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    In the quotations above they were taken from Yellow by Coldplay

    Photo credit myself ironically across from Jurado Lane (spelling matter be off.)

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    Observing Your Observations

    “Look at the stars
    Look how they shine for you
    And all the things that you do”

    I know you see me now
    You see us now
    Up there with Mom laughing, it’s ok

    Observing your observations
    It never took you long either
    I guess now you see all you need now

    I told you I soak so much in
    You already knew that though
    You waited for me to figure it out

    The truth is, I never did on my own
    Only through LillyFlower I learned
    Thank God for her.

    “Look how they shine for you
    Look how they shine for you
    Look how they shine”

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    Big Bad Wolf

    Open your eyes girl, tell me what do you see. Don't close your eyes so much, for that is when it starts to get shade. Keep your eyes open, and focused. Don't have to let the dark in. Too much darkness leads to seeing your worst nightmare. Flashes of his gun in his glovebox. Hey girl, it's just a bad nightmare. He is not touching you.
    Open your eyes girl, the big bad wolf is looking upon you, while you cringe. Open your eyes girl, wake up. You see his face, forcing himself upon you. Save yourself while still can girl. Fight with all you have. Everything is blurry, and turning black. You drank too much girl. And took 1 too many pills. Now, you are his prey, as he is the predator.
    Nothing you can do but wait till it all over. I know you wanna throw up girl. It's all ok now. Wake the hell up, you are just in a repeating scene in your mind girl. Look around, you are safe and sound in your bed. No big bad wolf. No one preying on you, like a starving animal needing food. Take a good look around you are safe. No big bad wolf. It's over now.