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  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 16w

    I felt death looming behind me, as dark as the night sky, as thick as smog.
    I clung onto my dear life like the last autumn leaf clings onto its branch.
    Death's cloak swishing dust under my feet. Her icy breath freezing my bones. Her skeletal hands outstretched to snap my neck in two.

  • shaabie 28w

    Pondering if I ever fell in love with a city.
    Have you ever loved a city? Did the city love you back? Have you ever loved a city and left?

    Tried being octasyllabic this time.

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    Have you ever loved a city?

    Ever tried loving a city?
    And ever did you long to be,
    The dimly lamp of back-alley,
    And eavesdrop illicitly.

    Ever did you fancy to be,
    An early winter blurring smog –
    Refuge for the asthmatic love,
    Albeit stingy with some cough.

    Ever did you feel playful like,
    The rain-filled wobbly pavement tile,
    That splashes the naive suede shoes,
    Paint them muck in nice earthy hues.

    Ever did you fall so deeply,
    Beloved city become you,
    And you become her gleefully.
    Have you ever loved a city?


  • ascendsmog 33w

    If you don't love me
    Say it to my face
    I will not believe you
    Write it on the sky
    I still won't believe you
    Sing it in a song
    Post it on your wall
    Curve it in stone
    I still won't...

  • ascendsmog 37w

    I believe

    I believe that we are not all equal
    That we are creatures of purpose

    I believe in A God
    A Master story Teller

    I believe there is a devil
    a master of all evil

    I believe in love
    An emotion Rooted in our existence

    I believe in pain
    The reason for our existence

    I believe life has endless possibilities
    You can never be too sure if anything

    I believe that 2 extremes are just alike
    The result of each brings out the other

    I believe too much is never enough
    I believe too little is also never enough

    I believe in choices
    Limits set to produce result

    I believe in consequences
    From which life gets to continue

    I believe sadness is based on circumstance
    And that happiness is a choice

    I believe that death is the end
    The final page of a written story

    I believe that death is a beginning
    A Begining of a new story

    I believe in belief
    Without which life has no meaning

    I believe...


  • ascendsmog 37w

    Meet me halfway

    Meet me halfway
    We have come so far to start again
    Here where you and I are
    We can do it
    Overcome this pressure
    It's this that makes us stronger
    Hold on because we are worth it
    Apart is our never
    Together our forever

    Meet me halfway
    Before you go too far
    Before you become history
    What we had is what we have
    We haven't lost it yet
    We will not loose it
    Because here is where we are
    In the middle of something beautiful.


  • ascendsmog 37w


    I still
    In my heart...
    I still
    In my head...
    I still
    Every time I'm alone...
    I still
    Every night b4 I sleep...
    I still
    When I wake up...
    I still
    When am hungry...
    I still
    When am tired...
    I still
    When am writing...
    I still
    with every breath...
    I stilled b4 u ever would
    B4 u ever may...
    I will be still,
    Still waiting

  • jaykirish 37w


    Caught in the web
    Of the head.
    Forming smog,
    Over the mountain.

    Leaving them scared
    Of what lies ahead,
    And what steps to take.

    Hold back
    To refrain from being further entangled.


  • ascendsmog 38w

    Yesterday is a memory
    Tomorrow is a fantasy
    But today is reality

  • ascendsmog 38w

    Kiss me

    Kiss me
    Underneath the moon shine
    Tell me you love me
    Kiss me
    Take my breath away
    Suffocate me with your love
    Kiss me
    Do it like never before
    As if our lives depends on it
    Kiss me
    Do it slow and do not stop
    Do it now I feel it is all we got
    Kiss me
    Then kiss every inch of me
    Remind me why I am special
    Kiss me
    Kiss me then do it again
    After you I do not want another
    Kiss me
    Just kiss me darling
    Show them whose am I
    Kiss me
    Oh baby just kiss me
    Because that is what lovers do
    Kiss me,
    Kiss me before you go
    And when you return kiss me again
    Kiss me
    Darling just kiss me...


  • ascendsmog 38w

    The haunting

    Looking at the man in the mirror
    Is this what we have become
    So disappointing,so pitiful
    We could have become more
    If only you listened more
    No you on the other side
    If only you spoke less
    We cannot even feign laughter
    This pain is Soo great
    And there is no one but us
    You and me on the other side
    It's a pity we are all alone
    You and me against the world
    How can we face it after
    Like before chest upfront
    Oh where to start....?


  • ascendsmog 38w


    No hard feelings hygiene is important ��

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    Shut up please,
    What you say is nonsense
    Cover that mouth
    I need some fresh air
    No...no...speak not
    From your words I tear
    I get nausea I will die
    Shush! shush! your words are fire
    Drink some water clean that pit
    I can't take it
    God is this how I will die
    Better the dead can't breathe
    Perhaps I'd be better off
    Not a word please...no!...no!...nooo!
    If you speak I will scream


  • ascendsmog 38w

    Sleeping alone in the middle of may
    The cold is colder than cold
    I toss and turn with no one to hold
    Sleepless chilly nights with pattering rain
    I remember last year and the year before
    Still a similar situation to this one at four am
    Lonely matured nights with a poem or song
    I got a name for me now, The bachelor of spring
    A perfect season for a her warm embrace
    A season to cuddle and bond with a lover
    Yet here I am in solitude with words yet again

  • ascendsmog 38w

    Love in summer

    Imagine just imagine
    One more time
    The sweetness of fantasy
    Something we can't resist
    The Possibilities perceived...endless
    Imagine the perfect two
    The sun shining, the sky blue
    The cotton clouds, just right
    Good music playing in the car stereo
    The wind caressing over their skins
    Not cold, just cool
    Severally she stands to feel the breeze in detail
    Takes a deep breath and stretches her arms
    He spanks her behind in a friendly way
    Interrupted moments of meditation,
    It's a challenger convertible
    His left arm firmly gripped on the wheel
    Once or twice they hold hands and kiss
    When bored she lays her head on him
    He wraps his right arm around her
    Kisses her forehead she smiles
    The music plays faithfulky
    the car zooms past a truck
    They stop at the red light
    The truck driver honks at the young driver
    he makes the challenger's engine roar
    It's a challenge for the challenger
    The green light lights up
    The two race on the one way
    She screams, he laughs
    They win but split at the cross roads
    The two in love heading somewhere
    Now outside your mind
    Come to the realization
    You are just imagining.

    An inspiration from Solomon Saky's
    "love in fall"

  • ascendsmog 38w

    Young dumb

    I took my time
    Wrote you a poem
    You told me you hate poetry

    I took my wallet
    Bought you lunch
    You tasted and left the rest.

    I held my pride
    Begged for your love
    Yet you told me no

    Finally I embraced my rage
    I mind my business
    Then you smile at me and we re-cycle


  • ascendsmog 38w


    Three nails one man
    A story told retold
    Still never gets old
    Each time a reminder
    A reminder ,love is the apex
    Apex right from above
    Above all nations
    Above all thrones
    A Sacrifice a barter trade
    An unfair one if you asked me
    A death for so many lives
    And in all these
    It's the power
    This is what's amazing
    His life for countless
    Life, a privilege
    To some point ignored
    Humans are we not
    Forget the heroes
    Enjoy the freedom
    and That's life in two
    With every sunrise
    A past in build
    A wall to hide truth
    Then the truth is a theory
    Slowly a story
    Almost gone is His glory
    But eternal is His story
    The Blood,the pain
    The betrayal, the denial
    And the story is faith.
    The story is love

  • ascendsmog 38w

    I will never give up

    I will never give up
    If I Fall 1000 times
    Then I will rise 1000
    My faith is limitless
    My passion insatiable
    I can I will never quit
    With or without in or out
    I am going to make it
    I am not perfect...no
    Imperfect in every way
    And that is why I will
    I know the move after
    I know the move before
    Failure is just but a teacher
    That is why I rise
    I rise above the pain
    I rise above the guilt
    I rise above pesimism
    I rise above everything
    I have not made it
    No not yet
    That is why I live today
    To make a bedtime story
    To Inspire the dreamers
    To prove impossible
    Is indeed impossible

  • ascendsmog 39w

    We are survivors

    Son do you pray?
    Then a lie I never had to tell.
    It is easier that way,
    Without the belief in hell.

    When did we stop?
    I even question the existence.
    It felt good to hope
    But now it's just resistance.

    Who is to blame?
    Now I only trust in me.
    Life has become a game
    And I choose what to be.

    What if there is?
    I guess then I am doomed
    But, would life be as it is?
    Well this flower has bloomed.


  • ascendsmog 39w

    Bullet for valentine

    I want it unconditionally
    Like most mother's to their offspring
    Without reason, without logic,
    This is the real one,
    Not because,
    just the way I am,
    Just the way you are.
    When asked why
    The answer is I just do.
    Even without
    Its still available
    A far-fetched fantasy
    In a wretched reality
    If I can't get it
    Better to live without it
    Call me crazy
    But what's the use
    To have but not
    I just want it raw
    Like the first for every one
    The one that changes everything
    The one perceived naive
    I want real love my darling
    Can you love me that way?

  • ascendsmog 39w

    Human being

    To be human is to want
    More and more without contention
    To be human is to want
    Want that that you have not
    To be human is to want
    Better than the rest than yesterday
    To be human is to want
    Want like your neighbor's like your master's
    To be human is to want
    Want some want all
    To be human is to want
    Want unwant then want
    We are just humans being


  • ascendsmog 39w


    Five forty five
    My phone alarm
    Faithful like yesterday
    Like the day before
    Like everyday
    It's a new day
    Like any other day
    Same old
    Same new
    Same routines
    Successive actions
    All leading to more
    This' what we call life
    Repeated monotony...
    All in search of meaning