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  • aditya_jain_07 4w

    Survival show

    You kept prioritising them & they kept treating you as an option,
    You kept chasing them & they kept running away,
    You kept ignoring their lies,greeds and what not & they kept ignoring you,
    You kept pushing your boundaries for them & they kept shrinking their boundaries for you.

    World isn't all fairy tales & Pixie dust,It's a survival show.
    Buckle up.


  • aditya_jain_07 4w


    People change by choice and blame it on the time, circumstances and what not.

  • jeric_cloyd_ricare 11w

    Many of us think that having a war and saving the world can keep us from harm and can make us into a hero, but what about those who had fallen as a war victim, the soldiers who have families that's waiting for them, i know that there is no such thing as peace, but having war isn't great either, many innocent live had been wasted just for a one goal as peace and freedom, so from all the victims of the war i offer you my poetry rest in peace and thanks for giving us freedom for many generations.

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    Saving us from other country
    and lighten up our freedom today,
    the nation that you fight and died
    will remember your story along behind.

    so from the bottom of my heart
    i lay this poem as you all had depart,
    you will all always be our heroes who pass
    and give us future that you left and died.

  • loftydreams101 13w

    Empty Shells

    The splinters of a rooftop
    Break loose, quietly in the storm
    When the guns salute
    And rain scalding metal
    Yet the pure love of home
    Never truly dies
    Still alive in the sergeant
    The spotter
    The sapper
    Buckling walls take flight
    As dust rising in the night
    As armor swarms from the east
    To burn black at sunrise
    Yet the memory of home
    Wafts gently with the breeze
    Guiding worn souls back
    Into the caverns underneath
    The broken shards of home
    Will be pieced whole again
    When spires chime,
    For the white scarred legions
    Marching home

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • lexasaurusxo 14w


    Isn't it exhausting? Always watching your 6, your 10, your 2? There's nothing like always looking around like a baser, being mocked as today's fool, But I was once the one laughing at someone higher than the moon, claiming a bunch of bullshit nobody believed in, until it was me in the limelight.. I had to learn the hard way.. that maybe that high mother fxxker wasn't geekin..
    It's actually quite amazing the way this society has the aware looking so non credential.. but why is it the ones who so called 'lost their minds' have a past full of so much potential?
    The media feeds your brain a bunch of garbage that you won't even care to fathom, you won't even notice that you're just another product of this twisted fictional pattern..
    It took me over two decades to actually take a look at this f***** up society and not a damn soul around my presence can preach that their practicing sobriety.
    It be the same ones whose fingers are covered that point that infected b******* to the next one, while they're looking like an All-Star and cannot decipher a finger from a damn thumb.
    I've already said too much, and I'm not even on the same subject I started.. shout out to my fallen soldiers, it won't be long before we're all no longer Departed.

  • popsweety_abi 17w

    WAR is not an end, it's just a beginning!


  • jasleen2004 19w

    Opened the family album,
    And i found the one,
    A pic of me and my cousins with our grandfather,
    Enjoying the sunset in front yard,
    Under the banyan tree,
    With naked feets on the grass.

    The sun still rises with arrogance ,
    It still sets,
    Banyan tree still standing there proudly,
    Grass is still there.

    But now
    our smile is not innocent anymore,
    Filled with hidden conspiracy,
    Now our feet have grown,
    Turned rough with labour.

    And our grandfather is no more,
    He left us without hope,
    Nobody is there to be our backbone.
    It has become a black hole in our hearts,
    Nothing can fill the void again.


  • meri_jaadui_kalam 19w

    14 February 2019

    Mohabbat ki shi paribhaasha to unn shaheed jwaano ne diya hai......
    Jo apne desh ki mohabbat ke khaatir shaheed hogye......


  • anavrap 19w

    14 फरवरी में कुछ जवान जिंदगी की जंग हार गए
    जब कुछ बुझदिल सरहदपार
    पुलवामा में अपने ना पाक इरादों को अंजाम कर गए
    पलटकर जवाब तो दिया हमने
    पर वार का ज़ख्म क्या भर गया इस्से?
    उनके परिवार की खबर मिलती अब कहां!

    अपनी खुशी के पलों में
    कुछ पल उनकी कुर्बानी भी याद करना
    सियासत से तुम इन सब को दूर रखना
    इक श्रद्धांजलि तुम अर्पित जरूर करना
    40 शहीद हुए इस दिन
    उनके परिवार के लिए ये प्यार का दिन
    अश्रू के पल हर बार लाएगा |

    उस मां का दमन सूना महसूस आज फिरसे करेगा |
    वक्त का पहिया कैसे घूम जाएगा इसका अंदाज़ा कहा हुआ होगा
    पत्नियों और बच्चों को
    कहा ही सोचा होगा घर के दरवाजे पर
    अपने पिता से लिपट कर
    प्यार की झप्पी आखिरी बार उनका परिवार महसूस कर सकेगा

    लौट कर
    वो यादें जब जब आती होंगी
    ये मासूम कोमल से खिले हुए चेहरों
    को बचपन में ही सख्त बनने के लिए मजबूर कर जाति है ये |

    आसान नहीं है एक जवान की जिंदगी
    न जवानी का पता न ज़िंदगानी का पता
    ना जाने कब देश की मिट्टी में ही ये सांसे
    थम जानी है
    शहीदो को नमन है मेरा
    जालसाज फरेबियों के जो शिकार बन जाते हैं
    कुछ युवा जब धर्म के नाम पर
    जीवन की कुर्बानी देने के लिए तैय्यर जब हो जाते हैं

    गरीबी के चलते
    लोग किसी भी हद्द पार कर जाते हैं
    प्यार के इस दिन को भी एक दाग दे गए?
    ये अल्लाह के ये ईश्वर के बंदे
    अनगिनत युवाओं को साल दर साल
    धर्म की सियासत में बर्बाद कर गए |
    दीमक है ये लोग जिस कुर्सी पर बैठते हैं
    उसको ही चट्ट कर साफ कर गए।

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #pulwama #soldiers

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  • the4linequotes 19w

    with the
    decline in number of
    TV camera's

    the TRP of pain
    will also get


  • bhawanaa 25w


    मेरी अमानत अब देश की शान बन गई,
    जो थी कभी एक नन्हीं सी जान,
    वो आज देश का जवान बन गई।
    गर्व से ऊंचा सर नत हृदय जीवन की मेरे तान बन गई,
    तू सरहद का पहरेदार क्या बना
    मेरी कोख भी महान बन गई।
    किस तरह तपाया है तुमने अपने इस तन और मन को
    कि,यह तन और मन अद्भुत विचारों की खान बन गई।
    निज प्राणों की रक्षा का जतन तो सभी करते हैं,
    भारत माता के "प्राणों"की रक्षा का वचन ही
    अब तुम्हारा अभिमान बन गई।
    सदा ही पावन रहेगी श्री कृष्ण की जन्मस्थली,
    अर्जुन को दिये उपदेश जो "कुरुक्षेत्र" में,
    वो गीता का ज्ञान तुम्हारे कर्म की जुबान बन गई।
    नमन तुम्हे ऐ वतन के पहरेदारों,
    आन मान के लिए मर मिटना ही
    तुम्हारी पहचान बन गई।
    "देशहित सर्वोपरी" करके सारे बंधनों से खुद को बरी,
    "आत्मा "अजर अमर है प्रशिक्षण का ज्ञान बन गई।।

  • eshamahajan 25w


    Soldiers are the real heroes of the nation,
    Who are worthy of divine salvation.
    They fight for the honour of their country,
    And bear each bruise and lesion numbly.
    The dignity of a soldier can't be compared to anyone,
    As their valor makes them eternal like a Sun.
    From the training to the battlefield, they show their patience,
    So we rever them as an idol of obeisance and deference.
    They are the lionhearted sons of the motherland,
    Who sincerely follow their senior's command.
    They have muscles of iron and nerves of steel,
    Which infuse in them patriotic and fervent zeal.
    They can live in extreme hot and cold weather,
    Which shows that they have the ability to turn the zephyr.
    Their festivals, functions and special occasions,
    Are all sacrificed for their earnestness and passion.
    Their homecoming is waited by their families,
    But when their corpse came,it rebut their fallacies.
    They defend the borders of their country dauntlessly,
    Facing challenges coming their way relentlessly.
    They are actually angels in disguise,
    Who are born to save others from demise.
    So salute these champions who bring happiness in our lives,
    By sacrificing their blissful moments of delights.


  • ananias 25w

    #russia #ww2 #soldiers #war

    This is an adaptation of an old Russian song named "Katyusha"

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    Sweet scents on a crisp breeze, creeping mist through falling leaves.

    A sweet girl, stumbling as she climbs the bank where she finds a view to watch brothers and fathers fighting across the shore.

    She sings with her love of who she adores, brave soldiers abroad, heroes each one, armed with guns, clothes and courage against incendiary bombs, falling on them to protect daughters, sisters, moms.

    Let her song ride the breeze and be carried by the sun, to remind those brave soldiers what's waiting them when they've won.


  • miss_as 44w

    Poetry by me #soldiers #Watan ke rakshak #India

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    Watan ke Rakshak

    Jaan thi Jahaan tha phir bhi Dil me Hindustaan tha
    Ghar tha pyaar tha lekin jana tha unhe sarhad paar
    Sub ko rola kar apne ansoo chupa kar chale wo apne watan ke rakshak
    Jante howe anjaan raho par chal padhe
    Jaan thi Jahaan tha Phir bhi Dil me Hindustaan tha
    Anjaan the dushman ki chal se
    Phir bhi nikal padhe watan ki ahh me
    Na jeene ka shauk tha
    Na marne ka dar
    Dil me bas ek hi khwahish thi
    Azaad rahe mulk hamara Hindustaan
    Likhte howe khat apni maa ko roo padhe
    Khud maa bhi khat ko ansoo lagaye roti dekhi
    Kon janta hai kya beet ti hai us maa par
    Apni jaan ko khatre me daale chale wo sarhad paar
    Jaan thi Jahaan tha phir bhi Dil me Hindustaan tha
    Bas Dua hai rab se
    Watan ka har rakshak rahe salamat


  • chithuyiapfoze 44w

    Oh men! from the west i see the clouds darken
    Cries of infants in air, women with tears, broken
    Shouts "the prophecy must have returned!!" End
    Of HUMANITY! People dies before their dead

    This isn't a tale, it happend ,happend years ago
    Though ago, this ago could be now, now...ago
    And their will be once again rain of bloods
    Carcasses of foothpath into the woods

    You'll hear only prayer around would be "peace"
    The women picking the burned letters of love
    Children wandering shelter with empty hands
    "keep them happy" just the last prayer of soldiers

    Nightmare it was wasn't less then a living hell
    If only we could do I shall do away with a spell
    And the people along with me.. no more fear
    Spell...."mercy! mercy! mercy! oh peace over war"

    ___chithuyia pfoze


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    Do a peace over war......
    ____Somebody hear her plea of "oh! Peace"

  • sumita_panigrahi 45w

    Today, 75 years ago, India, a majestic country got independence. This was special to the whole population who were dying to fly.
    The heros behind our freedom, were those freedom fighters and soldiers who sacrificed their everything to give us this Independence.
    We should never forget their sacrifices and valour. They are the reason, our tricolour flag is hoisted so high...
    No matter, where you are, always be proud to be "Indian". There is no beautiful feeling more than being Indian...
    Happy lndependence day everyone ������������
    #independence #country #beautiful #freedom #tricolour #sacrifices #love #75years #soldiers #freedomfighters #India #Indian
    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    A country which has seen numerous blood and stain,
    The stain which can no longer be washed away,
    The pain which is eternal till date,
    The love which grows everyday a little more,
    The beauty which can be seen everywhere,
    What a beautiful country with beautiful people,
    Who have made it a heaven to live...

  • coded_text 45w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #soldiers #independenceday #pod #writersnetwork #miraquill

    The immortal souls on the line,
    Fighting for the millions of lives,
    Hindu or Muslim or Sikh,
    Stood shoulder to shoulder,
    Forming an alliance
    To kill the hostiles.

    Bullets in their chests,
    Still holding their weapons tight,
    The words “promise to return”
    Of their mothers,
    And the faces of their widow wives
    Is deepening the bullet to their heart.

    Killed those demons and
    Fell down kissing the ground,
    Spelt their last words
    “Vande Mataram”,
    And attained eternity.

    Oh, how pure those souls are!
    Sacrificed their holy lives,
    Just to see their flag high and independent,
    That now waves with the wind of their last breathe.

    Shed their priceless blood,
    For the people, they don’t know,
    And leaving behind the people,
    To whom they meant a whole life.

    How can we normal people repay them?
    When they are Gods in human bodies.
    How can we repay them?
    When they sacrificed their lives,
    To break our bars.
    How can we repay them?
    When they left their loved ones
    To let us love each other freely.

    A small contribution to every soldier.
    Happy independence day������❤️

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    The Immortal Souls- SOLDIERS


  • angel_sneha 45w

    Proud to be indian

    _______ Happy _______

    _________ Independence ________

    _______ Day _______

    To All Of You


  • ekansh_original 54w

    The mishap with our soldiers in world war has remain unsung.
    Tried to tribute their bravery through this poem.
    Thank You @mirakee for the challenge.

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    A Far Cry From Forgotten Souls

    Indian soldiers on foreign lands,
    Fighting for their land's freedom chance,
    They marched towards the enemy's end,
    They had a perfect stance.

    They fought the enemy they never had,
    With an ally they never met,
    They killed and died, no tears shed,
    Blood dripping like sweat.

    Injured soldiers were left unattended,
    With missing arm, broken leg, they walked towards their death,
    No aid from allies they defended,
    "For a free world" they took the last breath

    Still lying in grave in foreign lands,
    Thousands unnamed in a grave,
    Indian blood mixed in foreign sand,
    It's a cry for those, whom we never praised.


  • stardust_writes 56w

    Fallen soldiers,
    mother's wailings,
    nation mourns.

    the only hope
    for a better world,
    free of terror.