from mine. My neighbour used to keep a watch over my actions, he was my senior in school which was my only escape from this derisive hell during daytime. One night, he opened his door or rather his heart for my crying sobs and shared me some love. My nights started holding peace unlike before and he became my refuge or a temple where I'd go daily to preach. I started taking a liking to him; he was my bright sunshine in this depressive phase. I started finding joy in his laughs, he had the cutest laugh. He'd smile wider seeing me smile; he said I wore the brightest smile he'd ever seen in his life. Everything was different with him. In this huge pile of a mess that you call life, he was the only thing that looked like a resolute hope.

    It takes years to build yourself up but only a moment to break all of it. The shard of the glass is what they see, but what i saw were the fragments of my shattered soul. My neighbour hid his ulterior motives well behind his fake smile. On my 18th birthday, the only 'gift' I received was my heart back in pieces from someone who I thought was love. my stepdad and my neighbour...both the monsters from my childhood were alike. Both used my innocence and left me feeling worthless. The only difference was that the monster used force where as my first heartbreak used lies. It felt like he made me feel special one minute and then worthless the other. I'm back on the road, surrounded by that brumous air, and at that moment right there, nihilism befriended me.

    The night had settled on my shoulders. It was like a thin layer of dust which gets disturbed when you get out of the bed. Clutching my journal on my hand, I knew I wasn't ready, I'd never be but I promised myself to do anything that meant a reasonable awakening. I had to stop thinking about him wandering around in circles and round. I couldn't just keep running, seeking refuge, feeling his breath near my ear. If I wanted to stop thinking, I needed to stop myself feeling anything. anything at all. So I gathered some courage sailing boat I opened it one last time. I read who I was and what I had become. The feeling was similar to opening slit throats. The ink that no longer matters; mattered to me. Burning a journal shouldn't have been a big deal but at that time I felt like I was burning my entire existence into nihility. That is how another dream was dead and another voice ruled my head. Escaping into oblivion sounded so convincing. I erased any emotional bone I had in me feeling completely empty like a dried log. If I was feeling nothing, I contemplate wasn't nothingness a feeling then?

    Time fled, my stepfather was lying in a jail and would be spending the rest of his evil existence locked inside that hell. My scarred blue heart was healing in the hullabaloo of this big city life. Life was very different when I grew up and I was slowly learning to love myself. My problems felt so small when I looked at the people hovering like bees, under the vast forget-me-not-blue sky. Everything was going ok, but then I started realising that the people here were no less than my stepfather. Whenever I walked across the road, they stared at me like wolves; whispers spread across like wildfire. They judged for the way I walked, for the things I wear. I started feeling my life was no longer mine, I felt like I'd suffocate. The nightsky which used to drench in purple and red, was now all charred and peering at those dark city-streets gave me chills. I wanted to give everything up.

    The creak of the tired floor is parallel to creaking of once-vigorous limbs and joints, as I put one foot ahead of me in a clockwork-esque motion. The blood that now races through my veins has aged in a rather peculiar way. It is of course, not as rich as before, but somehow it prevades much more life than I ever thought it would, introducing to my brain exhilaration with a tinge of dulcet. Brushstrokes of grey and white have been wASHED over my tepid head as I gaze down at my book, my old journal, sitting by patiently cross-legged, using my eyes overshadowed with wrinkles. Memories of him have faded away into a void that fades and merges into the unknown, though they linger like the stares he used to throw at me. Those memories had been replaced by a new 'him', a 'him’ whose eyes I could find comfort in, whose smiles could lift me and place me on cloud 9, a 'him' with whom I could spend an entire lifetime with and still wonder, “when did the time pass?” anyways, back to the journal, the entity who I decided to renew my acquaintance with after an eternity. I open one page, and I breathe in a sigh. I flip to the other, and a thousand terrifying thoughts make their way. I look at the next, and my eyes cannot suppress themselves. With each droplet of water sliding down my callused cheek, I clasp my diary towards my bosom, and whisper with hushed syllables, "I forgive you"

    Life hasn't been a soothing rhythm but a creaking noise that tried its best to make me deaf. Here I am today, removing the hands off my ears that were protecting them from further damage as the silence between our downhearted yet contented talks needs to reach my mind that is ready to walk on the path of oblivion, without holding any other hand. These smiles in this air keep reminding me of the breaths I lived between the gasps I survived. There comes a point in our lives where past loses its ability to haunt and we keep our eyes stuck on the path on which a definite future will arrive. This feeling of wholesome might just stay back incomplete without my other half or might go away into a deep sleep without him. But just the understanding that somehow I was whole till the last moments even after feeling incomplete in most of the bits of this complete picture will let me close my eyes with a peace laden smile.
    If being capable of thinking about last breath with a sane mind after going through these experiences which, when sketched on a paper, might just be thick enough to form a book titled 'Life' isn't a blessing then what is?
    /The events synced with time, I played the roles; the curtain will fall on this body alas, I'll get gone with my eyes closed/


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    | MWYC Challenge Part 2 |

    Hello guyz!!!
    Here is your host Krishna, with fresh news of the

    Background :
    Hey, where did that boy just disappear?
    He said he'll reveal the words by 12, and he's vanished now!!!
    Come on guyz, let's attack and get the words out of his mouth������

    *Trying to cover myself with every kind of shield possible, to escape these dangerous attacks ^_^ *

    I know I'm too early (ironic), but you know what, I took a lot of time to search the perfect word for each group, and typing, ufff, I'm too slow in this art to master ��

    Ok, so I finally gonna reveal those words you all are waiting since so long.......... Please let me know if u didn't like the word (just for knowledge, I ain't gonna change����)

    *Too long*


    ✨The team numbers I gave are just 'Random'.

    ✨Teams are supposed to use the word in your title, as you wish,
    For example, if the word you got is 'ATARAXIA', you are free to use it differently, like LOVE ATARAXIA, or something else, but the word is compulsory.

    ✨You have to decide a name for your team ����

    ✨ Let me know if your team misses out here (mistakes happen ��)

    ✨Surf through Google to get better explanations.

    ✨ I am not a sesquipedalian ����

    ✨ The last date to submit your piece is July 20, 2020. Submissions after 12 pm are not accepted. (Time extended since many submissions were pending)


    TEAM 1:
    The word I found for you is
    'ANACAMPSEROTE '. It is defined as
    'something which can bring back a lost love.'
    This is literally more beautiful than what it looks like! Fixing a love is something nobody could refuse to����
    I hope you like the word��

    TEAM 2:
    By my research, I found out one thing, you all are experts in weaving love stories. So, I tried to find some different word, but I failed����
    The word I found for you with a lot of hard work - 'CHRONOSYNCHRONICITY'. It is
    'the presentation of all stages of a person's life in a single piece of art'.
    This word can be used in many ways, so I'm sure you would like it��

    TEAM 3:
    Ufff, your team members literally write things in all genres, finding a word for you was a difficult chore, but, I found it! ��
    The word............. It is.............. It is........... 'ANAGAPESIS', meaning
    'no longer feeling any affection for someone you once loved the most'.
    A painful Greek word, able to be expressed heartbreakingly, or in any other ways too, for people are creative����
    I hope you like this one��

    TEAM 4:
    Okay, so I searched a word which I felt is ����
    The word you all have got is from Dutch (searching things in English became tough), and the word is 'WRAAKZUCHTIG', which is defined as
    'bitterly longing for harming those who done something terrible to you'.
    Hehe, a revenge word! Something fire to be penned upon, but you may use your creativity to make it sound different!
    I hope you like the word given��

    TEAM 5:
    The word I searched for you both to write is 'SONDER', which is said to be
    'the realization that everyone is living their own vivid life'.
    This word is wow! If everybody had this realization, maybe the world would see less suicides. (a dream only ��)
    I hope you both liked this��

    TEAM 6:
    BTS Army here! I had to do a severe workout to search the word for you, I was scratching my head while thinking, luckily I didn't bleed����
    The word I found for your team is 'NEFELIBATA' from Spanish, which means
    'a person who lives in their own clouds of imagination'.
    Woahhh, you all have got to describe such a person, or anything else, in your own perspective!
    I hope the word sounds good��

    TEAM 7:
    I searched and searched and searched, choosing a word was tooooooooooo tough (cz I had 5 words in my wishlist��)
    The word I have searched for your team is 'TENALACH', which defines itself as
    'a deep connection with the land, air and water that allows one to literally hear the earth sing'.
    A perfect word for a nature lover!!!!!!!
    I hope the word gets your smile☺

    TEAM 8:
    Yeah! I got the word for y'all - 'EUNEIROPHRENIA' which means
    'the peace of mind that comes from having pleasant dreams'.
    Have a good sleep guyz, maybe you get some ideas by the morning��
    I hope the word is admired��

    All the best!!! ��
    Get set go!!!!!! ��

    #smk_collab_ch #skp_writes #skpc

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    Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Salve, Ola!!!
    I hope all of you are doing super good there.... �� Me, oh ohh, I'm gonna make some crispy pakoras today, so I was just surfing ��
    (not on seas, on YT ������)
    {bad joke, just go on now��}
    Jokes aside, I'm doing fyn. Exams over, so enjoying my vacation with a sense of liberty����

    So this time, I was going on through different websites on Google searching new words. I'm a new word lover, I even make my own dictionary for those ����
    (is that too weird? ��)
    {You are weirdo, know it man��}
    *cheeks red due to embarrassment*

    Back on track, so one website got me unusual words which were really beautiful. So I felt of hosting a challenge!
    ( I ain't so expert in hosting challenges, Ashutosh inspired me)
    { You fool, not everybody know that cute little munchkin, let everyone know who he is!}
    (Ok, just cool down you!!)

    @_rainfrost_ Ashu, you were my inspo this time!!! You host challenges wonderfully, maybe I can catch up at least a bit of it's essence ����
    ( I got very inspired you know)
    { Wait, haven't you copied his pattern of hosting?}
    ( Never! And moreover, if my brother Ashu says to change, I will, so you keep mum��)


    (Part 01)

    Let me clearly explain the rules, make sure you read carefully, rules are a bit complicated
    { Complicated like you}
    *Again embarassed me* ����


    ��As soon as I host the challenge, you need to find any 1 or more ideal partner(s) of yours to participate. (2 or more in total)
    {Everybody knows Math, you move on��}

    ��Let me know the two or more members, for example:
    If @say_me_krish @skpartz and are participating, any one of you must comment 'Collab Fever' and mention your names.
    (Uh oh, no physical fever)
    {Not amidst the pandemic though��}

    ��You are free to enroll till 12 pm of July 10, 2020. No members are allowed to enroll after the time.

    ��After the time limit gets over, I'll let know the word the team of 2 or more have to use. The word must be the title (bit changes are ok), but it is the central theme of your piece too.
    I'll come up with a piece soon related to this ��

    ��One person must not collab with 2 teams.

    ��No plagiarized content, bad language and obscene images.

    ��A team must post only once.
    (Any single individual from the team)
    {Once and single are the same, you ludicrous person}
    *Continuously red in cheeks*

    ��Submissions must be penned only in English.

    ��Mandatory hashtag: #smk_collab_ch


    So what are you waiting for? Choose your partners and comment fast!!!
    Time runs faster than light ������

    I hope y'all like the challenge ��

    (I'm excited, how many teams might come up? ��)
    { Who's gonna come to your silly challenge though, waste as you are}
    *infuriated now*

    Extremely sorry for such a long post.... ��

    Let more people know of this challenge, more participants can make it difficult for me to choose the best ��������

    1. People whom I tagged are not with the view of requesting for participation.
    I tagged for just having a look ������

    2. It's okay to flood my notifications box (not too much������)

    #skp_writes #skpc

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