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  • porcupine 2d

    January 25th 2022

    The birds are chirping
    Singing their songs
    Fresh fallen snow
    Squirrels scurry along

    Trees and bushes
    Covered all white
    The ground is too
    A beautiful sight

    The sun is shining
    The lake is frozen
    Winter has settled
    Better keep your toes in

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 3d

    I felt death looming behind me, as dark as the night sky, as thick as smog.
    I clung onto my dear life like the last autumn leaf clings onto its branch.
    Death's cloak swishing dust under my feet. Her icy breath freezing my bones. Her skeletal hands outstretched to snap my neck in two.

  • eccentric_eesha_06 3d

    Love is like snow
    that enhances the
    mystifying beauty
    of winter making
    everything look or
    feel nothing less
    than magical.

    © Eesha

  • teasel_vente 1w

    Softly, deeply

    we lay in the snow
    together and, like the snow
    I yielded to you

    °°° °°° °°° °°° °°°
    °°° °°° °°° °°° °°°


  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 1w

    The tears that drop
    From the corners of my eyes
    Turns into snowflakes
    From the years of frost
    Stuffed within the veins of my heart.

  • laconic_words 1w

    No jewels needed

    Bring me shells,
    If you visit ocean,
    Pine cones,
    If you visit hills,
    If you visit river,
    A twig,
    If you visit snow,
    A clover, a leaf, a petal, a flower,
    If you visit the woods,

    Bring me the assurance,
    That you missed me,
    That you thought of me,
    When we weren't together,
    We were together in your thoughts.

  • thought_trader 1w

    Amende honorable

    The cast, the snow and the slimy taverns
    Snowstorm is here knocking the doors
    The warmth is at hiatus untill they recall
    The source, the breath and the scenic lake
    Frozen beyond the horizon
    Waiting for the warmth untill they recall
    The living, the dead and the frozen woods
    Crying aloud in the form of storm
    All they want is amende honorable...


  • lostspiritsam 2w

    I watched the sky
    As the snowflakes floating in the air
    Danced their way slowly towards the ground...

    I watched the leaves
    Turning white with each minute passing by
    Like hidden gems buried underneath
    Until there was no sign of green..

    I watched the streets
    As they got deserted,
    White and empty
    Beautiful yet lonely...

    I watched
    And watched
    Until it was white no more
    Until the snow started melting..

    The first snow
    That we promised to watch together,
    I watched each person hoping it's you
    The first snow,
    That was to be ours,
    I watched it all.


  • islam_naziya 2w

    Advice is like snow.
    The softer it falls,
    the longer it dwells upon,
    and the deeper it sinks
    into the mind...

  • porcupine 2w

    January 11th 2022

    The air is freezing cold
    The lake is freezing up
    The geese are fussing and
    The ducks say zip it up!

    The snow on the ground
    And ice in some places
    The ducks are furious that
    The geese swim in races

    Mister winter has settled
    He will stay for a while
    The geese and ducks talk
    Frozen but they wear a smile

  • tracey8737 2w

    Sunrise and Snowflakes

    Looking out the window on that crisp, snowy day, I picked up my guitar and sang a song to the sunrise, knowing it would make mini rivers of those delicate snowflakes before the end of my song.

  • bhawanaa 3w

    Cool cool#sardiyo ka mausam#snow on mountain#cold wave

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    सर्द हवाओं ने मौसम का पारा गिराया है,
    पूस की ठंडी रातों में अलाव जलाया है।
    ठिठुरन भले ही देह में उतर आई है लेकिन
    उम्मीद की किरण मन में फिर से जगायी है,
    सफेद रुई के फाहे से" बरफ"की सौगात आसमान से आई है।
    अहा रे पहाड़ मेरे, तुमने क्या सुन्दरता पायी है।
    उमड़ते पर्यटकों का रेला है,
    कंक्रीटों की दीवारों के पीछे जिन्होंने अपना दुःख सदा ही झेला है,
    खुले आसमान तले आज उन्होंने भी खूब खेल खेला है।।
    बर्फ के गोले एक दूसरे पर फेंकते, बनाते अनेकों आकृतियां,
    पल भर के लिए ही सही पाकर प्रकृति का सानिध्य,
    हरती मन की विकृतियां, उभरती मधुर स्मृतियां।
    जीवन में उल्लास लिए नववर्ष भी आया है,
    चोटियों पर बिछ गई है बर्फ की सफेद चादरें, घाटियों में घना कोहरा छाया है।
    गुम सी हो रही हैं सूरज की किरणें धरा तक आते आते,
    जाने कब शाम ढल गई खुशियां मनाते मनाते।।

  • porcupine 3w

    Winter 2022

    The cold weather arrived
    With it came some snow
    Freezing and frigid now
    As the cool wind blows

    Winter is in full swing
    And will stay for a bit
    Spring weather is coming
    Until then wear your mitts

    Get bundled up real good
    The crisp wind cuts through
    Dress in lots of layers
    I think that you already knew

    Tobogganing and skiing
    Snowboarding and hockey
    Just to name a few things
    To do after a morning coffee

    Snow balls , snow men and
    Snow angels can be made
    If the snow is the right type
    It packs together so great

    Take the kids out for a ride
    In the sleigh they can sit
    Gliding smoothly as it slides
    I really bet it will be a hit

  • sumiya_ 3w


    Seeing up in the sky, i feel snow splashes down my face ! I close my eyes and every thought flashes through my mind ! My lips are trembling ,my cheeks as red as cherry , my hands as cold as ice
    I feel at peace , It makes me happy than ever.


  • muskaanbhatttt 4w

    So, this is my another new account buddies��

    As I was busy with my schedules from last 5 days, firstly were on a family trip of 2 days, was busy with exam preparations also, then I was busy with my personal and educational stuffs,had a very tiredsome beautiful yet heart wrenching visit to my new medical Institute which I am soon going to join in sha allah and with family I was busy in planning about my future related engagement with non other then him��❤as I am the elder daughter at home,and he had already told about me to his family on the first day of our love and yesterday finally I revealed about him when family were asking about my likes dislikes about a groom through my cousin sisters��,i indirectly of course told them all about him as I am still shy and directly will introduce when the dates will be fixed and when he will send his homies to my house��soon it will happen in upcoming 2 years and will continue my studies after that as well, education has not any fullstop.

    So finally after all the hectic things were done, I tried to login today my ist id @muskaanbhatt ffrom mobile as well as pc but I couldn't as before I had gone through this problem and it's again for the second time showing fb login unavailable for this glitchy unofficial app�� as the problem is with fb not with Miraquill, so it will take few days to restore the logins, and fortunately I am having my ist ids login on chrome but there as according to Miraquill's rules you can't post from chrome or browsers and rest you can do anything except posting��‍♂️, and my second id @muskaanbhatt_ which is made from google,is I am using, and but for some time I won't be posting, liking or reposting from taht account as I had already posted 100+ posts from that, so I am giving that account a break��, and so I thought of creating a 3rd id as I love growing new things, so I created this one as I am free for sometime❤��restoration of login will take few days and i don't want to wait for that long to post anything so created another id��‍♂️

    So, I will write on those topics which I missed these days❤

    #pod #wod #weather #different #snow @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I make him numb yet so cold
    While he staring out from his window,
    Seeing everything white but so bold
    Feeling my presence in snowfall without any shadow

    Felt me on his face while I was falling from the sky full of invisible clouds
    Touched his warm cheeks and allowed me to melt there
    He Smiled shyly while noticed I am falling all around
    And me settling on the ground and turning everything white here

    Hugged him and made him shiver
    Ignoring coldness he made me melt without any care
    His soul turned numb with my snowy white cover
    While he embracing me and kept me near

    He knew she as a snowy whether will didn't last long
    He felt me with love and said you will come back in next seasons
    Said I will wait but i know you won't let me suffer and come with an early ding dong
    So,you will come to love me in every different weather,in every season with many bountiful reasons


  • sayuki 5w

    Little snow

    Dance Like a little Snowflake
    Red as Rudolph's nose
    With a smile brighter than the north star.

  • torilynnthepoet 5w

    December Nights

    The crackle of the flames is the only sound you can hear as you stare into the roaring fireplace

    The warmth of the hot chocolate in your hands accompanied by the warmth of the fire makes your heart feel whole

    You can't help but smile as you're sitting on the couch in your home, closing your eyes and soaking in the coziness of the warm winter night

    You open your eyes to glance out the window and see the soft white snow sprinkling down onto the already covered ground

    Your Christmas tree is lit up with varieties of colors and ornaments strewn about it. Red and green blend together and the star on the top to wrap it all up together perfectly

    You always loved the cozy feeling of winter when you're sitting by the fireplace, covered in blankets. It felt peaceful

    December nights felt peaceful.


  • porcupine 5w

    Hockey season

    People playing hockey
    Over across the lake
    At the outdoor rink
    They shoot and skate

    A loud boom each time
    The puck hits the boards
    Another wind up again
    And the player scores

    The weather is cold
    The season for snow
    Hockey is now played
    Wherever I go

  • jpwriter 6w


    Sound a sleep snow
    Hounds the scene slow
    Down beneath rows
    Of house each home
    A loud increased moan
    Pounds the street cones
    Down the weak goes
    The mounds in heaps blow
    Round or clean snow
    Is sound asleep snow


  • porcupine 7w

    December 12th

    It is almost winter
    The snow had arrived
    And then it was gone
    Now very mild outside