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  • beensn 3w

    Heard, that there is always darkness under the lamp,
    Heard, the eyes of a soldier's wife is always damp.
    Heard, lamp burns itself to lighten the other,
    Experienced, the wife's life is burnt by the soldier !!
    © beensN

  • kashyapraj3010 5w

    Born To Die!!!
    - By Raj Kashyap…

    Yes, I am a soldier,
    A daddy and a friend,
    A comrade, a son,
    A warrior till the end!!!

    Warzone, is my home,
    Sacrifice, is what I flood,
    Bravery, in my blood!!!

    No complaints, no desire,
    My honor, as my attire,
    We never say Goodbye!!!
    B/c I’m a soldier, born to die.

    Parade signing team work,
    On enemies, we do lurk,
    Cyclones, can’t stop us,
    Motherland, my only love!!!

    Discipline, as my bestie,
    Training, as a health zesty,
    Your safety, is my majesty.

    All those sleepless nights,
    Turned me into a knight,
    With courage as my sword,
    Fighting Spirit as my award!

    I proudly went there,
    Where others fear to go,
    And I proudly did that,
    What others failed to do!

    I’ve seen face of terror,
    War getting worst and scarier,
    Blood & sand streak face,
    Death making ultimate chase.

    My medals, a sign of pride,
    Widows yelling loud cried,
    Heart beat feels like boulder,
    Everyone can’t be a soldier!

    - By Raj Kashyap…

    #BorntoDie #soldier #warrior #war #writersnetwork

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    Born To Die!!


  • madinah_writes 6w

    A dancer dies twice
    Once when he stop dancing
    Once when he really dies.
    The first is always painful.

    A soldier dies not twice but thrice.
    Once when he lose at war
    The second is when he stops fighting
    The third is when he really dies.
    The second is always more painful.

    A writer dies not thrice but four times.
    Once when he is out of idea
    The second is when he stops writing
    The third is when he really dies.
    The fourth is if he is long forgotten.
    The third is most painful.
    For a writer is a library of knowledge.

  • beeba_benny_727 9w

    My first battlefield

    Wary watchful outside the cantonment
    I see streaks of cloud trailing across an azure sky
    Marvelled at the plunging valleys around me
    Giant pine trees piercing the sky;
    Lush verdant meadow beneath the combat boots
    What more can a soldier dream about?

    Gosh! A sudden array of thunder,
    Murk eluded the sky in abruption.
    It's gonna rain!
    Roars and screams i discern from far-a-wide
    Oh wait, it's a bloody shed.
    Fastened the amour, convened the troop
    All primed for an assault.

    Its a blitz they remarked!
    Sprinting the warfield,
    We saw pleading eyes to liberate from confinement
    Devastated civilians, demolished countryside
    Yearning hunger cries, bereavement of loss,
    Roars of agony, screams of molest, a bitter despair.

    Darting across the dying souls,
    Clasps our boot the slained ones fallen on ground,
    Pleading to rescue their lives.
    At once i ruminated, I'm helpless and incapable.
    Recoiling the rifle against the enemies i proclaimed,
    God of Moses, God of David, God of Jeremiah,
    U are my hammer and weapon of war, with you i break nations into pieces, with you i can destroy kingdoms. Vengeance is yours, you will repay i trust! With you i can advance against a troop, with my God i can scale a wall.

    And there he trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle.
    There comes peace! The silver bugles play
    More than the lose, the inheritance are saved!
    The drum beats faster, hugs of joy profound
    From dawn unto the setting sun,
    We battled and our foes have lost!
    Saviour of Israel, the battle is won!

    Thus we sing,
    The terror of night, nor the plagues of midday
    Will ever keep us from proclaiming, that we belong to you,
    Your faithfulness will be our shield and rampart
    We will tread against the troop, the lord will rescue us,
    For we acknowledges his name,
    He will deliverus with long life and show us his salvation!
    Victory belongs to Israel!


  • the1taniart 10w

    "I'm not a good man...I'm not as kind as people say I am, Jackson. Everything I do under that hood is either all about justice or, as you know...revenge."

    - Gideon Adoke (from the book series, Shadows).
    - The Taniart.

  • bhawanaa 12w

    विश्व युद्ध

    क्या विश्व परिधि में फिर से एक व्यास होगा
    मध्य जिसके खेल महाविनाश होगा
    क्या फिर से निर्दोष मानव काल का ग्रास होगा
    कौन जानता है कहां कहां उस रक्तबीज का वास होगा
    जिसके खातिर पुनः मानव सभ्यता का ह्रास होगा
    चांद पर बसने की चाहत रखने वाला मानव
    क्या धरती पर अपनों की ढो रहा लाश होगा
    शुभचिंतक बनने का दिखावा करने वाले
    आपस में लड़ाने को किसी ने तो उछाला ये टास होगा
    बिना बम बारूद और मिसाइलों से निर्मित ये धरती
    ऐसा अब शायद ही काश होगा
    ये खेल नहीं शतरंज का, यहां एक छुपा हुआ पत्ता विजयी ताश होगा
    इस हलाहल से हर रोज मरते हैं कितने ही बेजुबान हैं
    जब मानव समझने लगेगा मानवता की परिभाषा को
    दिन वो कुछ खास होगा।
    इस मालिक दास के खेल में जाने
    किसकी उन्नति होगी किसका नाश होगा।
    है बची कौन सी जगह अब धरा पर
    जहां निर्भय जीवन का वास होगा।
    भुखमरी गरीबी और अशिक्षा सारे विषय पीछे छूट गए
    क्या पानी वाले बादल बरसेंगे फिर से
    या युद्ध की विभीषिका से भरा हुआ सदा ये आकाश होगा।
    दो गज भी नसीब नहीं हुआ मुल्क अपना
    जिस दिन कूरूरता को यह अहसास होगा
    तब तक बहुत देर हो चुकी होगी
    जाने कौन सा वो वर्ष दिन मास होगा।
    तू क्यों इतना विचलित है मानव
    पूजे जाएंगे सदा ताकतवर ही
    कमजोरों का हर जगह धरा पर परिहास होगा।
    उन्नत मस्तक के कुटिल निर्णय होंगे जब जब
    अवन्नत राष्ट्र को झेलना त्रास होगा।
    सब राष्ट्र क्यूं मौन साध कर बैठ गए
    कितने निर्दोष मर रहे हैं, किसी की तो ये एहसास होगा।।

  • thatrandomthoughttt 15w

    Conscientious Objector

    I shall die , but that is all I shall do for death.

    I hear him leading his horse out of the stall; I hear clatter on the barn-floor.
    He is in haste; he has business in cuba, business in the Balkans, many calls to make this morning.
    But I will not hold the bridle while he cinches the girt.
    And he may mount by himself; I will not give him a legs up.
    Though he flick my shoulders with his whip, I will not tell him which way the fox ran.
    With his hoof on my breast, I will not tell him where the black boy hides in the swamp.
    I shall die, but that is all that I shall do for death; I am not on his pay roll.

    I will not tell him the whereabouts of my friends nor of my enemies either.
    Though he promise me much, I will not map him the route to any man's door.
    Am I a spy in the land of the living, that i should deliver men to death?
    Brother , the password and the plans of our city are safe with me ; never through me
    Shall you be overcome.

  • seriladinky 18w


    All hail the warriors of our time
    standing firm in battle field with shield against metallic rain

    All hail the warriors
    The fallen heroes
    whose name will be written on rocks never to be forgotten

    All hail the warriors
    your names will be remembered

  • raunak_baghbaan 20w

    Taaron ka sheher

    Taaron ka sheher suhana,
    Sota hai jab ek jawaan pehra deta hai
    Rishton ko chd ke, rasmon ko chd ke,
    Jaan ki baazi prr khelta hai....
    Qisson kahaniyon me suna haina bass?
    Maano meri baat - hota hai sachme daravnaa.....

  • brundabrunda 26w

    Fight of light

    A soldier never thought , he is a slave
    His mind is straight as pave
    He don't behave any nave
    He fought the problems like wave and a forever brave

    Every soldier's desire is higher
    His heart is very near to fire for a foe
    Never told about Meir nor he is not a cryer
    I just want to be a flyer like him

    He never counts his sadness or richness
    Ohh warrior felt great about you !!!
    His hardness and sharpness bought a fairness among the heartless people

    His courage with for
    Our Savage among people
    He bought a message
    We got a encourage just to be a part of a gigantic Savage

    He just not fought a fight but a sight of light

    If I would be a soldier
    I just want to serve my motherland
    Rather to preserve myself
    And raise with a love praise !!!

    I must have been lived my life bountiful
    Me or everyone learn plentiful
    Sometimes everything looks painful
    My work is dutiful and
    It's just beautiful

    My life would be a adventure and I will be a venture

    © Brunda

  • nightsurfer 35w


    When there is noise at the border and screams for war, a soldier's home falls silent.


  • words_are_magic 36w


    She hid her tears in the rain
    and bid him goodbye with a smile but in her heart pain.
    She would miss him dearly and wait for him to return,
    The life of a soldier is utterly uncertain was a fact she wished she could unlearn.

  • prose_nexus 38w

    'In a blaze of true actions, faces are unrecognised but spirits are sought out for to find what they perceive as right and that is a touch from a lover above all else. The feeling that envelopes remorse and grants satisfaction to the loudest of senses, the feeling I once cherished.

    Forsake this fulsome praise I once bestowed on your mighty endowment, you have rather stepped out of its permanence and gowned yourself in ridicule.

    I longed for the property of openness which in no ordinary case would overtake my senses and seize them, again and again.

    Must I roam the streets of lechers and associate with their characters before I am found desirable once more? Has my cost of excitement expired in transaction, or inflated in value?

    Jezebel. Tell me of those stories we will never forget, but look back on with an ecstatic submission.

    I am only present with a figure of doubt as to the purposes of this your submission to a thickness and girth.
    What power does my physicality hold to you that keeps you aloof but steadfast to my position? Do you require a firm grip to pin you over a counter?

    A thought, to a visage, to a slip-in, to a thrust, to a leakage. What are garments to drenched souls and malaise to a lustful one?'

    Also, I'm now @a_word4u on Instagram (Do follow for more insightful perspectives from other writers). Tag @a_word4u on your various 'did you know that' posts to reach out. I want to hear from the best of people.


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    Have it your way?


  • _meee_ 38w

    Soldiering isn't for the faint of heart
    Its for those willing to make sacrifices
    Doing what is right for the greater good
    Not for themselves but for their loved ones and their country

  • prose_nexus 39w

    This is an ode to veterans and soldiers(KIA) around the world. I do not care the race, the sentiment falls to the loss of human life and the objectivity of war.

    Also, I'm now @a_word4u on Instagram (Do follow for more insightful perspectives from other writers). Tag @a_word4u on your various 'did you know that' posts to reach out. I want to hear from the best of people.

    Let's pass a 100 followers this August.
    #pod #didyouknowthat... #fact #postoftheday #inspirationalquotes #love #mirakee #writersntework #poetryforthesoul #creativewriting #veteran #soldier #effort #love #quoteoftheday #ode

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    Red Timeime

    A note I once wrote in crimson ink,
    dedicated to a man of war and passion, a man whose pain was livid but not unsightly.
    He expressed himself only with limp fingers that jittered unconventional symbols and letters.

    He was different from the common man.
    He was blind but could taste sweet words within his mind's eye, could control a tower of greatness underneath his speech, and bury a mansion of wealth in objectivity.

    My thoughts of him cannot even be fully expressed by myself nor comprehended by any. For this, I have faltered. I regret one thing and a thing alone; that I have squelched a flame without knowing its abject purpose.

    Deep within the gates of sentiment, I hold dearly this figure as I have learnt never to be put down without enforcing my resilience and I have learnt to strike a balance between right and wrong. I am tender for this, so I write.

    Oh Empyrean nation! return back to me this washed soul so that I too may be cleansed by his purity of heart and tightness of tongue. I speak in solemn tone, grant me this dire request and take me next in his stead.


  • cracked_soul 41w

    Adhuri mahobat

    Unhe faslon ki arzoo thi humse humne unhe door kardiya,
    Mahobat ko unki humne apne zahan me hi kahin gum kardiya.
    Wo nahi chahte the hum unka naam duniya ko bataye,
    Isliye bina unka naam liye humne unka fasana sare aam kah Diya.

    Faslon ki ajeeb adat hoti he,

    wo yadon ko aur mazboot aur logon ko aksar mazboor kardete he.

    Door kardiya humne unhe ,
    Magar unki yaden na bhula paye.
    Mana pahli jaisi mahobat nahi aab unse,
    Magar kambakht hum unse nafarat bhi na Kar paye.

    Raas na aata tha unhe pyar humara,
    Kahti zid he humari bas unko Pana.
    Kese samjhau us nadan ko hum,
    Jisko wo zid ka naam de rahe he wo unke liye bepanah pyar he hamara.

    Aab Jo fasle he humare darmiya ,
    to baate band ho gayi he.
    Unhe lagta he unke liye humari mahobat aab kuch Kam ho gayi he.

    Koyi Bata Dena unhe,
    Jo paymana wo apni kuch pal ki mahobat see Tay Kar Gaye he,
    Aab aane wali har mahobat us paymane me toli jati he.
    Kasam khuda ki chahte to he hum fir dill lagana,
    Magar na Jane Kyu mahobat ki sui fir unpar hi aakar atak jaati he.

    Unke kehne par humne bhi koshishe ki dusre rishte me mazroof ho Jane ki.
    Kisi aur haseena ki zulfon me khud ke gumo ko bhulane ki.
    Magar kambakht mere dardon ko ye manzoor Kahan tha,
    Mujhe to har haseena mili tute dill ke sath liye parchayi unke adhuri chahat ki.

    Me muqamal ishque ke khilaf nahi ,
    Ki muqamal ishque to khuda ki rahmat he.
    Magar Hume to adhure isque see hi ulfat he,
    Ki muqamal ho Gaya to fanah ho jayega Mera adhura ishque sahi magar zinda to he.

    Aksar jab mahboob chod deta he to use bewafa ka khitab mil jata he,
    Sach kahu to mene bhi unhe bewafa karar Kar hi Diya Tha.

    Magar jab unki kahani Jani to samjha ki

    Wo bewafa kese ho sakti he ,
    Jab usne kabhi wafa ka wada Kiya hi na tha.
    Galti to humari hi he na,
    Hum dill unse laga bethe jinke dill pe kisi aur ka naam pahle see hi likha hua tha.

    Wese haal unka bhi kuch kuch humare jaisa hi he,
    Na Hume humari mahobat mili na humari mahobat ko uski mahobat.

    Magar yahi to khubsoorti he na dill lagane ki.

    Dill wahan jakar atkega deewane ,
    Jahan use jalane wali shama ho.
    Ankhen us haseen chehre par atkengi,
    Jahan pahle see hi kisi aur ki mahobat ka pahra ho.

    To yaron Alam aab kuch Yun he ki ,

    Unke kahe mutabit hum unse ek shab bhi nahi kehte,
    Aab hum bhari mahfil me bayan karte he wo sab,
    Jo ye lab unse kabhi band kamre me bhi na kahte.

    Puri nahi karunga ye Kavita ki

    Adhure isque ki dastan Puri kese ho sakti he,
    Aur agar Puri ho gayi to ye Meri kese ho sakti he.
    Hum to apne hi guroor me adhure fasane likhte jayenge,
    Kyunki aap hi batao kabhi suna he muqamil ishque ki dastan ne shauhrat hasil ki he.

  • _do_lafj_ 43w


    देश ही शान है,
    देश ही अभिमान है।।
    देश ही परिवार तो,
    देश ही सारा संसार है।।
    देश के लिए खुद को लूटा देते है,
    देश पे खुद को मिटा देते है।।
    देश की खातिर घर छोड़े अपना,
    देश के लिए ही सिर काटा देते है।।
    जिनके शरीर मे लहू नही,
    देश भक्ति बहती है।।
    जिनके दिल में हर वक़्त,
    भारत माँ रहती है।।
    जो देश के बेटे है,
    जो जान देश पे देते है।।
    जिनका कर्तव्य देश है,
    जिनका धर्म देश है।।
    देश से ही जिनकी पहचान है,
    भारत माँ के लाल,
    सैनिक उनका नाम है।।

    I write this on pulvama attack in Jammu kashmir on 14 February 2019��...
    ●Black Day For India●

    @bhaijaan_goldenwriteszakir @greenpeace767 @aka_ra_143 @anusugandh
    #Soldier #BlackDayForIndia #Country

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    ना किसी ने उन्हें गुलाब दिया था,
    ना किसी ने उनसे प्यार जताया था।
    उन्होंने तो देश की सुरक्षा में,
    अपना सब कुछ गवाया था।।
    क्या गुजरी होगी उन माँ बाप पे,
    जिनका बेटा गया हसते हुए था,
    और तिरंगे में लिपटा घर आया था।।


  • blackwench 45w

    Stack insomnia

    I slept a while ago, just woke up.

    On starless nights like these I search my soul for passion and enthusiasm to validate my insomnia.

    I've searched through mind's Garrison for old soldiers and new ones alike, but their guns seem to have picked up rusty bits, their scheduled greasing seized without prior warning.

    With that, I'll travel these starless night void of companionship, empty and open!

  • benhurbedford 45w

    Don't you Taper down my Sound

    Don't you taper down my sound.
    For it is miraclous and a wrecking ground.
    The army is ready for battle at bay.
    My pen will often speak my name.

    Don't you taper down my sound.
    For it is miraclous and a wrecking ground.
    Built up like a sheild I'm in it to say.
    My days will soon be by the bay.

  • black_bells_01 49w

    Wrote this one from the perspective of a woman whose husband went off to war and she's left behind to witness the city falling in the hands of the enemy marching on the swore of havoc and despoliation.

    #Worldatwar #worldwar #soldier #wife

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    A War To Win, A War To Lose

    With a heavy heart, I placed this picture in your palm
    Might remind you of better times, the greater calm

    My days await your embrace
    And the nights shallow of grace
    Do come back, darling
    My life's turtled its pace

    Today you left me all lonely
    The house no longer feels homely
    Void of laughter, void of company
    Memories ringing the bells lowly

    Heard a few gunshots down the street
    Must have jolted you in your sleep
    Far across the oceans in your barrack
    Fight well, darling, you own the lead!

    I hear the forces might invade soon
    They say they bring the devil doom
    Fear floats mighty in the air
    I'm told not to leave my room

    The city has fallen into clutches of cruelty
    Their souls embark on the course of brutality!
    Tonight I hid behind the curtains
    Tomorrow I might flee

    I'm still there behind the curtains, petrified
    Emaline lay dead on the roadside
    My tears dried out
    But my heart still cried

    Our heaven isn't safe anymore
    It'll not be long before they'll bring down the door
    The time's short and the words heavy
    I must write from the depth of my core!

    Don't hope to come back to your history
    Your lady's fight won't be a mystery
    The tears might well up but not of shame
    I'll meet you now when my soul's free

    And I hope for you to know

    My days awaited your embrace
    And the nights were shallow of grace
    You came back, darling
    But my life's lost its pace.